Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 255

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Truly Does Not Give Face

The matriarch trembled, as she nearly thought that Chen shi had revived.

Immediately following this, she saw a person rush in. While crying and shouting, she dove towards Fen Dai.

Behind her, a few maidservants followed her in saying: “Concubine mother, slow down! Be careful of your belly!”

Only then did she realize that it was Han shi! But she did not think that Han shi, who was going to dive towards Fen Dai would actually turn around and begin grasping for Chen Yu. Like claws, she reached her hands towards Chen Yu’s face.

The matriarch was scared silly. Chen Yu’s face had always been the thing that the Feng family took most pride in. Although there were times she felt that this granddaughter would become a wreck because of her beauty, Feng Jin Yuan valued Chen Yu. She could not allow anything to happen to Chen Yu while Feng Jin Yuan was away from the capital.

Thus she hurriedly said: “Quickly stop her! Eldest young miss absolutely must not be hurt!”

The maidservants, along with granny Zhao, all went to stop Han shi and managed to stop her. Once Han shi saw that her plan had failed, she immediately gave up then turned towards Fen Dai. But once she saw the blood on Fen Dai’s face, she was so frightened that she was nearly unable to breathe and nearly fainted.

“Quickly help her find a seat!” The matriarch was so anxious that she almost wanted to hop out of bed, “Help her breathe. Pat her back. Ah! You’re pregnant right now, so how can you still be so rash? Even if you do not think of yourself, how about thinking more about the child in your belly?”

Han shi had enjoyed a period of living in style thanks to her pregnancy, so she had ceased being respectful towards the matriarch a long time ago. Just as she became able to breathe, she immediately began screaming: “Fourth young miss is also one of the Feng family’s children. Mother-in-law, how come you would allow her to suffer such grievances? How come you don’t know to feel distressed for her?”

“When have I not felt distressed for her?” The matriarch was furious and wanted to beat Han shi with her pillow, but thinking of the child in her belly, she could only put it down. “If it were not for you suddenly barging in and wildly screaming, I was preparing to have someone call for a doctor!”

“You’re blaming me for screaming?” Han shi pointed at Fen Dai and said: “Fourth young miss’ face has already become like this, so how come you don’t scratch up the main culprit’s face?”

At this time, Yi Lin and Xing’er were both standing in front of Chen Yu to prevent Han shi from suddenly rushing over.

Chen Yu anxiously hid behind the two servants. Seeing that there was a moment of respite, she quickly said: “Concubine mother Han is mistaken. I did not harm fourth sister! It was fourth sister herself who broke a vase in my room. Then, out of carelessness, she stepped on a broken shard and fell. That is what caused her facial injury!”

Hearing her mention the vase, Fen Dai immediately said: “I did indeed break the vase by accident, and that is the reason you wanted to kill me!” She looked to the matriarch and hastily said: “Grandmother, you do not know, but there was something fishy in eldest sister’s vase! There was a weird cloth bag inside, and I saw it. I went to pick it up, but eldest sister rushed forward to push me, causing me to fall. Her servant then picked it up and ran away. With an injury to my face, I could only send my servant to go chase.”

The matriarch was dazed by what she heard, “Didn’t you just say that your face was cut by a knife?”

“I…” Fen Dai nearly bit her own tongue. Why had she been in a rush to mention a knife? “Granddaughter was muddled. It was not a knife. It was a piece of the vase.”

“What exactly was it?” The matriarch’s face immediately became dark, “Your story is incoherent. You even brought up that your eldest sister wants to kill you. As I see it, it was all just nonsense!”

“Grandmother!” Fen Dai’s eyes widened, “But granddaughter’s injury is real! And doesn’t grandmother want to know what was in eldest sister’s vase?”

As she said this, An shi rushed in with Xiang Rong. Seeing Fen Dai’s face, Xiang Rong retreated in fear.

Only then did Fen Dai realize that her face must be very red. Her desire to harm Chen Yu gradually dissipated, as she began to feel afraid. Trembling, she felt her own face, but she was given a painful shock.

“Wa!” In the end, she was still a child and immediately began crying. She cried and said: “My face! My face is ruined!”

An shi reminded the matriarch: “Dispatch someone to find a doctor first!”

The matriarch nodded and ordered granny Zhao: “Quickly go bring a doctor to the manor.”

Granny Zhao was also in a panic, saying: “If we send someone now, what time would it be by the time the doctor gets here? Fourth young miss’ wound is severe. It can not wait. As this old servant sees it… we should call second young miss!”

The matriarch also reacted and quickly said: “Then quickly go call her! Quickly!” A young servant immediately ran out to call her.

Hearing that Feng Yu Heng was going to be called over, she let out a slight sigh of relief. She no longer worried about her own face and began thinking of how to deal with Feng Chen Yu, “Eldest sister still has not said what was hidden inside that vase.”

Feng Chen Yu helplessly said: “Fourth sister, elder sister does not understand what you are saying at all. What cloth bag was there inside my vase? When did your servant chase after Yi Lin?”

Yi Lin saw the situation and quickly knelt to speak to the matriarch: “This servant’s stomach was not feeling well today and did indeed run out once, but when fourth young miss came looking for eldest young miss, she came alone. She did not bring her maidservant along at all!”

Xing’er also knelt down, saying: “Elder madam, please accept this report. This servant was cleaning up the yard, and I indeed did not see fourth young miss arrive with a servant.”

“You…” Fen Dai was dazed. Was this not nonsense? Had she daydreamed it?

Yi Lin, however, spoke up at this time, saying: “I don’t know which servant fourth young miss is referring to, but this servant went to fetch some snacks for eldest young miss last night. At that time, this servant saw fourth young miss in the middle of punishing the servant called Pei’er. At that time, it seemed that Pei’er interjected, and fourth young miss slapped her across the face.”

This was the truth. Fen Dai was feeling unhappy the previous night and vented on Pei’er, “What’s wrong with this young miss punishing a servant. Is that not very normal?”

Yi Lin responded: “Fourth young miss is correct. This servant had simply recalled it and said it. There is no other meaning.”

The matriarch snorted. Looking at Fen Dai, she said: “You currently do not even have a witness, and you do not have any material evidence. Who can believe the things you said? Just obediently sit to the side and wait for your second sister to come and treat your wound.”

Fen Dai was unwilling to let it and she still wanted to argue a little more; however, Han shi’s servant, A Ju, secretly tugged her sleeve, giving her a look that said to stop.

But how could she give up like this. She could not help but say to the matriarch through her tears: “Eldest sister is speaking without thinking, yet grandmother is leaning towards believing her. How come you don’t believe me? She hid something. For the sake of preventing me from discovering it, she pushed me down and hurt my face. Why do you not believe what I said?”

Chen Yu began tearing up, speaking in a tone that was even more grief-filled than Fen Dai: “Fourth sister, can you stop falsely accusing elder sister? Elder sister really did not hide anything, and elder sister does not blame you for breaking the vase. If younger sister is unhappy because of the wound, then elder sister will also cut her face open and bleed with you. Is that fine?”

When Chen Yu acted, she had to do it with force. Seeing the teacup on the table, she picked it up and smashed it on the ground.

The matriarch shrieked in fear “Don’t! Quickly stop her!”

All of the servants wrapped up Chen Yu and bitterly begged her: “Eldest young miss, you must not!”

Chen Yu cried sadly, “It’s fine if I am hurt. So long as fourth sister is able to feel happy, it’s fine. Don’t stop me!”

Fen Dai furiously gnashed her teeth!

Feng Chen Yu was too good at acting. She was much too good at acting! She had managed to use nice things and money to satiate the matriarch, and she thought she would be given some face; however, she did not think that once something happened, the matriarch would still not favor her.

She was filled with anger, but she also knew that this matter had to be handled delicately, thus she quietly whispered into A Ju’s ear: “Send someone to find Pei’er. Have her search in the direction of Feng Chen Yu’s courtyard.”

A Ju complied and returned to Han shi’s side to arrange for the help. Fortunately, ever since Han shi became pregnant, there were many more servants at her side. At this time, she would be able to make use of them.

Seeing that Fen Dai no longer caused trouble, Chen Yu also gradually stopped, but she still wiped away tears.

Xiang Rong stood there feeling extremely awkward. Looking at Fen Dai and then at Chen Yu, she helplessly said: “Don’t worry too much. Second sister’s medical ability is very good. She will definitely be able to treat fourth sister’s face.”

At this time, Han shi was worried about Fen Dai’s wound. Xiang Rong was clearly speaking out of kindness, but when she heard it, it sounded like a sarcastic remark. Very rudely snorting, she said: “The wound is not on your face. Third young miss naturally is not worried.”

An shi furrowed her brow, “Younger sister should not speak like this to third young miss. This is against the rules.”

“The rules?” Han shi sneered, “The rules of the manor have been a mess for a long time! More over, I am currently pregnant with a child of the Feng family. When a woman is pregnant, their mood is less stable most of the time. Even if I said something against the rules, what can be done about it?”

Xiang Rong did not want for a fight to break out because of her, so she quickly tugged at An shi, giving herself a chance to speak. She then faced Han shi and said: “I am fine. Concubine mother Han, don’t take it to heart.”

“But I didn’t take it to heart.” Han shi looked at Xiang Rong. For some reason, she had turned the anger she felt for Chen Yu over to her and said: “Third young miss really is magnanimous. Of the young misses in our manor, only you are left without any hope. His Highness the seventh prince has not expressed his feelings ever since a few months ago, when he sent the set of clothing. Third young miss did not truly believe that his Highness the seventh prince would be your support, right?”

Xiang Rong frowned and blocked her heart from her thoughts, “I never thought that way before. Concubine mother, please do not speak nonsense.”

Han shi nodded, “It’s good if you did not think that. His Highness the seventh prince has not chosen an official princess, but the daughter of a concubine like you has no chance of becoming the official princess. Don’t go rushing in that direction and cause a problem for yourself. But…” Her eyes turned to look at Chen Yu, “But there is still another path. If you absolutely must get married to a prince, you can choose a prince with a dead official princess. After marrying, you will be the succeeding princess. That can also barely be considered as gaining face.”

These words were clearly speaking about the eldest prince, and Chen Yu’s face became a little gloomy; however, she managed to keep herself from speaking.

Xiang Rong always felt that Han shi was very similar to the old Chen shi. They were both people that spoke without a filter. They were capable of saying any number of disgusting things. She could not be bothered with arguing with her, but her heart ached from the mention of his Highness the seventh prince.

An shi could see what Xiang Rong was feeling and could not help but silently sigh. Although Han shi’s words were harsh, she did not have any intention of refuting her for Xiang Rong. Her words were crude but true. If Han shi’s sarcasm was able to completely kill Xiang Rong’s feelings, she would truly be thankful for Han shi.

At this time, the matriarch simply closed her eyes. She did not want to say anything, and she did not want to look at anyone. The rowdiness of this room full of people made her unable to rest peacefully. She hated all of them, and she wanted to choke all of them to death. Now, she only hoped that Feng Yu Heng would come quickly, so that this loud scene could quickly be resolved.

Who knew that with this wait, they would wait for two hours.

When the servant who had gone to call Feng Yu Heng returned, the person behind her was not Feng Yu Heng at all. Instead, it was an unfamiliar old man.

The servant said to the matriarch with a bitter expression: “Second young miss won’t come!”

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