Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 239

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Everything County Princess Ji An Does is Right!

“Quickly! Follow your young miss!” Han shi saw Fen Dai get out of the carriage and quickly hurried Pei’er to follow. She also had A Ju help her out of the carriage.

She did not have time to worry about the people on the street pointing and talking about them. Seeing Fen Dai enter that shop, Han shi became anxious, as she thought to herself that this was not good. Fen Dai’s personality would lead to a conflict with that person.

As she expected, she saw Feng Fen Dai rush into the store. Upon seeing the concubine, she did not say a word before raising her hand to slap her.

But this hand was unable to connect, as the concubine’s maidservant caught the slap early. The granny then reached out and firmly grabbed hold of Fen Dai’s wrist.

The concubine glared at Fen Dai. Licking her lips, she smiled maliciously, “Let her hit me. Ever since I entered the palace, I have received his Highness’ love every night. It’s quite likely that this belly has already conceived a child. If she dares swing at me, I will immediately kneel at the palace’s gates to make an imperial report, saying the young miss of a concubine from the Feng family dares to hit the Emperor’s grandson. Let’s see how the Emperor will react to this case!”

Han shi was given a fright and quickly went forward to pull Fen Dai back, quietly saying: “You must not. If this were in private, it would be fine if you did it, but you absolutely must not injure her in front of a big crowd.”

“Why can I not?” Fen Dai was so angry that smoke could be seen rising from her head, “She is just a concubine. Even if she gives birth to a child, it is one that has no standing.”

The concubine did not show any weakness, as she stared at Fen Dai and said: “Whether or not it has any standing will be determined by his Highness and his Majesty. I have lived 17 years, yet this is the first time I’ve heard that the daughter of an official had any say in the matters of a prince’s family. Well, young miss of a concubine, haven’t you overstepped your bounds?”

Fen Dai gritted her teeth and glared at her, “I am saying this as the secondary princess of Prince Li!”

“Oh!” The concubine let out a shrill laugh, “Not to speak of what worth a secondary princess has in our manor, even if their worth was great, how is that related to you? Aren’t you still unmarried? Don’t believe that exchanging proposal letters is anything worthy of note. You don’t even bother inquiring around a bit about just how many his Highness gives out each year. You still treat it as some sort of treasure!”

The woman rolled her eyes, and Fen Dai felt her all of the blood in her body rush towards her head. She was on the verge of exploding with rage, as she struggled to break free from Han shi. Raising her hand, she slapped towards the concubine’s face.

This time, the opposition did not dodge. Fen Dai was not weak when she went crazy. There was also the dread that the maidservant and granny felt because, in any case, she was still the young miss of the prime minister’s manor. Even if his Highness Prince Li did not have the heart to displease his beloved concubine, the servants did not have any guarantee of protection. Thus, they merely went through the motions of blocking it, but they still allowed Fen Dai to connect, her palm striking the concubine’s face.

The concubine never thought that she would be hit. Glaring with her phoenix eye, she raised her hand to return the slap; however, at this time, the sound of a voice came from outside, saying “Which family’s young miss is bold enough to strike the young miss from the prime minister’s manor?”

Everyone turned their heads and saw a girl in a purple Winter coat walk in with her maidservant. She appeared to be just past ten years old, but she also had a pair of nimble eyes.

Feng Fen Dai did not even need to turn around to recognize this voice. If it was not her second sister, Feng Yu Heng, who else could it be. But she was in agreement with what Feng Yu Heng had just said. That’s right, what right did a concubine have to hit her?

“Did you hear me? What sort of thing is a concubine? You truly believe yourself to be mighty!” With Feng Yu Heng present, Fen Dai’s confidence rose, “Do you dare to try and hit me?”

That woman was quite smart, not arguing with Fen Dai. Instead, she put down her hand and stared at Feng Yu Heng, asking: “Who are you?”

She did not recognize Feng Yu Heng, but this did not mean that the citizens on the street would not recognize her. At the time of the snow storm, Feng Yu Heng spent multiple days in a row at the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall, handing out hot tea. A large portion of people in the capital had received her grace. Now that they saw Feng Yu Heng had come, they all knelt, saying in unison: “Greetings to county princess!”

Seeing them kneel, even the Li Palace’s granny and maidservant knelt on the ground. The maidservant then tugged on the concubine’s dress, quietly saying: “This is county princess Ji An. She was personally conferred the title by his Majesty. She is also the daughter of the first wife of the prime minister’s manor, and she is the future official Princess Yu.”

These three titles were thrown out, with each of them having substance.

The concubine was dazed. The first and last titles caused her heart to be shocked, but the middle title “daughter of the first wife of the prime minister’s manor” was what truly hit home.

The daughter of the first wife of the prime minister’s manor meant that she was the little girl’s elder sister. This was good. She had managed to gain the upper hand with great difficulty with the younger sister, but her older sister had arrived.

The concubine was smart and also knelt on the ground, saying: “This concubine pays respects to county princess.”

“Hmph.” Feng Yu Heng coldly snorted, “You are paying respects along with the imperial grandson, so how could this county princess afford to accept it.” She said this while walking forward to go through the motions of helping her. But she then reached down and grabbed hold of her wrist. In an instant, she developed an understanding “Fourth sister.” She turned her head and called to Fen Dai: “Don’t worry and hit her. Your second sister is a doctor. This woman is not pregnant with a child.”

Fen Dai heard this and became spirited, happily saying: “Second sister, this was you telling me to hit her.”

“Un, she should be hit.”

Seeing Feng Yu Heng nod, Fen Dai did not wait any longer. Walking over, she slapped the concubine five or six times.

Huang Quan had already moved to hold up the concubine when Feng Yu Heng spoke. Feng Fen Dai did not meet any resistance when she began the beating. Only after her palms began to feel numb did she stop, but she did not forget to curse the woman, saying: “Cheap slut!”

None of the civilians watching said a word. Although Feng Fen Dai appeared very arrogant, if they truly began to discuss this matter, it was truly the concubine from the Li Palace’s fault.

For the sake of a puppy, they had frightened someone else’s horse, nearly causing injury, yet she was still complaining about it. She was nothing more than a concubine, so what face did she have to swagger about in the streets? Moreover, she was one of the Li Palace’s concubines, so she was even more worthless.

County princess Ji An reprimanding her was correct!

Everything county princess Ji An did was correct!

The concubine’s face had been beaten until swollen by Fen Dai, and tears began to fall down her face. While crying, she said: “Why hit me? I am Prince Li’s woman. What right do you have to hit me?”

Feng Yu Heng smirked contemptuously, “I am the dignified county princess, and you are just a concubine. What right do you have to question me? Remember, a concubine is just a concubine. Unless you are the Emperor’s concubine, otherwise, you have no right to cause trouble for the young miss from the prime minister’s manor. Even if there are very many secondary princesses in your manor, it would be best if you understood clearly that the newer one is always at an advantage in receiving favor. My fourth sister will be entering the palace after you, and her standing is above yours. Your future life may need to rely on her. Smart people will not do as you have done. Moreover, behind her is the court’s prime minister. What about you?”

The concubine was immediately frozen. That’s right. Only thinking of how worthless the secondary princess of the Li Palace was, the opposition still had the backing of a large family, but what about herself? Her maternal family merely ran a dessert short. What right did she have to compete with others?

This woman regretted it greatly.

“Go.” Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “Return to your Li Palace. If you are unable to accept it, you can go to your Prince Li to make a report. Take a look to see if he favors you or if he favors his future secondary princess.”

Having been reprimanded by Feng Yu Heng, the concubine no longer had her former confidence and gloomily left.

The people who had come to watch the liveliness also dispersed. This farce had become the subject of discussion for people over a cup of tea or during a meal.

Having won this battle, Feng Fen Dai was very happy. She even felt that Feng Yu Heng was very pleasing to look at.

But Han shi did not understand Feng Yu Heng’s actions. She understood at heart that Feng Yu Heng did not like Fen Dai, especially how Fen Dai kept acting out time and time again. For her to not set a trap to harm Fen Dai was already quite good, but why did she still help?

“Many thanks second young miss for relieving the situation.” Han shi spoke up to give her thanks. No matter what was said, courtesy still had to be shown.

“Thanks second sister.” Fen Dai spoke up, but her words and tone did not seem to be very respectful.

Feng Yu Heng did not care about her attitude at all. Turning around, she walked out, so Fen Dai and Han shi followed behind her. While walking, Fen Dai said: “If it were not for that woman using the imperial grandson in her belly to speak, I would not fear her at all.”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Fourth sister is the young miss of the prime minister’s manor. You indeed do not need to fear her, but…” Her words stopped once again.

Han shi could see the way and quickly asked: “Does second young miss have some words of advice?”

“It can not be considered advice.” She said, “I just wanted to remind fourth sister and concubine mother Han, when enjoying happiness, you should think how happy are you to have received eldest sister’s favor?”

She threw this out then left with Huang Quan for the carriage that was waiting outside, swaggering off.

Feng Fen Dai looked at that beautiful palace carriage and could not help but become envious of Feng Yu Heng: “Just wait and see! Sooner or later, there will come a day where I will be seated in that carriage. Then I’ll see who dares to confront me!”

Han shi frowned and quickly pulled Fen Dai into their own carriage. The driver who had been knocked off the carriage had already returned to wait. Seeing that his masters had returned to the carriage, he quickly asked: “Where will we be going?”

Han shi said: “Back to the manor.”

The driver nodded and turned back towards the direction of the Feng manor.

“Young miss, do not be angry. Second young miss is right. Regardless of how arrogant she was, she was still just a concubine. No matter what, she was unable to beat you.” Pei’er held Fen Dai’s arm and consoled her.

Han shi was also worried, repeatedly comforting her, saying: “When we return to the manor, we will explain to elder madam that this engagement must be canceled.”

Fen Dai immediately woke up. Staring at Han shi, she asked: “Cancel? Why cancel it?”

Han shi froze, “Have you become muddled by anger? Did you not hear what the people were saying about the type of person his Highness the fifth prince is? You want to jump into that sort of living hell?”

“What can I do if I don’t jump in?” Feng Fen Dai’s eyes were almost popping out, “The Li Palace is indeed a living hell, but is the Feng manor some sort of good place? Even if I do not marry Prince Li, there will come a day where my father will give me away like a bargaining chip to someone else. Feng Yu Heng has said it before. I am unable to decide on my own marriage, and you are even less able to do anything about it. The ones who are able to do anything are her, father and grandmother. Do you feel that I would be better off being given away as a bargaining chip to someone else than with his Highness the fifth prince?”

Han shi was completely stunned, as she felt that Fen Dai was correct. The marriage of a girl was always decided upon by the father and head wife. The Feng family did not have a head wife, so the daughter of the first wife had the right to speak. In short, regardless of who made the decision, neither of them would be given any say. Rather than being given away as a bargaining chip at a later date to someone from family that can be used, it would be better to be with his Highness the fifth prince, who had expressed some feelings. But…

“There are still four years until you are of marriageable age. Who knows what can happen in these four years.” Han shi softly sighed, “You also heard it. The Li Palace is the place least lacking in women, and Prince Li acts as a newlywed bridegroom every night. Who can guarantee that he will still remember you in four years time?”

Fen Dai curled her lips into a smile, “Concubine mother, do not worry. I will definitely make him properly keep me in his heart.”

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    1. Was it necessary for Feng Yu Heng to actually have that cray cray Fen Dai hit that poor concubine? She has great understanding of what a concubine’s life is like when her own mother was demoted to one. Was the concubine arrogant? Yeah but so was Fen Dai. Even more so considering she isn’t even married to the prince yet. FYH having fun shouldn’t get other people hurt like that. Aside from that Fen Dai has been really out of control lately, she just got an ego boost. She needs to be taken down by not just a notch! I’m not saying the concubine wasn’t to blame for anything but the altercation wasn’t between her and FYH and she was respectful to FYH. It was evil Fen Dai being her usual nasty self. What’s even worse is Fen Dai wasn’t even really grateful for Yu Heng’s help. Hmmmmm, I don’t know, I just don’t think FYH should’ve done what she did.

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