Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 236

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Verifying Identity

When she finished speaking with Chen Yu, she turned to the servant and said: “Go report back to grandmother and say that A-Heng’s body is not well today and will be going back to rest. I will go take a look at her at a different day.”

The servant did not think that Feng Yu Heng would reject the matriarch’s invitation, so she was left stunned. Only after Feng Yu Heng had walked off did she react and quickly go back to report.

As for Chen Yu, she began to ponder over what Feng Yu Heng had said, and she could not help but regret listening to the third prince and giving the earrings to Fen Dai.

At this time in Shu Ya courtyard’s main hall, the matriarch was hoping to call Feng Yu Heng back to discuss some matters, but she had been refused. This caused her to feel vexed.

“Recently, my words have carried less and less weight in this manor.” She sighed with emotion, “One after another, they’ve spread their wings and found themselves mountains to rely on, but they do not know that their roots lie with the Feng family. Even if they marry into the palace, without their roots, they will not be favored.”

“Elder madam is correct.” Granny Zhao agreed while comforting her, “Either way, master will have returned in around a month. When that time comes, the decisions will be left for master to handle.”

“Tell me, when Jin Yuan returns, will he fault me for this?” She had been worried about the marriage discussion with his Highness the fifth prince, “Although Fen Dai is the daughter of a concubine, the daughter of a concubine has its uses. What if Jin Yuan has other arrangements, have I not ruined them?”

Granny Zhao sighed, “But there was no other choice. His Highness the fifth prince had come suddenly, and we did not make any preparations. Taking a step back, even if we did make preparations, what of it? No matter what else is said, he is still a prince.”

The matriarch understood this reasoning, but she was still worried, “The letter we sent last time, did Jin Yuan reply?”

Granny Zhao shook her head, “No, perhaps the roads are difficult to use during these snowy days, causing its round trip to be slower.”

“It’s fine for it to be slow, so long as it arrives. Go find someone to send another letter, tell him about the events of today. I am unable to feel certain about this matter and hope that Jin Yuan can return quickly.”

Granny Zhao complied and went to have someone write a letter to Feng Jin Yuan.

That night, the symptoms of Feng Yu Heng’s fever once again flared up, and she once again helplessly pulled out a pill, but this did give her an idea.

She guarded a pharmacy, and inside, there was a modern operating room. She could practically have anything she wanted. No matter what medicine she pulled out, it would be considered a desirable good in this era.

But she was the only operator. Without a need to mention the lack of help when performing surgeries for others, there was not a single person who could help her when she wanted to get an infusion.

Feng Yu Heng thought about it. In the worst case scenario, she could train an assistant, but that person had to be reliable, and there could not be a trace of betrayal in their heart.

However, this was just an optimistic thought. If she wanted to train someone from this era in modern medicine, how could it be that easy. Aside from loyalty, they had to have a strong ability to learn along with a proficiency in medicine. Adults were no good because they were set in their ways, so it would be very difficult to change their habits. People who were too young were also no good. Those that were too young were less adept at learning, so they would be unable to produce any results for a few years.

Feng Yu Heng felt that if she wanted to receive modern treatments in this era, that would merely be a fantasy.

But even if it would be difficult, this idea became deeply ingrained in her mind. In the days that followed, she was always looking for someone to select.

Perhaps hearing that there was movement inside the room, Huang Quan, who had been keeping watch overnight, opened the door and entered. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng was already sitting up in bed, she could not help but go over and ask: “Is young miss not feeling well again? How come you’ve gotten up in the middle of the night?”

She waved her hand, “I have already taken my medicine. It’s fine. I was simply thinking of a matter, and this chased away my sleepiness.”

“What is young miss thinking about? This servant will help you think about it!” Either way, she was bored keeping watch outside at night.

“There really is something I need you to do.” Feng Yu Heng looked at Huang Quan and said: “Help me find a large map of Da Shun with all of the county borders marked down. Would it be difficult?”

Huang Quan was slightly stunned, “What does young miss need a map for? Those are only used when moving soldiers around for battle. But it is not very difficult. His Highness the ninth prince has some to spare. This servant will go ask one from his Highness tomorrow.”

Hearing her say this, Feng Yu Heng calmed down.

She had always been wanting to take a look at what the geography of Da Shun was like. This would also serve to help her make a comparison to the 21st century to see what the similarities were and what the differences were. She had sent Wang Chuan and Qing Yu to Xiao Zhou to open up a Hundred Herb Hall, so her next step would be to expand to other provinces, including Ji An County. Feng Yu Heng had already planned for that place to become the headquarter of her medical studies. No matter of whether it was production of medicine or development of personnel, it can all be handled there in the future.

There was also Gan Zhou. Ever since Xuan Tian Ming had told her that it was the third prince’s base, Feng Yu Heng was very interested in that place.

If she could set up operations in Gan Zhou unnoticed, then she would truly have struck at the internal workings of her enemy.

In short, it was time to implement her plans for supporting a medical system and intelligence network.

Early the next morning, Chen Yu arrived with Yi Lin before Feng Yu Heng even got up.

Huang Quan helped her wash while muttering: “Begging for assistance on a matter, yet they come so early. They truly are too lacking in consideration.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not think this way, “With someone being in a rush to deliver us money, why do you feel that they’ve come too early? Not to mention that they came in the morning, even if they came in the middle of the night, so long as that three million taels is placed before me, I will immediately set to work.”

Huang Quan facepalmed, “Young miss, you’re really that lacking for money?”

“Yes.” She nodded seriously, “Also, this three million is far from enough.”

“Three million is still not enough? Adding on the money from earlier, that totals five million. Oh right, you loaned Prime minister Feng one million taels. Four million taels is not a small amount!” Huang Quan clicked her tongue. What did her young miss want to do? To actually want this much money, was she collaborating with the enemy to commit treason?

“Too little! Much too little!” Feng Yu Heng sighed then stood up, “Let’s go. We’re going to collect that money.”

As the saying goes, money must be spent to quell disasters. Feng Chen Yu handed over the three million in bank notes, and Feng Yu Heng directly led her into the medicine storage room.

Huang Quan personally stood guard outside, as Yi Lin wanted to try and peak in between the door and the door frame, but she found that there was a curtain inside blocking her view. She was unable to see anything.

“It would be best if you were more obedient, otherwise, I will call all of Tong Sheng pavilion’s servants over to keep watch. This will let all of the servants know that the Feng family’s eldest young miss is inside to get an illness treated.”

“No need, no need!” Yi Lin waved her hands in fear, “There’s no need to call them. Do not call anyone. Is it not fine if I stop looking?” The young servant angrily stomped her feet and could only keep watch outside with Huang Quan.

Huang Quan smirked and thought to herself, sure enough, the criminal has a guilty conscience. Having this sort of problem taken care of but being afraid that others would find out, they had the ability to not do this sort of thing to begin with!

Four hours later, Feng Yu Heng came out of the medicine storage room with Chen Yu.

Yi Lin quickly went over to support Chen Yu. Seeing that her facial color was not too good, she could not help but ask in concern: “Young miss, are you ok?”

Chen Yu shook her head and pulled on Yi Lin’s sleeve, only saying: “Let’s quickly leave.” While saying this, she already began walking away. It was as though Tong Sheng pavilion was a haunted place that they had to escape.

Huang Quan was puzzled and asked: “What is going on? Young miss, what did you do to her?”

Feng Yu Heng shrugged, “Not only did I not do anything to her. I even truly took care of her illness. But you must understand, there are some people who excel at burning bridges after they’ve crossed them. Inside, she asked me hundreds or thousands of times to make sure that she was truly healthy. Her purpose was so she could immediately leave this troubled place when she came out. When she returned, she could make the most of her time to try and find a way to deal with me permanently, so that she can completely seal the wound.”

Huang Quan nearly laughed, “Deal with young miss permanently? Based on her?” But she still asked in concern: “Since young miss knew that her mind was not normal, why did you still help her with that illness?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “Because some people are fitting, as I still need that devastating beauty of an eldest sister to lure a snake out of its hole. We can not be missing her walking around in the middle.”

“But wouldn’t truly curing her be too much of a victory for her?”

“Is it a victory? Haha!” Feng Yu Heng buckled with laughter, “Treating it does not mean she can feel secure. Does she want to wipe away the truth? She has been too optimistic!”

Feng Chen Yu led Yi Lin out of Tong Sheng pavilion. The entire way, she sneaked about as though she were a thief. Using the smaller paths, she returned to her own courtyard. Only after she entered her room and closed the door did she let out a sigh of relief.

She truly feared that she would run into Feng Fen Dai or Han shi along the way. Who knows what that sort of person who could make a mountain out of an molehill would say about her pale-white complexion. Even if they did not suspect anything else, just standing there in mockery of her was too much for her to handle!

Yi Lin saw that her complexion was not too good and quickly helped her onto the bed. At the same time, she asked: “Young miss, do you want to have the granny come into the manor immediately?”

Chen Yu shook her head, “She said that the wound has not yet completely healed. I can only get out of bed in three days time. For the next few days, tell those outside that it is too cold outside, and I have caught a cold. I also will not be going to pay respects to grandmother for that time. After three days, invite that granny into the manor. Remember, you must be secretive about it. You absolutely must not let anyone find out.”

Yi Lin helped her with her blankets while nodded, “Don’t worry. Third master’s hidden guard has said that he will personally bring that person over. Thinking about it, it should be at night, so young miss should get some more rest during the day.”

Chen Yu nodded and did not say anything else. Lying down in bed, she fell into a deep sleep not long later.

Three days later at midnight, Chen Yu nervously sat on the side of her bed, waiting for Chen Wan Liang’s hidden guard to arrive.

Yi Lin had slightly opened up the back window and was now standing there listening for the sound of movement.

Not long later, she saw a black shadow enter the room. Yi Lin’s eyes blurred, as she saw a person in black clothes standing in the middle of the room with an elderly woman.

She was given a fright and quickly ran forward. Seeing that the person before her was the familiar hidden guard, she let out a sigh of relief. But when she looked at the granny, she saw that she had been carried in unconscious by the hidden guard and could not help but be startled: “Is this person alive or dead?”

Chen Yu stood up from the bed, “Of course she is alive. I think she should have had an acupuncture point hit by this big bro, right?”

As she said this, she blinked a few times, but the hidden guard did not even look at her. This caused Chen Yu to be a bit gloomy.

“Alright, let’s wake up this granny first.” She calmed her expression and gave the order.

She saw the hidden guard reach out and release the acupuncture points from the granny, and the granny immediately woke up. Seeing the person before her, she tentatively asked: “This is the girl who needs to be examined?”

The hidden guard nodded, “It’s her. I will wait outside. When everything is taken care of, I will pay the rest of the money.”

“Good.” The granny became lively. Seeing the hidden guard leave in a flash, she turned back around and sized up Chen Yu.

Just looking was fine, but it truly gave the granny a shock. She could not help but say: “This old servant has worked in the palace for half a lifetime and have seen the imperial concubines chosen by the Emperor. Accordingly, the women chosen to enter the palace are all beauties, but I have never seen one who was more beautiful than this young miss.”

This old woman’s eyes were sharp. Once these words came out, she had reached an understanding.

It was said that Prime Minister Feng’s eldest daughter was a beauty capable of causing the collapse of countries. To say that she was the most beautiful girl in the capital was an understatement. Perhaps there would not be another girl more beautiful in the entirety of Da Shun.

And that was most likely the person before her.

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  1. I bet Feng Yu Heng saves the Granny and since the Granny has guessed her identity after her eventual betrayal she’ll spill the beans later.


  2. I cannot wait to see what verdict will the granny give. I wonder how long more before all this acting reaches its climax with all the snakes coming out of the hole.


  3. MC really still think it can be some distsnt pass, So this story needs to be fairly old or… author is old-fashioned or MC is lacking.

    No matter what that phoeniks mark is shady (as conception), How come you have it or can even activate it. It is inter-dimensional space from your previous existence and it can its product be resupplied. Don’t forget it should have genarator inside otherwise electricity has just also permanent linking with…
    Just a question if her arm would be severed? Would that space still work and other??


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