Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 3

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Day Three of Rebirth

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fuck, this granny forgot something important! It’s a matter of life and death! New students in first year of high school needed to do military training!

Military training! Military training!! Military training! Aaahhhh!

Being reborn neither sooner nor later, it had to be that I was reborn for military training. Was this not just too much of a nuisance? They want a fair-skinned and beautiful girl with long legs like me… Very well, even I began laughing when I wrote that out. I hope that my future son or daughter will not laugh when they see this… Ahem, I’ve gone too far off-topic. I spend all of my time fooling around with writing a diary. Say, what am I doing it for? Could it be because I don’t have a boyfriend, so that’s all I can do? Ummmm, it might be the case…

Alright, I’ve derailed it once more. Returning to the main topic.

During military training, boys and girls are divided into separate groups. Fortunately, this also means that little slut Bai is unable to get close to my Nan Shen. What’s unfortunate is that for half a month, I would need to be next to little slut Bai because she stands in front of me. This fucking lousy life… though I just need to not screw it up…

During military training, the sun was very bright. I found it troublesome and was not in the habit of applying sunscreen. The result of being under the sun for an entire morning was that I tanned until I looked like an African. On the other hand, little slut Bai was somehow still as pale as a damn ghost. I will guarantee that there is definitely a layer of powder on her face. I extend my middle finger and disdain her!

However, none of this was a problem because when it was time for military practice in the afternoon, my aunty came. It hurt;it really hurt. It hurt so much that I wanted to curse my mom.

Though I say this, not one month earlier, I had beat my chest and said to my friends: “Menstrual pain? What’s that? I’ve never experienced it before. My body is like steel.” As a result, sure enough, I should not have said that much. I ended up setting up a flag for myself. When it came, it hurt so much that I could no longer care about little slut Bai and Nan Shen. I was on the verge of lying down. My entire body was weak, and I didn’t even have the strength to speak.

When I squatted down, I even wondered to myself if this granny would die here. In the end, I was picked up horizontally and run over to the medical office, where I was given a pain-relief injection. Princess carry, wow!! Princess carry!!!

A princess carry was a dream that this granny had for many years! I just hoped that Nan Shen could give me a princess carry! Then we would look at each other profoundly! It would be best if there were fireworks behind us or something! Aaaah, just thinking about it makes me so happy!

But things were not as expected →_→

My fantasy that Nan Shen had seen me collapse from the neighboring division and princess carried me to the medical office was destined to be unfulfilled.

Because the person who carried me was a girl. Because the girl who carried me was none other than little slut Bai.

It truly is damn hilarious…

Forgive me for being unable to describe my emotions. Who told little slut Bai to be such a thin person? Tell me, for such a thin girl like her, how is she so strong? Not to mention princess carrying me the entire way, but she did it while running for nearly one kilometer without gasping for air or looking red in the face. After arriving in the medical office, she was very concerned and asked me how I felt?

At that time, all that I felt was pain. It hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. I felt so much grief and nearly wanted to call my mom. I then showed a bit of maturity and endured it. I did not call my mom. I then showed a lack of maturity by crying into little slut Bai’s chest. It seems that I rubbed my tears and snot into little slut Bai’s shirt…

It truly is hilarious! Hilarious, damn hilarious!!

Thinking of that lack of maturity during the day, I just want to slap myself. Even if I lose in terms of character, I must not lose the battle! But as a whole, today cannot be considered as having made no advances. At the very least, little slut Bai’s image as a weak girl was destroyed today. Hmm, not bad, not bad. I will continue working hard. Nan Shen will belong to me!

I’ve said it. From this day forward, I will need to continue working hard to tear down little slut Bai’s image! Let’s go, let’s go!

But coming back to it, her chest was quite soft, and her waist was quite slim. She truly is an enemy to all women. No, no, no! I definitely will not admit that her chest is bigger than mine. I definitely won’t!


Oh, let’s stuff my a-cup bra… stuff it earnestly… Ah, my tummy hurts again… damn aunty…

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