Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 211

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Are You the Reinforcements Sent by the Monkey

Upon hearing Fen Dai’s order, Pei’er was startled, “Where does fourth young miss want to go? Out of the manor?”

Fen Dai nodded, “Correct.”

“But…” The servant was a bit troubled, “If you want to go out, you must first say something to elder madam.”

Fen Dai’s face revealed some irritation, “Could I still go out if I told her?”

“But if you don’t tell her, you definitely will not be allowed to go!”

The servant’s words were like throwing cold water on Fen Dai. Although Da Shun was very lenient about letting girls go out, as someone of the younger generation, if she wanted to go out, she had to receive permission from the head wife or an elder. Also, there had to be a valid reason for leaving the manor. For example, going to manage a shop or going out with other young misses. If no proper reason could be provided, it was impossible to leave the manor.

Fen Dai knew that if she wanted to leave the manor, she definitely could not tell the matriarch about it. Adding on how Han shi did not have any shops to manage, she could not even find a proper reason. For a while, she stood in place and fuming with anger.

“How about… we sneak out?” Pei’er suggested: “The past few days, the performance troupe has not performed. Thinking about it, they should be sent out of the manor. If young miss absolutely must leave the manor, that might be a possible route.” Pei’er had always been Feng Fen Dai’s most useful servant. She was very spirited, especially hearing that her young miss had another evil idea, she became even more delighted.

Hearing her say this, Fen Dai felt this was a good idea and immediately headed in the direction of the guest courtyard where the performance troupe was living.

Pei’er quickly followed behind her and reminded her from time to time: “Young miss absolutely must be careful. After all, the people guarding the entrance all recognize you.”

“Don’t worry.” Fen Dai walked very quickly. It was approaching noon, and she feared that Feng Yu Heng would step out of the house early. Once his Highness the seventh prince was let out, she would no longer be able to continue with her play. “You certain his Highness has not left?” She was worried and asked Pei’er once more.

Pei’er nodded, saying: “This servant is certain. These past few days, I have sent people to keep an eye on Tong Sheng pavilion. No matter of whether it was the Liu courtyard or through the main entrance, there are people keeping watching. His Highness has indeed not come out.”

“Based on this, the two have been in the manor for at least three days.” Fen Dai became more and more excited, “Even if there was nothing major, if word of this spread, it would be rather difficult for her. So what if she is the county princess? If her reputation is ruined, the Feng family definitely would not let her off easily, not to mention how much she would already be suffering!”

The two arrived at the guest courtyard, and the performance troupe lived in the yard the furthest in. Because the matriarch had become furious a few days prior, Han shi only enjoyed it for one day before she stopped daring to go against her. After all, An shi and Jin Zhen no longer went, and the matriarch never appeared, so it would be unreasonable for her to sit alone in the flower-viewing garden watching the play.

But the troupe still had not left, and they continued to live in the courtyard.

When Fen Dai arrived, there were a few young child trainees who stood together discussing something. Pei’er cleared her throat upon entering the courtyard, and the children immediately dispersed upon seeing people had arrived. They then began training once more.

Fen Dai glanced at them and did not say anything, instead heading straight for the main room. At the door, however, she was stopped by a young maidservant “How come fourth young miss has come?”

Fen Dai was stunned, as she recognized this servant as Han shi’s personal servant He Xiang.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at He Xiang, asking: “Why are you here?”

He Xiang was a little troubled, as she looked towards the door. Her expression was hesitant.

“Is concubine mother inside?” Fen Dai immediately reacted. It must be that Han shi was inside, otherwise, it would not be possible for this servant to appear here. “What is she doing coming all the way out here?” Not waiting for the servant to reply, Fen Dai reached out and pushed the door open.

Inside the room, Han shi sat in the main seat. In one hand, she held a cup of tea, and in the other, she held her handkerchief and was giggling. Before her was the charming performer, and he was performing [Eyes of a Beautiful Lady].

Fen Dai’s sudden appearance gave both of them a fright. Han shi was even more exaggerated as she suddenly stood up, her hand trembling. Even though the cup did not fall, the tea spilled all over her hand.

“Fourth young miss?” She saw that Fen Dai’s face was filled with anger, and her heart began to fill with apprehension. She still, however, maintain a smile on her face, saying: “How come you’ve come?”

“If I did not come, I fear that grandmother would no longer be investigating Feng Yu Heng and would instead be investigating our courtyard.” Fen Dai angrily pushed aside the performer, “Scram!” She then reached out and grabbed Han shi, “Go back to your courtyard. If I see you coming in this direction, do not blame me for forgetting about the relations between mother and daughter. Also” She pointed to the performer, “You guys go pack your things immediately. You will leave the Feng manor today.”

“This…” The performer looked towards Han shi with hope in his eyes. In the cold Winter days, a small troupe like theirs hoped to be able to find a large family to take them in to perform every day. This would be much better than struggling out on the cold streets.

Han shi also tried to advise Fen Dai: “Was it not you who told me not to go to the flower-viewing garden! This troupe was brought in but can not perform. How much of a waste is that? What’s wrong with me coming here to watch the play? Is it worth sending these people away?”

At this time, Pei’er leaned close to Fen Dai’s ear and whispered: “Keep them around. There may be a chance to use them in the future.”

Only then did Fen Dai recall the reason she had come today. Glaring fiercely at Han shi, she then said: “I guess they can stay for a few more days, but there is a matter that they must do for me…”

Feng Fen Dai had changed into performers clothes to leave the manor. The reason was the troupe lacked props and needed to go out and acquire some.

But just as she left the manor, in the time it took to turn the corner, she left the two performers behind. Pulling along Pei’er on her own, she walked towards the Yu Palace.

Only when they arrived at the entrance to the Yu Palace did Pei’er realize in shock the goal of this trip. She could not help but become frightened.

Her young miss was too bold!

“Young miss, perhaps this… is inappropriate, right?” No matter how much this servant enjoyed messing around with her master and causing trouble within the manor, if she stood before the Yu Palace where the deity who could not be defied resided, her legs began to tremble.

But Fen Dai was bold and was even a little bit excited. “There isn’t anything inappropriate. Come with me!” She boldly went forward and wanted to rush into the Yu Palace.

Unfortunately, just as she stepped onto the stairs, she was stopped by an imperial guard. Pointing his spear, he loudly said: “Stop!”

Fen Dai was given a shock, but her face remained calm and loudly said: “I am the Feng family’s fourth young miss and have a matter to report to his Highness Prince Yu.”

“His Highness is not receiving visitors!” The guard replied frankly and did not mince words. He said just this then shut his mouth.

Fen Dai stomped her feet: “Did you not understand what I said? I am the Feng family’s fourth young miss! The Feng family! It’s the Feng family that is engaged to your palace. We are all related, and I have something to report. How can he not meet me?”

The two guards did not give her any face, as they shook their heads, “Aside from the Feng family’s second young miss who can freely enter the palace, nobody else has any right to meet his Highness. Young miss, please go back!”

Seeing that they were so resolute, Feng Fen Dai thought a little then did not waste any more words with the imperial guards. Raising her head, she screamed at the top of her lungs towards the palace “Your Highness! Something has happened to your future princess, and you do not care? Something happened at the county princess’ manor, and you truly do not care?”

She shouted for a while then finally, a lady came out of the gate. Fen Dai looked over and saw that it was someone familiar “Lady Zhou! Are you lady Zhou?”

The elder lady walked forward and raised her hand. The two guards then lowered their spears.

Fen Dai was about to walk through the gate but was stopped by lady Zhou: “You said you are the Feng family’s fourth young miss?”

Fen Dai nodded, “That’s right. I am indeed the Feng family’s fourth young miss. I am called Feng Fen Dai. We met in the Summer when madam came to the Feng manor to deliver betrothal gifts.”

Lady Zhou raised her eyes to look at Fen Dai but smiled and shook her head, “There are many people in the Feng manor. I may have gone, but I can not remember who is who. Moreover, I went that day to deliver betrothal gifts to the second young miss Feng. Why would I remember you, the fourth young miss?” She said this while taking in Fen Dai’s appearance and could not help but shake her head, “Prime Minister Feng is the current court’s standard first rank official. How could his daughter actually be dressed as a performer? You wouldn’t be laying a false claim to being related to an official, right?”

“How could that be!” Fen Dai became irritated, “I really am the Feng family’s fourth young miss. How can madam not remember These clothes… Ah, it’s because I was in a hurry to leave the manor to say something urgent to his Highness. Thus, I could only dress like this. Madam, do not doubt my identity. Meeting his Highness, he will naturally be recognize me.”

“His Highness is not receiving visitors.” Lady Zhou told her, “There are very few people who can come to the Yu Palace without any prior warning. The Feng family’s second young miss is naturally one of them, but you are not. Please go back.”

After lady Zhou finished speaking, she was about to turn around and go back inside. Fen Dai had lost her temper and hurried to say “Feng Yu Heng and his Highness the seventh prince have been inside Tong Sheng pavilion for many days. Does his Highness the ninth prince not mind? The gates to the county princess’ manor have been closed tight and not even a fly could get in. Madam, tell me, what can those two be doing? His Highness is such an honorable existence, how could he suffer such grievances?”

Lady Zhou turned around and frowned towards Fen Dai. She had always understood the battles between daughters of the first wife and the daughters of concubines in large households, but she never though the Feng family’s children would actually be so vicious. They could even come forward and invent such stories.

“Young miss, you must think carefully before speaking!” She spoke with a cold expression, and her voice with filled with anger.

Fen Dai, however, continued: “I have thought carefully and have thought about it for many days. I could not endure any longer today. I could no longer ignore my conscience. If I did not tell his Highness the ninth prince about this matter, how miserable would he feel! I can not allow for others to speak poorly of his Highness behind his back.”

Lady Zhou smiled wryly: “That being the case, I will thank young miss on behalf of his Highness. But young miss, do you have any evidence for your story of the Feng family’s second young miss and his Highness the seventh prince?” Her words made it clear that she did not recognize Fen Dai as a member of the Feng family. She only asked: “Even if there is evidence, how would that benefit you?”

Fen Dai had an expression of stern righteousness: “There is no benefit. In fact, there is a possibility that I would suffer along with second sister. But I can not get accustomed to seeing his Highness the ninth prince being cheated by others. Feng Yu Heng was actually able to do such a despicable thing, so she must be prepared to have it exposed. Madam, I am doing this all for his Highness benefit.”

Lady Zhou thought to herself, what benefit to his Highness. She then looked at Fen Dai. She truly did not want to allow her to continue shouting before the palace’s entrance. Thus, she walked forward and informed an imperial guard: “Go prepare a carriage. I will go to the Feng manor with this young miss.”

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