Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 14

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Something Happened to the Ninth Prince

Feng Jin Yuan retreated his gaze. He did not know when his daughter had reached a point where she could not be improved. She had just returned to the manor, yet she managed to rile up Chen shi’s temper with just a few words. Furthermore, she looked like it had nothing to do with her. She simply did not see this trouble as her own.

“Mother-in-law!” Chen shi saw that she was making no progress with Feng Jin Yuan. She turned toward the old woman in hopes of finding a method for a breakthrough.

For the old woman, Feng Jin Yuan’s sudden change in position towards Yao shi and her children left her feeling confused and unwilling. But she was not quite so petty as Chen shi. Just now, her son had changed his mind after hearing something from the servant. Something must have happened outside.

She glared at Chen shi and brought her cane down to the ground once more: “Your husband has already made a decision. What right do you have to say no! Chen Yu, escort your mother back.”

The elderly woman had made it clear, so Feng Chen Yu did not dare let Chen shi cause another scene. Leaning close to her ear, she quietly whispered: “Do not worry, mother. Father will have his own stance. He will not treat Chen Yu unfairly.”

Secretly sneaking a peak at her mother-in-laws face, Chen shi twisted the handkerchief in her hand and halfheartedly followed her daughter out.

Passing by the side of the young Feng Zi Rui, the anger that she had kept repressed seemed to want to burst forth. She violently pushed towards Feng Zi Rui.

How could a child withstand her shove. Feng Zi Rui fell back a few steps and fell to the ground with a thump.

Though the fall hurt quite bad, he did not cry. Instead, he bit down on his lips, his hands balled tightly in to little fists. His breathing became a little erratic.

Feng Yu Heng and Yao shi went to help Feng Zi Rui up. Yao shi felt a heartache and wiped away some tears, while Feng Yu Heng lightly sighed. In a small voice as though she were mumbling to herself, yet loud enough for all in the room to hear, she said a few words. “What terrible luck. On the road home, the carriage driver suddenly died. Now that we are back at the manor, things also are not peaceful. If things are like this, it might have been better to stay in the mountain village.”

Mentioning the driver’s sudden death on purpose, she looked at the reactions of those present.

With a quick sweep of the room, she caught of glimpse of Che shi and Feng Chen Yu who slightly stumbled while leaving the room. They then quickly left.

The old woman did not show any visible reaction, but Feng Yu Heng noticed that Feng Jin Yuan’s pupils contracted.

She sneered, as she came to understand the situation.

On the path to the Willow courtyard, Feng Yu Heng spent her time trying to guess what the servant had said to Feng Jin Yuan. She could see that when Chen shi brought up sending her to a temple, Feng Jin Yuan was willing as was the old lady.

Leaving the manor and entering a temple, this also had countless possibilities.

Thinking about it, the murder that happened on the road home could not be attributed to Yao shi or Feng Yu Heng. As the daughter of a criminal, Yao shi was condemned to live on as a concubine. Even if she returned to the manor, there was no possibility of regaining her status. While Feng Zi Rui might be a son, Chen shi’s son, Feng Zi Hao, was ahead of him in regards to succeeding. Zi Rui would not have any claim to the Feng family.

Feng Yu Heng felt even more certain. Everything was related to her. For the most part, the matter of being exiled three years ago was not at all a simple matter, but the Feng family wished to avoid any resentment from the Yao family.

She pondered deeply without speaking along the way. Yao shi, slightly worried, quietly asked: “A-Heng, could it be that you’re tired from driving the carriage back? What…”

“Hm?” She turned around to look at Yao shi, “Mother, what were you saying?”

“I…” Yao shi did not know what to say. She pondered until a few words came out. “How were you so sharp in the main hall, just now?”

“Oh.” She curled her lips in to a smile, “In the past, we followed the arrangements set by the Feng family. In the end, what came of it? Spending days in Xi Ping village for the past few years, could it be that mother has not had enough?”

With the mention of Xi Ping village, Yao shi was at a loss. Those three years had truly worn out all of her hopes. Her decision to return to Feng manor was in hopes of providing her children a good outlook. Having the Feng family’s support was significantly better than remaining in a remote village.

Granny Sun, who had returned with them, did not know Feng family’s attitude toward Yao shi and asked: “What did the Lord say in regards to the matter with the driver?”

Yao shi sighed and did not respond. Feng Yu Heng reached out and patted granny Sun on the shoulder. “Father and grandmother did not spare even half a word for it.” Being extremely careful with the phrasing made her extremely uncomfortable. She decided to continue speaking in her usual manner. “They absolutely don’t care if we live or die. They don’t even have the ability to put on a facade of caring. So mother, granny, don’t bother hoping the Feng manor will treat us well. Them not secretly moving against us is already considered merciful.”

These words were also said for Yao shi to hear. This mother always needed to be slowly comforted, but now was not the time. Presently, her concern lay with what the servant had said to Feng Jin Yuan.

Since Feng Jin Yuan had changed his mind and allowed them to remain at the Feng manor, did it mean that, for the moment, he consented to her marriage to the ninth prince. But this marriage was very good. Previously, the Feng family would do anything to arrange this marriage for Feng Chen Yu, so why did Feng Jin Yuan suddenly change his mind?

She recalled the despondent air surrounding the returning army. The only possibility…

Feng Yu Heng suddenly stopped walking. Zi Rui did not stop in time and staggered. Yao shi also looked at her, confused. She creased her brow but did not speak.

Yet a single thought continued to bounce around in her head- Something has happened to the ninth prince!

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  1. Thank you for translating this novel! I fell in love with the plot when I read the manga and lost hope since a manga takes forever to finish. Awesome translations!!

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