Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Day Nine of Rebirth

This granny is especially unhappy today. Don’t ask why. Even if you ask, I wouldn’t tell you. It’s all because of little slut Bai.


Fuck, It makes me so mad that I can’t even write properly.
(Everything above was crossed out and rewritten)

This granny is especially unhappy today! Not amount of consolation will help! The most fucking infuriating part is that nobody even came to console me!
(Once again, everything above was crossed out and rewritten)

This granny is unhappy! This granny is especially unhappy! This granny, I… I… have been rejected…

***The diary entry ends here***

Drip drop, drip drop…

Tears dripped onto the diary, blurring out a large portion of the words. E Du silently cried while biting down on her lips. The taste of iron from her blood filled her mouth.

She had been rejected today. There had not even been a confession before the rejection.

During their walk to school in the morning, Nan Shen spent all of his time talking about Bai LianHua. For the first time ever, the usually-lively E Du walked to school in silence.

Upon entering the school doors, Nan Shen said: “Xiao Du, I wrote a love letter to Bai LianHua overnight. Can you give it to her for me?” Before E Du could say anything, Nan Shen patted her head: “You know, I’ve always thought of you as a little sister. That’s why, dear little sister, help big brother out this one, alright?”

“No! It’s not alright at all!” E Du suddenly stood up, flipping her desk over. Pencils, books, the computer, the keyboard, and a cup… all of these things fell to the floor.

E Du stepped on the shattered pieces of the cup and cried: “It’s not fine! It’s not fine at all! Who wants to be your little sister! Who wants to be your little sister!”

“Du Du? Du Du, what’s wrong?” Hearing the commotion from the floor below, her mom urgently ran up the stairs and pushed the door open. There, she saw E Du forcefully stomping on the shattered cup.

“Hah! What are you doing? Be careful not to hurt your feet.” Mama E said out of concern.

However, there was a figure that rushed forward even faster than her. Hugging the rampaging E Du around her waist, the shards of the broken cup were kicked away.

“Du Du, don’t be hurt. ~Du Du, don’t feel down~” Bai LianHua patted E Du’s back, “Du Du, don’t be saddened. Du Du, don’t feel down. ~I’ve come to keep you company~”

E Du pushed her away: “Who wants your company! Stay away from me! If it wasn’t for you, if it wasn’t for you, Nan Shen would never…”

Bai LianHua interrupted her and said: “Would never have fallen for me, and it would have been you instead, right?”

Mama E heard this from the side and covered her mouth: “Heavens! Du Du, you fell for brother Nan?”

Bai LianHua, however, stood in front of E Du: “Aunty, I know that this request might be a little excessive, but could you allow Du Du and I to be alone for a little while?”

Mama E worriedly looked at E Du for a moment then shook her head, saying: “Hah! Then I’ll trouble you. I’ll be going out first.”

When only the two of them remained inside the room, Bai LianHua suddenly changed her calm expression from earlier. Holding E Du’s wrist, she pushed her onto the bed.

E Du really did not want to see her, doing her best to struggle and get free. Who knew that the feeble-looking Bai LianHua would be unexpectedly strong.

“Du Du, do you know how mad I am today?”

E Du angrily barked back: “Nonsense! I should clearly be the one who is angry! Stealing away my Nan Shen in my past life was not enough, and you want to steal him away once more! I hate you the most!”

Bai LianHua shouted back at her in an even louder voice: “Then what about me?! In your past life, you only looked at Nan Shen, and you never looked at me. In this life, it’s the same. In your eyes, there’s only Nan Shen, and you’ve never even looked at me!”

Once these words came out, E Du’s entire body froze. With tears in her eyes, she said in a daze: “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’m very angry. Do you know how happy I was when I received that love letter from you? Do you know how angry I was when I saw that sender was Nan Shen?”

“Not that part. You didn’t say that just now.”

“I said that I like you, but you always turned a blind eye to it. You always just thought that I was thinking of ways to steal away your Nan Shen. In truth, I got close to him just to try and learn about your hobbies through him in an attempt to make you happy! But you only ever saw Nan Shen. You were never willing to even look at me.”

“You didn’t say that just now.”

“I said…” Bai LianHua sighed and collapsed on E Du’s body, “I like you. I like you so much that I’m about to go crazy. But in your previous life, you could only see Nan Shen. In this life, just the same, you are unwilling to turn your attention to me.”

She could clearly understand the words that were being said, but why was it that they became so hard to understand when connected together?

E Du felt that she might be dreaming.

Thus she rolled over. Because she had just been crying, her voice was nasally: “Get out. I want to sleep.”

“Du Du, be good. Don’t chase me out~”

E Du pushed Bai LianHua away a few times: “Get out. I want some quiet.”

Bai LianHua sighed, “Alright, alright, alright, Du Du, I’ll leave, but before that, turn around and look at me.”

E Du turned around, but just as she flipped over, her head was wrapped up by Bai LianHua. Their lips met, and her tongue even probed around.

E Du was completely caught off guard! She even forgot to defend herself!

After a long time, Bai LianHua finally stood up. With her hands on her cheeks, a long, white finger touched her moist lips: “Dear Du Du~ This was a kiss that I have been looking forward to for two lifetimes.”

Moving her finger from her lips, she moved them to E Du’s lips, which had become red and swollen from the kiss. Smiling, she threatened: “Du Du, the next time you deliver a love letter to me for someone else, be careful that I…” She suddenly stopped her sentence here, as Bai LianHua suddenly let out a strange laugh. Staring at E Du’s body, she took in this sight.

E Du was wide-eyed and suddenly pulled a blanket to cover her chest, loudly shouting: “You pervert! You female rogue! Scoundrel! Get the fuck out of here!”


Monday, September 10, 2018- Clear

This damn granny is really angry today! Because this granny was actually threatened and had a kiss stolen by a reincarnating female scoundrel! I really am so, so, so… (deliberate omission of repetition) so mad! That reincarnated female pervert, little slut Bai! Don’t let me see you again!!!

TN: E Du’s name is a pun on vile/vicious
TN: I think the author may have removed a part about leaving the school and returning home?

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5 thoughts on “Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 7

  1. I think it’s weird how for chinese webnovels, the majority of chapters that get a “censor” tag are ones that only have kissing only in it for the most part. I haven’t been able to read many that have sex scenes or scenes that would warrant a “censor” tag. Idk how the mirror sites are able to capture the posts so quickly before they “censored”. I literally end up reading the rest of the chapters for the novel when it either hits the censor section or the vip section.


  2. Thank you for the chapter ❀
    Now the mystery of the missing chap 7 is solved, did they ban this just because of a kiss??πŸ™Š


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