Character Sheet

This list will almost definitely not be complete, but it will hopefully provide some assistance in remembering the million and one characters.

Beware spoilers below.

Courtesy of Stormguard on discord: Detailed character sheet for chapters 1-300(Notepad file)

Feng Family (凤家)

The Matriarch – Feng Jin Yuan’s mother
Feng Jin Yuan – Father

Feng Chen Yu – Eldest daughter and daughter of Chen shi
Feng Yu Heng – Second eldest daughter and daughter of Yao shi
Feng Xiang Rong – Third eldest daughter and daughter of An shi
Feng Fen Dai – Fourth eldest daughter and daughter of Han shi

Feng Zi Hao – Eldest son and son of Chen shi
Feng Zi Rui – Second son and son of Yao shi

Chen shi – First wife of Feng Jin Yuan
Yao shi (Yao Qian Rou) – Concubine and former first wife of Feng Jin Yuan
An shi – Concubine of Feng Jin Yuan
Han shi – Concubine of Feng Jin Yuan
Jin Zhen – Concubine of Feng Jin Yuan and former maidservant of Chen shi

Xuan Family (Imperial Family) (玄家)

Emperor – Da Shun’s Emperor

Xuan Tian Qi (Prince Jing) – Eldest prince
Xuan Tian Ling (Prince Yuan) – Second prince
Xuan Tian Ye (Prince Xiang) – Third prince
Xuan Tian Yi – Fourth prince
Xuan Tian Yan (Prince Li) – Fifth prince
Xuan Tian Hua (Prince Chun) – Seventh prince, son of imperial concubine Zhao and adopted by imperial concubine Yun
Xuan Tian Ming (Prince Yu) – Ninth prince and son of imperial concubine Yun

Xuan Tian Ge – Daughter of princess Wen Xuan and is the Emperor’s niece

Xuan Fei Yu – Son of Xuan Tian Ling (second prince)


Wang Chuan – Feng Yu Heng’s servant gifted from the ninth prince
Huang Quan – Feng Yu Heng’s servant gifted from the ninth prince
Qing Yu – Feng Yu Heng’s purchased servant
Qing Lan – Feng Yu Heng’s purchased servant
Qing Ling – Feng Yu Heng’s purcahsed servant
Ban Zou – Feng Yu Heng’s hidden guard gifted from the ninth prince
Qing Shuang – Servant brought in by Qing Yu

Bai Ze – Bodyguard for the ninth prince

Man Xi – One of Chen shi’s first-rate maidservants
Bao Tang – One of Chen shi’s first-rate maidservants
Yu Luo – One of Chen shi’s first-rate maidservants

21 thoughts on “Character Sheet

  1. I don’t exactly understand the naming… Who’s prince Xiang? And all the princes have second name of sorts right?


    1. Im guessing they all have thier birth names but also a name that other people call them by or maybe it’s a title. Like for example Prince Yu is Xuan Tian Ming and princess yu is Feng Yu Heng. I’m assuming it’s becuase it’s not proper for the “commoners” to call them by their real name. Prince Xiang is the 3rd prince and his official princess is called princess Xiang. Yes all the princes have a “2nd” name

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  2. Hey Springrain. Do you mind, if I give a few updates regarding the list above?!
    If not, I’ll begin with the Feng Family and will also add their (first mentioned) ages (because they are often asked in the comments)

    Feng Family:
    Grandmother Li-Shi (55-60 years old)
    Feng Jin Yuan (39)
    A’Heng (12) birthday 20.05.
    Zi Rui (6)

    Chen Shen (35-40)
    Zi Hao (18)
    Chen Yu (14) birthday 19.07

    Xiang Rong (10) 2 months older than Fen Dai

    Kang Yi (30-35) also named as Feng Zhao Jun, short-time main wife, eldest princess of Qian Zhou and mother of Ru Jia (16)

    Cheng Jun Man and Cheng Jun Mei (both 20) nieces of the empress and former concubines, actually main wife (Jun Man) and auxiliary official wife (Jun Mei)


    1. Next is Xuan Family (I’m sry, but I didn’t take notes regarding to the imperial concubines):
      Emperor Xuan Zhan (Tian Wu) (over 50)
      Emperors little twin-brother Xuan Mou (Wen Xuan) his main wife is Princess Lan (daughter of Ye Rong) their daughter is Xuan Tian Ge (14, Princess Wu Yang)

      1. Xuan Tian Qi (Prince Jing, around 30-35?) son of imp. concubine Gu Xian (50)
      2. Xuan Tian Ling (Prince Yuan, 30) his son is Xuan Fei Yu (4-5)
      3. Xuan Tian Ye (Prince Xiang, age not mentioned) main wife Bai Ru (25-30) his cousin is Duan Mu Qing (20-25)
      4. Xuan Tian Yi (Prince Ping, 25?) former fiancee Bu Ni Shang (14)
      5. Xuan Tian Yan (Prince Li)
      7. no other informations than above
      9. Xuan Tian Ming (Prince Yu, 20) his mother is imperial concubine Yun Pian Pian (36)

      Regarding to the servants: Man Xi (16/17), Wang Chuan and Huang Quan (both 17/18)

      And some other informations, which I always have to re-read:
      1 Zhang = 3,333 meter
      1 Jin = around 1 pound = 0,453592 kilogram… reminder: Hou Yi Bow (186 jin) = 84,368112 kg
      1 stick of incence = around 5 minutes
      1 li = 500 meter
      100 paces = 76,2 meter

      If you want to, just copy all of it into your main post and delete both of my comments afterwards 🙂


  3. What about her fraannss *___*

    Main Squad:

    Bai Fu Rong (her name changed apparently from Bai XiaoRong?) — Craftsman Bai’s Main Daughter & FYH bestie
    Ren Xi Feng — General Ping Nan’s Main Daughter & FYH BESTIE
    Fung Tian Yu (Feng Tian Yu in the beginning) — Right Prime Minister’s Main Daughter & FYH bestie
    Xuan Tian Ge — we already know

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    1. I’m pretty sure Xiao means “small” or “little”, so if they call her “Xiao Rong” what they’re actually saying is “little Rong”? Kind of like how Feng Yu Heng gets called A-Heng.

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  4. One thing I’d like to see on this page is the Chinese characters for the names and titles – I like to look up the meanings of names, but with how many characters can be pronounced the same, it kind of makes it hard for me to just look up the name, and I’m hopeless at reading the raws. English is my ONLY language, unfortunately, though I keep meaning to learn another one.


  5. This sheet needs to be updated with the 6th & 8th prince , hopefully including the imperial concubines

    Nonetheless thanks for the hard work and efforts to bring it up and posting it


  6. Kind of scary. ICY got XTM when she was 16. Means she must have known Father Emperor around two years(–cooling period when ICY didn’t want to meet him).


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