Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 6

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Day Eight of Rebirth

Sunday, September 9, 2018- Clear

Truth be told, I just don’t understand. Even if I scratched my head until it bled, I still would not understand. Why did little slut Bai come to my house? Today was originally just a Sunday, a rare chance to rest. After this granny finished cleaning up from head to toe, I was planning to go and look for my Nan Shen to chat about feelings. Who fucking knew that the person I would see when I opened the door was not my Nan Shen. Instead, it was the disgusting little slut Bai.

Right, she was just disgusting. Having such a beautiful face is something that only she could do. Why is it that she just can’t understand what others are feeling, as she continues to try and get close to me. Holding my hand and grabbing my arm, when did I ever get so close with you? I wonder if she’s blind or something? Can she not see my irritation?

Damn, if it was not for Nan Shen being at her side, this granny definitely would have thrown you off. Shit, just thinking about it makes me angry. Last night, I made arrangements to go and watch a movie with Nan Shen today. I originally planned to spend this entire day in our own little word. Who fucking knew that a third wheel would show up uninvited and ruin our time together…

Ahhh! So mad, grrr! This granny has been looking forward to this for so long ah! If I do not get revenge for this, I am not a man of character(crossed out) Ah shit! Not a woman of character!

Before this, I even specifically drew up a plan for the date. From 9:30AM to 11:30AM, we would watch a movie. After the movie, we would eat lunch. After lunch, we would go to an aquarium to look at fish. At night, after we finished eating dinner, we would go for a walk at a nearby park. The movie would be a horror movie. I even specifically practiced diving with a hug pillow. When a bloody or scary scene appeared, I would dive on Nan Shen. A reservation for lunch had been made for a restaurant that made great beef ribs near the movie theatre. On the low end, it would cost this granny more than half of this month’s spending money. The aquarium was a great place for couples. When the time comes, we can watch a dolphin show. Sitting in the front row, there might be an attraction from getting wet… Although the more likely scenario was that I would look at Nan Shen’s body while having a nosebleed… As for the walk in the park… Hehehe… When that time comes, we can go to a darker area. If the atmosphere is right, we might be able to hold hands or something…

But things did not go to plan… This granny lost all of her hair to come up with these plans! Yet they had been ruined by little slut Bai just like that! Say, isn’t that infuriating! Isn’t it?!

First, let’s talk about the movie. All of the effort that I had put into practicing my diving went to waste because my upper body was hugged tightly by little slut Bai from the very beginning of the movie… As for my cute Nan Shen… Because little slut Bai lacked any tact and insisted on sitting between me and Nan Shen, I couldn’t even brush up against a corner of Nan Shen’s clothes… I feel so aggrieved.

That damn little slut Bai only knows how to scream. When the monsters screamed, she would scream. When the monsters did not scream, she still screamed. When the monsters scared someone, she would scream. When the people captured a monster, she would also scream. Fuck, she even wiped her tears on this granny. What the hell are you wiping, huh! Are you training the hardness of your head?* You hit this granny’s chest so much that it’s going to bruise!

For the whole movie, this granny spent it with a stony expression. I didn’t even pay much attention to what the movie was about. In short, it was all little slut Bai’s fault. That’s why, when the movie ended and it was time for lunch, I really wanted to flip out on little slut Bai for joining in.

However, I never thought that when it finally came time to eat, that little slut Bai would still want to come with us. The money that this granny had spent to order ribs for Nan Shen. What are you joining in for?

At that time, for the sake of giving off the image of a virtuous maiden, this granny became embarrassed to continue eating after eating only half. Just as I was thinking of putting on the image of a beauty and saying that I was full, little slut Bai asked me with a smile if I was hiding my belly. While doing this, she took my ribs and finished them.

Finished. Them!

This granny was planning to just put on an appearance! Nan Shen would coax me a bit, and I would pretend to barely be able to finish eating them! Just finishing it was not enough, as she ordered another portion! Is her zodiac sign the pig?!

Fuck, the ribs here are 130 bucks each**. You have so much money, yet you have the nerve to eat mine?! It’s my spending money!!! One month’s spending money was squandered. It was all eaten by the ruiner of families, little slut bai! I ask you, isn’t this infuriating!?

Originally, things would have ended after we finished eating lunch. Who knew that little slut Bai would have so many problems. Just as she was about to finish eating, she actually spilled coffee on her skirt. I was also in no mood to enjoy the schadenfreude, yet little slut Bai miserably asked me to accompany her to buy clothes. She even intimately told Nan Shen that there was no need to accompany the two of us shopping, telling him to go back first.

Then… Then my Nan Shen just went home… After that, I accompanied little slut Bai for her shopping trip through the afternoon and evening, only stopping at night… Shopping is only fun when there is money to spend; however, all of this granny’s money was consumed by little slut Bai. Shopping is only entertaining when done with friends; however, little slut Bai and I have personalities that are not compatible. Fuck, my legs are about to snap.

Sure enough, that little slut Bai exists solely for the sake of causing me grief. Although she did not apologize, she gave this granny a pair of red earrings as repayment, but don’t think that this is enough for this granny to forgive you! A new hatred added to an old resentment, this granny will eventually get rid of you!

*TN: Specific term used here is iron head training. It’s dangerous, so don’t do it.

*TN: 130 Chinese Yuan is slightly less than 20 US Dollars

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