Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 18

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Those That Feng Yu Heng Adore

“Uh?” Seeing Feng Yu Heng suddenly changed her tone. Xiang Rong was shocked to the point of not knowing how to respond. Thinking hard for a long time, she nodded, “I have been well, second sister as well?” Without waiting for Feng Yu Heng to respond, she looked towards Yao shi: “Mother… Concubine mother, have you been well?”

Hearing Xiang Rong subconsciously call Yao shi mother, the smile on Feng Yu Heng’s face became more natural.

But Yao shi was nodded with a bit of a cold indifference and did not speak.

Xiang Rong was quite embarrassed. She reached an arm in to her sleeve and pulled out a small paper packet. Having handed it to Zi Rui, she said: “Concubine mother is still waiting for me. I will come see second sister if I get a chance.” She turned and ran away.

Feng Yu Heng watched Xiang Rong run further and further away, as her memories slowly became clearer.

She could remember that Xiang Rong and Fen Dai were born in the same year, both were two years younger than her. Since she was little, Xiang Rong loved to follow her around. Her hair wrapped in to small buns on her head. She used to be quite chubby like the baby from a New Year’s picture1. While learning calligraphy with a teacher at a pavilion, that girl lay on her stomach on a stone table not too far away. Her hands supporting her cheeks, she just watched.

Only, at that time, she was still the daughter of the first wife. The lessons the manor had arranged for her, the daughters of a concubine didn’t have the qualifications to learn with her. It was a pity she hadn’t paid attention to the little sister’s desire to get closer to her. Even up to the Yao family’s incident, with the mother and children being chased from the manor. On the day they were leaving, she could still see that child crying, as they got further and further away from the manor.

Following Yao shi’s quiet sigh, Feng Yu Heng turned around and handed the empty basin in to granny Sun. Explaining to the servants to continue working, she pulled Yao shi and Zi Rui in to the room.

Zi Rui opened the paper packet he was holding. Inside were a few soft treats. With just a look, it was clear they were freshly made.

The child greedily inhaled the scent of the treats, the saliva almost drooling out of his mouth. Yet, he did not dare to eat. Instead, he anxiously looked at Feng Yu Heng.

She looked at the treats then nodded to Zi Rui: “Go ahead, eat.” Hearing this, the child happily began to eat, but he did not forget to give some to his sister and mother.

At this moment, granny Sun picked up the cloth bag that Fen Dai had thrown and come inside. While walking, she said: “Although the fourth young miss has always been domineering, she has never acted like this in the past few years. It’s clear she came to scout us out. What have we done to offend her?”

Feng Yu Heng coldly snorted, “Some people don’t necessarily need to resolve their debts before feeling sorry for them. These sorts of people love to find trouble where there is none. Even without wind, they could make waves three-stories high. Even more so when we have just arrived. She just came to openly declare her superiority. Sadly, the Feng manor never had a place for the daughters of concubines to speak. I am the daughter of a concubine. She is the same.”

Yao shi received the cloth bag granny Sun held and opened it. Inside, were clothes that Feng Yu Heng had worn before leaving the manor. Looking over these clothes, Yao shi’s eyes became red.

Faced with an always very emotional Yao shi, Feng Yu Heng did not know how to comfort her. She had grown accustomed to the military in her previous life. The people around her were men who would not let out a sound even if their bones broke. How could she have dealt with someone like Yao shi, who would start crying over anything.

Thankfully, there were Feng Zi Rui and granny Sun, especially Zi Rui, who was naturally good at comforting others. Seeing Yao shi’s eyes redden, he immediately put his hands in his dear mother’s palms, then he raised his head and spoke in a calming voice: “Dearest mother, don’t cry. The clothes are smaller, so they’ll fit Zi Rui.”

Yao shi let out a laugh and smiled. Holding Zi Rui’s hand, she spoke: “Silly child, these clothes are for girls to wear, how could you wear them?”

Feng Zi Rui blinked a few times, “If mother is smiling then it’s ok.”

While Yao shi did smile, she was still worried. She pulled at Feng Yu Heng and pointed outside: “Granny Li was Chen shi’s wet nurse. If she sent over her own wet nurse, then surely they’re not just here to help out.”

Granny Sun continued: “As for Man Xi and Bao Tang, the head wife really likes valuable items. She even gave the servants closest to her names like Jin Yu and Man Tang. Those four are the head wife’s top personal servants.”

Yao shi added even more: “Personally, I quite like that child, Xiang Rong. When she came over earlier, I was worried I would get her caught up in our troubles. Thus, I did not dare act too familiar. With those three around, it’s possible that every word we say will end up transmitted back to the Golden Jade courtyard.”

Yao shi and granny Sun’s faces appeared very concerned. Feng Yu Heng, however, felt this was normal. If the Feng manor didn’t send people to observe them, then that would be odd.

Looking again at the clothes in the cloth bag, they were a little old, but they did not look as if no one had worn them these past few years. One garment’s sleeve was worn to the point of fraying. As she was the daughter of the first wife in the Feng manor, there was no activity that would cause this to happen.

Thinking back, after she had left the manor, the things in her room should have been taken by Feng Fen Dai. For the daughter of a concubine, these materials would be considered exceptionally good. Their ages were only two years apart, so these clothes would barely fit Feng Dai.

After wearing it ragged, she threw it away back to her? Feng Yu Heng raised the corner of her lips. Sometimes she really could not understand the feelings and thoughts of children. Using these sorts of tricks to annoy her? Truly too innocent!

1: Wiki Page and here’s an example.

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6 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 18

  1. It’s a complete joke to me that a wife could be “demoted” to a concubine and a concubine promoted to “wife”. On top of that, the daughter of a concubine could be promoted to “eldest daughter of the first wife”. I’ve read a lot of these kinds of novels, and it’s the first time someone can just change around birth order for the fun of it. Wondering why the commoners don’t make fun of this Feng family all day.


  2. In a few chapters a madam from 9th prince fu will mock Feng father for not abiding by the rules and traditions to demoting the official wife and her kids and promoting a concubine instead.


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