Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 188

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That’s Right, I am Extorting You

After returning to her own courtyard, Feng Yu Heng had originally wanted to discuss with Ban Zou if she could go to Xuan Tian Ming’s military barracks; however, before she could even speak, Ban Zou took the initiative to put an end to that train of thought: “In this sort of weather, even carriages are unable to move. Master, even if you arrive at the barracks, the guards would not be able to see who you are through this snow. If you try to force your way through, you will end up dying to a stray arrow.”

Only then did she realize the difficulty of her request. Unhappy with this, she still asked: “Is it truly not possible? What if you sneak in first and tell Xuan Tian Ming?”

Ban Zou shook his head again, “Whether or not I could safely bring you to the military barracks is not something I can promise, so what is this talk of me going in first?”

Feng Yu Heng could only give up.

In a heavy snow that was similar to a disaster, she could not have Ban Zou take on this risk because of her worries. In the worst case scenario, she would wait another day. Even if it did not stop snowing on the next day, it should not snow so heavily.

A few people sat around the room. Huang Quan was someone who enjoyed moving around. After sitting for a while, she could no longer sit still, “Rather than sitting around in the room, it would be better to take a look at what the other people in the Feng manor are doing.” She stood up and ran over to the window. Looking back, she said to Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, this servant will go out and take a look.” After this, she did not wait for Feng Yu Heng to respond and escaped through the window.

Wang Chuan was helpless: “That Huang Quan really can not stay still!”

Feng Yu Heng was a little more indifferent, “It’s only snowing. You all know qi gong, so there is no need to remain locked up in the room with me. Letting her go take a look is a good thing.”

Wang Chuan did not say anything further. She continued to put charcoal in the brazier, but the room remained cold enough to cause them to shiver.

She then discussed with Feng Yu Heng: “It seems that there will be no way for lunch to be delivered. In a while, when Huang Quan returns, this servant will go with her to the kitchen. When the food is ready, Huang Quan will bring food to young miss, and this servant will send it to madam’s side.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Good, I will trouble you.”

“Young miss, what are you saying.”

Feng Yu Heng was not very spirited. Bored, she began hitting the coals in the brazier. With each tap, embers would fly out. She asked Wang Chuan: “Tell me, if it is snowing so heavily here, will there be a problem at the military barracks?”

Wang Chuan shook her head, “This servant does not know. The capital has never seen this much snow, but there should not be too many problems. It will be nothing more than some trouble in making food and eating it, but his Highness definitely will not starve.”

Feng Yu Heng let out a small sigh, “I am worried about his legs.”

Hearing mention of Xuan Tian Ming’s leg, Wang Chuan also began to worry. The two sat in silence. With nobody speaking, even Ban Zou, who was swaying in beams of the ceiling felt oppressed by the silence.

Fortunately, Huang Quan returned after a short period of time with a piece of news for Feng Yu Heng: “Feng Chen Yu is going crazy in her room. Apparently, she sent someone to go invite a doctor in the morning, but the doctor could not come, and the servant that was sent out has not returned yet.”

Wang Chuan sneered, “In such a large snow storm, it would be strange if she could return.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, asked: “Why did she call for a doctor again?”

Huang Quan was also visibly curious, “She was like a maniac in her loud screams, so I could not understand what she was actually saying. It seemed that she said something about something had not arrived and how the previous doctor was a fraud.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered for a while and came to an understanding. Her earlier dejected mood began to improve slightly, as she patted Wang Chuan and said: “With such heavy snowfall, there will be no shortage of places in the capital that will require assistance, whether that be in manpower or materials. The Emperor must also be worrying about it. When the snow stops, let us go do some beneficial work in the name of Yu Palace and Hundred Herb Hall. As for the money to do this work, Feng Chen Yu has already prepared it for us.”

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan became confused. Feng Chen Yu had prepared it? What did this mean?

Ban Zou hopped down from the beams and leaned close to Feng Yu Heng “Could it be that you are anxious to receive the one million taels she received from the Chen family? Fufufu, Feng Jin Yuan was a step faster in wanting that one million taels.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “He still hasn’t received the money, right? So long as the money is still in Feng Chen Yu’s hands, she will not have any choice in who she gives it to. Just wait and see. Once the snow stops, Feng Chen Yu will come here of her own volition.”

As to whether or not Feng Chen Yu would come, Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Ban Zou were skeptical. On one hand, they were curious why their young miss was so certain, and on the other, they truly hoped they could receive this million taels. That was a large sum of money. It would be a waste to not want it!

The master and servants passed the time hoping to receive the one million taels. Early the next day, it finally stopped snowing.

Wang Chuan opened the door first thing in the morning, causing the snow outside to fall in and cover up her calf. Fortunately, the day had already cleared up, so there should not be any possibility of additional snow. This allowed everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.

“If it continued to snow, I fear that there would no need to go North. The capital would have become a disaster-area.” Wang Chuan muttered while looking for a broom to clear the area before the door. Fortunately, she managed to clear out some space. She then looked towards the wing rooms and servants’ rooms and saw that they were all being swept. Huang Quan simply decided to stand on a table in the courtyard and begin directing the servants.

She closed the door and returned to tell Feng Yu Heng: “Leaving the manor should barely be manageable, but if young miss wishes to go to the military barracks, that will likely not be possible. It’s unknown if the roads in the capital are usable, much less those outside the capital. To reach the military camp, you will need to go through a mountain. Although that mountain is not very tall, it will be too difficult in the current weather.”

Feng Yu Heng let out a sigh. She knew that if this snow did not melt, it would truly be difficult if she wanted to visit the military barracks.

“Forget it. Let’s go to Hundred Herb Hall!” She made the decision and began to put on her clothes while saying: “Let us eat first. There is no rush. I figure that the people on the Feng manor’s end are also sweeping away the snow. When they have opened up a path, I figure Feng Chen Yu should begin to move.”

Sure enough, before she could even finish her lotus congee, Qing Shuang came with a report: “Feng family’s eldest young miss has come from the Liu courtyard. She is currently being stopped by a servant at the gate. Young miss, please let us know, should we let her in?”

Qing Shuang had always seen herself as a servant of Tong Sheng pavilion, which also meant the servant of the county main office. Whenever she spoke of the people from the Feng family, there was a very clear distinction in her speech. When she spoke of Feng Chen Yu, there was not a trace of kind feelings.

Feng Yu Heng sneered and felt that she had come very quickly. She then nodded, “Let her in then.”

Only then did Qing Shuang comply and leave.

After waiting for a little under an hour, Feng Chen Yu finally made her way in. Her shoes and socks were wet, and her cloak was covered in snow. She did not have time to worry about her appearance, as she immediately said upon seeing Feng Yu Heng: “I have something I need your help with. Can we speak alone?”

Contrary to her anxiousness, Feng Yu Heng remained calm and slowly pointed towards her congee: “Eldest sister needs to wait for me to finish eating. It snowed too heavily yesterday, so the kitchen did not make much food. I am currently extremely hungry.”

Wang Chuan smirked. Of course she was hungry. Her young miss had already downed three bowls of congee.

Feng Chen Yu’s nose became crooked with anger. She was in a desperate situation and had let go of appearances to make a request, but Feng Yu Heng actually put on airs?

But there was nothing she could do. Presently, she had come to make a request. No matter what was said, she had to do it.

Thus, she pulled herself a chair and sat down. Glancing at Feng Yu Heng, she patiently waited for her to finish eating, one bite at a time.

When Feng Yu Heng finished her meal, an hour had passed. By the time she put down her chopsticks and bowl, Chen Yu had reached the limit of her patience.

Feng Yu Heng no longer caused her any trouble and waved her hand, sending Wang Chuan and the others out. Feng Chen Yu also chased Yi Lin. Only when the two of them remained in the room did she finally speak: “Today, I have come to ask you for help. Feng Yu Heng, as part of the agreement, I will give you ten thousand taels as a gift. How is it?”

Feng Yu Heng stared at her wide-eyed and feigned surprise, saying: “What could it be that would have eldest sister be willing to spend so much money?”

Chen Yu took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. With a great deal of determination, she revealed a matter that was nearly causing her to go insane “I seem to be… pregnant.”


Feng Yu Heng had just taken a sip of tea then immediately spat it out in an exaggerated manner. This mouthful of tea just happened to be spat on Feng Chen Yu’s face. She watched as Feng Chen Yu’s face turned green with anger. As for herself, she was laughing so hard internally that she was on the verge of suffering from internal injuries.

“Eldest sister, is this real or fake? You aren’t joking with me, right? Ah! Then would this child call me maternal aunt or paternal aunt?”

Feng Chen Yu suddenly stood up and walked towards the door. She felt that coming here was a big mistake. No matter who she asked for help, how could she ask Feng Yu Heng? Was this not coming to be taunted?

Seeing that she was about to leave, Feng Yu Heng did not stop her but said: “The price is unfair. Let us discuss it a little further.”

Feng Chen Yu stopped walking, and a hint of joy appeared on her face.

Money was not a problem. So long as Feng Yu Heng was willing to help, it would be better than anything else.

Now that the capital had suffered from a disastrous snowfall, the doctor she had invited could not be brought over. Fortunately, Yi Lin reminded her early in the morning that she could not bring in a doctor from the outside. If the matter became known to the outside, it was possible that she would have the same end result as Bu Ni Shang! If that time came and everyone in the capital knew, would she even want to keep living?

Thinking for a long time, there was only one choice she could make. That was to come look for Feng Yu Heng. Either way, she no longer had any face left with this second sister. She did not mind coming one more time. So long as she got rid of the disaster that was very likely in her belly, she would have the ability to make a come back. When the day of her come back came, Feng Yu Heng would be the first person she would get rid of.

Feng Chen Yu had these sorts of thoughts when she went to Tong Sheng pavilion. Now that she heard Feng Yu Heng merely wanted to discuss the price, it meant that she had already agreed. Feng Chen Yu felt the weight on her chest was finally about to be lifted.

Thus, she turned back around and somewhat eagerly said: “Second sister, give me a price!”

Feng Yu Heng looked at her and smiled: “Eldest sister, for ten thousand taels, I will help see if you are pregnant.”

“See if I am pregnant?” Feng Chen Yu was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you uncertain right now if you are pregnant or not? I have a method of testing to see if you truly are pregnant or not. But, the price of this test is ten thousand taels. Do you want it?”

Feng Chen Yu frowned. Ten thousand taels to determine whether or not she was pregnant was a little expensive. Her period had not come, and she recently had been feeling nauseous and tired. In reality, she was very certain that it was the case, but without a doctor to verify, she did not dare be certain.

“Isn’t that a little too expensive?” She stared at Feng Yu Heng, “You are clearly extorting me under false pretenses, but you are saying that you are selling me something. Do you just want ten thousand taels?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded: “What you said is correct. I am extorting you.” She reached out her hand, “If eldest sister finds this to be too expensive, then go find someone else! Moreover, determining whether or not a person has become pregnant is not something as simple as checking their pulse. If there is a misdiagnosis, then your body will become wasted. If you are no longer able to bear children, then that would be a big problem.”

Feng Chen Yu fell silent. Find someone else. If she could go find someone else, she would rather die than visit Tong Sheng pavilion. Feng Yu Heng’s words had also succeeded in scaring her. If she crippled her body over a bit of money, then, as a woman, what purpose would she have left?

“Forget it. Ten thousand is ten thousand.” She sat back down in desperation and asked, “Then how much to get rid of the child?”

Feng Yu Heng revealed a strange smile, “Not much. Just one million.”

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  1. LOOOOLLLL … FCY just handed it over as there’s no other option if you are not being so dumb then …. Thanks for this chapter.


  2. I just started this novel and just caught up… I truly love the story, not like typical reincarnation novels that talks about cultivation and revenge once they have become strong… Our Heng2x immediately starts her revenge the moment she entered the manor with her glib tongue… And what I like most is that this is more on palace plots and ploys, face slapping the protagonist by outsmarting them,.. I find this rather enjoying than reading novels that has a whole chapter focused on explanations on one’s cultivation..

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  3. I guess she is pushing the entire Feng name down the end road? The child is the child of the young master… they could hide her and keep it as a mistress child. nOt like a great marriage is in works for Yu anyway. And for revenge it is just as well to do something than not, I do not like plots that are too convoluted if after revenge. Just get it over with. Of course, if they have a plot and they trip to fall into it themselves like Yu and bro did….. ah well. She was a doctor in the modern world… she sure went native and savage fast


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    1. He was said to have trouble having children, not that he could not. It was reversible. Remember when FYH gave him medicine food to treat his “condition”. She would not do that if he was never capable.


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