Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 213

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How Could This Happen?


The matriarch’s cane fell to the ground.

Chen Yu let out a sigh of relief and said: “I said it before. Second sister is not that type of person.”

“It… It was his Majesty’s imperial intention?” The matriarch had become dazed, as she stared straight at lady Zhou.

Fen Dai also became dazed and subconsciously said: “How, how could that be?”

“Hm?” Lady Zhou looked at her with cold eyes, “Fourth young miss, what do those words mean? Could it be that you truly believed that it would be best if it was as you said? Elder madam Feng, what sort of hearts do the young misses of your manor have?”

The matriarch did not know what sort of heart Fen Dai had. Even if she knew a little bit, she did not dare say it to lady Zhou, thus she could only apologize: “It is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. Madam, please forgive me!” While she said this, she glared at Fen Dai: “Why have you still not begged for forgiveness from lady Zhou!”

Fen Dai had already realized that she feared being handled by others, but she did not know that who would bother with that? Feng Yu Heng had always treated her as an unreasonable little child. It was herself that lacked the most basic analytical abilities, yet she still had a jealous heart and loved causing trouble. Only because of this did cause this sort of muddled situation.

She kowtowed towards lady Zhou: “Fen Dai was wrong. It was Fen Dai that caused trouble for second sister.” But her heart still did not want to accept it, but her attention was pulled to Xuan Tian Ming having his legs treated at Tong Sheng pavilion, and she could not help but ask: “May I ask, have his Highness the ninth prince’s legs been successfully treated?”

When she said this, she looked up towards lady Zhou, her eyes filled with expectation. Her gaze was filled with undisguised concern, which caused lady Zhou’s expression to become even more gloomy.

“Shut your mouth!” The matriarch now had the heart to choke Fen Dai to death, but lady Zhou was present, so she could not go overboard. For a while, she was so angry that she did not what she should do.

Instead, it was granny Zhao that reminded her from the side: “Elder madam, it has been some days since his Highness went to have his legs treated. How about we go with lady Zhou to take a look.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The matriarch repeatedly agreed, “Lady Zhou, how about we go to Tong Sheng pavilion together to take a look! I truly did not know that his Highness the ninth prince had been at Tong Sheng pavilion the entire time, otherwise, I would have gone to pay respects much earlier.”

Lady Zhou let out a long sigh, “Forget it. The reason we did not tell you is because we feared that you would get too many people involved. Injuries need rest, and princess also needs a quiet environment to practice medicine. That is why his Majesty only sent his Highness Prince Chun over to keep company. You truly have wasted his Majesty’s efforts.” She said this while looking at Fen Dai then continued: “Elder madam Feng, the baseless guess made by the manor’s fourth young miss may have dirtied the reputations of both his Highness and the princess. This old one will go back and arrange to take care of the rumors outside, and I hope that the Feng family will be able to properly calm fourth young miss’ emotions. It would be best to not allow her to cause any more trouble.”

The matriarch quickly complied: “Definitely, definitely.” She then informed the servants, “Quickly, head towards Tong Sheng pavilion.” Thinking a little more, she added: “Go through the main entrance. Just say lady Zhou from the Yu Palace has come!”

Lady Zhou did not say anything else. Standing up, she walked out of the hall. The matriarch wiped away sweat and returned to her sedan with the help of the servants. Being carried along by servants, she followed after her.

Fen Dai and Chen Yu followed close behind them. Fen Dai seemed to be looking forward to this. Although her attempt to harm Feng Yu Heng failed, she felt that something good had come from her misfortune, as she could see Xuan Tian Ming. To her, this was a good thing.

The group arrived at the entrance to the county princess’ manor, and the guard for Tong Sheng pavilion immediately ran in to report. They had received orders to keep the gates closed and to turn away visitors, but there were three types of people that would not be turned away. One was the people from the Yu Palace. Second was people from the Chun Palace. Third was people from the imperial palace. If someone from the Yu Palace came, they had to go in and report.

Not long after, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan came with Qing Yu and Qing Shuang. They opened the gate and saluted lady Zhou: “This servant pays respects to madam.”

Lady Zhou looked at the four servants then nodded, “You may all rise.” She then took a couple steps forward, “The seven days is coming to an end. Even if the people of the Feng family did not come to the Yu Palace today, this old one would have come to county princess’ manor anyways.”

Wang Chuan glanced at Fen Dai then said: “Madam is correct.” As she said this, she led everyone into the county princess’ manor.

Fen Dai looked around while walking in. This was her first time entering Tong Sheng pavilion from the main entrance. For her, everything was new and fresh. She was especially excited that she was about to see Xuan Tian Ming. Just thinking about it made her heart race.

The matriarch saw that the servants of Tong Sheng pavilion were all calm and her heart finally relaxed completely. But when she thought about what Fen Dai had done, she could not help but furrow her brows tightly once more and say to granny Zhao: “Remind me, when Jin Yuan returns, I must discuss with him whether or not that Fen Dai child can remain at the manor.”

Granny Zhao acknowledged it and did not say anything further; however, she knew that the Feng manor did not have many from the younger generation. She feared that master would not be willing to send her out.

When everyone arrived at Feng Yu Heng’s courtyard, they saw the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, sitting at a stone table in the yard. At his side were two eunuchs. Yao shi brought over tea she had personally prepared.

Lady Zhou quickly went forward and saluted Xuan Tian Hua: “This older servant greets your Highness Prince Chun.”

Xuan Tian Hua looked back, his face still having the usual kind smile, “Lady Zhou, there is not need for courtesy.”

Yao shi also went forward to pay respects, and lady Zhou was very polite, personally reaching out to help her back up: “Madam, there is no need for the extra courtesy. You and I are both first rank noble ladies. This old one can not bear receiving your courtesy.”

“Lady Zhou is too modest. At the time father was still in the capital, he would often mention lady Zhou. Qian Rou is a junior, so you deserve the courtesy.” Yao shi did not mind this impediment and completed the salute. This caused lady Zhou to be extremely moved.

“It has been many years since this old one last saw divine doctor Yao.” Mentioning Yao Xian, lady Zhou sighed deeply.

Xuan Tian Hua interrupted this topic and said: “Lady Zhou arrived at the perfect time. Younger sister treated Ming’er’s leg injury and said it would take seven days. Today is the day she will be finishing up. How about sitting for a while and waiting. Thinking about it, they should be coming out soon.”

Lady Zhou nodded, “Alright.” She then sat down across from Xuan Tian Hua with the help of Yao shi.

The Feng matriarch was still seated on her sedan, and nobody paid her any heed. Yao shi did not even salute her, nor did she speak with her. Yao shi only focused on helping lady Zhou, which left her off to the side and feeling embarrassed.

She felt a bit of anger, but when she thought about it a little more, Yao shi no longer had any relation to the Feng family. She was also a first rank noble lady. Even lady Zhou said she could not bear to receive her courtesy, so what qualifications did she have to want Yao shi to take the initiative in greeting her.

Thinking of this, in a very familiar manner, she quickly said: “Let us also sit and wait.”

Only then did the servants carrying the sedan put it down. A servant from Tong Sheng pavilion handed the matriarch a cup of tea, but nobody paid her any attention after that.

Chen Yu stood next to the matriarch and thought of how she would be coming here to ask Feng Yu Heng to treat her. She only hoped that there would not be any fuss.

Thinking of this, she could not help but glance at Feng Fen Dai. Having learned this lesson, she had to remember to arrange for someone to keep watch. She absolutely could not allow for anything else to go wrong.

The people in the yard were seated or standing, as they waited patiently. The doors to Feng Yu Heng’s medicine storage room was closed tightly, and two guards from the Yu Palace stood guard outside. Feng Fen Dai approached it one step at a time, hoping to take a look inside; however, before she could get close, she was stopped by two spears.

She did not dare take another step forward out of fear and could only back up obediently to the matriarch’s side. The matriarch, however, coldly glared at her, causing Fen Dai’s heart to be shocked.

Roughly one hour later, the door of the medicine storage room finally opened. The two guards in front of the door stood to the side, opening up a path out of the door. Two people could be seen coming out, one man and one woman. One pushed a wheelchair, and the other sat in the wheelchair. The one sitting in the wheelchair had a golden mask covering his face. The one pushing the wheelchair had a gloomy expression. The atmosphere became suppressed the moment the two appeared.

Xuan Tian Hua was the first to stand up and walk over, but he did not ask anything.

Feng Yu Heng pushed Xuan Tian Ming over to lady Zhou and looked at her for a while before faintly saying: “A-Heng is incompetent and could not cure his Highness.”

Lady Zhou was stunned and a look of incredulity appeared on her face, but she immediately understood. When she spoke, however, her voice was filled with regret and helplessness: “How could this happen?”

Feng Yu Heng became even more depressed and lowered her head, saying: “A-Heng will go into the palace tomorrow to beg forgiveness from father Emperor.”

Everyone in the Feng manor was thrown into an uproar. Feng Chen Yu muttered subconsciously: “Wasn’t she a divine doctor? How could she not cure him?”

Xuan Tian Hua looked at Xuan Tian Ming for a long time before saying: “It’s fine. There will be another chance.”

The Feng matriarch watched lady Zhou shake her head and suddenly felt a chill in her heart. She did not know why, but she suddenly felt as though something terrible was about to happen.

At this time, Xuan Tian Ming, who had been silently sitting in the wheelchair, suddenly spoke up. His tone was gloomy and frightful “What sort of expression is this you have? So unlucky.” He said this while holding Feng Yu Heng’s hand, “Do not take it to heart. I can still protect you while sitting in this wheelchair.”

Feng Fen Dai was finally unable to endure and loudly said: “Your Highness, can your legs not be treated?” It’s fine, Fen Dai will help search for famous doctors for you. Feng Yu Heng is just a quack doctor. You must not listen to her!”

When Xuan Tian Ming saw Fen Dai, he immediately felt irritated, “Lady Zhou, invite a granny from the palace tomorrow to properly teach the Feng family’s fourth young miss the rules.”

“This old servant has remembered.” Lady Zhou nodded. Glancing at Fen Dai, she became even more disdainful.

“I will be going back first.” Ignoring the people of the Feng family, Xuan Tian Ming continued to hold Feng Yu Heng’s hand. Returning to his earlier calming tone, he said to her: “Don’t take it to heart. If you are going into the palace, tell me, and we will go in to see father Emperor together. Do not worry. No matter what happens, I am here.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Ok.”

Only then did Xuan Tian Ming let go of her hand and say to Xuan Tian Hua: “Seventh brother, let’s go.”

Xuan Tian Hua went over and began pushing his wheelchair. Together with lady Zhou, they left Tong Sheng pavilion without another word.

Chen Yu really wanted to rush over to Xuan Tian Hua and ask how his foot injury was, but with Fen Dai as an example, how could she dare make any mistakes.

Instead, it was Fen Dai who was unhappy to see Xuan Tian Ming leave and chased after them; however, she was held firmly in place by two servants who had been warned by the matriarch.

Not waiting for the matriarch to lecture her, Feng Yu Heng spoke up. Looking around at the uninvited guests from the Feng manor, she faintly asked: “Why did you come?”

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