Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 215

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Instant Noodles are Always Tasty

Upon hearing this, the matriarch’s nose nearly became crooked from anger, “You want to marry Chen Yu?”

Chen Qing sincerely replied: “That is indeed the case, and I hope elder madam can help accomplish this.”

“Help accomplish it?” The matriarch reached out and pointed at him, “Speak! What is your actual goal in coming to my Feng manor?”

Chen Qing was startled and foolishly replied: “Naturally, it is to prepare for the imperial exam.”

“Since you are here to prepare for the exam, why come speak about marriage?” The matriarch became angrier the more she said, “Jin Yuan even hoped that you would rank well and improve your status. How is it that your mind is only filled with matters regarding relationships between men and women. This truly is a clear waste of his teachings in earlier years.”

“This…” Chen Qing had been told off by the matriarch and also realized that he had been reckless. But when he thought about what Fen Dai said to him, in addition to Chen Yu crying before him a few days prior, he could not hold himself back, as he could not help but say: “Chen Qing is fully devoted to becoming an honored scholar, and this has never changed. My feelings for cousin Chen Yu also have not changed over the many years. When my aunt was still alive, she had refused a few times. Chen Qing had already given up, but seeing how truly unbearable cousin Chen Yu’s situation in the manor is, I only beg elder madam to allow cousin to marry me. Chen Qing will definitely protect her properly.”

The matriarch also remembered that she had heard something about Chen Qing requesting to marry Chen Yu, but at that time, Feng Jin Yuan and Chen shi both wanted to keep Chen Yu to become the future Empress. How could they even consider Chen Qing. Now, however, it seemed that Chen Yu being set together with Chen Qing would not be too bad. But, she was still irritated by the people of the Chen family. She had already decided that she would not see any member of the Chen family until her death. If it were not for Feng Jin Yuan’s insistence, Chen Qing would not have been allowed to stay within the manor.

“No.” The matriarch shook her head firmly, “My Feng family and your Chen family have already cut their ties. When Chen shi was alive, she had already refused you clearly. Now that she is no longer alive, the Feng family is even less likely to marry Chen Yu to you. Do not bring this matter up again.”

“But…” Chen Qing became anxious, “Cousin is suffering grievances within the manor, and elder madam is not supporting her. Why can this matter not be completed? Also, Chen Qing believe cousin Chen Yu, towards me… al-also does have some feelings.”

“Young master Chen, these sorts of things can not be spoken carelessly!” Granny Zhao could not bear to continue watching, “If you end up passing brilliantly, that would be a great matter, but how can you be so lacking in courtesy and harm the reputation of our manor’s eldest young miss?”

The matriarch quietly snorted and said: “The people of the Chen family are all like this.”

Chen Qing’s face turned bright red from hearing what the two said. He also knew that he had said the wrong thing, but he had always been poor at communicating. How could he possibly defeat the matriarch and granny Zhao in a war of words.

While feeling dejected, he heard the matriarch say: “Either way, who told you I can not support Chen Yu? Who told you that Chen Yu had suffered grievances? Using your status of having lived in the same hometown, you speak such nonsense. With such a character, how could you possibly participate in the imperial examination in the Spring?” The more she said, the more emotional she became, this old one’s second granddaughter is the county princess. She also calls the current Emperor, father Emperor. It seems that this old one should have A-Heng go into the palace to provide your name. There will be no need for you to participate in the coming exam!”

“That must not be done! Elder madam, that must not be done!” Chen Qing had truly become frantic over this matter. He had met the Feng family’s second young miss who was the county princess. He had also experienced her sharp words, her high standards, and how she contested without ever giving an inch. Even his uncle, Feng Jin Yuan, could not win before her. If she truly went into the palace and said it, would the ten years of bitter studies not have gone to waste?

In an instant, his thoughts of marrying Chen Yu were pushed back by the matriarch. Chen Qing bowed deeply to the matriarch and said: “Chen Qing is a junior and was spoke improperly. I hope elder madam will not blame me. The matter that was just said absolutely must not be done!”

“Hmph!” The matriarch saw that he had been frightened and finally let out a sigh of relief; however, she then asked: “What rank were you during the Autumn exam?”

Chen Qing replied: “Fifth rank during the Autumn exam.”

“Fifth rank… that is not a very high rank.” The matriarch leisurely said this. This caused granny Zhao to be unable to hold back a smirk, ranking fifth was not good? That was in the entirety of Da Shun. But the matriarch was clearly just saying it. No longer speaking on that matter, she said: “The imperial exam only takes place after Spring comes. You came a little bit too early. Could it be that you will be passing the new year at the Feng manor?”

Chen Qing did not know how to respond to that. He originally wanted to spend the new year at the Feng manor, but hearing the matriarch say this, he felt a little embarrassed to. His aunt had already passed away, and Chen Yu was now just the daughter of a concubine. For him to continue living in the Feng manor was something that did not make sense logically or emotionally. But now that he had already come, could it be that he had to move out?

Fortunately, the matriarch still knew to give Feng Jin Yuan some face, as she said: “Since you have already come, I can not chase you out, but the inner courtyards of the Feng family are all female. Now that Jin Yuan is no longer in the capital, to have a single man wandering around inner courtyards is truly against the rules.”

This was something Chen Qing was sympathetic with. He also did not want to remain in the inner courtyard, especially with that Han shi. Every time he ran into her, he would be teased for a while, which caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Then elder madam’s meaning is…”

“How about having housekeeper He arrange for you to stay in the guest room in the outer courtyard. There will be no need for you to come pay respects. Just feel at ease with studying properly. Think less about the worthless matters. You will not be permitted to enter the inner courtyard without prior notice.”

“Yes, Chen Qing has remembered it. Elder madam, please do not worry.”

“Un.” The matriarch nodded, “Then just go back and pack up your things.I will have servants send you over.” As she said this, she gave a look to one of the servants at her side, and that servant immediately went over. Walking over in large strides, she gave Chen Qing a sweet smile: “Chen family’s young master, this way please!”

Previously, he had always been called just young master, but now, it was a very distant Chen family’s young master. Chen Qing understood the relations between the Feng family and the Chen family had truly already been severed.

He was unsuccessful in asking for Chen Yu’s hand in marriage, and a feeling of grief lingered in his heart. After leaving Shu Ya courtyard with that servant, he kicked some pebbles on the ground to vent, but this gave the servant who was with him a fright. When she looked at Chen Qing, she saw that his face was so red that it seemed like blood could be squeezed out. His eyes were also filled with anger, and he appeared very scary.

The servant was startled and increased her pace. She fully hoped to complete this errand quickly then report back to the matriarch. She feared that the heart of the Chen family’s young master was filled with grievances. Who knew when he would explode.

On this side, Chen Qing had basically been chased out of Shu Ya courtyard, as he had been sent to live in the outer courtyard. Not two hours later, this news made its way to Fen Dai.

Pei’er had caused plenty of trouble with Fen Dai. Although she did not have too much influence, she did still have some informants inside the manor.

Fen Dai’s face turned green with anger while listening to Pei’er. She was still before the shrine in the temple but could not hold back her insults: “That worthless idiot! I wanted him to hate Feng Yu Heng, but he does not cause trouble for Feng Yu Heng, instead running over to grandmother to speak about marriage. Sure enough, all scholars are idiots! Worthless!”

Pei’er quickly covered Fen Dai’s mouth: “Young miss, keep your voice down. This servant just saw the elder madam’s servants return. They are keeping watch just outside the door. This absolutely must not be heard by them.”

Fen Dai naturally understood this and shut her mouth. Instead, she held in her anger and silently pondered how she would recover.

Feng Yu Heng had not slept much while treating Xuan Tian Ming’s legs. After sending him off, she went to catch up on some sleep, but just as night fell, she woke up.

With her stomach empty, she had wanted to have someone make her some food, but she also felt it was troublesome. Since a fire would need to be started to make food, by the time the food was cooked, her hunger would have exceeded what she could tolerate.

Thinking a little, she decided to enter her space and pulled out a bowl of instant noodles.

Ever since she returned to the ancient era, she very rarely ate this sort of thing. Although the items in her space would not decrease in amount, faced with the organic food products of the ancient era, she no longer wanted to eat the modern foods that were soaked in chemical flavors. But there were always some things that were very odd. You clearly knew that they were not healthy and you would feel nauseous after eating too much, but not eating it for a long time will cause you to miss it dearly. Instant noodles was one of those things.

Feng Yu Heng boiled some water inside her space and poured it on the instant noodles. Although the door to the operating room upstairs was closed firmly, the smell of disinfectant still lingered in the air. Perhaps she had spent too much time inside her space over the past few days, as the smell had lingered in her nose and did not disperse for a long time.

When she finished her bowl of instant noodles and left her space, the sounds of footsteps could be heard from outside. She opened her mouth and called: “Wang Chuan.”

The person outside quickly pushed open the door. She clearly did not think Feng Yu Heng would actually be awake and was slightly startled. She then said: “This servant thought young miss would need to sleep until dawn.” Wang Chuan said this while walking forward, “Is young miss hungry?”

How could Feng Yu Heng be hungry, so she quickly shook her head, “I’m not hungry. I just can’t fall asleep. Since I am up, there is a matter I must discuss with you.”

Upon hearing that there was something to discuss, her expression became solemn, “Young miss, are you worried about what is happening with Prime minister Feng? Do you want this servant to go over and take a look?”

“That’s not it.” She shook her head, “Xuan Tian Ming has already sent people to keep an eye on that. I wanted you to go over to Xiao Zhou.”

“To visit young master? Also, the matter young miss mentioned last time about bringing people over.”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then continued: “Zi Rui must be visited. While you are at it, bring along the clothes that concubine mother An made last time. Bring along some more bank notes of smaller denominations. Also, bring along Qing Yu and go to Hundred Herb Hall. Have Wang Lin pick out a person who can handle matters and bring them to Xiao Zhou too.”

“Bringing this many people?” Wang Chuan did not understand but thought a little more “Didn’t young miss want to open another Hundred Herb Hall in Xiao Zhou?”

“That’s the case.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “I am wanting to open another Hundred Herb Hall in Xiao Zhou. The location of the shop will be decided upon by you and Qing Yu. How the medicinal herbs will be acquired also needs to be thoroughly investigated. The person chosen by Wang Lin will be kept over there as the shopkeeper. Qing Yu can also remain over there for a little longer. The girls can be sent over to Hundred Herb Hall, and have Le Ying Tian take care of the patients. Either way, the Hundred Herb Hall of Xiao Zhou can only be larger than the one in the capital. It can not be smaller.”

Wang Chuan did not understand why Feng Yu Heng suddenly wanted to open a Hundred Herb Hall in Xiao Zhou, but she knew that her young miss always acted within her limits. Since she wanted to open one, one had to be opened. Thus, she nodded and said: “Then this servant will go and discuss it with Qing Yu immediately. If there is time, we will move out tomorrow.”

“That can be decided upon by yourselves. Be more cautious on the roads and take extra precautions. When leaving the capital, do not make a show of it. The third prince has always been on guard against us. If he found out and planned an ambush on the road, that would not be good. If it were you alone, then you could escape easily, but with Qing Yu and another person, you would become exhausted.” Feng Yu Heng felt a bit like an older mom, but she still believed that there was a certain need to repeatedly provide warnings, “Remember, no matter what you encounter, staying alive is most important. Any material possession is worthless compared to your life. Even if the mission can not be completed or is failed, so long as you are still alive, there will be a chance to complete it at another time. Thus, I will not permit you to decide to end your own lives. Do you understand?”

Wang Chuan nodded vigorously. The concepts Feng Yu Heng repeatedly tried to instill in her every day caused her to feel very moved. People like her had always been told that the mission was most important. Once the order had been given, they would set to work immediately. When had there ever been a time when they cared for their lives?

But Feng Yu Heng cared as though she were a relative. She only wanted for them to continue living. No matter how big of a mistake was made, so long as a person was living, it was fine.

“This servant thanks young miss.” She spoke very quietly, as she was a little choked with emotion.

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not respond. Instead, she shouted in the direction of her door: “Who is outside?”

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