Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 19

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Concubine Mother

She looked outside. The day was just reaching noon. Earlier, with the business of work, they didn’t even feel hungry, yet with this small treat from Zi Rui, the hunger began to set in.

Although it was said that if the courtyard was not cleaned, then the three outside would not eat; however, those were just words. She had no intentions of treating servants so poorly, thus she passed an order to granny Sun: “Let those outside set down their work for now. They can continue after they’ve eaten. Also, the food in this manor, how do we eat it? I saw there was a kitchen in this courtyard. Do we need to make it ourselves?”

Granny Sun repeatedly shook her head: “That’s just a small kitchen for the mistress to use. Normally, the three meals each day are prepared by the main manor. The kitchen servants will then bring it over to this courtyard. Young miss and madam must be hungry. Please rest a while. I will go see the kitchen.”

Granny Sun left the room immediately after speaking. Calling to the three outside, they went together to the main house.

Feng Yu Heng had no expectations towards the food of the Feng Manor. Based on the variety of ways the Feng manor acted today, just being given food to eat would be considered not bad. It was best not to expect good food, nor to be full. As to what extent one would be left hungry, then it depended on their personal appetite.

Having prepared herself mentally, Feng Yu Heng no longer held any excessive expectations for lunch. Taking advantage of a moment where Yao shi and Zi Rui were not paying attention, she brought her right hand to the phoenix-shaped birthmark on her left wrist. Lowering her conscious in, she quickly grabbed two Snickers bars.

Inside the space, she tore off the wrappers and brought them out. She handed one to each of Zi Rui and Yao shi- “The eccentric I met in the mountains gave it to me. I wasn’t willing to eat it. Mother and Zi Rui should first get some food. It’s best not to put too much hope in eating your fill.”

In the mountains, she had met the ninth prince and explained using the excuse of having met an eccentric. Not only had he given her more medical knowledge, he also gave her some money.

That was how Feng Yu Heng had explained the origin of her 20 taels of silver. It was necessary because the trip back to the capital city required money for the inns and food. She only brought it out because it was such an emergency.

She was a little regretful that she had to spend the money. Originally, she had no intention of spending it. That person was the first she had communicated with since coming to this world. It was a similar feeling as with newly born animals. It would see the first person it saw as its mother.

Furthermore, she had never denied that she was astonished by that face. Even more, that was with him having broken both legs and looking extremely haggard, yet the purple lotus flower on his forehead was something she simply could not scatter from her mind.

Fortunately, returning to the capital, there was yet another matter that connected the two.

The person she thought she would not see again in this lifetime had somehow become her fiance. Although the Feng manor’s attitude had been confusing from beginning to end, the people Feng Yu Heng cared for, how could she allow them to fall in to another person’s hands.

“What is this?” Yao shi held the Snickers bar, curious.

Feng Zi Rui licked it and happily said: “It’s so sweet.”

Feng Yu Heng pinched Zi Rui’s cheeks. This child was very skinny. When she pinched his cheeks, there was almost no flesh.

“It’s a kind of dessert. It’s sweet and very filling.” While explaining, she watched Yao shi bring it to her mouth. She had an expression of wanting to eat but was afraid to eat. She added: “Don’t mind how the color is not great. It really is very delicious. Mother, try it and see.”

Only hearing this, did Yao shi take a bite. Zi Rui also took a bite, then the two exclaimed: “So good!”

Feng Yu Heng breathed a sigh of relief, “If you like it then it’s good.”

“A-Heng, why do you not eat? Could it be that there are only these two pieces?” Yao shi had only taken a small bite and handed it towards Feng Yu Heng. “Quickly eat! It’s ok if mother eats a little less, but you’re still in your growth period. You can’t always eat your fill one meal then skip the next.”

Feng Yu Heng’s heart felt warm. She received it and took a bite before handing it back to Yao shi, “Just having mother worry about me, A-Heng is already perfectly content. I’m not hungry.”

“Mother is an adult, so you need to eat more. Zi Rui is a child and can’t eat this much. I will share with big sister.” The child broke the thing in his hands in two pieces and gave one to Feng Yu Heng. “Big sister, eat. Zi Rui already ate a few treats earlier. I’m not very hungry now.”

Feng Yu Heng did not continue to refuse and received it. The three continued to eat and smile.

As they smiled and enjoyed the moment, Yao shi remembered a few things. She brought the two siblings together and advised them: “Listen well, you two. The things that happened in the village are over and done with. Now that we have returned to the Feng manor, we must follow the rules of the manor. You can’t call me mother anymore, but must call me concubine mother.”

TN: While Feng Yu Heng might be 12 on the outside, do not forget that she’s lived 29 years of a previous life.

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  1. Currently I’m rather confused. I already read this novel until chapter 554, that’s why I would like to ask, if someone can tell me: In the first chapter it was said, the phoenix-shaped birthmark was on her right wrist, now here it is on the left wrist. Which one is it?

    Ah and also: Dear Springrain, I would like to thank you for translating this fantastic novel and the daily release. I think, based on all the other comments (not only in this chapter), all of us readers are truly grateful for your hard work.

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