Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 203

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Second Sister’s Secret

Following this shout, everyone turned to look. There, they saw the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, quickly walking over.

In an instant, everyone knelt to greet him, saying in unison: “Long live your Highness Prince Xiang!”

Xuan Tian Ye waved his hand, “You may all rise. This prince also came to send off Prime minister Feng. There is no need for the ceremony.” He then took a few steps forward, standing before Feng Jin Yuan, “Prime minister Feng.”

Feng Jin Yuan was moved to see Xuan Tian Ye, but he did not his best to remain calm, respectfully saying: “For your Highness Prince Xiang to personally come to send this official off, this official is very grateful.”

Xuan Tian Ye waved his hand: “Prime minister Feng will be going a great distance towards the disaster, is sharing father Emperor’s burden and benefiting the citizens of this world. This prince is unable to help and can only come to send off Prime minister Feng while wishing for everything to go smoothly for Prime minister Feng. I hope that the damage caused by the disaster can be relieved under Prime minister Feng’s direction.”

“This official will do his utmost to not let down his Majesty and your Highness.”

Xuan Tian Ye nodded, his gaze left Feng Jin Yuan and looked towards the family members standing in the Feng manor’s gate.

Feng Yu Heng looked over at him coldly, as their eyes met.

Xuan Tian Ye nodded slightly to her then looked away, saying to Chen Yu: “I heard that eldest young miss Feng caught a cold a few days ago. Have you gotten better?”

Feng Chen Yu saw that the third prince had directly asked her a question. She could not help but feel moved. Slightly raised her eyes, she shot a heart-rending expression and gently said: “Many thanks for your Highness’ concern. I am already much better.”

At this time, Fen Dai suddenly said: “When had eldest sister ever caught a cold.”

With these words, everyone in the Feng manor’s faces turned white. Even Feng Jin Yuan trembled, fearing that this daughter would spout nonsense if her mouth was not blocked.

An shi quickly provided a response upon hearing this: “When a girl falls ill, we merely say she caught a cold. Fourth young miss is still young and does not understand. When you are older, you will understand. Who does not fall ill for a few days every month.”

Hearing An shi say this, the people of the Feng family finally let out a sigh of relief. Xuan Tian Ye also had an understanding expression. When he looked towards Chen Yu, his gaze carried a little more pity.

Chen Yu absolutely hated Fen Dai. The words she had said just now caused Chen Yu to break into a cold sweat. That damn girl! She thought to herself, after a month, there will be nothing I need fear. When that time comes, you will see!

On her end, she was hiding her hatred. On the other side, Xuan Tian Ye was speaking with Feng Jin Yuan: “This prince will accompany Prime minister Feng to the North gate. Since this prince can not accompany Prime minister Feng to the North, accept this my regards!”

Hearing him say this, the officials who had come to send Feng Jin Yuan off all said: “We will also accompany Prime minister all the way to the Northern gate.”

Since even outsiders were going to accompany him to the city’s gates, the people of the Feng family naturally could not just return. Thus, all of the women followed along with the group to the Northern gate.

Along the way, Feng Jin Yuan was discussing something with the third prince. Feng Yu Heng stood at the back, so she could not hear it clearly nor see it. Instead, her ears were filled with the sounds of Han shi’s occasional laughter and Jin Zhen’s occasional sobs.

The group finally arrived at the Northern gate, and Feng Jin Yuan once again stood up to bid everyone farewell.

Feng Yu Heng had no intention of watching a group of officials exchange farewells, so she took a couple steps back. From there, she saw a person waving at her from next to the city’s gate. Looking carefully, she recognized that person. It was Wang Zhuo, who had accompanied her out of the capital that day.

Seeing that she saw him, Wang Zhuo quickly trotted over. Arriving before Feng Yu Heng, he saluted: “This lowly one greets county princess.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “You are on duty today?”

“That’s right.” Wang Zhuo gave a sincere smile then asked: “After that day, this lowly one did not see county princess again. May I know if his Highness the seventh prince’s foot injury has gotten better?”

“It’s already fine.” Feng Yu Heng smiled calmly and said: “I still need to thank you for that day.”

“What sort of thing is county princess saying.” Wang Zhuo quickly shook his head, “This lowly one only found out after returning how much county princess had helped the citizens affected by the disaster. Us being able to help county princess is a great honor and privilege.”

While the two had a short conversation, Feng Jin Yuan had already finished bidding farewell to the officials. He sat in the imperial envoy carriage and was prepared to leave the city.

All of the officials cupped their hands and sent him off. Even Xuan Tian Ye had a solemn expression.

Only Feng Fen Dai looked away, focusing entirely on Feng Yu Heng. The more she thought about the things she had heard by accident, the more she felt something was off.

It seemed that something happened between her second sister and the seventh prince, and the seventh prince was injured? Why had nobody else mentioned this? Where exactly was he injured?

Feng Yu Heng originally had no intention of preventing others from hearing her discussion. Those with ulterior motives would always think simply. The girl’s eyes spun, as she turned to get close to Feng Chen Yu.

Chen Yu had been gloomy the entire time because of the things Fen Dai had said to the third prince at the manor’s gates. Now that she saw Fen Dai coming over, she knew that it could not be anything good. She had been advised long ago from the Chen family that she absolutely could not lose her temper before others. She absolutely had to return to her previous kind demeanor and regain the public opinion she had lost.

She repeated the words of advice from the Chen family’s people a few times to herself then looked at Fen Dai, who had already reached her side. She revealed a smile on her face, but that formerly brilliant face had lost a great deal of its brilliance from having black blush applied.

“Fourth sister will be eleven after the new year and will be considered a grown girl. Eldest sister happens to have a set of earrings that would suit younger sister. I will give it to you tomorrow.”

Fen Dai’s eyes lit up. No matter what was said, she was quite anxious to receive one of Feng Chen Yu’s good things. Of the Feng family’s young misses, she was the poorest. Even An shi had her own shops outside, which could be used to supplement Xiang Rong. Comparatively, Han shi had been brought in via a romantic affair. Not only did she not have anything, apparently, Feng Jin Yuan even repaid a huge debt for her at the beginning. Upon thinking of this, she became depressed. Her shabbiness today was all the fault of her noncompetitive mother.

“Fen Dai thanks eldest sister.” Regardless of how sarcastic she had been, upon seeing a benefit, she immediately changed her disposition. Chen Yu thought to herself that her fourth sister truly was an expert at changing her point of view.

“I will bring the earrings tomorrow when paying respects to grandmother. The earrings are made of a pink jade. It is very exquisite and beautiful.”

The more Fen Dai heard, the happier she became. She could not help but lean close to Feng Chen Yu. She even reached out and held Chen Yu’s wrist. From afar, they looked like very close sisters. Even Feng Yu Heng smirked when she saw this from quite far away. Quietly, she said to Xiang Rong: “In the future, stay further away from Fen Dai.”

Xiang Rong had never been close to Fen Dai since she was young. The difference in personality between the two sisters was too different. Although Fen Dai was the younger sister, because they were born in the same year, she had bullied Xiang Rong the entire time, growing up. In regards to being advised to stay away from Fen Dai, even if Feng Yu Heng did not say it, Xiang Rong would have continued to do so anyway.

“I will listen to second sister’s advice.” She said this while glancing at the glowing Han shi. She then said to Feng Yu Heng: “Last night, father stayed at concubine mother Han’s courtyard. Do you think father is going to start favoring concubine mother Han again? Has concubine mother Jin Zhen lost his favor?” Although Feng Yu Heng did not clearly state the relation between her and Jin Zhen, Xiang Rong was not a fool. Jin Zhen had spoken up for Feng Yu Heng multiple times, which caused her to feel that Jin Zhen was much better than Han shi.

Feng Yu Heng had also heard this news. Furthermore, Han shi had spent the entire morning displaying how close she and Feng Jin Yuan were. She was not blind, how could she not understand the pettiness of someone who had gained the upper hand.

“Who cares about her. Unless concubine mother An is still hoping to gain his favor; otherwise, regardless of who gains his favor, it is unrelated to us. The only exception is if Han shi makes a come back, we will need to be on guard a little more. That’s all.”

Xiang Rong nodded and did not say anything further. At this time, Feng Fen Dai was holding close Chen Yu close and quietly said: “Eldest sister, have you heard that the seventh prince was injured. Did you know about it?”

Feng Chen Yu was given a sudden shock and stopped in her tracks, “What did you say? Who? Who got injured?”

Fen Dai feigned surprise: “Eldest sister actually did not know?”

Chen Yu became anxious, “Quickly speak!”

Fen Dai pulled her slightly, “Let us talk while walking. If we just stand here, we will be noticed.” She said this while deliberately looking around. She then leaned close to Chen Yu and quietly said: “Just now, I heard second sister speaking to a city guard. That guard asked her if the seventh prince’s injury has gotten better. Second sister said something about thanking him for that day. It sounded like his Highness the seventh prince went out with second sister a few days ago and got injured.”

“Where was he injured? Is it serious?” Chen Yu’s heart became anxious upon hearing that Xuan Tian Hua had been injured.

Fen Dai, however, shook her head: “I don’t know. Looking at the two, it seemed like they were speaking very secretively. This matter should be a secret.” As she said this, she pondered for a while then continued: “When did second sister go out with his Highness? I heard that his Highness Prince Yu has always been at the military camp, which means she and his Highness the seventh prince went out alone?”

Feng Fen Dai’s words were ambiguous. When Chen Yu heard them, they held another meaning.

Feng Yu Heng actually had control over the ninth prince while also being involved with the seventh prince? Chen Yu’s eyebrows came together. She felt that Xuan Tian Hua’s figure was swaying before her eyes. A person like that would actually end up getting hurt? Feng Yu Heng, are you not a doctor? Why would he get hurt when he was with a doctor?

“Eldest sister.” Fen Dai saw that Chen Yu’s expression had turned cold. A happy feeling filled her heart. So long as the two who had been daughters of the first wife, Feng Chen Yu and Feng Yu Heng, were in a life-and-death conflict, this was the greatest thing for her. “Do you think second sister will fall for the seventh prince?”

Chen Yu’s heart trembled. Feng Yu Heng falling for Xuan Tian Hua? It was possible. Xuan Tian Hua was a handsome man. In this world, how many would not fall for him?


Yi Lin also saw Chen Yu’s change in demeanor. She could not help but secretly tug at her sleeve. Seeing that Chen Yu looked at her, she shot a look of reminder. Chen Yu immediately sobered up a great deal.

“What is fourth sister saying. This sort of thing must not be said so flippantly.” She turned back around and the anger had vanished from her face, as she advised Fen Dai: “Second sister and his Highness Prince Yu is the perfect couple. She even calls his Highness the seventh prince seventh brother.”

Feng Fen Dai did not give up, saying: “Then why did she say those things to the guard just now?”

“Fourth sister must have misheard something. Or fourth sister did not hear the full story. Either way, I trust second sister. I trust his Highness the seventh prince even more.”

Feng Fen Dai looked at Chen Yu in confusion. She thought that Chen Yu was deliberately acting as though she were a good person, but when she saw her expression, she thought that Chen Yu was serious.

“You truly believe Feng Yu Heng?” She unhappily asked.

Chen Yu nodded, “I do.” She did not want to continue with this subject. She was feeling irritated and did not know how long she could endure. It would not be good to begin shouting in front of Fen Dai. Thus, she turned around and looked away, which allowed her to catch a glimpse of something behind her. She could not help but smirk and point in that direction, saying to Fen Dai: “Fourth sister, take a look. What is concubine mother Han doing?”

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20 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 203

  1. FFD, that thoughtless and violent girl… it is a miracle she is still around. She has a penchant for trying to reveal what others try to conceal. This is never a good thing, since if you fail, you get snuffed out in secret, and if you succeed you get snuffed out in public.

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  2. An shi quickly provided a response upon hearing this: “When a girl falls ill, we merely say she caught a cold. Fourth young miss is still young and does not understand. When you are older, you will understand. Who does not fall ill for a few days every month.”

    This part made me realize… is Feng Fen Dai not even menstruating yet? Can you imagine how even more of a b*tch she’ll be when she’s PMS’ing? If I came across an eleven year old like this, I’d beat her to death. How arrogant can you be for being a daughter of a wh*re?

    Chen Yu is stupider than I thought. She already knows Fen Dai has ulterior motives, but she allows a stupid 11 year old manipulative b*tch mess with her brain. Why do all these novels make it seem that people of proven ill-repute have the most believable made up rumors? At this point Fen Dai could say the sun will rise from the West and Chen Yu will eat right out of her hands. At least Chen Yu at the end vaguely realizes they’re not on the same team.

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  3. I say Fen Dai needs to learn after all the things that happened. Or better yet she needs to learn from Minglan from Legend of the Concubines Daughter Minglan. This Fen Dai really doesn’t get it till one day she’s gonna lose her life tsk tsk.

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  4. I feel like they should all know by now to take anything FFD says with a grain of salt. If she isn’t outright lying 🤥 she’s only telling them something to stir up trouble

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  5. Fen Dai is really delusional from the start same goes true for Han shi. They are both aiming to be the first wife and daughter of the first wife just because that position was changed from Yak shi to Chen shi. But they never put it in their heads that they can only become the first wife if they are use for the family. Hao shi for her influence and Chen shi for her money.

    What exactly can they give to be of use for the Feng family if Han shi is just a whore to begin with? She was even bought out of the brothel. With no money and no influence how can she become the first wife? Too delusional. As if that was enough, they even thought that giving birth to a son would make them rise their status and have a potential to be first wife.

    Oi, first and foremost, there is still the son of the first wife Zi Rui, no matter how many sons she bears, it cannot elevate their status. And Zi Rui is the brother disciple of the emperor, surely there is nothing that can top that, even if Han shi produces a dozen sons. Secondly, even if Yao shi has divorced Feng Jin Yuan, her status as the first wife still remains because it was decreed by the emperor. So no matter what they do, no one can take the status of the first wife unless the emperor revokes that decree… Gawd, their brains are too hollow to think of that… 😡😡😡😡

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  6. FD is an extremely useless character in this story (too dumped and too stupid) and also is extremely pitiful. I know she was only 11yrs old…but, she feel like a person who love to be killed by her own father and with the way she spoke to everyone, she always bought her own face. This character is too boring and haven’t any charm. 😦 May I ask when she die?

    Thank you four the chapter.


  7. Fen Dai’s death/end will be either just absolutely hilarious, like the crushed lord Bu, or absolutely boring and gruesome thanks to a blunder she will set up for others. Her mom thinks she will get better once she gets to be the daughter of the wife but it’s probably real clear that she will just end up turning into a Bu Ni Shang or a Qing Le


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