Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 209

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Calculated Instigation

Leaving her room, Fen Dai rushed straight to Chen Yu’s courtyard. When she arrived, Yi Lin was in the middle of lecturing a sturdy servant. Seeing that Fen Dai had come, she quickly went to receive her: “Why has fourth young miss come? This servant pays respects to fourth young miss.”

Fen Dai looked at Yi Ling and displayed a malicious smile, “What are you saying. Previously, when I came to eldest sister’s courtyard, I feared that people would say behind my back that I curried favor with eldest sister, who was the daughter of the first wife. Now, however, eldest sister is of the same standing as much, so should I not come over more often?”

Yi Lin’s expression changed, but she did not dare refute her. There were times that Feng Fen Dai gave off the impression of a rabid dog who would bite anyone she saw. “What sort of thing is fourth young miss saying. Eldest young miss is more than happy to have you come over to chat. Fourth young miss, please come in!”

Yi Lin led Fen Dai into Chen Yu’s room. Inside the room, Chen Yu was staring blankly at the black blush on the table. Only after the two entered the room did she react, as she was startled by Fen Dai’s sudden shout.

“What is eldest sister thinking about so deeply?”

Chen Yu looked at Fen Dai and immediately recalled the matter regarding Xuan Tian Hua. She really wanted to ask Fen Dai some more questions, but when she saw Yi Lin shoot her a look to remind her, the question she was about to ask was swallowed back down. Instead, she put on a peaceful smile and said to Fen Dai: “It snowed today. How come fourth sister did not put on a cloak before going outside? Be careful not to catch a cold.”

“Eldest sister, such a big thing happened yet you are still able to sit still in your room?” Fen Dai absolutely detested Chen Yu’s Bodhisattva expression. Finding a chair for herself, she sat down and stared at Chen Yu.

Chen Yu was stunned by her careless words, “What happened?”

Fen Dai said in surprise: “Could it be that eldest sister does not know?”

Yi Lin frowned and interjected: “It snowed today, so eldest young miss was inside the entire time. She never went out.”

“Even then, there should be servants out and about!” Fen Dai glanced at Yi Lin then shook her head, saying: “Such a thoughtless servant, how can you take proper care of your master?”

Yi Lin felt an anger swell in her belly, but she could not say anything. After all, Chen Yu was no longer the daughter of the first wife. This caused her servants to also be demoted in position.

Chen Yu could not understand at all. Based on what Fen Dai said, something must have happened, so she could not help but anxiously ask: “Don’t pay any attention to the servants. What exactly happened?”

Fen Dai leaned close and placed her face next to Chen Yu’s, with their noses nearly touching. Chen Yu was not accustomed to this and was about to move back, but she heard Fen Dai say: “Feng Yu Heng locked up his Highness the seventh prince in Tong Sheng pavilion. He’s already been there for many days.”

The servant that came with Fen Dai could not help but think to herself: Fourth young miss really is an expert in framing people. She had clearly said that she only saw the seventh prince enter the county princess’ manor this morning. How did the fourth young miss change it to “His Highness the seventh prince has already been in Tong Sheng pavilion for many days”?

However, this lie had successfully caused Chen Yu to become furious. She immediately stood up and angrily glared. Her voice was shrill, as her voice changed “What did you say?”

Fen Dai thought to herself “Very good”, but she added a little more: “Last time, I told eldest sister about the unclear situation where Feng Yu Heng and his Highness were together, and his Highness had become injured, but eldest sister did not believe. But what about now? Her county princess’ manor has closed its gates to visitors for many days. Even the daughter of craftsman Bai could not enter; however, his Highness could freely enter and exit. Oh, that’s not right. He entered but did not come out. The two have been locked in the manor, yet you still do not know what they are doing!”

“Are these words true?” Feng Chen Yu’s face had turned green.

“Of course it’s true!” Fen Dai prodded the maidservant at her side, “Was this not what you had personally seen? Quickly tell eldest sister.”

There was nothing this maidservant could do. Gritting her teeth, she responded: “It was indeed this servant that personally saw his Highness the seventh prince enter Tong Sheng pavilion.” She did not, however, say which day he entered. If she was told to frame that sort of pristine and deity-like man with the fourth young miss, this maidservant felt as though she would be split apart by lightning at any moment.

“How could that happen?” Chen Yu subconsciously muttered, as the fury on her face became more and more pronounced. Yet Feng Fen Dai continued to pour fuel on the fire “Second sister truly is too outrageous. Although she does not live in the Feng manor, she is still the Feng family’s daughter. She still has not married, yet she dares to do such a thing. If this was spread to the ears of outsiders, how should we go out and look people in the eye? Moreover, with the manor’s reputation destroyed by her, who would want to discuss marriage with us?”

Chen Yu felt as though something inside her was about to eurpt. Whether or not marriage could be discussed was not something she cared about. Reputation did not matter. Presently, her mind was completely occupied with the matter of Xuan Tian Hua being in Tong Sheng pavilion.

A person like that had actually been locked away inside Feng Yu Heng’s own courtyard for many days. Feng Yu Heng, what exactly was she doing?

Fen Dai watched as Chen Yu’s face became more and more distorted, and her heart was filled with more and more joy. She could not help but add even more: “Both have been daughters of the first wife, but when eldest sister was the daughter of the first wife, how well did you treat us sisters. From top to bottom, the family was happy. At that time, mother was still here….”

“Enough!” Chen Yu closed her eyes. With a great deal of self-control, she barely managed avoid exploding before Fen Dai: “Fourth sister, coming to tell me such things today, what is your intention?”

Fen Dai stood up and said: “I just do not want second sister to do dirty deeds and ruin the entire Feng manor, thus I came to eldest sister for ideas. What should we do about this?”

Fen Dai had noted that Chen Yu’s current mood was unstable, so she pushed this duty to her. Chen Yu was furious, precisely as she had expected. Without even thinking, Chen Yu said: “I no longer have any ability to support you, so we will still need to tell grandmother.”

Fen Dai nodded, “Then eldest sister, come with me to Shu Ya courtyard!”

Yi Lin frowned and lightly tugged at Chen Y’s sleeve. Chen Yu’s mind was swayed a bit. She was about to set out but stopped. Thinking a little more, she said: “It snowed today, and grandmother’s back injury is worse when the weather is colder. It would be better to wait for when we go to pay respects tomorrow. Let’s not disrupt her today.”

“That’s fine too.” Fen Dai did not argue with her over the matter of a day or two, “So long as eldest sister remembers this matter, that is good. Then Fen Dai will be going back first. Ah, eldest sister, do not worry about it too much. Even Feng Yu Heng would not dare do anything excessive in broad daylight.”

The mood that Chen Yu had just calmed slightly once again immediately soared. Fortunately, Fen Dai left quickly, otherwise, perhaps the things that were just said would be changed as well.

Yi Lin personally sent Fen Dai out of the courtyard. After seeing her walk away, she hastily trotted back. Arriving before Chen Yu, she earnestly advised her: “Eldest young miss, you absolutely can not do it! Ignoring whether or not what the fourth young miss said was true, even if what the fourth young miss says is true, you can not trouble second young miss at this time. Think about it. If the second young miss is punished, or if something else happens, wouldn’t that two million taels you spent have been wasted?”

Chen Yu was shocked. Only then did she react. Two million taels was a minor matter, but she understood Yi Lin’s thoughts. If something happened to Feng Yu Heng, who would treat her?

“You are correct.” Chen Yu let out a long sigh then slowly sat down, “I was nearly blinded by anger by that girl. Feng Yu Heng can not be crossed, at least not until my matter is resolved. She must properly act as the Feng family’s daughter of the first wife, and nothing can happen to her.”

Although she said this, the furious look on her face remained. Looking at it, Yi Lin’s heart was filled with fear.

The next day at noon, the snow stopped, and everyone in the Feng manor went to Shu Ya courtyard to pay their respects.

The matriarch had already been dressed neatly and was prepared to go towards the flower-viewing garden with the support of granny Zhao. Seeing that everyone had come over, she was a bit stunned.

“What is it? There is still no performance today?” She said this while looking outside, “Didn’t the snow stop falling? It seems like the day will be quite nice, and it should not be too cold.” She said this while looking towards Han shi. Her intention was for Han shi to say something. After all, she was the one to bring the troupe into the manor.

Han shi did not say anything. Instead, it was An shi that said “Mother-in-law, it was fourth young miss that said for us to all come over here. She said that she had something to say.”

The matriarch’s expression sank upon hearing this. Intuition told her that Feng Fen Dai had nothing good to say. She feared that today’s play could not be seen.

She glanced at Fen Dai and helplessly had granny Zhao help to her seat. She then said: “Alright, you may all sit.” Looking then to Fen Dai, she asked: “What is it?”

Fen Dai cleared her through and looked towards Chen Yu before saying: “It should be eldest sister to say it.”

Chen Yu looked at her curiously, “Fourth sister called us to Shu Ya courtyard, how come you want me to speak?”

What goes around comes around, but she did not argue with Chen Yu. Instead, she said: “The past few days, I have not seen second sister. Thinking about it, ever since father left the capital, second sister has not come over once, right?”

The matriarch saw that she had brought up the matter of Feng Yu Heng once more and could not help but feel irritated: “If something is the matter, speak. What are you doing picking at trivial matters?”

Fen Dai looked grieved, “How can this be trivial? The matter granddaughter must tell grandmother about is related to second sister.”

Hearing that it was related to Feng Yu Heng, everyone aside from Han shi and Chen Yu, who knew the details, furrowed their brows. An shi knew that Fen Dai might cause some trouble, but based on her standing, she truly could not say anything. Instead, it was Xiang Rong who spoke up, saying: “Second sister has been busy with her manor’s work. She has been sending a maidservant every day to come pay respects to grandmother. She even brings the medicine that grandmother needs over. Fourth sister, what exactly are you wanting to say?”

Hearing Xiang Rong speak, Fen Dai became angry, but after giving it a bit of thought, she curved her lips into a smile once more. She looked at Xiang Rong and suddenly recalled a matter, saying: “During the previous banquet, didn’t third sister receive clothes from his Highness the seventh prince? I still remember it. Third sister was very pretty wearing it. His Highness is truly devoted to third sister.”

Xiang Rong could not help but blush and lower her head upon hearing her mention this.

Chen Yu gnashed her teeth upon seeing this.

“His Highness the seventh prince is that sort of person. Among normal people, it is impossible to avoid liking him. Third sister being tempted is something that should happen. But…” She looked at Chen Yu and saw that she still did not have any intention of speaking. Helpless, she could only continue on her own “But no matter how great a person, they can not escape being maliciously seduced!”

Xiang Rong was given a great shock: “Fourth sister, what do you mean by those words?”

Fen Dai no longer kept people guessing. Standing up, she bowed to the matriarch and lodged a complaint, saying: “Grandmother, second sister’s county princess manor has had its gates closed to visitors for many days. Someone even personally saw the daughter of the first wife of the Bai family be turned away; however, another person saw his Highness the seventh prince enter and exit the county princess’ manor without being stopped. Also, his Highness has not come out after entering. It has already been many days!”

“What?” The matriarch was very surprised, “You said his Highness entered the county princess’ manor a few days ago and has not come out?”

Fen Dai nodded, “That’s right. Granddaughter’s servant saw it with her own eyes. Eldest sister also knows about this matter.”

She originally thought Chen Yu would nod then also complain about Feng Yu Heng with her.

Who knew that Chen Yu would look at her, visibly confused. Blinking her eyes innocently, she asked: “The things fourth sister talked about, I have never heard any mention of!”

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    1. That is Fen Dai specialty. Insulting people in power. Daydreaming about things that obviously will never happen. And making shortsighted schemes that attack very dangerous people. If it wasn’t for the 7th prince and HengHeng, Fen Dai would have been dead.

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