Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 193

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Who is From the Same Family as You?

The little page boy nodded emphatically. Fearing that Feng Yu Heng did not understand, he explained: “That prime minister Lord Feng, our young master is the son of Lord Feng’s brother.”

Feng Yu Heng looked curiously at that young master who had fainted. No matter how she looked, she could not see the slightest resemblance to Feng Jin Yuan. She searched through the memories of the body’s original owner and found that the matriarch only had Feng Jin Yuan as her only son. Where would a nephew like this come from?

At this time, some of the surrounding citizens began to speak, but it was in mockery of the page: “This truly is a case of surging waters flooding the Dragon King’s Temple. The young miss right before you is the Feng family’s daughter. If your young master truly is the nephew of Prime Minister Feng, then they would be related!”

The page was startled then began to carefully look at Feng Yu Heng. When he looked, he saw that there was a slight resemblance to Feng Jin Yuan, but he had never met the young misses of the Feng family. He did not know which young miss she was.

Seeing the page in a daze, someone said: “You wouldn’t happen to be a fraud, right? You don’t even recognize the Feng family’s daughter to the first wife, but you still dare say your family’s young master is Prime minister Feng’s nephew?”

Hearing that she was the daughter to the first wife, the page smiled “You are young miss Chen Yu? You truly are young miss Chen Yu?”

Feng Yu Heng frowned and looked at him. She did not let out a sound, but it was Wang Chuan who said: “What young miss Chen Yu. This is the Feng manor’s daughter to the first wife.”

“Is the Feng manor’s daughter to the first wife not young miss Chen Yu?” The page was unable to react for a long time. Startled, he looked at Feng Yu Heng and suddenly recalled that Feng Chen Yu had already turned 14. Once the year passed, she would be of marriageable age; however, the girl before her did not appear to be 15. He could not help but ask: “Are we speaking about the same Feng family?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “There is only one Prime minister Feng. There are no others.”


“There are no buts.” She stood up and glanced once more at the unconscious young person. After some observation, she could see that there was some resemblance to Feng Zi Hao. “You must be people from the Chen family, right? The Emperor has decreed that the Feng family does not recognize Chen shi as the head wife, so Feng Chen Yu naturally is not the daughter of the first wife. Bring this person into Hundred Herb Hall. This county princess will treat him.”

The page boy did not quite understand what Feng Yu Heng said. How was it that Chen Yu was no longer the daughter of the first wife? Was the position of daughter to the first wife and daughter of a concubine something that could be so easily changed in the capital?

Fortunately, he understood that Feng Yu Heng allowed him to bring the person into Hundred Herb Hall. Only then did he realize that there was a medical clinic not too far ahead. For a moment, he rejoiced and quickly went to carry his young master.

The onlookers nearby were kind and went to help. Very quickly, they brought him inside.

Huang Quan stared at the young person with an irritated expression, as she muttered to herself: “I really don’t know what young miss is thinking. For a person of the Chen family, just let him freeze to death. Why bother saving him?”

Wang Chuan smiled bitterly and shook her head, “With this many sets of eyes watching, if he truly did die before the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall, the past two days of handing out warm tea would have been wasted.”

The past few days there had been countless who had been frozen. Even the clerks of Hundred Herb Hall had learned how to handle treatment. Feng Yu Heng saw that the person had been carried in and no longer paid him any heed. She only advised Huang Quan: “Go back to Feng manor and make a report. There is no need to worry about anything else.” Huang Quan agreed and left. Feng Yu Heng then returned to distributing hot tea outside.

At this time, Xuan Tian Hua was speaking with someone who had come from Chun Palace. Seeing Feng Yu Heng had returned, he said: “A-Heng, I need to go into the palace. Father Emperor and imperial concubine mother have both sent people looking for me.”

She nodded, “Go ahead. Pay attention to your injury and don’t put weight on it. Later on, I will prepare some more medicine and have someone send it to seventh brother.”

“Alright.” Xuan Tian Hua did not wait around any longer. With the help of a servant, he entered a carriage. Right before he left, he said: “News that Hundred Herb Hall has been serving the citizens has already made its way to father Emperor. Little girl, just wait to receive your award.”

Feng Yu Heng did not care whether or not she received an award. She only began to worry more and more about Xuan Tian Ming the further away Xuan Tian Hua’s carriage went. Previously, she had always been wanting to go over and take a look, but now that she thought about it, she felt that she should trust him a little more. A girl could not simply want to run over to the military camp out of concern just because of some Winter disaster. If this were seen by his officers, who knew what types of jokes would be made.

Having thoroughly thought this through, she no longer concerned herself with leaving the city to visit the military camp. Instead, she began to worry about the ever-growing line outside of Hundred Herb Hall.

Continuing on like this was not possible. A cup of hot tea did not resolve the most fundamental problem. What the citizens needed were more goods for after the disaster. A portion of them also needed for their houses to be rebuilt, which would require a large amount of money.

“Wang Chuan.” She handed the cup in her hand to a clerk and dragged Wang Chuan off to the side then quietly said: “I need you to go back to the manor and visit Feng Chen Yu. Just say I wanted you to see what she feels about the matter. Also tell her that it is best to handle it sooner rather than later. The later it is done, the more danger there is.”

Wang Chuan nodded and did not ask what exactly this matter was. She only advised Feng Yu Heng: “Then young miss, please take care of yourself.”

“Don’t worry. There is still Ban Zou here. There is also this many people at Hundred Herb Hall. It will be fine. Go quickly and return quickly.”

Wang Chuan saw that she was in a rush and quickly headed for the Feng manor. A this time, a clerk ran out from Hundred Herb Hall and said to her: “Boss, that young man from earlier woke up.”

“I will go take a look.” Feng Yu Heng followed him into the hall. Sure enough, the young man with a faint appearance of being from the Chen family had woken up, but his face was still pale white. Sitting on the bed, he sighed repeatedly. “Such a large guy, yet he begins sighing immediately after waking up. What sort of situation is this?” She hated this type of man who would put on a worried face at every turn, “What good is there in lamenting the state of the world? If you have the time for this, it would be better to go help in the front with handing out tea.” She spoke while feeling the person’s pulse. The young person was startled and wanted to pull his hand back, but Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes and scolded him: “What are you moving for? Have you never seen a doctor check your pulse?”

Only then did that person stop struggling, as he looked at Feng Yu Heng, not daring to even breathe loudly. His page stood at his side and also carefully lowered his head, afraid to speak.

Only when Feng Yu Heng let go of his hand did the young page try to ask: “How is our young master?”

“He’s fine.” She had a cold expression, “Go pay the fees for the examination and medicine then go to the shopkeeper to get some medicine. Things will be fine after you go home and take the medicine for a few days.”

“You want money?” The page asked in a perplexed manner: “Are you not a member of the Feng family? Why does a shop opened by the Feng family take money from its own family members? Also” He pointed to the people outside who had been treated by Hundred Herb Hall and said: “I must say, those people have all been treated here by you, but you did not take a single cent from them, yet you still give them food. How could when it comes to us, you want money?”

Feng Yu Heng glared and lost her temper: “Why should I not take your money? Hundred Herb Hall is a business. If nobody pays us, what should I use to pay for so many clerks?”

“We are from the same family!”

“Who is from the same family as you?” Feng Yu Heng had already been completely fed up with the people of the Chen family. Now, this young page had mentioned that they were from the same family. That had truly crossed her bottom line, “My surname is Feng. What about your young master?”

“My young master is surnamed Chen!”

“What sort of relation does the Chen family have with me?” Her face gradually became colder and colder, “I am the Feng family’s dignified daughter of the first wife, but you actually want me to acknowledge that I am of the same family as an insignificant concubine’s maternal family. When had Da Shun ever had such a rule? I am the dignified county princess Ji An, yet a servant like you wants me to recognize who as being of the same family as me?”

The more she spoke, the louder her voice became, which caused the young page to tremble in fear.

County princess Ji An? If she said the Feng family’s daughter to the first wife, he could understand, after all, one of the clerks had told him about some of the recent events in the capital. But he had forgotten to mention that Feng Yu Heng had already been conferred the title of county princess Ji An. This caused the young page to not know what he should say for a while. He spent a long time pondering before pointing to the people outside as saying: “Then why can they not pay?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, “It pleases me. Whether or not this county princess demands payment depends on my mood. When they came, I was in a good mood, but upon seeing you people from the Chen family, this county princess’ mood fell instantly.”

The young page wanted to say some more but was stopped by the young man. The young man who had remained silent the entire time finally spoke to the page: “Spending money to seek treatment is perfectly justified. Quickly give the money for the examination to them.”

Once the young master had spoken, the young page found it hard to continue speaking. With a face filled with reluctance, he retrieved the money. Feng Yu Heng looked at the young man and asked: “You are the son of which member of the Chen family?” Since they said he was the nephew, he should be the son of one of Chen shi’s brothers.

The young man wanted to stand up to speak with her, but he was truly too weak. He tried a few times but could not get up. Helpless, he could only continue to remain seated: “This one is Chen Qing. I am the eldest grandson of the Chen family.”

“From the eldest son’s family?” She quickly conjured up a mental image of the eldest Chen brother, but she did not have much of an impression of him.

Chen Qing nodded, “My father is indeed the eldest son of the Chen family, but this one has always been away for school. It has been many years since I last visited the old home. I came to the capital this time to make a special request of uncle.”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and corrected the way he referred to him: “Your aunt Chen shi is only one of my father’s concubines. You absolutely are not able to call him uncle.”

Chen Qing was slightly startled but did not argue. At the time Chen shi was promoted from concubine to official wife, he was already an adolescent. He naturally understood moral principles, and he did not approve of the Feng family’s actions. But, he was just an outsider, after all. He had no right to comment on the Feng family’s actions. Now that Chen shi had been demoted by the Emperor himself, he did not feel any grief.

“You must be the Feng family’s second young miss, right?” Chen Qign looked at Feng Yu Heng and said: “When you were little, we have met before. It might be that you do not remember.”

Feng Yu Heng had indeed forgotten. The memories of the body’s original owner were scattered. Adding on the original’s personality, forget about outsiders, even her memory on the appearance of her family members was fuzzy. Xiang Rong had followed behind her from a young age, but did she not only remember the steamed bun hair and round face?

Seeing that Feng Yu Heng did not seem to like speaking, Chen Qing also closed his mouth. Only when that page returned with someone behind him did Chen Qing finally breathe a sigh of relief and call to the person that came: “Uncle.”

Feng Yu Heng glared, and Chen Qing immediately trembled. Only then did he remember her earlier warning, thus he changed the way he spoke “Lord Feng.”

Based on how Chen Qing was changing the way he spoke, Feng Jin Yuan knew that Feng Yu Heng had definitely given him trouble. He could not help but say: “Your cousin Chen Qing has been following father around in learning to read with father since he was little at the old home. After growing a little older, he has always been out of province for his studies. Speaking of, he can be considered as father’s half-student.”

“Then he can call you sir or teacher. Both are pretty good.” She looked at Feng Jin Yuan and sincerely said: “Also, daughter must remind father, if you want me to recognize someone from the maternal family of a concubine as a cousin, then what do you make of the Yao family?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face became gloomy, as he looked at her. The way this daughter spoke always ended with a slap in the face. He could not understand why people were friendly with her. Did they not fear being rebuffed?

But even if he was unhappy, what could he do? What Feng Yu Heng said was corrected. The only relatives that were recognized were those of the head wife’s maternal family. Chen shi was a concubine, so the people of the Chen family indeed should not be considered relatives.

“Forget it.” He waved his hand and said to Chen Qing: “Just call me teacher then.”

Chen Qing respectfully replied: “This pupil understands.” Mentally, however, he began to analyze the recent actions of the Feng family. Thinking about it, his cousin Chen Yu recently had not been enjoying her days. This daughter of the first wife was too vicious, and she also had the title of county princess. For someone weak like cousin Chen Yu, would she not be bullied too much?

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