Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 208

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Gossip About the County Princess’ Manor

When Feng Yu Heng came out of the medicine storage room, Wang Chuan was waiting for her outside. Seeing her come out, Wang Chuan quickly went forward. Just as she was about to speak, she saw a cut on Feng Yu Heng’s left index finger. Even though it had been treated, it was still visibly red and swollen.

“Young miss, how did this happen?”

“It’s fine. I cut myself with a knife by accident.” While cleaning the scalpel, she had lost focus and cut her own hand. Of course, she did not intend to tell Wang Chuan such a shameful thing. “I have already applied medicine. It will be better by tomorrow.”

Hearing that it was merely carelessness, Wang Chuan calmed down slightly. She did not want to cause Feng Yu Heng to worry again, but after thinking a little, she still said: “The imperial concubine in the cold palace has died.” Xuan Tian Ming had plenty of eyes within the palace. Who knew when it started, but everything from large matters to small ones would be told to Tong Shen pavilion.

Bu Bai Ping’s death was not too unexpected. When a cripple entered the cold palace, how many would be able to survive for a long time. What she did not know, however, was how the Bu family would act. The Emperor’s current attitude towards them was something she still could not grasp.

“Follow the news a little more closely.” She reminded Wang Chuan, “The Feng manor’s side also needs to be kept under watch. As soon as Feng Jin Yuan sends a letter back, I must see its contents.”

Wang Chuan nodded, “This servant has remembered.”

At this time, Qing Shuang led a servant over to the entrance of the courtyard. Feng Yu Heng recognized that servant immediately. It was a servant who took care of Jin Zhen with Man Xi. She could not help but frown and ask Wang Chuan: “What time is it now?”

Wang Chuan replied: “It’s just before midnight.”

While she said this, Qing Shuang and the servant approached. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng was also in the courtyard, she quickly saluted and said: “Young miss has not yet rested? I originally wanted to ask Wang Chuan what to do, but since young miss is also here, I will let this servant tell young miss.”

After saying this, the servant beside her dropped to her knees before Feng Yu Heng. With snot and tears on her face, she said: “I beg second young miss to save concubine mother Jin Zhen! I beg second young miss to save concubine mother Jin Zhen!”

“What happened to the concubine mother?” Wang Chuan asked for Feng Yu Heng, “If something has happened, get up and speak. Do not cry yet.”

Qing Shuang helped her up, and the servant said: “Tonight, concubine mother Han invited a performance to the flower-viewing garden. Concubine mother brought Man Xi over to take a look, but they did not return after a long time. This servant became worried and went over to search for them at the flower-viewing garden. But… but when this servant arrived, concubine mother Jin Zhen was standing on the stage for some reason, and the performer was continuing to perform. Below, fourth young miss and concubine mother Han stood below and scolded her, while sister Man Xi stood with her head lowered. This servant did not dare go up.”

Qing Shuang was very surprised upon hearing this, “Concubine mother Han was watching the play, so why did she have concubine mother go up on stage?”

The servant shook her head, “This servant does not know, but this servant only heard fourth young miss’ words were very insulting. Concubine mother Jin Zhen had once said that only second young miss is able to protect her in this manor. There was nothing this servant could do, thus I came to beg second young miss. Second young miss, please save concubine mother Jin Zhen.”

Tong Sheng pavilion was quite far from the flower-viewing garden, so the sounds of the play could not be heard. But she recognized this servant and knew that she would not trick her. Thus, she nodded and said to Qing Shuang: “Go with her and tell them I need to have Jin Zhen come over here and help with some embroidery. Have both her and Man Xi brought over. Arrange for them to stay here then send them back tomorrow.”

Qing Shuang quickly acknowledged the order and quickly left with the servant.

Speaking of what happened at the flower-viewing garden, not only had Jin Zhen’s servant seen it. Chen Yu’s personal servant, Yi Lin, also sneakily went to take a look. At this time, she was taking care of cleaning Chen Yu while telling her about Fen Dai and Han shi’s treatment of Jin Zhen.

Chen Yu heard this and felt quite happy: “They did well. That Jin Zhen was once mother’s personal maidservant. Who knew that instead of properly working as a maidservant, she went to seduce father. This day served her right.”

She said this with an ugly look, as both her eyes were practically bulging. Yi Lin, however, added: “But second young miss’ servant already went and took concubine mother Jin Zhen away to Tong Sheng pavilion from before fourth young miss and concubine mother Han’s eyes. Although fourth young miss was not willing to let her go, she only said a few words but did not dare refuse to let her go.”

Hearing mention of Feng Yu Heng, Chen Yu immediately recalled the thing Fen Dai told her about during the day.

His Highness the seventh prince had been injured. Not only did Feng Yu Heng know, the two had clearly been together the day he was injured. How could she handle Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hua being so close?

Seeing that Chen Yu’s expression was becoming more and more fierce, Yi Lin was given a fright and quickly reminded her: “Young miss, you absolutely must not get angry. The Chen family’s third master already said that you must act as you had previously. Be sensible and be peaceful with others. Slowly dismiss the resentment in your heart for master and elder madam. As for the fourth young miss, that’s just her personality. You absolutely must not lower yourself to her level.”

Chen Yu understood this concept, but her heart was still uncomfortable with Xuan Tian Hua’s matter. So long as she thought of how Feng Yu Heng had spent time alone with Xuan Tian Hua and allowed him to get injured, she really wanted to find out what had happened on that day. How did Xuan Tian Hua come to be injured? Why was it that she could not get close to that deity-like man no matter how hard she tried, but Feng Yu Heng was able to get so close to him?

“Slut!” She violently threw the copper basin before her, and the water inside splashed to the ground. This caused Yi Lin to tremble in fear. “Sooner or later, I will definitely take care of you personally.”

The first night after Feng Jin Yuan left the capital, nobody in the Feng manor slept. Instead, it was Feng Yu Heng who slept well for the sake of treating Xuan Tian Ming’s legs.

Early the next morning, Qing Shuang sent breakfast to Jin Zhen and Man Xi who had stayed the night at Tong Sheng pavilion. She also told them: “Young miss said for concubine mother to return after eating breakfast. Concubine mother Han should not cause any trouble for you today.”

“I want to see second young miss.” Jin Zhen asked Qing Shuang: “May I know if second young miss has gotten up?”

Qing Shuang nodded, “She gotten up, but the county princess’ manor has a matter to attend to. Young miss has given an order to close the main gate to guests for seven days. Concubine mother should come back in seven days.”

Jin Zhen was puzzled, and Man Xi was confused. The two asked in unison: “Why will the gates be closed for seven days?”

Qing Shuang did not reply.

The two saw that she was not responding, so they did not ask again. They quietly ate their breakfast then returned to the Feng manor.

At quarter to eight, Xuan Tian Ming’s carriage directly entered through the entrance of the county princess’ manor.

Wang Chuan and Feng Yu Heng personally welcomed him to the manor. The entrance was then closed and no longer accepted visitors.

Feng Yu Heng directly brought Xuan Tian Ming to her own courtyard. She even stopped Xuan Tian Ming from going to greet Yao shi, saying: “I already told mother that I will be treating your leg. There is no need to go greet her.”

Xuan Tian Ming felt this was no good and told Bai Ze: “Go bring the cloth and head ornaments to the madam. Remember to be courteous and polite.”

Bai Ze nodded, “This servant understands.”

Xuan Tian Ming then explained to Feng Yu Heng: “The palace just received two more bolts of smokey silk gauze. I managed to get them from father Emperor and will give them to madam to make some curtains.”

She smiled wryly: “That is a rare item that others may not even see once, yet you managed to get one just by asking. I will thank you on behalf of my mother for having these kinds of considerations.” She said this while pushing him into the medicine storage room. She then closed the door, “From examination to treatment to initial rehabilitation, we have seven days. I will personally handle your rehabilitation training. But there is something I must first tell you about. Starting from examination to the mending of your bones, I will need to anesthetize your entire body. That is to say you will be asleep the entire time. Are you fine with this?”

He nodded, “I have made mental preparations. Seventh brother told me that he also slept when you treated his foot.”

“That’s right. No matter who it is, the treatment is this way.” Seeing him comply, Feng Yu Heng no longer waited. She pushed in to the center of the medicine storage room then pulled out an infusion kit.

He had seen this sort of thing when she treated Princess Xiang’s illness. Although he still found it new, he was not overly shocked.

His eyes watched as the extremely thin needle was inserted into one of his blood vessels and continued to speak with Feng Yu Heng. But as he spoke, his eyes closed without any forewarning, and he fell asleep.

The instant the anesthetic took effect, Feng Yu Heng had already brought him to her pharmacy space.

In the following three days, Feng Yu Heng did not take a single step out of the medicine storage room. Paying respects to the matriarch every day was left to Qing Shuang. When she arrived, she did not say much, only telling the matriarch that the county princess’ manor was extremely busy, and the second young miss could not leave. When the matters were taken care of, she would definitely personally visit the matriarch to apologize.

How could the matriarch blame Feng Yu Heng. In reality, paying respects over the past few days was not always done at Shu Ya courtyard because Han shi had learned a smart trick. When she watched a play, she would send someone to invite the matriarch.

When the matriarch was young, she loved watching these plays. After she became older, the younger generation of people in the manor did not invite these troupes to perform, and she did not say anything about it. Now that Han shi invited her, how could she not go. She ordered servants to carry her in her soft chair over to the flower-viewing garden.

With the matriarch going, the flower-viewing garden became lively. The performer ended up residing within the manor and would perform acts that the masters enjoyed, which provided the people of the Feng family a few days of difficult-to-attain harmony.

On the fourth day, it snowed lightly, so it was impossible to perform on the outdoor stage. Instead, they spent the day doing repairs.

Fen Dai personally brought a sweet soup to Han shi, but Han shi was worried and tried to persuade Fen Dai: “How about we stop with the plays tomorrow. We’ve enjoyed it for many days. What would we do if your father is angry when he comes back?”

Fen Dai helplessly smiled, “You really enjoy watching it, don’t you?”

Han shi nodded, “I do like it, but I have never had any right to say anything in the manor over the years. How could I be allowed to watch performances.”

“That’s why you need to become strong-willed!” Fen Dai told her: “What do you have to fear? Grandmother is also watching the performances. If anything happens, she will naturally take care of it. You definitely will not get in trouble. Just happily enjoy them. After a while, we will invite a doctor to take a look at you.”

Hearing her mention inviting a doctor, Han shi became even more nervous: “What if I can not get pregnant?”

“There is no what if!” Fen Dai’s eyes revealed a ferocity, “You must get pregnant, and it must be a son!”

Han shi saw that Fen Dai had made this desperate decision. She did not know how she should comfort her. In reality, the day she had spent with Feng Jin Yuan, her period had just passed. A doctor had previously told her that it was the hardest to get pregnant during those few days; however, how should she say this to Fen Dai?

While the two were pondering to themselves, a maidservant hurriedly came in and saluted to Fen Dai. She quietly said: “Reporting to fourth young miss, the past few days, Tong Sheng pavilion has had its gates closed to all visitors. Even the daughter of the first wife of the Bai family, Bai Fu Rong, was turned away.”

“Closed its gates to visitors?” Feng Fen Dai felt this was extremely interesting, “What is she closing the gate for? Is she not going out to take care of her many shops?” Thinking a little more, that was the case. These past few days, she had not seen Feng Yu Heng come over even once, so she could not help but ask: “Aside form this, what else have you found?”

The servant responded: “The daughter of the first wife of the Bai family had been stopped outside, but this morning, his Highness the seventh prince entered the county princess’ manor and was not stopped at all.”

“His Highness the seventh prince?” Fen Dai’s eyes turned cold, and an idea surfaced in her mind.

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  1. Here it comes, another stupid idea is growing in that empty head of Fen Dai. She and Chen Yu certainly have crazy imaginations.

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