Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 235

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A Vile Character Gains Power

“Oh!” The Li Palace’s granny’s eyes grew wide, “What do those words mean? Fourth young miss Feng is mainly interested in his Highness the ninth prince?” Looking at Feng Yu Heng, she could not help but shake her head, “That’s not right! His Highness the ninth prince is a good match for the county princess. Accordingly, he should be the fourth young miss Feng’s brother-in-law.”

Fen Dai angrily gritted her teeth, “Eldest sister! Don’t believe I don’t know what you are thinking! Aren’t you just being jealous that his Highness the fifth prince came to discuss marriage with me? If you insist on saying it like this, then you had best pray that your future husband will be his Highness the seventh prince; otherwise, regardless of who comes to discuss marriage, I will tell them that the person in your heart is his Highness the seventh prince!”

Chen Yu was indeed jealous that the fifth prince had come to discuss marriage, thus she whined about Fen Dai without putting in much though. Now that she had rebutted so thoroughly with these words, she felt ashamed and incapable of showing her face.

The granny was dazed by what she heard. She never thought that she would learn about so many of the Feng manor’s secrets in this one trip!

Fortunately, Chen Yu was not stupid. Facing Fen Dai, she was stunned for a moment before immediately recovering and saying: “These past few banquets, I did take a few glances at his Highness the seventh prince, but what of it? His Highness the seventh prince is refined like a deity. Who in the world would not admire him a little? I am not the only one who has looked in his Highness the seventh prince’s direction. There is no need for younger sister to think too much on it.”

Her words were very reasonable and clearly told everyone that his Highness the seventh prince was loved by everyone. She was merely following the common trend.

Fen Dai pondered quickly then said: “If eldest sister says so, do you not fear that you have spoken too much? If you say it like that, there is nothing wrong with me looking a little more at his Highness the ninth prince.”

“Hehe.” Chen Yu immediately laughed, “His Highness the ninth prince’s face was ruined, and his legs are crippled. I truly do not know what fourth sister is looking at.”


The two went back and forth with their argument, as they actually forgot that Feng Yu Heng was at the side.

It would be fine if they did not mention Xuan Tian Ming, but since they did, especially his face and legs, the person who had been watching the play immediately lost her temper. Glaring at the two with eyes like daggers, she coldly said: “Eldest sister and fourth sister are truly both experts in fighting! If this main hall is unable to accommodate you, I request grandmother to have servants escort both of you to the front yard to fight. That way, the Feng manor will avoid losing face.”

Once Feng Yu Heng spoke up, the matriarch also became furious, “Arguing and fighting like this, what sort of look is this? If you continue to argue, I will call for people to throw you both out!”

With the matriarch getting angry, Chen Yu and Fen Dai no longer dared say another word.

Especially Chen Yu, who felt that she had become agitated and had forgotten that she must not anger Feng Yu Heng. Of all the things she could have talked about, she chose to speak about the ninth prince. Was this not just going to make her to upset?

Yi Lin prodded her a couple times from the side and gave her an apologetic look. Chen Yu was someone who was willing to be flexible, so she quickly said to Feng Yu Heng: “It’s all elder sister’s mistake. Second sister, please do not take it to heart. Elder sister will make amends.”

“Tsk!” Fen Dai rolled her eyes in irritation, “Eldest sister really is capable of changing demeanor quite quickly.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow and looked at Chen Yu. No longer lingering on that topic, she said: “Since father is not at the manor presently, and there is someone here to discuss marriage with fourth sister, as the eldest sister, you should provide some opinions.”

Chen Yu lightly sighed, “I am now just the daughter of a concubine, so how could I have the right to discuss the marriages of my younger sisters. It should be second sister who helps grandmother come up with ideas.”

“Eldest sister, how should this be said? Wasn’t that set of earrings given by you to fourth sister? Having gifted the catalyst that brought this happy couple together, how could you take a step back at this time?”

Chen Yu trembled and stared blankly at Feng Yu Heng, suddenly recalling the events from the birthday banquet the night before. She remembered how a servant had suddenly gone over to her and said that she was one of the third prince’s people. His Highness the third prince told her to give away the white crystal earrings, or trouble would arise.

At that time, she had glanced at the third prince and found that he had stealthily nodded towards her. Thus, without thinking too much, she turned around and handed the troubling item to Fen Dai. But who knew, how could this be considered troublesome. She had truly gifted Fen Dai a heavenly favor.

Thinking of this, Chen Yu’s expression turned a bit uglier. If Fen Dai became engaged, who knew just how arrogant she would become in the manor for the coming years. How could she endure these younger sisters rushing ahead of her time and time again!

“If you say it like that, then his Highness the fifth prince is only interested in a pair of earrings and not fourth sister at all.” Chen yu glanced sideways at Fen Dai, “Younger sister, it would be best not to fantasize too much.”

“You are clearly just jealous of me!” Fen Dai could tell that Feng Chen Yu was just jealous of her, but what was this about the earrings?

The matriarch also understood a bit, “You are meaning to say that Chen Yu gifted Fen Dai a pair of earrings, and only this caused his Highness the fifth prince to take an interest in Fen Dai?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That is indeed the case.”

The granny from the Li Palace quickly interjected: “Because of an item, feelings were developed. This was happy fate bringing lovers together.”

Fen Dai absolutely loved hearing this, “Granny is correct.” She then looked at Chen Yu and could not help but snicker and say: “I truly must thank eldest sister. Speaking of, if eldest sister did not gift them to me, with the full set of white crystal head ornaments, perhaps his Highness the fifth prince would have taken an interest in eldest sister. Unfortunate, truly unfortunate.”

“You’re welcome.” Chen Yu repressed a belly full of anger, “There’s no misfortune. If younger sister likes it, then when you get married, elder sister will gift the entire set to you.”

The matriarch hurriedly asked: “A full set of white crystal head ornaments?” She originally thought it was just a pair of earrings. Now that she heard that Chen Yu apparently had a full set of white crystal head ornaments, she was truly given a shock.

Chen Yu was waiting for the matriarch to ask and quickly replied: “It was his Highness the eldest prince who sent someone to send it to Chen Yu the day before yesterday.” When she said this, she paid attention to Feng Fen Dai and saw her face darken slightly. Rejoicing, she felt that she finally regained some face.

The matriarch was a little dazed. What had happened to her granddaughters? Why had they all suddenly received the prince’s affections? One was suddenly in discussions for marriage, and the other had actually received his Highness the eldest prince’s gift, yet she did not know about it?

The people of the Feng family fell silent, even Feng Yu Heng did not speak.

But the granny from the Li Palace was in a hurry. Seeing that nobody in the room spoke, she decided to take a few steps forward and placed the proposal letter on a table in front of the matriarch “His Highness’ proposal letter will be placed here. Would elder madam please give the fourth young miss’ proposal letter to this old servant. Allow this old servant to report back to his Highness.”

The matriarch was truly out of options. Granny Zhao could see that and could not help but whisper into her ear: “How about handing the proposal letter to her. Either way, the fourth young miss is only eleven years old. When master returns, it would not be too late to rethink things.”

The matriarch pondered a little and also arrived at a similar conclusion. Nodding her head, she informed a servant: “Go get the fourth young miss’ proposal letter.”

Once these words were said, Fen Dai was so happy that she nearly bounced with joy. She then quickly saluted the granny and thanked her for the grace.

The granny let out a sigh of relief and looked at the celebrating Fen Dai. Bowing, she said with a smile: “This old servant congratulates fourth young miss Feng… Oh, that’s not right. To the future secondary princess Li.”

Fen Dai’s vain heart swelled to its maximum extent. Only busying herself with laughing, she forgot to tell the granny to rise. Instead, it was Feng Chen Yu who went over to personally help the granny up, “Granny is an elder who takes care of his Highness Prince Li. Us as the younger generation are not worthy of receiving such courtesy. Please get up.”

Chen Yu did not apply her black blush while in the manor, so when the granny looked at the beautiful person before her, she began to ponder. His Highness the fifth prince had made a mistake this time. How did he let such a beautiful person go by, instead insisting on an eleven year old little girl?

Having finally dealt with that person, the matriarch sat in her chair for a long time without saying a word. Only when An shi was unable to continue waiting, she asked: “Elder madam, if there are no other instructions, we will be going back first.”

The matriarch waved her hand, as she was in no mood to speak with people, so she may as well let them go.

Feng Yu Heng was the first to stand up. Massaging her temples, she suppressed a headache and immediately walked out.

Chen Yu saw this and quickly followed. Chasing after Feng Yu Heng, she quietly said: “Second sister please do not be mad. Elder sister made a mistake earlier.” She truly worried that she had provoked this great person.

Feng Yu Heng, however, waved her hand, “It’s fine. I’m not mad. But if eldest sister can continue to treat people like this, that would be pretty good. Come find me tomorrow.” Leaving these words, she did not remain and quickly left Shu Ya courtyard.

Feng Chen Yu let out a long sigh of relief. She was a little expectant and a little worried.

Tomorrow, so long as she made it past tomorrow, she would be a brand new Feng Chen Yu. She would no longer need to be constantly on edge, and she would no longer need to curry favor with Feng Yu Heng, and she would no longer need to fear anyone. She could hold her head high while standing before others. She could even completely wipe out her past.

She was having quite a bit of fun just thinking about it!

“Make sure the bank notes are properly prepared. We will be going to Tong Sheng pavilion tomorrow.” Chen yu was unable to hide her smile while informing Yi Lin.

Yi Lin was a little more sensible, nodding while saying: “The granny prepared by third master is also just outside the manor. She can be brought in at any moment. Apparently, she was chased out of the palace. In her earlier years, she had examined the bodies of many graceful women who were entering the palace. Later on, because of a chronic illness, she was chased out of the palace. Without relatives or friends, when young miss is done with her and she is taken care of, nobody will be left to gossip about it.”

“Very good.” Chen Yu had always been very satisfied with the way her third uncle worked. Sometimes, she even felt this third uncle was even better than her prime minister of a father. But she also understood that the reason the Chen Family was helping her was for her ability to help the Chen family when she ascended to greater heights.

At this time, Fen Dai and Han shi could be heard whispering behind her. This mother and daughter were clearly incredibly happy. Without paying any attention to how they were still standing within Shu Ya courtyard, they began to speak arrogantly: “That small courtyard we are living in is truly too stuffy. When father returns, we definitely must have him find us a larger one.”

Han shi supported this, “But of course! You are the future secondary princess of the Li Palace. If the Feng family mistreats you, it will be difficult to deal with his Highness Prince Li.”

“Ah! Who knew that our family’s most beautiful person would almost be at the age of marriage, yet not a single son of a noble family has come to discuss marriage, much less a prince.” Fen Dai raised her voice and said this towards the back of Chen Yu’s head. This angered Chen Yu so much that she nearly coughed up blood.

But Han shi followed it up, saying: “How can that be true? I heard that the Chen family’s young master has already gone to the elder madam to discuss marriage, but I don’t know if she agreed or not. As the saying goes, it’s better to destroy ten temples than a single marriage. At a later date, we will need to advise elder madam. The Chen family’s young master and the eldest young miss are childhood sweethearts and are a great fit. This must not be delayed.”

“But of course.” Fen Dai giggled, “It would still be best to marry the Chen family’s young master, otherwise, if her scandal is exposed to the princes, I fear that it would implicate the entirety of the Feng family.”

Feng Chen Yu’s face turned green with anger. Clenching her fist, she could not stop trembling. Yi Lin had to do her best to stop her from turning around to rush at Fen Dai.

When she raised her head, she saw that Feng Yu Heng, who had left first, was stopped by a servant. She could not tell what was being said.

Feng Yu Heng had also seen then, so she naturally heard what Fen Dai had said. She could not help but smile and say: “Eldest sister, are you presently feeling regretful about that set of head ornaments? It’s not just a set of head ornaments. What you have hurt is his Highness the eldest prince’s sincere heart! If I were elder sister, I would leave myself a road out. To naively trust someone else and give away something that someone had given to express their feelings. That has muddied the situation, and I do not know what can be promised to you.”

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  1. Ouch.

    There’s so much pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth in this chapter that I feel like going to church to do a confession. Ack!

    Thanks for the chapter, springrain and sponsors!

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    1. I hope she does..
      A-Heng needs the money, and I want to see the drama that will come out of it..
      Speaking of drama, I wonder what will happen if someone went and stole that pair of earrings at this point in time..?

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  2. Hahahaha. Secondary princess of the Fifth Prince? Everyone in the capital knows that “secondary princess” for the fifth prince might as well be “sex toy” of the fifth prince. Well, everyone except these little illegitimate sluts of Feng manor.

    I can’t wait for when Han-shi’s sleeping with the circus performer matter gets exposed. That’s going to destroy her and Fen Dai. Can’t come soon enough.

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    1. Somehow I think that would destroy Han shi alone. I have this feeling that Fen Dai will abandon her mother, and knowing Feng Jin Yuan, somehow even though logic says to throw both mother and daughter, he as always will not listen to it, and do whatever the hel he likes.
      Another reason is that i might wanna see Fen Dai suffering while being the fifth prince’s enienth consort. LOL that would be so much fun!!

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  3. Fen Dai, you really never think carefully but just look at matters on the surface. I cannot wait for your reaction to when you realise how important secondary princess for the Fifth Prince is in reality.

    As for Chen Yu, the higher you scheme, the greater the fall.


  4. Ok, yes i hate Fen Dai, is there any chance for the next chapters to be about the plans of the emperor and the other princes? I mean i’m getting tired of reading about the idiotic little sister… I know she’s an idiot so, why bother ? Thanks for the chapters!! 😊😄

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