Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 5

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Day Seven of Rebirth

Saturday, September 8, 2018- Showers

Thanks to the lessons learned from the first day of military training, I deliberately woke up early today. Water, milk, cream, foundation, and sunscreen, all were brought out for this battle. I even did my eyebrows and applied lipstick. The goal was to cover up my previous disgrace in a single go. I must not tan darker than little slut Bai!

However… it was only when I finished eating breakfast and picked up my backpack to leave for school that my mom laughed and said: “Dear daughter, the makeup that you’ve applied, is it to entice the neighbor Nan Shen?” While covering her mouth and laughing, she pointed at my eyebrows: “But your eyebrows, one side is higher and one side is lower. One side is thicker and one side is thinner. Are you not afraid that Nan Shen will laugh at you?” Really, with a mom like mine who only knows how to mock her daughter… I feel like I was most likely picked up from inside a trash bin…

Fortunately, my mom was not too mean. Right before I went out, she re-did my eyebrows. I specifically looked it over in the mirror, and it was not much better than what I did, but I did not dare say it. Who told her to be old Buddha.

The only thing worth celebrating was that today was the last day of training. After arriving at the training field in the morning, the instructor said that training would end after everyone was dismissed at five in the afternoon. During the break, Nan Shen said something about being envious about not needing to participate in training because I was sick.

Envious my ass! It’s all fun and games to talk about it, but going through it is another! My aunty hurt so much that it nearly took this granny’s life! But seeing that it was Nan Shen, I forgave him.

Little slut Bai still stood in front of me. I initially had no intention of being kind to her, but she helped me that day. In addition to this, she called me and sang for me. Even if it was just for show, I couldn’t just not give her face; otherwise, there would be people who would curse me for being vicious.

Recalling my previous life, little slut Bai always smiled at me. Who knows what she meant by desperately trying to act kind to someone who did not like her. Either way, as I saw it, it was fake enough, but everyone liked her. That’s why I will endure it this time for Nan Shen. Isn’t it just smiling when I see her? Who could be incapable of that?

As a result of me smiling at her, during the break, little slut Bai grabbed my hand and rubbed up against me with her chest. While rubbing up against me, she called out: “Toot, toot~” Toot toot your ass! The sound of it nearly caused me to reflexively throw up; however, I needed to smile and not cause a scene…

Coming back to it, is a large chest really that amazing? Is a kittenish voice really that amazing? Is white skin that does not tan really that amazing? Fuck, this little slut Bai had deliberately come over. Does she want to show off her white skin to me? Damn, I clearly applied sunscreen, so why is it that after just the morning, I tanned to be as dark as an African? I must have bought the wrong sort of sunscreen!

Fortunately, it began to rain after lunch had ended. The instructor announced that the training would end early, and many people cried. I felt really embarrassed when seeing them cry.

Many of the people in my class had wet eyes. I was the only one with a carefree expression, and it made me look extremely heartless. But looking at things strictly, I did not participate in many days of this week-long training. Not being able to cry was normal. It would be strange if I could cry. But I could not disturb the mood of those bidding the instructor farewell. That’s why I snuck off when the other students were exchanging contact details with the instructor.

Speaking of this, in truth, even if I really did continue training with the instructor, I would not feel particularly sad. It’s because I did not cry in my previous life. I felt that it was quite strange. They were people who had interacted for less than a week, so how why were they so emotional? Should they not be happy that the training had ended?

I remember that I had asked Nan Shen about this in my previous life. I asked him, why are you all so reluctant to part with the instructor? He then asked back: “Why are you so heartless?” He was joking. I could tell. But I still remembered it. That’s why I did not go over and join in when they were bidding the instructor farewell.

Who knew that within just a few steps, I was caught up to by little slut Bai. I asked her: “What are you following me for? Aren’t you going to go and speak with the instructor?” In truth, I originally wanted to tell her not to follow me. The result was that she ended up chatting with me.

She said: “I felt that you needed me more. That’s why I came.” Who knows which one of her eyes saw that I needed her. Fuck, I can’t understand the thoughts of a weirdo…

Then, I probably felt that I was bored, as I asked little slut Bai: “Are you reluctant to see the instructor leave?”

Little slut Bai said: “I am. The instructor was quite interesting.”

“Then why don’t you use this time to go and say farewell to him?”

“There’s no need.”


The result was that little slut Bai asked me: “Would you spend time on unimportant things?”

“Then in your words, aren’t I unimportant?”

What I said was reasonable. High school classmates, put plainly, aside from a few close ones, not many can truly keep in touch after a while. Most would be forgotten in the back of our minds. That’s why I felt that there was nothing wrong with what I said. But after little slut Bai heard what I said, she very creepily looked at me and said: “You’re so cute. I can’t get over how much I like you. How could you be unimportant?”

Dunno why, but I felt that she most likely saw me as a rabbit when saying this. Ah, it’s not that sort of “the rabbit is so cute, how could I eat this rabbit?” Instead, it’s like I was being looked at as meat. The type to be roasted and eaten… I felt as though she wanted to eat me…

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