Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 12

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Father is not an Ungrateful Person

Feng Yu Heng blinked a few times and raised her head. She glanced towards the elderly woman. Is that enough?

Seeing Feng Yu Heng look at her, the old woman’s face became distorted with disgust. At the very least, she remained tolerant and pointed towards Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Your father and I were thinking of the affection we originally had towards you. We were also thinking about you children. That is why we sent people to bring you back to the manor. Since you have returned, you must understand gratitude.”

“Yes.” Feng Yu Heng nodded. Her face remained stoic, as she opened her mouth once more. The sound of her voice was without misery nor feeling. “It is well known to all that father is the most loving and righteous person.”

These words made Feng Jin Yuan to swell with pride, but he maintained his calm demeanor and nodded. Who knew Feng Yu Heng would add to this: “Indeed, if it were not for father considering the money concubine-mother Chen’s family had spent to aid with the imperial exam, how could father have given the family’s seat of official wife to concubine-mother Chen. This shows that father is not an ungrateful person. Having good morals is invaluable.”


Hearing these words, Chen shi could not sit still. She immediately threw a small teacup along with the hot water inside. It burst like a blooming flower in front of Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng protected her mother and brother and stood up and turned her eyes toward the bear that threw the teacup.

Originally, she was a woman with a bad personality, but when she saw her being so bold and assured, her anger swiftly boiled over. “You lowly, uncultured girl!” Chen shi angrily walked a few steps, looking like she was about to slap her.

Feng Yu Heng also did not dodge. Instead she lowered her head and stared at her ever advancing steps. Her eyes saw one of Chen shi’s feet step in the spilled tea, while the other stepped on some porcelain fragments.

She fell back, pulling on her mother and little brother. They pulled back a little bit, then heard a thump!

Chen shi slipped and fell. One hand had landed in some fragments of porcelain, which quickly caused her to begin bleeding.

In an instant, the main hall erupted in chaos.

Chen shi screeched and wailed, while she sat squirming on the ground. The bear paw that had begun bleeding was held before her by her other hand. She stared at it in total disbelief.

Standing nearby, Feng Chen Yu was shocked pale and dropped beside Chen shi, helping treat her wound with a handkerchief. She then raised her head and displayed a very delicate and tender expression: “Father, quickly call a doctor to treat mother’s wound!”

Feng Jin Yuan fiercely stared at Feng Yu Heng for a few moments then looked over to Chen shi. He coldly hmphed then gave an order to a servant: “Escort my wife back to the Golden Jade courtyard. Get the manor’s doctor to treat her wound.”

Two elderly servants moved to help Chen shi leave the hall, but how could Chen shi leave so willingly. With a shaking her body a few times, the two elderly servants were thrown aside. Turning around, she pointed at Feng Yu Heng and company and began cursing. “Sluts will give birth to sluts! You have not a shred of decency, then after living in the mountains for a few years, you become even more unruly! From such a young age, you begin to show such a bewitching look. Where does such a pure girl go to get eyes that leak seduction?”

Feng Yu Heng blinked. Along her path home was a river, which she had used as a mirror to observe herself. Her eyes were exceedingly nimble. Of the five sense organs, it was her favorite. What seductive look was she talking about? This damn shrew really let go all restraint and said whatever she wished.

Feng Chen Yu, in front of others, would always appear to be considerate and logical. Hearing Chen shi speak so crudely in front of others, she quickly went forward and covered her mother’s mouth. “Mother, you must have hit your head and have become muddled!” With a single sentence, she had blamed Chen shi’s rant towards Feng Yu Heng on her becoming muddled.

Feng Yu Heng could not be bothered by that shrew. She instead turned her eyes towards Feng Jin Yuan. They were both his daughter, and she had also been the daughter of his first wife. This father had also once smiled at the body’s original owner. However, could he now not feel a shred of love for his daughter?

“Chen Yu, help your mother back to the Golden Jade courtyard.” Feng Jin Yuan spoke, his face black. While he was not fond of Feng Yu Heng’s evil look, Chen shi, in her capacity as the family’s official wife, did not match up in speech nor action. It made him feel truly embarrassed.

“Yes, father. Do not worry, I will go call a doctor to take care of mother. It would be best to remove the root of the illness.” This sentence set Feng Yu Heng up as the one who planted the root of this illness.

The corners of Feng Yu Heng’s eyes showed a smile. It seemed that her days at the Feng manor would not be too boring.

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    1. I think his scandal hasn’t reach the Emperor. If the Censor get wind of it and not a supporter of Left Hand PM, he would have been admonish by the Emperor. So, it seems like her father is quite close to the Official Censor.


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