Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 249

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Father’s Supreme Feat

“Since you recognize this county princess, why do you not kneel?” Feng Yu Heng stared at the old woman and coldly said: “You unruly person.”

Upon hearing this, the old woman clambered into a kneeling position in front of Feng Yu Heng’s feet. Having been kicked by Huang Quan, her chest hurt when she moved, but she still gritted her teeth and endured. She knew that it would be fine to offend others because there was Han shi above supporting her. But the Feng family’s second young miss carried the title of county princess. Apparently, she was a county princess who had even been conferred land. This was a proper slave owner! If she wanted her old life, there was nothing she could say about it.

Seeing the old woman kowtow with her butt in the air, Huang Quan felt irritated, thus she egged on Feng Yu Heng: “Too disgusting. How about we kill her?”

The old woman nearly died from fear and repeatedly said: “You must not! You must not! Young miss, please spare me! County princess please spare me!”

Mei Xiang also leaned over to secretly tug at Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, quietly saying: “She is the granny brought in from the outside by concubine mother Han. She is said to be taking care of her pregnancy.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, “Take care of her pregnancy?” She then looked again at the old woman, sniffing while observing, “But why do I smell the scent of oil on this old woman? She clearly is just a pig butcher, so how can she take care of her pregnancy?”

The old woman on the ground trembled once more. A pig butcher, even she was able to correctly guess this?

Fortunately for her, however, that Feng Yu Heng did not continue down this topic. Instead, she kicked her a couple times then said: “This county princess only just returned to the manor. Hearing that concubine mother Han is pregnant I specially came over to see her. Since you are a granny here, lead the way.”

The old woman was relieved and hastily tried to stand up, but she was unable to after five or six attempts.

One of the maidservants nearby was unable to bear with continuing to watch, so she came over to help her up. Only then could she get up from the ground.

“County princess, this way please.” After getting up, she quickly guided her inside. Just earlier, she had seen A Ju crying while running back with a swollen face. She was still curious over what had happened. Now that she thought about it, it was most likely that she had been beaten by the county princess’ servant.

As they continued forward, the granny kept her head down and did not dare even look towards Huang Quan.

Yu Lan courtyard was very large. The yard had a small pond and a garden. Because it was Winter, and there was no water in the pond, and only thing still in the garden was winter sweet, the beauty of the scenery was not apparent. But from the long winding halls, a graceful atmosphere could be seen. It was indeed a bit like a head wife’s aura.

Feng Yu Heng recalled that she had previously heard of how Chen shi had taken an interest in Yu Lan courtyard while she was still living in Jin Yu courtyard. From time to time, she would send servants to come over and tidy up. Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch both clearly knew that she wanted to take this courtyard, but because neither of them lived there, neither one stopped her. Only after Feng Yu Heng returned to the manor did Chen shi cease thinking of cleaning it. Who knew that Han shi would be the one to take advantage of it.

When Feng Yu Heng entered the room, Han shi was seated on the main seat and was accompanied by A Ju. Normally, a concubine’s courtyard would not have a hall because they very rarely received guests, and there was absolutely no need to meet guests in the hall. But Yu Lan courtyard indeed had one. Now that Han shi was seated in that spot, it only felt out of place.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng enter the room, Han shi was a little unsettled. She wanted to get up, but she also wanted to remain seated. Even when Feng Yu Heng was standing in the middle of the hall, she still had not decided whether she should stand or sit to speak with Feng Yu Heng.

At her side, A Ju kept her head lowered and no longer had any arrogance left in her. Even when Han shi glared at her for some ideas, she did not react in the slightest.

Han shi’s heart trembled in anger. When she looked again at Feng Yu Heng, she saw her looking over with a clever gaze that caused a cold sweat to appear on her brow.

In the end, she still stood up on her own and nodded, saying: “Second young miss, you’ve returned to the manor?” Her voice trembled, and her hands shook along with it.

Feng Yu Heng ignored her, instead inspecting the interior of the hall for herself.

Han shi did not know what she meant by doing this, so she could only give a simple explanation: “Elder madam sympathized with this concubine’s hardship with becoming pregnant and specially granted this Yu Lan courtyard to me. As a matter of fact, I only moved in here yesterday, so the courtyard is still a mess. Second young miss, please do not mind.” While speaking, she glanced sideways at the old woman who could barely stand with the support of a maidservant. She could not help but remember what A Ju had said earlier. Her heart was given a shock. Could it be that this one had also been beaten?

“Concubine mother is pregnant?” Looking around the hall, Feng Yu Heng asked this when she finally stopped.

Han shi was startled, and her mind was slow to respond. Normally, should she have provided some commentary on the quality of the room after looking around? She had already thought it through. If Feng Yu Heng said this room was good, she would say that she would go speak about transferring it with the matriarch. If Feng Yu Heng said that the room was no good, she would say that it had been left from before, and she had not changed too much.

But now, the subject had suddenly changed to her belly. Han shi was out of options and could only grit her teeth to say: “Yes.” In her mind, however, she remembered what A Ju had said. Feng Yu Heng absolutely had to come and examine her upon hearing that she had become pregnant.

Han shi’s heart was already about to leap into her throat. Feng Yu Heng’s medical ability was something known by everyone. But the matter of her getting pregnant, even if the manor called for a doctor, she did her best to arrange for the doctor brought in by the performance troupe. The date of conception had been declared as the day before Feng Jin Yuan left the manor by that doctor. If Feng Yu Heng was left to examine her, wouldn’t the whole matter become exposed?

“Concubine mother, please sit.” Feng Yu Heng did not beat around the bush, “I was at the military camp in the suburbs for a little over one month. I never thought that such a happy matter would occur at the manor. A-Heng does not have many gifts for concubine mother, and only my medical abilities are worth mentioning, so I will examine concubine mother to give you a bit more peace of mind during your pregnancy.”

“This must not be done!” Han shi’s heart trembled, “Second young miss is the noble county princess. This concubine is nothing more than a concubine. How could I possibly be able to accept being examined by second young miss! It absolutely must not be done! Absolutely not.”

She said this while subconsciously retreating. Her waving hands were suddenly held firmly by Feng Yu Heng, “Concubine mother Han is pregnant. You absolutely must be careful. You do not have eyes in the back of your head. What would you do if you fell?”

Han shi thought to herself if you did not scare me, I would not fall. But even if she thought this to herself, she did not dare say it out loud, instead saying: “Thank you second young miss for your concern.”

But she did not know that in the time Feng Yu Heng spent holding her wrist, she still managed to get a clear feel of Han shi’s pulse.

Feng Jin Yuan’s child?

Very good, Feng Jin Yuan left the capital for so long, yet he still gave Han shi a child. This was truly a technical job!

The smile on her face suddenly became brilliant, “Concubine mother Han, how come you became so nervous upon seeing me? Becoming pregnant is a joyous matter. You must not be excessively nervous or emotional.” She let go of her hands, “Since concubine mother does not like A-Heng examining you, then A-Heng will not examine you. You are indeed correct. I am the Feng family’s second young miss. Although I have some medical abilities, I am not a doctor. It does not stand to reason to examine people upon seeing them.”

Han shi did not know what she should say and could only nod and agree: “Yes, yes, second young miss is of noble standing. How could you casually decide to examine people.”

“That’s fine.” She smiled and said: “I just returned to the manor and still have not had a chance to pay respects to grandmother. I will be going to Shu Ya courtyard first.”

Han shi quickly said: “Second young miss, please take care.”

Hearing her say this, Feng Yu Heng suddenly stopped and turned around, saying: “There is a matter I nearly forgot to mention. How come concubine mother took third young miss’ personal servant to this courtyard?” Saying this, she turned to the granny who had nearly coughed up blood and said: “This pig slaughtering old woman is too vile, as she actually dared to whip a maidservant raised by my Feng manor to the point of bleeding. Now that concubine mother is pregnant, it would be best to avoid looking at this sort of murderous thing. A-Heng will expend a bit of energy and take her away to deal with her. Concubine mother, you need not concern yourself with it.”

After saying this, she left, completely ignoring Han shi. Huang Quan picked up the old woman and dragged her out of the hall.

Han shi was about to say something, and the words were in her mouth, but A Ju quickly stopped her “Concubine mother.” A Ju desperately shook her head, “You must not beg for her to be pardoned! Second young miss clearly returned to the manor angry. Either way, she was just an old woman brought in from the outside. If she took her away, she took her away. Concubine mother absolutely must not cross second young miss.” Now that she had a swollen face, she no longer dared to refer to Han shi as madam.

Han shi’s heart was extremely flustered. She felt that Feng Yu Heng returning to the manor meant that it was most likely her happy days were on the verge of coming to an end. But no matter what, so long as she did not cause any trouble for her own pregnancy, it would be fine. Either way, Feng Jin Yuan was returning soon. When that time came, there would naturally be someone to support her.

Thinking like this, her mood finally improved a bit. She then ordered A Ju: “Quickly, have the servants in the yard hurry up and quickly finish their work.”

And at this time, Feng Yu Heng had brought Mei Xiang and left Yu Lan courtyard.

Mei Xiang’s back hurt whenever she moved, but she still gritted her teeth and endured, repeatedly thanking Feng Yu Heng.

The old woman who had been dragged along by Huang Quan could not even say a word. Her collar was strangling her to death. She desperately waved her hands, but she found that the more she struggled, the tighter her collar became. This continued until she was completely unable to breathe. Her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

Feng Yu Heng led the group and returned to the front yard. The servants who had been helping Han shi move her things had already returned to their original positions. He Zhong was saying something to them, but when he saw Feng Yu Heng approach, he quickly trotted over, “Does second young miss have any orders?”

Huang Quan tossed the nearly-dead old woman on the ground and said: “Take care of this. Her body is covered in the smell of pig fat and is truly disgusting.”

He Zhong glanced at the old woman in disgust and said to Feng Yu Heng: “This old woman was purchased from the outside by concubine mother Han. Elder madam originally arranged for one of her own grannies to go over and take care of her, but she said that it was not convenient, so she bought one from the outside. On the first day this old woman arrived at the manor, she had the idea of taking servants from each of the courtyards to help concubine mother Han, saying that this was the only way of completing the job. Hehe, this servant truly does not understand what power concubine mother is trying to flaunt.”

He Zhong was the Feng manor’s housekeeper, and he was a third rank official who stood at the entrance of the prime minister’s manor. The Feng manor’s housekeeper was one that even normal officials had to give some face, so how could he not look down on a concubine of the manor?

“Tsk.” Huang Quan rolled her eyes, “She wants to be the head wife, I guess. Those sorts of thoughts are written on her face, and she thinks that nobody can see it. Quickly throw this old woman out. She’s too disgusting.”

He Zhong smiled and said: “Miss do not worry. I will take care of it immediately.” Saying this, he saluted to Feng Yu Heng then directed for servants to carry the old woman out. Turning around, he came over to look at Mei Xiang and could not help but shake his head, “Who were you hit by? That old woman is quite strong. Miss absolutely must take care of that wound later. Do not let it become more severe.”

Mei Xiang nodded with a pale white face, “Thank you housekeeper He.”

He Zhong understood that Mei Xiang being able to follow Feng Yu Heng out meant that the second young miss had definitely said something. The second young miss had always been a little more friendly with the third young miss. Helping out along the way is also something that should be done, thus he offered some kindness: “Will second young miss be going to visit the elder madam?”

“That’s right.” Feng Yu Heng said: “I have not returned to the manor for a long time, so reason dictates that I should go pay respects to grandmother.”

“That’s right, second young miss had not returned to the manor for a long time. Recently, the manor has been rather lively. His Highness the eldest prince and his Highness the fifth prince have been sending gifts to the manor everyday. Elder madam is extremely happy.”

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  1. Some may think that FJY is quite capable getting his concubine pregnant while he is away from the manor but I know there were many noble persons who had this skill. πŸ™‚

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    1. This Feng family is a train wreck. Pedophilia, incest, cheating… it’s got nearly everything. It’s just missing homosexuals. Maybe Chen Yu will become futa and go at it with Fen Dai.

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      1. Actually, homosexuality wasn’t frowned upon in China until contact with the ‘Western’ world in the late 1800s, so that wouldn’t have been a negative point. It was not considered out of the ordinary to have same sex relations along with inter sex relations (inter sex relations still being regarded as important in order to have offspring).

        But yes, the Feng family is indeed a huge train wreck πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ


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    Thank you for the chapter. I think I can get all answers in the next chapter.

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