Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 247

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Receiving You on a Multi-Colored Bridal Sedan

“You haven’t heard of them?” Feng Yu Heng was startled then thought about it. The time period that Da Shun existed in should not be too different from her previous life, but the progression of history was different, including the historical figures and important historical data. “It’s fine. I will bring out these military books at a later date to allow you to learn together.”

“This servant thanks county princess for the grand grace.” Qian Li simply felt that ever since Feng Yu Heng entered the military camp, everything she did was a favor that brought good fortune to them. He could not help but look at Xuan Tian Ming and feel that his general’s luck was too good to actually be able to find such a spectacular wife. No wonder the ninth prince who had never been moved by women was so interested. No matter which man it was, they would all be interested by this girl.

“Then what about the fifth test?” Feng Yu Heng asked him, “How does one pass the fifth test?”

Qian Li helplessly smiled, “County princess, the fifth test is to see if you have a compassionate heart. But county princess has already displayed a great compassion by saving the entire army’s soldiers. This test has naturally been passed.”

“Oh?” She raised an eyebrow, “You mean to say that I have already passed all five tests?”

“Indeed, county princess has passed all of them.” After saying this, he knelt on the ground and loudly said: “This servant greets county princess! Would county princess please help provide instruction!”

The thirty thousand soldiers behind him also knelt and said in unison: “This servant greets county princess! Would county princess please help provide instruction!”

A sensational feeling came once more, but Feng Yu Heng had actually become a little accustomed to it. No longer paying attention to the soldiers, she turned around and faced Xuan Tian Ming. Casting aside her earlier valiant aura, she suddenly revealed a child-like smile and loudly said “Xuan Tian Ming! I passed the test! Hahaha!”

The child’s laughter grew louder and sounded like the fairy of the valley. Where was that valiance that she showed earlier. The soldiers were a little startled, as though what had just happened was a dream. In that dream, there was a county princess that was capable of anything, but when they awoke from that dream, all that stood before them was the adorable second young miss of the Feng family.

Having passed all five tests, she became the second-in-command for the thirty thousand soldiers of the Northwest army. Aside from Xuan Tian Ming, these hot-blooded men would follow her, as they hoped to learn some skills from her.

Feng Yu Heng spent three days and chose four thousand soldiers from the thirty thousand to form an individual army, naming it the Divine Intent army.

The soldiers of the Divine Intent army were separated into two smaller groups, with one for divine archery and the other was support.

The divine archery group focused on archery, and the support group focused on the deployment of troops.

Ever since that point, the Divine Intent army became Feng Yu Heng’s personal army, with her personally leading their training. Using the methods from the 21st century for training special forces, the four thousand soldiers were trained to have physiques as strong as iron.

She remained with the army for a full month. During this month, she trained the divine archery group in the daytime, and at night, she taught the support group about military strategy. Often times, she would be so busy during the day that she would only get to sleep for four hours, and sometimes she did not even sleep.

She did not have any books on military strategy in her space, so she simply decided to write her own. Practically all of her rest time was used to write these books. Only when her eyes were bright red did Huang Quan stop her “Young miss, if you continue like this, this servant will go tell his Highness about it. I will have him personally come take care of you.”

Feng Yu Heng was helpless and could only listen obediently.

Xuan Tian Ming did not spend too much time with her during this period. There would even be times when the two would not see each other for many days in a row, despite both being in the military camp. She trained her soldiers, and he took care of his matters.

She knew that ever since the six wells in the military camp had been poisoned, this matter had been weighing on Xuan Tian Ming’s mind. If this matter was not completely investigated, the soldiers would not be able to have peace of mind.

But often times in the dead of the night, whenever she was able to rest, she could clearly feel that someone sat at the side of her bed. That person had the familiar smell of rosin, and when their finger gently held her face, it gave her a familiar tender feeling.

She knew that he had come, but she did not want to open her eyes. First because she was too tired, and secondly, she wanted to enjoy this rare quietness.

Finally, on the 30th day since Feng Yu Heng had come to the military camp, Xuan Tian Ming went to find her during lunch.

The two ate lunch together in the tent. Silently eating, neither person said a word.

In the end, it was Feng Yu Heng who could not continue eating. Putting down bowl and chopsticks, she looked at him and said: “Speak, what is it?”

Xuan Tian Ming also put down his bowl and chopsticks, he calmly asked her: “Eat a little more, let’s talk after we’ve finished eating, is that fine?”

She shook her head, “I hate this atmosphere the most, so I can’t calmly eat.”

He sighed and held her small hands in his palm, saying one word at a time: “It’s not too big of a matter. I received a report yesterday saying that the Winter disaster in the North has already been resolved. Your father has already begun heading back towards the capital a number of days ago. In under half a month, it will be the new year. Thinking about it, he should be wanting to rush back for the new year.”

“Oh.” She lowered her head and only said oh before falling silent.

Xuan Tian Ming continued: “Once Feng Jin Yuan returns, regardless of whether it’s the court, the capital or the Feng manor, there will be some new tendencies, so you must pay attention.”

“Oh.” She still kept her head down, not saying a single new word.

Xuan Tian Ming continued to speak in a good mood: “It’s almost the new year. A few days ago, I had people prepare a new set of clothes for you. With the new year, you will be 13, so I will need to prepare a few more sets of beautiful head ornaments for you. This morning, I had prepared for you a set of amethyst accessories, a set of white jade accessories and a set of rose quartz accessories. When you return to the capital, I will send them to the manor.”

“Oh…” She finally raised her head to look at him, her face revealing grief, “Just say that you want to chase me away directly then.”

He laughed, “What do you mean chase away? It’s the new year. In a little while, I will also need to return. You are the dignified county princess Ji An and the instructor for my Northwest army. How come you’ve suddenly begun acting like a child now?”

Feng Yu Heng replied in a very matter-of-fact manner: “I am just a child. I am only 13.”

“Fine, fine, fine, you’re a young child.” He truly acted as though he were coaxing a little child, as he stood up and held her in his lap.

Xuan Tian Ming’s legs were already able to handle a bit of walking. Although he was not able to walk very steadily, he had already begun his steady rehabilitation.

Feng Yu Heng felt a rare peace of mind. She reached out her small hand and hugged around his waist, feeling particularly at ease.

“Xuan Tian Ming.” She called out to him, “Did you know? The day I treated your legs, I said to myself that if I could cure you, I would accompany you in traveling the world. If I could not cure you, then I would be your cane.”

“Silly girl.” He gently patted her soft ahir, “With you here, how could it possibly not be cured.”

She felt a sourness in her heart, as she did not tell him that if she did not have the pharmacy in her space, and if that pharmacy did not have a secret operating room, his legs definitely could not be treated based on the medical tools available in this era. Even though she was the one performing the surgery, the operation lasted a full nine hours.

“I don’t want to leave.” Feng Yu Heng said truthfully, “I like the military camp. I don’t like the Feng family.” Previously, she had lived at the manor the entire time, so that was that. Now that she had spent a month at the military camp, the feeling from her previous life had been recovered. Not to mention the familiarity, how could she bear to leave. Moreover… “Moreover, you are here. Even if we do not meet up, I know that you are present and are at my side. So long as I call out, you will appear at any time and any place. Xuan Tian Ming, you don’t know how good this feeling is, and you do not know what sort of people I am dealing with in the Feng manor. Father, grandmother, sisters, all of them are proficient in acting. When they meet others, they greet them with a smile, but those smiles conceal hidden daggers. If I stop paying attention for a moment, a dagger will be plunged into me. Although I will not die, I will bleed for many days. Xuan Tian Ming, how long will it be before I turn 15? After I turn 15, I can get married to you, right?”

He hugged the girl in his waist even tighter, “Yes, after you turn 15, I will ride a tall horse with a multi-colored bridal sedan in tow. Departing from my Yu Palace, I will head straight to your Tong Sheng pavilion. When I arrive, you will be waiting for me at the entrance, wearing a phoenix coronet and embroidered tasseled cape. I will personally carry you onto the bridal sedan.”

“Un.” She sniffled and nodded vigorously, but she still gave him an explanation from a medical point of view: “Actually, getting married at 15 is not good. Although my train of thought is more mature than that of other girls, I will only be 15 after all. My body will not be finished developing, especially my reproductive organs and pelvic region. In truth, full development is only reached after 23. Not only early marriage but having children early is not good for the body. It is also bad for the development of the fetus.”

Xuan Tian Ming’s forehead was covered in black lines from what he heard. What was all this and that?

“Then your meaning is…” Damn it, she should not be saying that she would wait until 23 to get married, right?

“My meaning is… un, 15 is fine. I am a doctor, so I have an understanding of my body.”

“…. Then what are you wasting your breath for! Quickly pack your things. You will scram back home tomorrow.”

“Feng Yu Heng raised her head to look at him, “After the new year, can I come back.”

“Un.” He nodded, “Of course you need to return. You are an instructor of the Northwest army. Your Divine Intent army is still here too. Recently, those four thousand soldiers don’t even dare listen to what I say, but they will listen to anything you say. Feng Yu Heng, you absolutely must do your job!”

“I will obey!” She finally revealed a smile. With this smile, Xuan Tian Ming finally calmed down. “Then I will prepare all of the military books at home. When I return, I will be able to distribute them to the soldiers.” She pondered while speaking, “There are many things that need to be done. I still want to design a special bow for myself. Wait for me to draw it up myself. At a later time, find someone to build it in large quantities. I also need to prepare a variety of special medicines. One will be a poison applied to arrows ,and the other will be used by the soldiers, so they will find them easy to take. Also, the young nurses I have trained in Xiao Zhou, I will need to bring a few back to the capital and continue to train a few more. In the future, they will reside within the military camp in case of emergency.”

She counted these matters on her fingers, completely ignoring Xuan Tian Ming.

Xuan Tian Ming watched her and helplessly gave a wry smile. It was no good for a woman to be too career focused! Why did he feel that this damn girl seemed happier to lead soldiers into battle than being with him? Feng Jin Yuan really knew how to raise daughters.

No matter how unwilling, Feng Yu Heng still got in the carriage the next morning to return to the capital.

Over the past month, the Divine Intent army’s two groups had made small advancements in their archery. Although they were still far from meeting her standards, these people she had chosen were very outstanding. They were also very smart, so they learned very quickly. Regardless of whether it was archery or battle tactics, they had a grasp of the core concepts. All that remained was improving comprehension and training.”

Feng Yu Heng trusted that her Divine Intent army would be able to give the world a surprise within half a year.

“At the end of the year, most of the soldiers will also need to return home for the new year. Young miss returning to the capital is correct.” Huang Quan saw that her mood was not great and quickly spoke to comfort her, “Moreover, his Highness will need to return to the capital in a few days too.”

She nodded but did not say anything.

The military camp gave her certain feelings. Coming from her previous life, it truly gave Feng Yu Heng certain feelings.

Finally, the carriage stopped outside the Feng manor’s gates, and Huang Quan asked her: “Will we go to the Feng manor first or will we return to Tong Sheng pavilion first?”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then stood up and got out of the carriage, saying: “Let’s go to the Feng manor. It should be fine.”

The two got out of the carriage, and Ban Zou handed the reins over to one of the Feng family’s servants. Putting on his bamboo hat, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Feng Yu Heng stood with Huang Quan in front of the Feng manor’s gate. Looking at the scene taking place in the yard, she could not help but be curious “The atmosphere is wrong!”

TN: I don’t know if Divine Intent is the best possible name for her army.

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