Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 4

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Days Four, Five and Six of Rebirth

Wednesday, September 5, 2018- Clear

Ah… aunty hurts so much. Took the day off and am lying down…


Thursday, September 6, 2018- Clear then cloudy

Ah… aunty still hurts a lot. Took another day off to lay down like a corpse…


Friday, September 7, 2018- Clear

Hahahaha! This granny, I, have finally revived! That being the case, I don’t want to participate in military training and will take another day off to lie around like a corpse~~~ Taking days off really is relaxing~ Not needing to bake under the sun really is relaxing~ Not needing to see little slut Bai really is relaxing~ Spending all day catching up on shows and playing games really is relaxing~ Not needing to attend school really is relaxing~

Hahahaha… _(:Z’∠)_

However, while I was playing games in the living room before dinner, my mom got off work early to make me some soup to help me recover. The result was that she saw me laying on the couch with bloodshot eyes… Hah, my lucky is not good! That’s why I need to go to school tomorrow… Hah, I don’t want to go to school, but Buddha really is fierce in his oppression. I want to cry… T_T

Trashy video game, give me back my vacation!

That said, little slut Bai called me many times over the past two days. The day before yesterday, she called once at noon and once around dinnertime. Yesterday was the same. But at that time, my aunty was still going strong. After picking up, I did not pay much attention to her and forgot what she had said. I am even more uncertain as to how I hung up. It seemed as though she said that she wanted to come and visit me, but I was so uncomfortable that I refused because I did not want to receive any guests. But after she was refused, she spoke softly and sang me a song to comfort me. That said, her singing was quite good. It was the same as it was in my previous life. It seems that while she was singing, I cried- from the pain.

Although I wanted to act spoiled with my mom, my mom was busy with work. As for my dad, hah! My dad is a man. I can’t just talk to my dad about my aunty hurting, right? I’m too embarrassed to say anything. Then… then I acted spoiled with little slut Bai… I begged! Little slut Bai called me again today, but I didn’t pick up. Hmph! I don’t want little slut Bai’s sugar-coated bullet!

But coming back to the topic at hand, I fainted, yet Nan Shen didn’t even come to visit me. What a dumbass! If you continue on like this, I won’t like you anymore! Even little slut Bai knows to dote on me… Wait, I said that I’m not allowed to bring her up! Strictly speaking, we’ve only known each other for two or three days. The other classmates didn’t even call. I wonder what she means by calling me. I don’t believe she’s really worried about me… But in the end, she did help me… Hm, if she won’t steal Nan Shen from me, I won’t pay her any heed.

╭(╯^╰)╮ I’m just that good of a person~

Wait, wait, wait, wait! What the fuck am I writing? Little slut Bai did steal my Nan Shen in my previous life! I can’t fall for little slut Bai’s seduction! I guarantee that she definitely wants to get closer to Nan Shen through me. Right, right, it must be like this! That’s why I shall continue to drag things out with her. I refuse to believe that I can’t tear off her fake shell!

Fuck, I’m definitely not wrong. She is definitely fake! It was also the same in my previous life. While getting closer to me, she had plenty of nice things to say. Then with a quick turn, she stole away Nan Shen! I clearly told her that I liked Nan Shen! It’s a pity that I truly thought of her as a friend for a while! What a slut! I must not trust her again! I must not trust her!

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