Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 10

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Unexpectedly, It’s Him

Twenty days later, the capital was in sight.

Feng Yu Heng finally relaxed. Lands controlled by the Imperial family would be much safer.

The carriage stopped outside the gates of the capital. Yao shi pushed open the curtain and looked outside, letting out a sound of lament.

Feng Yu Heng brushed some dust off her body and went to console her. “Mother, don’t worry. We will be arriving at the Feng manor shortly. We must tell venerable father about what happened with the driver. Let father help us find those responsible.”

Feng Zi Rui balled up his hands in to little fists: “Father will definitely severely punish the bad guys!”

Granny Sun nodded her head, “Since such a servant was sent from the manor, the master will definitely investigate thoroughly.”

Yao shi, however, waved her hand, “We can’t do that. We just got back, so we shouldn’t cause trouble for your father. For us to be able to return safely to the manor is already considered good fortune. As for the driver… we’ll say he fell and died along the way. The rest should remain unmentioned.”

“If the driver was truly a burglar, then we are very fortunate. I worry that one that cannot tolerate us is the driver’s master.” Feng Yu Heng’s words caused Yao shi and granny Sun to furrow their brows.

In reality, everyone had considered the possibilities, but only Feng Yu Heng spoke when she wanted. Granny Sun, as a servant, was filled with joy that her family’s miss would be able to live better lives. Though Yao shi did not have high hopes for the Feng manor, yet she hoped that their future would be safe and secure. The matter regarding the driver was a thorn in their side. To avoid trouble, they did not bring it up further. They would need to deceive themselves first, if they wanted deceive the enemy.

“Mother, remember that there will be times when you’ve endured enough that you can’t remain calm and collected. Retreating might not always lead to sunnier skies.” Feng Yu Heng regretted that Yao shi’s temperament must change, but she knew that she could not rush it.

Currently… she raised her eyes and looked along the public road. All she saw was a group of people raising a commotion. They had come along the same path. In the midst of the commoners, was a party that slowly made its way towards the city gates.

There was definitely a reason for the commoners to have gathered. Feng Yu Heng’s carriage quickly became stuck in the group of people. From inside the city, the sound of a horn announcing victory sounded. Another large group of people departed the city along this path. When the two groups collided, the road cleared as people moved to the sides of the road.

There were some who carried flower baskets, some that carried food, some that carried drinking cups, and some that carried children who held tears in their eyes.

There were also some that knelt and kowtowed towards the procession.

Feng Yu Heng looked towards the procession, but the view from the back was blocked. A flowery carriage became the center of a protective formation. The carriage was surrounded on all sides by a navy blue screen. Four officers stationed themselves at the corners of the carriage, then escorted it with solemn faces.

The commoners continued to kowtow towards the carriage. She heard countless people say: “The ninth prince has returned victorious from the war. To have done it two years faster than was ordered by the Emperor, he is truly our god of war!”

“Long live his Highness, the ninth prince!”

Everyone in the area knelt in unison. Feng Yu Heng’s carriage suddenly stuck out.

But not a single person paid them any heed. The ninth prince had returned victorious, so the people were busy singing his praises and celebrating. There were countless people who offered wine to the passing officers.

Yet not a single officer accepted.

The common people were accustomed to this. They knew that the military regulations were particularly strict. Feng Yu Heng found that, throughout this mighty procession, no signs of celebration could be found. Even the faces of the vanguard were murky.

However, the ninth prince had won the war. That much was fact. She had confirmed it many times along the way. All the inns were buzzing with this news. The good news was plastered everywhere.

This happy event did not look very happy. There must be a reason for it.

She looked again towards the carriage, this time her eyes inspected it even more carefully. A lucky coincidence occurred. A breeze blew slightly blew the curtain away from the window, as the carriage was passing by.

Inside, there was a face adorned with a golden mask that covered from the forehead to below the nose. Between the eyebrows, a slight gap allowed a faint hint of purple to be seen.

Feng Yu Heng subconsciously stood up on her carriage. She stared fixedly at the window, as the wind would blow the curtain open, then let it fall back closed. Again and again, the wind continued. Her hand held her belly, her breathing no longer calm.

The three in the carriage also came out. Seeing her like this, they thought it was a normal reaction and did not inquire further. But when Feng Yu Heng had seen the sliver of purple, her heart became tumultuous.

It was him!

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