Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 259

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So What if I Cut You Down?

Fu Song and Tian Dong immediately rushed forward to place the children behind them, but there were too many children. With just the two of them, how could they protect all of them.

They then heard Fu Sang repeatedly shout- “Everyone to the back! Quickly go to the back!”

Unfortunately, there was no point in hiding in the back. After the government officers entered the yard, they spread out and surrounded everyone in the yard. This included Feng Yu Heng, Huang Quan and their driver.

But the three did not appear to be nervous or afraid. Instead, they looked at this scene with some irritation. The driver even used both arms to protect the children, loudly telling them: “Don’t panic. Don’t be scared!”

But how could the children not be scared. One of the more timid girls even began crying.

One of the leading government officers said: “What are you crying for! Shut your mouth!” The child immediately fell silent in fear. That person then looked at Fu Sang and wickedly said: “Little girl Fu Sang, do you still wish to compete with me today?”

Fu Sang was anxious to the point of wanting to cry, “Elder brother, I beg you. For what it’s worth, please allow us to stay here through the Winter. We will definitely move once Spring arrives.”

“No!” The official waved his hand, “You must move out today! You must move now!” After saying this, he pointed to the people before him: “What are you waiting for? Go to each of the rooms and throw their things out!”

“Don’t!” Fu Sang took a few steps forward and dropped to her knees, “Official elder brother, I am begging you. Please let us stay through the Winter! It is so cold outside. The children will freeze to death!”

“Whether they live or die, what does that have to do with me?” The official’s brows furrowed, as he pushed Fu Sang to the ground, “Even if you froze to death, I would not care! This courtyard has already been sold. The governor has already said that I must chase you all out today. This courtyard will also be flattened for a new house to be built. Little girl Fu Sang, You have already dragged this out for ten days. If you do not move out today, do not blame me for being impolite!”

“What are you doing?” Tian Dong screamed as she saw that the official had already pulled out a saber.

“What am I doing? Hmph! You are nothing but orphans without family registers. Even if I killed all of you, nobody would investigate! Whether you leave or die, you can choose for yourselves!”

Just the mention of death scared the children in the yard. Even Fu Sang and Tian Dong began to tremble.

Huang Quan was truly unable to continue watching the official act arrogantly. With a flick of her hand, an unknown object was pulled from her sleeve and throw at the official’s forehead.

The person who had been swaggering about was suddenly struck in the forehead, causing him to drop to the ground on his butt, and blood began to flow from his forehead.

“Who did it?” He was extremely shocked, as he stared at Huang Quan. Only then did he realize that there were still a few unfamiliar people in the yard, so he could not help but let out a strange shout: “Who are you people? You actually dare to hit me?”

Huang Quan laughed, “Hit you? Even if I cut you down, go ask your governor, would he dare say a word of objection?”

This person could be considered someone who had some prestige. Hearing Huang Quan’s tone, he knew that she had some backing. But she was still dressed as a maidservant, which meant that her master was the young man behind her. But no matter how he looked, he could not recognize who this young man was.

Seeing that their leader had been hit, the government officers all moved a step forward. They then heard the person, who had been hit, yell: “What are you all still waiting for? There is someone here who dared hit an official. Why do you not quickly go detain her!”

Only then did they realize that there was another group of people still at the entrance. This group of people was different from the group that entered first. Wearing armor on their bodies and holding spears in their hands, they appeared to be military officers.

Huang Quan was beside herself, “Even military officers were brought to chase away some orphans?”

The military official who came in later was more courteous, and he did not protect the government official without distinguishing who was right and who was wrong. Someone who appeared to be the leader came forward and cupped his hands to Fu Sang and Tian Dong then said: “Young ladies, this house has indeed been sold to the government, so the government coming to clean it up is something that should be done. This one knows that it is very difficult during the Winter, but the government must continue to do its work, and that is not wrong either.”

Fu Sang was puzzled: “Everyone says that the government is the parental official for the citizens, but when the children starve and freeze, they do not care. Now they are not even willing to provide the children with a room to sleep in? My lord, take a look. Just how old are these children? If they sleep in the cold for a night, how many do you think will still be alive in the morning?”

That person also showed some helplessness, “The young lady is correct, but the government has the deed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to clean up the courtyard. If this matter were investigated, the unreasonable ones would be you.”

“But…” Fu Sang did not know what else she could say. That’s right, they were unreasonable, but what could these children do? Would they really need to watch as they all froze to death?

“Then let’s move.” Suddenly, a voice rang out. It was a clear and calm voice.

Everyone turned to look, and they saw a young man around 12 or 13 years old.

Fu Sang did not think that the person they saw as a benefactor would speak up for the government officers. After a moment, anger filled her heart, and she could not help but angrily shout: “If we had a place to move to, how could we continue to live here?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled at her, “Don’t get angry. I am saying that you should go pack your things. After packing, bring the children along. I will arrange a place for you to live.”

Fu Sang was stunned. After a long while, she blankly asked: “Is sir telling the truth?”

She nodded, “It’s true. Go quickly.”

She did not say anything further. Turning around, she led Huang Quan and her driver out of the yard.

They heard the one who had been hit by Huang Quan yell from behind: “Stop where you are! You hit someone yet you still want to run away? Detain them now!”

The military official, however, stopped him: “You came here to clean up the house, not to pick a fight!”

Outside, Feng Yu Heng and her group did not immediately get in the carriage. Standing next to the carriage, she said to Huang Quan: “Call the person who spoke up most recently out here.”

Huang Quan nodded and left. Not long after, the military official stood in front of Feng Yu Heng.

He did not know why this young man had called him. Earlier, he did not hear the young man say much, but the group of children that could not be chased away had actually begun packing their things.

“Many thanks, young sir for the assistance, giving both the children a place to live and allowing us to complete our work.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at this person and asked him with a frown: “Are you like that government official and feel that it does not matter what happens to the children, so long as the work can safely be completed?”

The person fervently shook his head, “Not at all. I do not feel that way at all. Those children are very pitiful, as they are all orphans. Originally, the person who lived here provided financial assistance, but that family suddenly moved out of the capital for some reason. They then sold the courtyard to the government. To say something unfavorable, the orphans are like abandoned cats and dogs. They usually rely on performing some chores in exchange for food. I heard that they are regularly unable to eat their fill.”

“You pity them?”

“Yes.” The military official nodded, but he helplessly said: “But what can be done with just pity? With just me alone, it’s impossible for me to handle this matter.” He then took another look at Feng Yu Heng, as he felt that this young man was a little familiar, but he was truly unable to say where he had seen him before. He could not help but ask: “Young sir, have we met before?”

Feng Yu Heng did not pay attention to his question, instead asking: “What are you doing participating in the governor’s business?”

“Ah!” The military official became a little angry upon mention of this topic, “Wouldn’t it be because the governor is good friends with our leader. Using these relations, he wanted us to help chase people away. He said that even if we had to kill everyone, we had to clear this courtyard out today.”

“Hmph.” Feng Yu Heng sneered, “Kill everyone? The governor really is bold.” She said this then told Huang Quan: “Go in and see how the packing is going.”

Huang Quan complied and left.

She then continued to ask the soldier: “I have something to request of you, is that fine?”

The military official quickly said: “This one still feels a closeness to this young sir, and you helped those children. Thinking about it, you are a virtuous person. Say it, so long as this one can help you accomplish it, I will definitely help.”

“It’s nothing major.” Saying this, she pulled out a silver ingot, “Go rent some carriages and bring them over. There need to be enough for all of the children. I have a residence in the suburbs of the capital. Come with me to send them there.”

“Yes!” Without another word, that person agreed, but he did not accept Feng Yu Heng’s money, “Sir, please put away the money. This one is unable to do too much to help, but I can still afford the money for the carriages. Just treat it as letting me do something for the children to ease my conscience.”

After saying this, he turned and left.

Feng Yu Heng also got in the carriage to wait for Huang Quan to bring Fu Sang, Tian Dong and the other children out. When they came out, that person had already returned with the carriages.

There were a total of five carriages, and each carriage seated five or six children, while Fu Song and Tian Dong sat with her.

The military official road a horse and follow behind them. Waving his hand, he dismissed his own men. Without another word, he silently followed behind Feng Yu Heng’s group of carriages.

Feng Yu Heng slightly lifted the curtain and look toward the courtyard once more. She just happened to see that the official with a bloody forehead was also looking towards her. Their eyes met, and she revealed a wicked smile, while the official trembled from a chill.

“One of the governor’s servants, very good.” She put down the curtain and said to Huang Quan: “Tell me, who would be most suitable to handle this matter?”

Huang Quan pondered a little then gestured with her hand “Seven.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Right, let’s have seventh brother handle it. He is very convincing.”

Fu Sang and Tian Dong knew that the young man before them definitely was not a normal noble person, but they did not dare ask anything, so they sat cautiously in the carriage.

Instead, it was Feng Yu Heng who took the initiative to tell them: “There is no need to remain on edge the entire time. Listen to me. I have a residence in the suburbs of the capital, and I will be bringing you there right now. Don’t worry, I will not reach a point where I will need to sell the residence, so you can be at ease and live there. The residence has some farmland, so you can plant some food when Spring arrives. You will more or less be self-sufficient.”

Fu Sang and Tian Dong were so grateful that they did not know what they should say. They could only kneel and kowtow.

Feng Yu Heng helped the two up, “Through your conversation with the official, I already have a basic understanding of your situation. We will go get you settled at the residence first. We can slowly talk about other matters at a later time.”

The carriage traveled for an hour then finally stopped in front of a residence with a piece of farmland.

This residence was part of the personal betrothal gift sent by Xuan Tian Ming. It was extremely large. Not to mention 30 people, even 60 to 90 people could live there with no problems.

When everyone saw this beautiful residence, they were completely stunned, especially the military official who had accompanied them for this trip because he felt that he recognized the origin of this residence.

He then thought a little more carefully and looked towards Feng Yu Heng. After a while, he was suddenly very shocked and nearly fell from the horse.

He dismounted the horse and flew over to Feng Yu Heng. When he arrived before her, he dropped to one knee and saluted. Raising his voice, he said- “This lowly one, Wang Zhuo, respectfully greets county princess Ji An!”

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