Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 201

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There is a Type of Person That can Only Rely on Medicine

Wang Chuan felt that there was something not quite right with Feng Yu Heng. Helping her up, she quietly asked: “What happened, young miss?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and only said: “It’s nothing.”

Han shi did not think Feng Jin Yuan would be leaving on the next day. She felt that this news had come too suddenly and found it a little hard to accept. She could not help but ask: “How long will it be until husband can come back?”

Feng Jin Yuan pondered for a while then said: “The earliest will be just before the new year. The journey North from the capital will be very long, and the current situation of the Winter disaster is unknown. Everything is unknown.” After he finished speaking, he looked at Chen Qing then said to the matriarch: “Qing’er came to the capital this time to prepare for the imperial examination. I hope mother will take more care of him.”

Hearing Feng Jin Yuan mention him, Chen Qing quickly went forward and bowed to the matriarch, “Chen Qing greets elder madam.”

The matriarch knew early on that Chen Qing had come to the Feng manor. It had to be said that he had come to live at the Feng manor for a period before. It was during the three years when Feng Yu Heng was not in the capital. Chen Qing would spend his days studying with Feng Jin Yuan. He truly was worthy of Feng Jin Yuan’s recognition.

At that time, Chen shi was the head wife, and she had a very keen eye for giving gifts. There was no shortage in the number of things she gifted, and she treated Chen Qing even better.

But today was unlike in the past. Not only had Chen shi died, her position as head wife had been taken away. More importantly, she had caused a great number of problems for the Feng family while she was alive. The matriarch now hated the Chen family to her core. How could she take a liking to Chen Qing?

She could not help but quietly snort and ignore him.

Feng Jin Yuan naturally understood the matriarch’s thoughts and helplessly advised: “Qing’er is something like son’s half-pupil. Mother, please allow him to stay here to prepare for the imperial exam for my sake. He ranked at the top in the provincial examination. If he ranks well in the imperial examination, it will also be our manor’s glory.”

Hearing this explanation, the matriarch felt a joy in her heart. After all, if the manor could produce someone who ranked in the top three, it was truly a great honor.

Thus she nodded and said to Chen Qing: “Since that is the case, you may stay.”

Chen Qing quickly thanked her for her grace and kowtowed to the matriarch.

Feng Jin Yuan glanced around at his concubines. Jin Zhen was young and was originally a servant, so she would not be able to keep things under control. Han shi seemed even more unlikely to be able to take center stage. Looking around, only An shi seemed stable. She was someone who could be trusted. After thinking for a while, he spoke to An shi: “With me gone, there will be nobody to make decisions in the manor, as mother’s body is not well. An shi, be a little more magnanimous and take the manor’s matters into consideration a little more.”

An shi quickly stood up and replied: “Being entrusted by husband, this concubine will definitely do my best.”

The matriarch nodded, “Un, you are a meticulous person. Just come over more often to chat.” She could not find any real faults with An shi.

An shi bowed and said: “This concubine thanks mother-in-law for the support.”

Feng Jin Yuan, however, recalled the time Feng Yu Heng had gone missing in Feng Tong county. It was An shi that stood with Yao shi to oppose him. He could not help but feel his heart tighten once more.

He looked at Han shi and Jin Zhen then decided to add: “You two also go learn a bit.”

Han shi had originally been fuming with anger, but finally hearing Feng Jin Yuan add these words, she felt much better. She quickly smiled and complied: “Thank you husband. This concubine will remember this with reverence and will definitely come to mother-in-law’s side more often.”

How could the matriarch want to allow her to come more often. She quickly cut her off: “A-Heng said my body needs to rest peacefully. If you send that many people to come hang around beside me, could it be that you don’t want me to get well or something?”

Feng Jin Yuan quickly shook his head: “Mother truly has misunderstood son. Son only wanted to have them learn more from mother about how to manage a family.”

“Why have a concubine learn to manage a family? Whose family will she manage?” The matriarch rolled her eyes, “Where is the person who should be learning!” She then extended her arm and pointed to Feng Yu Heng, “A-Heng is our manor’s daughter of the first wife. She is the most respected daughter. In the future, she will get married to his Highness Prince Yu as his official princess. She is the one who should be learning how to manage a family!”

Feng Jin Yuan repeatedly nodded: “Mother is correct.”

The matriarch continued: “I have already thought about it. I will continue to manage the manor’s matters until the end of the year. When the new year has passed, A-Heng will be 13. At that time, the matters of the manor will be given to her to control.”

Everyone was stunned. Nobody could have foreseen the wealth-loving matriarch giving up her right to control the family and give it to Feng Yu Heng. Everyone turned their heads to look at her, but the one who had been named was only concerned with trying to figure out what was off about Feng Jin Yuan. She had not at all listened carefully to what the others were saying.

Wang Chuan quickly prodded Feng Yu Heng, “Young miss, elder madam said that you will be given control over the matters of the manor after the new year.”

Feng Yu Heng blinked a few times. Control over the matters of the manor? She truly did not want it.

“Grandmother is not so old that you can not control the matters of the manor.” She smiled and looked towards the matriarch, “You simply sprained your back. With A-Heng here, what is there to fear?”

The matriarch loved to listen to Feng Yu Heng speak. She could not help but smile widely, “It’s not fear. I am thinking that this will give you more chances to practice for when you marry his Highness Prince Yu.”

“Then granddaughter will spend some more time with grandmother to learn some more. So long as grandmother is still able to walk, there will be nobody in the manor who can take away control over the matters of the manor.” She made it so that no further discussion was possible. Not only had she expressed her own attitude on the matter, she also killed anyone else’s ability to hope for control.

The matriarch nodded upon hearing these words, repeatedly praising: “It is no loss that you are my Feng family’s daughter of the first wife. Whether you are speaking or taking action, your demeanor is always generous.” As she spoke, she looked again towards Chen Yu.

This time, Chen Yu did not wait for her to say another word, as she took the initiative to say: “Second sister is very sensible at an early age. Granddaughter is happy for second sister and will learn more from second sister from now on. Grandmother, please be at ease.”

The matriarch nodded and did not say anything. Feng Fen Dai, however, suddenly began to feel as though she were sitting on pins and needles. Feng Chen Yu’s attitude towards Feng Yu Heng caused her to feel uneasy. If the two elders sisters, who had both been daughter of the first wife, had begun to cooperate, how could this be a good thing for her.

As soon as they were dismissed from Shu Ya courtyard, Fen Dai pulled Han shi along and quickly returned to their own small courtyard.

Han shi nearly fell a few times while being pulled along. Only after finally entering the room and closing the door did she helplessly ask: “What are you doing now?”

Fen Dai suddenly turned her head back, as she glared fiercely at Han shi, “What am I doing? You are asking me? Father will be leaving the capital tomorrow. With him leaving, he will not be able to return until the new year. Why are you not feeling more worried?”

“How should I feel worried?” Han shi was confused, “Your father is an imperial envoy. He was sent out on official business by the Emperor. Aren’t the other people of the manor obediently waiting. What are you causing a fuss for?”

“They are waiting, so you will also wait?” Fen Dai looked at Han shi with a incredulous expression: “Do you not know what you are lacking? You are lacking a son! I am lacking a younger brother! Why is it that I have said it so many times, yet you still do not have any sense of urgency?”

How could Han shi not feel worried. She was almost dying from her worries, but Feng Jin Yuan spent every single night staying in Jin Zhen’s Ru Yi courtyard. No matter how worried she was, she could not go to Ru Yi courtyard to abduct him. Moreover, even if she did go, it was not apparent that she could entice him over.

“Concubine mother! Mother!” Fen Dai lost her temper, “How good of an opportunity is this! The position of head wife is vacant in the manor. Feng Chen Yu has been ruined. Yao shi returned to the position of head wife with great difficulty, but she held an imperial decree and got a divorce. An shi is an incredible push over, and Jin Zhen was merely a servant and does not have children. Who in the manor has the greatest opportunity? Is it not me? So long as you give birth to a son for father, father will definitely promote you to the position of head wife. When that time comes, I will be the daughter of the first wife. Even if Feng Yu Heng is also a daughter of the first wife, that is fine. Second daughter of the first wife is still a daughter of the first wife!”

Fen Dai’s words caused Han shi’s mind began to move once more. She felt that this child’s analysis was correct. Now was indeed the best chance to fight for favor and fight for the position of head wife. She only had to use a few of her tricks, and she would be able to win back Feng Jin Yuan’s heart, but… “Your father will be leaving tomorrow. Any plans will need to wait until he returns to enact.”

“He hasn’t left yet though?” Feng Fen Dai sneered, “Tonight, make use of all the good things that you have not used for many years. Even if you need to use medicine, you must get father to remain with you!”

Han shi was startled then suddenly recalled the time when she had just entered the manor. In order to help Feng Jin Yuan’s body, she had kept a great number of things in this room. After that, Feng Jin Yuan always doted on her, so she gradually stopped using them. After having Fen Dai, she feared that a woman who had born a child would not be able to keep Feng Jin Yuan, so she began using them once more. Like this, she continued using them until Fen Dai was seven, which meant she stopped using them three years ago.

“If you say it like that, I recall that there seem to be two more candles remaining.” She looked at Fen Dai but suddenly frowned: “How is it that you know about them?”

Fen Dai rolled her eyes, “I already found out about those things by the time I was six. Alright, don’t bother installing them. Father should have returned to Pine courtyard. It would be best if you think carefully on how you will get him over to this courtyard.”

Han shi did not say a word. Instead, she thought for a while before her eyes lit up, as she said to Fen Dai: “I’ve got it. Go back to your own room. Don’t stay here.”

“Alright, it’s good that you know to put in some effort.” After she finished speaking, she left the room.

Han shi felt even more that her daughter’s mind was twisted, but there was nothing she could do. She could only hope that she truly could give birth to a son. So long as their position within the family rose, Fen Dai would naturally get better.

She made up her mind and went to the dresser and opened the lowest drawer and pulled out a set of clothing.

It was a set of Summer clothing made with silk gauze and silver thread. It was pink in color with silver threads appearing all over. It was dazzling and very beautiful. Most importantly, the clothes were very transparent. From the outside, one could very clearly see the undergarment covering her chest. The collar was also opened up a great amount, revealing a large amount of snowy-white skin.

The first time Feng Jin Yuan met Han shi, she was wearing this set of clothing and playing the zither for him from behind a silk curtain in Qing Yue building.

Han shi did not care what season this was. Returning to her inner room, she put on the clothes before thinking a little. She put on a thick cloak then gave an order to her servant: “Go tell the chef to prepare some food and wine. In a little while, husband will be coming over.” Seeing the servant comply then leave the room, she pulled out the two red candles from the bottom drawer and switched them with the ones that were currently being used. She then wrapped herself tightly in the cloak and hurriedly left for Pine courtyard without a single servant.

At that time, Feng Yu Heng was in Tong Sheng pavilion’s medicine storage room. She handed the prepared medicines to Wang Chuan and advised: “You must personally hand these to seventh brother. I have written the instructions on how to use them and the dosage on a piece of paper. Also, I still want to pay a visit to the military camp in the capital’s suburbs. Come back sooner, and if there is time, we will go tonight.”

“Young miss has been absent-minded. Could it be that something is wrong?” Wang Chuan recalled Feng Yu Heng’s lack of awareness at Shu Ya courtyard and could not help but worry.

Feng Yu Heng frowned tightly and appeared a little depressed, saying: “There definitely is something wrong, but I still do not know what it is. Everything can be discussed once I see Xuan Tian Ming. Either way, Feng Jin Yuan’s current trip North is not as simple as directing the relief effort for the disaster.”

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  1. Maybe it’s just me…. but who wants all that responsibility? Power is good, I guess? But to hurt and scheme your way into power just seems tiring. I’d rather marry someone who’ll treat you well, and then live the life of a farmer or something lol.


  2. Fen Dai was crazy when she was six. This is the kind of demon spawn that should be eradicated ASAP.

    “When that time comes, I will be the daughter of the first wife.”

    Correction, you will be the daughter of the third whore. There can only be one “first wife”, and it will never be Han shi. Stupid girl with no virtues, yet still power hungry. All she knows is to cry to her mother to get her more power.


  3. Wow, only 10 years old and already this devious and scheming… Could there be any character in this novel as twisted as Fen Dai? I feel like Chen Yu is a little tame compared to her. And Han shi, what kind of mother is such a pushover… For the love of God, Fen Dai is just 10 years old and Han shi allows herself to be treated like that by her own 10 year old daughter??? I feel like Fen Dai is Chen shi’s daughter instead. Gawd, if Han shi ever has another child it would be for her own good to kill Fen Dai.. That child is devil spawn i tell you… She must have died during her time from the suburbs and another soul transmigrated in her body only this time its the soul of the demon… No 10 year old child is THAT devious unless she is possessed by a demon soul…. Or the plot armor is incredibly thick in this novel…


  4. wow.. its already chapter 201 yet she’s still 12 years old and its only been 6 months in their timeline.. wonder how long till she turn 15..

    and thanks for the chap..


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