Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 260

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Do Not Regret it in the Future

This person was the military official who had gone with Feng Yu Heng to save Xuan Tian Hua, Wang Zhuo.

Seeing that he finally recognized her, Feng Yu Heng smiled and slightly raised her hand: “Get up.”

Standing up, Wang Zhuo looked at Feng Yu Heng and felt that she was different from before. He had heard that county princess Ji An had spent time at the military camp and that she had become the instructor for thirty thousand soldiers.

The ninth prince, Xuan Tian Ming’s, Northwest army was already the most powerful army of the four grand armies. The thirty thousand soldiers that he brought back from the Northwest were even more elite. Everyone knew that one had to pass five tests in order to become a leader within the Northwest army, and it was likely that even Xuan Tian Ming was no exception.

Now that Feng Yu Heng had passed that test, what did it mean? It meant that county princess Ji An had outstanding skills. She definitely could not be treated as a normal young miss from a noble family. As a military officer, he admired Feng Yu Heng for having passed the five tests. Thus his gaze was filled with admiration and a trace of reverence.

Wang Zhuo suddenly kneeling startled Fu Sang and Tian Dong, especially when he shouted county princess Ji An. They immediately recalled the young girl who had been giving out hot tea at the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall during the Winter disaster. They looked at the handsome young man before them and felt that they looked more and more alike. They could not help but ask: “You are county princess Ji An?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled, “That’s right. I am.”

“You really are county princess Ji An?” Fu Sang and Tian Dong had practically begun shouting with joy, as Tian Dong turned back and said to the children: “She is county princess Ji An! She is not a young gentleman! It’s the county princess that gave us hot tea for many days during the Winter disaster!”

Hearing this, the children began to cheer. Shui Ling squeezed over to Feng Yu Heng’s side and held her hand, saying: “Sister Fu Sang said that county princess is our benefactor. During the Winter disaster, I was sick. Hundred Herb Hall said that we were too far, so they specially prepared some tea that could be prepared back in the courtyard for us to drink. If it were not for your tea, Shui Ling would have frozen to death.”

Feng Yu Heng could not remember such trivial details, or perhaps she did not know about it at all. Most of it was handled by Wang Lin, but she never thought that she would run into these children under such favorable circumstances.

“Silly girl.” She patted Shui Ling’s head then said to Fu Sang and Tian Dong: “This residence has had nobody living in it the entire time. I would usually send people here from time to time to clean up a little, but now that you are living here, that job will be handled by you.”

Tian Dong happily said, “County princess, do not worry. We will definitely take good care of the residence.”

“Un.” She nodded, “Bring the children to get their things first. I will talk a little more with Wang Zhuo.”

“Ok!” The two complied then gave thanks before leading the children away.

Wang Zhuo saw that Feng Yu Heng had something to say to him, so he could not help but become a little nervous; however, he was also a little happy. He did not know what Feng Yu Heng had to say, but intuition told him that it definitely would not be anything bad.

The two walked over to a pavilion inside the yard before Feng Yu Heng asked him: “You said that your leader used his power to help the governor with his work, so I will ask you. If it were you, when faced with a friend’s request and these children, which would you choose?”

Wang Zhuo did not even think before he said: “Of course I would need to think about the lives of the children! Even if their fates could not be changed, I would not push them around.”

“Good!” She stood in place and turned to face Wang Zhuo, “Then just wait to take over that position.”

“What?” Wang Zhuo’s eyes widened, his face showing that he did not dare believe it. He could not help but remind Feng Yu Heng, “That is the local commander of the capital!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled, “So what if it’s the command? Since he is not doing a good job as an official, there is no need for him to continue being one. This will take at most three days. Go back and wait for it. You will naturally be given an explanation in three days.”

“This lowly one thanks county princess for the grace of this promotion!” Wang Zhuo kneeled once more and expressed his wholehearted gratitude to Feng Yu Heng. He was merely a captain of the guards watching the gates. The local commander was someone who had met the Emperor and was an official able to attend court sessions. If he relied entirely on hard work, perhaps he would not be able to attain that position in a single lifetime, but now this opportunity presented itself, so how could he not be shocked!

“You can return.” Feng Yu Heng quietly said: “I am giving you this chance because you helped me find his Highness the seventh prince on that day. Secondly, it is to make sure your benevolence is not wasted. From this day onward, I hope that you can continue to benevolent. Do not allow your position as an official to chase away your benevolence. That would be too much of a disappointment.”

“I hope that county princess can be at ease. This lowly one definitely will not waste county princess’ teachings.”

Wang Zhuo returned to the capital feeling emotional and excited. Meanwhile, the residence had already been completely tidied up. The children were very happy to have a new place to live. Following Fu Sang and Tian Dong’s lead, they kowtowed to Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng accepted their courtesy then said: “I did not bring you here to live leisurely, but there is also no need to do any rough work like washing clothes. I will bring a teacher here tomorrow to teach you how to read. I will also bring a doctor from Hundred Herb Hall to teach you the basics of medicine. Those of you who do the best in learning to read or with medicine will be brought to the county princess’ manor, where I will personally handle teaching you. Is that good?”

“Yes!” The children all responded in unison, each of them showing a happy expression.

Fu Sang said: “None of these children have ever learned to read, but they are very smart. They definitely will not disappoint county princess.”

She nodded and thought that this was very good. What she wanted were children who had not learned anything. Being able to teach them from the start would mean that she could mold them as she desired.

Feng Yu Heng dismissed the children and handed a 50 tael bank note to Fu Sang, “After I return to the capital, I will have someone bring food over. I will also have a carriage remain here. This banknote will be kept with you for emergency use. If there is any sort of emergency, come to find me at the county princess’ manor. I will tell the servants about you, so you will be able to come straight in.”

Fu Sang and Tian Dong were both so moved that they did not know what to say. They could only repeatedly give their thanks.

Feng Yu Heng did not remain any longer. On the way back, she advised Huang Quan: “Take care of the things I promised them when we get back to the manor. We must keep a close eye on this side. Once someone with some talent appears, they must be brought back to the manor immediately. Also, send someone to the government to register them. I will write a letter to seventh brother at a later time, and I will need you to send it to him.”

The two pondered over the happenings of the day, as they rushed back towards Tong Sheng pavilion. When they were passing by the Feng manor’s entrance, the carriage slowed down, and the driver asked her: “Young miss, will we be going back to our own side or will we stop at the Feng manor?”

Feng Yu Heng originally wanted to return to Tong Sheng pavilion, but when she lifted the curtain and looked into the Feng manor, her mind was changed “Stop! I will be going to the Feng manor.”

She lifted the curtain and exited the carriage. At the entrance of the Feng manor, she saw some servants throwing all sorts of things out. Of the things, there were fabrics, accessories, and there was also a variety of toys.

Alongside the things that had been thrown out, there was an unfamiliar maidservant. The maidservant’s face was blue with anger, as she pointed at the servants of the Feng manor and angrily shouted: “You had best know what’s good for you!”

The servants of the Feng manor did not dare show any weakness, responding: “We are simply acting out our orders. If miss has any anger, go vent it to fourth young miss. There is no point in getting angry with us.”

The maidservant stood outside the manor. Putting her hands on her hips, she pointed at them and loudly said: “Then just pass the message along to your fourth young miss to not be too arrogant. The thing Prince Li lacks the least is women, and there are plenty of secondary princesses. She really should not treat it as anything serious. Right now, Prince Li is interested in her, but who knows when that will disappear. You actually dare throw out the things gifted by his Highness? If these things are thrown out right now, there won’t be any more in the future. She had best not regret it!”

After saying this, she waved to a driver outside the manor. The driver quickly went over and brought the things into the carriage. The maidservant climbed into the carriage and quickly departed.

Huang Quan clicked her tongue, “When did the fourth young miss become so daring?”

Feng Yu Heng shrugged, “Who knows! Prince Li most likely did something that was not to her liking, so she is throwing a tantrum.” She suddenly recalled the matter of preparing food cooked with medicine for Feng Jin Yuan’s return to the manor. At that time, Fen Dai had picked up the task that had been pushed to her, saying that she would have the fifth prince invite Mo Bu Fan and the imperial chefs. “Thinking about it, there is probably a problem with Feng Jin Yuan’s welcoming banquet.”

Putting on a smile, she turned around and led Huang Quan towards the entrance of the county princess’ manor.

The Feng family’s servants looked at each other in dismay, as they thought that having land of their own is best. Being able to leave after taking a step inside was something only the second young miss dared to do.

At the same time, in Yu Lan courtyard’s garden, Feng Fen Dai was putting on her shoes while seated on the snow-covered ground. Her small face was blue and purple from the cold. While putting on her shoes, she loudly whined: “Great aunty, I’m done with learning! I don’t want to continue learning! For the sake of being favored, I learned this tiring type of dance, but what about him? He does not even help me invite some imperial chefs. Why should I bother wasting my time earning his favor?”

Standing before her was the one who wore thin clothes despite the cold, Hong Yun. Compared to Fen Dai’s face that had turned blue from the cold, Hong Yun’s face appeared completely accustomed to the snow. At this time, her feet were bare and standing in snow, but she did not appear to be the slightest bit cold.

“A calm heart is most important to this type of dance. Do not be too irritable. Even if you encounter a large problem, your heart must remain like ice, stable and calm.”

“I can’t remain calm!” How could Fen Dai learn even a fraction of Hong Yun’s graceful bearing, as she loudly shouted: “I’m done with learning. Leave the manor! I will double the amount of money, so never come back again!”

“Is fourth young miss serious?”

“Of course I am serious!”

“Then that’s fine.” Hong Yun nodded, “I am not originally from the capital. Once I have left, I will never return. If fourth young miss comes to regret it, you will never be able to find Hong Yun. In this world, I am the only one who knows how to dance this dance. Fourth young miss, do not regret it.”

Saying this, she began to leave the courtyard without a hint of hesitation. Fen Dai never thought that this person actually would not even say a few words to advise her nor beg to remain. For a while, she was frozen in place. Forgetting about putting on her shoes, she only thought about what Hong Yun had said.

If she let her go, she would truly never be able to learn this type of dance, then his Highness the fifth prince…

“Wait a moment!” She changed her mind, “I still want to learn this dance, but my mind was not tranquil today. I will rest for one day.”

Hearing this, Hong Yun laughed. Turning her head back, she asked: “When has fourth young miss’ mind ever been tranquil?”

“You…” Hong Yun really was more and more impudent, “In the end, I am still the Feng family’s fourth young miss, and you are just a dancer. How dare you speak to me like this?”

Hong Yun was not frightened by her in the slightest. Instead, her face was expressionless like ice, but she still slowly walked back and asked Fen Dai: “Does fourth young miss think me walking around barefoot in the snow and wearing thin clothes is beautiful or not?”

Fen Dai was startled. She did not know why she would ask this question, but she still nodded: “Beautiful.”

“Then think about it. Even if the one you marry is not his Highness the fifth prince, so long as you have learned this ability, what man could reject you?”

Hong Yun’s words caused Fen Dai’s eyes to light up, as her hope soared once again.

At this time, Hong Yun brought something out of her sleeve pocket and handed it to her “I will give you this.”

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