Scheming Villainess’s Counterattack Chapter 9

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Day Fourteen of Rebirth

Saturday, September 15, 2018- Clear

… This granny was definitely possessed today… That’s right! I was definitely possessed! Because I actually promised that reborn female pervert and erotomaniac, little slut Bai, that I would be her wife! I… I am a little flustered…

***The diary ends here***

“Let go of me!” E Du* angrily used her forearm to push against little slut Bai’s belly, “How long have you been hugging me? Let go, let go, quickly let go!”

“Du Du, you actually called me little slut Bai this entire time…” Bai LianHua hugged her even closer and spoke with a deliberately hurt tone, “Since when have I been a little slut?”

“Then you aren’t a little slut, aright.”

“Du Du really is nice~”

“You’re mega-slut Bai!”

“… Du Du, I’m angry and will only get better with a kiss~”

E Du did not have a chance to refuse and had her lips captured by mega-slut Bai. E Du thought to herself: Shit 凸(艹皿艹 )!

To speak on why things had become like this, the story would need to be told starting from noon.

In line with her plan the previous day, E Du arranged to meet with Bai LianHua at a sweets store in the city. Right before going out, E Du made sure to inspect her clothes from head to toe.

Her shirt was buttoned up to the top to prevent that erotomaniac Bai LianHua from jumping on her chest. Check

Her belt was securely tightened to ensure that that perverted hoodlum could not reach her hands into her underpants. Check

Her black slim-fit jeans that went down to the calves to protect against that shameless reborn woman from diving under her skirt. Check

After everything had been prepared, E Du put on high heels and left in high spirits. Just after stepping out of her community’s gates, a Bentley drove over. By some coincidence, it even stopped in front of E Du, and the front wheel fucking landed in a pothole full of water, spraying it all over E Du!

E Du nearly wanted to drag the driver out to curse them out, as someone stepped out of the back seat. Wearing a white dress and white sandals, it was immediately clear that it was the pretentious prick, the perverted female hoodlum and erotomaniac, little slut Bai! E Du was so angry that she wanted to begin cursing. Turning her head she prepared to turn back inside; however, she was hugged from behind by Bai LianHua and stopped.

“Oh my, dear Du Du~ They didn’t do it on purpose~ Today happens to be a weekend, so I’ll bring you to go shopping~ While we’re at it, I’ll provide you with a new set of clothes, alright~” When little slut Bai said this, E Du recalled that this person still owed her a white dress!

Speaking of that white dress, was little slut Bai not wearing one today? E Du immediately spun little slut Bai around, and that dark spot was still on the back; however, it had been hidden by a white ribbon!

“Oh my, oh my~ The first clothes that Du Du gave me, how could certain people be willing to throw them away~”

Certain… people…**

E Du felt the goosebumps on her body, “Change that certain people to I!”

“Whatever Du Du says will be how it is. I will listen to you. That’s why…” Bai LianHua dragged E Du over to the car, “Let’s go shopping~”

E Du had the idea of spending so much that she would reduce Bai LianHua to poverty. With her chin up, she climbed into the car. Who knew that this would be the beginning of her suffering.

E Du was about to explode out of anger. That little slut Bai had actually taken advantage of the time when she was changing to feel her up and be intimate! Fuck! Release your stubborn hands! Let go of this granny’s chest! Have you not noticed that my size A chest is about to become a size B chest by your groping?!

However… little slut Bai had a very unique ability that could be called: Unable to understand words.

When it was time for lunch, E Du finally exploded.

“You perverted hoodlum, can you not casually take advantage of me? Who do you think you are? This granny will make things clear with you today.” E Du gestured a giant cross in front of herself, “I don’t like you! I don’t want you! I don’t want to interact with you! Get as far away from me as you can! Don’t keep coming to disrupt my life, alright?!”

Bai LianHua looked at her as though she was a quarreling lover, reaching out to wipe away her tears: “Du Du~ If you really want me to leave, don’t put on such a hurt expression, alright? It will make me think that you like me more than you can handle~”

“Who likes you! Don’t keep going on about your unrequited love!” E Du slapped her hand away and wiped away some tears that had begun to trickle down for some reason that she did not understand. She was as fierce as a kitten: “You only know how to deceive people! In our past life, you and Nan Shen got married. How could you have the face to say that you like me? Only a fool would believe you!”

This time, it was Bai LianHua who was shocked: “What nonsense are you saying Du Du? When did I ever get married to Nan Shen in our past life?”

“That’s right! I heard it! I heard it when I went to look for you. You said that you wanted to talk to Nan Shen about marriage!”

“I personally said it?!”

E Du angrily slapped a table and stood up: “You still want to deny it? It was you yourself who said it! You even talked to Nan Shen about the details of the wedding! You talked about where the wedding would be and where the honeymoon would be! You two wouldn’t even tell me!”

Bai LianHua: “…”

She sighed. She massaged her brow. She stood up and walked around the table.

She then slapped E Du’s forehead: “You may as well fucking die of stupidity!”

The tears in E Du’s eyes immediately spilled over: “See, you even attacked me over him! You still say you like me! That’s why I hate you the most!”

Bai LianHua smacked her head once more, quite gently. “Shut your mouth! Don’t cry! Listen to what I’m saying!”

E Du felt very aggrieved and really stopped her tears.

“Nan Shen and I did talk about the topic of marriage…”

“See! You even admitted it!”

Bai LianHua fiercely glared at E Du: “Shut up!”

E Du quietly cried: “…”

“I talked to Nan Shen about marriage, but the other person in question was not Nan Shen. It was you.”

“I talked to Nan Shen about where to go for the honeymoon because I wanted to know where you wanted to go the most.”

“Nan Shen and I talked about how we must not tell you because we wanted to give you a great surprise.”


But that surprise never came because on the night that she and Nan Shen discussed this, E Du was in a car accident and passed away. After that moment, the rest of her life was spent in a daze, and she was unable to feel happy ever again.

E Du’s eyes were opened. She was both shocked and pitiful.

“Du Du, I like you. It has only ever been you. The one that I wanted to spend my life with has only ever been you.”

She spoke emotionally then brought out a velvet gift box and opened it: “That’s why I want to reserve your future in this life. Is that fine?”

E Du looked at the velvet gift box. It contained a ring with a large gemstone that glittered under the light.

E Du closed the box, her face bright red: “You pervert! I’m still not old enough!”

“That’s why I’m reserving it.” Bai LianHua laughed, “We will get engaged next week. On the day that you become of age in two years, we will enjoy the candles of our first night together!”

“Enjoy the damn candles with your sister! Do you think that I’m so easy to pursue?!”

“Then you won’t agree?” Bai LianHua said regretfully, “In any case, this is a ring that I designed myself. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t have much value. It might as well be thrown away.”

Bai LianHua made to throw it away, but E Du hastily held it down. Dodging out of the way, she placed it behind her back and acted like a little animal: “It was given to me, so it belongs to me. You can’t take it back!”

“Then Du Du has agreed.” Bai LianHua’s evil plot had succeeded, “Since you’ve agreed, next week will be the engagement party. You aren’t allowed to skip.”

When it came to this, E Du shouted in response: “Engagement my ass! I wouldn’t agree!”

One week later, E Du was sent to the engagement party by her mother… It really was her own mother…

Even further down the road, two years later, right after E Du finished eating her birthday cake, she was stuffed into a wedding car… It really was worth celebrating~

E Du’s inner monologue: Do I still have any human rights!

Bai LianHua’s inner laughter: I finally managed to obtain this little idiot!

*TN: Homophone for vicious/malicious
**TN: This is a different way of saying “I” or “me”.

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  1. Whaat? Is it over? That was fast, married already..and to add to it bai know about the previois life so she was also reincarnated? Man that 7th chapter must have been real interesting…

    Thanks for chapter TT

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  2. Scheming? Too busy playing video games on the couch.
    Villainess? Actually the capture target.
    Counterattack? Shot the tank with a squirtgun.
    Result? Carried off and married on her birthday.

    Bai Lianhua’s CRUSHING VICTORY.

    Thanks TL.

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  3. I enjoy it and Im glad it was short. I dont think this type of humour will have legs if it went for too many chapters but with this amount it was prefect.

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  5. Thanks for translating this! It looks like the mc is such a stupid tsundere 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I really want to read their kiss scene damned 7th chapter being locked


  6. Thanks for translating this short but very fun story. I had a blast reading this shit.
    Btw, I did manage to read chapter 7 on the jjwxc site mobile version.

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    thanks for the translation!


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