Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 8

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Days Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen of Rebirth

Tuesday, September 11, 2018- Light rain

This granny didn’t go to class today. You ask why?

I’ve been jilted. Is that a good enough reason? Knowing that I’m not the only one to have been reborn, is that a good enough reason? Having been kissed by the reborn female pervert known as little slut Bai, is that a good enough reason?

Damn, it made this granny so mad that my stomach is hurting. Might as well just stay home for the day. While I’m at it, I slaughtered some scrubs in online games. They actually dared to approach this granny when my mood is this bad. I’ll tear you apart!”


Wednesday, September 12, 2018- Light rain

It rained two days in a row. It must be the heavens trying to stand in silent tribute for me…


I went to school this morning. Like before, Nan Shen waited for me at the entrance. Like before, he was still just as kind… It turned out that he really saw me as a younger sister… Fuck your mom’s little sister!

However, I did not dare say this to Nan Shen…

Forget it, younger sister it is. Either way, little slut Bai did not like my Nan Shen. It might be that he will realize that I’m good in a few years and will end up liking me. However, thinking about it again, it would require someone to cooperate. Yet that reborn female pervert and erotomaniac, little slut Bai, is not someone who understands what it means to cooperate.

A perfectly fine walk to school for the two of us, Nan Shen and me, yet she insisted on inserting herself. It would have been fine if she just inserted herself, but she also very intimately hugged my arm! Damn, that perverted female lecher even took the chance to feel my butt! Shit 凸(艹皿艹 )!!!

I don’t know what sort of agreement little slut Bai and Nan Shen reached, as Nan Shen also brought up topics relating to liking little slut Bai. His expression when going to and from school was also quite normal. He did not look particularly disappointed.

In any case, put on a bit of a hurt expression to let me comfort you a bit, classmate Nan Shen! Can you not be so reliable! Also, little slut Bai! Release your stubborn grasp! Scram and give this granny some room! Ahh!!


Thursday, September 13, 2018- Rain then cleared up

Fuck, I am speechless when it comes to little slut Bai. She really brings countless hardships and trials. Every day, she wants to accompany me to and from school. Do you not fucking know how to show some consideration for my failed feelings for Nan Shen? Do you not fucking know how to give me and Nan Shen some time alone? Do you not fucking know how to not pinch this granny’s butt? Do you think that my butt is something that you can just pinch whenever you want?

I’m mad! So mad!

However… I can’t beat her… This really is something saddening…


Friday, September 14, 2018- Rain then cleared up

I was blocked by little slut Bai again today. She’s like gum that’s stuck to the bottom of your shoe. She’s impossible to get away from! No good, this granny will definitely make things clear to her tomorrow!

It happens to be the weekend tomorrow. This granny will definitely use this chance to talk things out. I’ll tell her that the only person I like is Nan Shen and have no desire to interact with her! Right, I need to wear thicker clothes tomorrow. I’ll wear jeans tomorrow! I can’t wear a skirt!!

You ask why? It’s because that damn reborn female pervert and erotomaniac, little slut Bai, actually went into the stall next to mine when this granny went to the restroom and reached her hand into my underpants! She then felt up this granny’s chest and butt for at least ten minutes!!

Ahhh! You damn perverse hoodlum, little slut Bai!!! This will never end between you and me!!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 8

  1. -takes a deep breath in-

    I guess since we don’t know what chapter 7 is, we’ll have to use our extremely imaginative minds to fill in the blanks…

    Thanks for the release though! 😀


  2. Fuck…. Why the fuck do they care about one chapter of such a small novel? Fucccckkkkkk. Fucking shitty chinese censorship. It makes me so mad thinking that the entire world is following the same way with censorship. Soon there will only be shitty propaganda left on the net by each country, and everything else will be gone.

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  3. She got feeled up for 10 minutes? 🤣🤣🤣That’s not possible unless she’s actually willing deep inside her heart🤣🤣🤣 oh stop being a tsundere 🤣🤣🤣


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