Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 262

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Even if I Die, I Will Find Someone to Break my Fall

Seeing Feng Yu Heng prioritize leaving the manor, Chen Yu also followed along with large strides. Huang Quan looked at the two who were like lingering spirits, and she truly felt a desire to kick the two flying.

All the way to the carriage, Chen Yu continued to speak with them, “Why is second sister in such a rush. The bracelet elder sister gave you is still in the courtyard. Take another look at the supplements provided for madam!”

Feng Yu Heng had a foot on a stepstool and was about to climb into the carriage, but Chen Yu’s words suddenly caused her to change her mind.

She stopped and turned around. Staring at Feng Chen Yu, she suddenly said: “It seems that eldest sister really has a lot to say to me and is reluctant to allow me to leave!”

Feng Chen Yu nodded, “That’s right! The past little while, you were always at the military camp, so us sisters were unable to talk. But now, it’s the end of the year, and grandmother said that you have not been in the capital for new years the past few years, so I should come and give you a few words of advice.”

“What?” She suddenly laughed, “A-Heng really must thank grandmother for her concern. I also must thank eldest sister for your concern. Since eldest sister has received an order from grandmother, it would be wrong for A-Heng not to listen, but I am in a rush to pick up Zi Rui… How about this, eldest sister will go with A-Heng. Along the way, A-Heng will listen respectfully!”

After saying this, she did not wait for Feng Chen Yu to agree or refuse. Grabbing hold of her wrist, she instantly put in some strength and tossed her into the carriage.

At the same time, Huang Quan also did the same thing and threw Yi Lin into the carriage. The two then climbed into the carriage. The driver raised his horsewhip, and the carriage left the manor.

The master and servant pair of Chen Yu and Yi Lin paled with fear. They were completely unable to react to what was happening. Only after the carriage began moving did they manage to recover mentally, but it was already too late. They were already in the carriage, and the carriage was already in motion.

She was extremely shocked, and her voice became shrill. Staring straight at Feng Yu Heng, she asked: “What are you doing?”

Yi Lin protected Chen Yu from the side, as she stared at Feng Yu Heng in horror. In her mind, a person like Feng Yu Heng was someone that she treated with caution even when in public. Now that they were in the same carriage, it truly caused her heart to fill with dread.

Seeing the two faces that appeared to have seen ghosts, Feng Yu Heng was confused “Didn’t eldest sister say that you had many things to say? A-Heng thought that we would talk along the way to picking up our younger brother. I figure that we will pretty much be done with talking once we arrive. Zi Rui will be very happy when he sees eldest sister personally going to pick him up.”

Chen Yu’s face became a little pale, but what could she say? Feng Yu Heng’s methods did not give her any room to complain. Two elder sisters were going to pick up their younger brother. Where was the problem with that? Moreover, she had been the one who had gone to look for her. It was also her who held on without letting go. That many pairs of eyes had seen it, so even if she wanted to blame someone else, she could not.

But her goal was not to get in the same carriage. It was to delay Feng Yu Heng from leaving the manor by a bit! Now… what could she say?

Seeing that Chen Yu was not moving, Feng Yu Heng shrugged and smile, “Eldest sister really is funny. When in the manor, you had so many things to say to A-Heng. How come you’ve fallen silent now that you are in the carriage? Thinking about it, if eldest sister is tired, then just rest for a while. After we leave the city in a moment, we will be able to see Zi Rui.”

As she said this, she leaned back in the carriage and closed her eyes to rest.

Her mind had also been unstable because of Zi Rui’s return. Chen Yu suddenly coming to Tong Sheng pavilion, delivering gifts and refusing to leave made it clear that she was trying to delay her departure from the manor. She only managed to react when she was about to get in the carriage.

But it was not late, right? Slightly squinting her eyes, she looked at the panic written on their faces, allowing Feng Yu Heng to secretly laugh to herself. Plotting against others was fine, but nobody should ever plan to remain aloof of the matter. Even if she died, she would make sure to have someone to break the fall.

The carriage sped out of the city, following the main road in the direction of Xiao Zhou. But just as they had traveled five li, the sound of a hawk’s cry suddenly sounded out. The people inside the carriage were unable to see the situation outside. They only heard the driver loudly shout “Ah” before the horses seemed to have become frightened. Without any direction, they began to rush around wildly.

The driver firmly held onto the reins, but he was still unable to regain control of the horses, as he loudly shouted: “Young miss, sit steady!”

But how could Feng Yu Heng listen to him. Not only did she not sit steady, she even reached out and lifted the curtain.

The other three were tossed around the carriage, but Huang Quan was doing it deliberately. Having received a look from Feng Yu Heng, she pushed Feng Chen Yu and Yi Lin next to the door of the carriage.

Chen Yu was dazed, and she was completely incapable of telling which direction was which. The carriage was rocking too much. In fact, she was not even aware that she had been tossed out of the carriage.

At this time, the hawk in the sky soared once again. Feng Yu Heng raised her head to look and saw an extremely large goshawk flying straight towards them with its wings extended!

Seeing that the hawk’s sharp beak was flying straight towards her head, Feng Yu Heng suddenly pulled herself back into the carriage. Her form was a bit embarrassing, as she looked as though she had been sent rolling by the bouncing of the carriage.

As for the goshawk that had shot downwards, it was unable to completely stop. It collided with Feng Chen Yu, who was still exposed on the outside.

The goshawk’s beak was strong, especially once that had been trained, and it was especially good when dealing with humans. It fiercely bit Feng Chen Yu’s forehead, and Feng Chen Yu let out a scream. A piece of flesh had been torn away by the goshawk.

Feng Yu Heng gave Huang Quan a look, and Huang Quan understood her thoughts, immediately shouting “Not good! Eldest young miss has been bitten by a hawk!”

And at the same time, Feng Yu Heng climbed out of the carriage when the carriage bounced. She appeared to be going to take a look at Chen Yu’s injury, but who knew that the bouncing of the carriage would suddenly become more intense, and she would immediately be thrown out of the carriage.

Huang Quan shouted: “Young miss!” She was about to also jump out of the carriage, but she was firmly held on to by Yi Lin. She was about to kick Yi Lin, but she saw Feng Yu Heng slightly shaking her head from the floor. Huang Quan understood that it was possible that her young miss had done it on purpose, so she allowed herself to be pulled back by Yi Lin, but she said with dissatisfaction: “Something also happened to my young miss!”

The wild horses were still rushing forward. Feng Yu Heng had deliberately jumped out of the carriage. Before she jumped out, she looked at the horse and saw that the hawk had torn out one of its eyes. This showed how strong the hawk was.

She pondered while putting her right hand on her left wrist, pulling out a tranquilizer gun. The goshawk was determined to target her for some reason. Even if she jumped from the carriage, it would be able to find her position mid-air. Letting out another cry, it rushed down once more.

Feng Yu Heng hated things with wings and sharp beaks the most. She especially hated things that were used to harm people. Seeing the goshawk rush at her once more, she raised the tranquilizer gun and shot it towards the beast.

In an instant, the long needle entered the hawk’s body, and the hawk fainted almost immediately. It then fell to the ground and shattering its body.

Feng Yu Heng frowned. Holding back her feelings of being fed up, she placed the hawk in her space. When she stood up to look at the carriage, she discovered that the carriage had already stopped in some woods.

She quickly ran over, a look of worry appearing on her face. When she approached the carriage, she raised her voice and shouted: “Eldest sister, are you ok?” She then looked at the horse and found it had fainted from being hit by Huang Quan.

Yi Lin held Chen Yu and cried: “Second young miss, quickly come and look. Our young miss, she…. she seems to have fainted.”

In truth, she wanted to say that she might have died because Chen Yu’s current appearance was very frightening. The place where the forehead met with the scalp, a piece of flesh was missing. Blood covered her face and body. Her breathing was weak, and she had completely fainted. Yi Lin truly did not know whether Chen Yu was alive or dead, so she could only beg Feng Yu Heng to go and take a look.

Huang Quan coldly snorted, “Our young miss just fell from the carriage, but you do not even ask her if she is injured, instead you order her to look after someone else?”

Yi Lin trembled. Not daring to argue with Huang Quan, she could only unwillingly ask: “Second young miss, are you injured?” She had clearly seen Feng Yu Heng run over, so how could she possibly be injured.

Fortunately, Feng Yu Heng was realistic and did not trick her, shaking her head: “I am fine. I am feeling a little pain from the fall, but it’s fine. I will take a look at eldest sister’s injury first.” As she said this, she looked towards Chen Yu’s forehead. Upon looking, she nearly began laughing. She could only use her sleeve to cover her face, which gave her the appearance of grieving for Chen Yu. But only Huang Quan knew that her young miss was unable to hold back her laughter. It was true. She was entertained just thinking about how Feng Chen Yu had been bitten to this degree.

“Second young miss.” Yi Lin’s mind was very unstable. She wanted to ask if Chen Yu was still alive, but how could she say such a thing.

It seemed, however, that Feng Yu Heng knew what she was thinking, as she said: “Don’t worry. She is still alive, but…” She looked at Yi Lin, her face full of worry, “That hawk’s mouth has poison on it!”

“Impossible!” Yi Lin did not even think, as she reactively shrieked: “That sort of hawk is never poisonous!”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng expressed her doubt, “How can you be so certain?”

Yi Lin knew that she had exposed the truth and quickly changed her tune, “This servant’s meaning is if there was poison on the mouth, wouldn’t the bird have died of poison?”

Feng Yu Heng did not argue with her, “Perhaps I made a mistake.” She then said with some joy: “Fortunately, that hawk has already flown off, otherwise, I fear that we would be in danger.”

Yi Lin’s expression did not change. When she knew that Feng Chen Yu’s life was not in danger, she began to think of how she could help her master accomplish the mission. Thus she braced herself and asked Feng Yu Heng: “May I ask second young miss to treat the young miss’ wound? Either way, we have not gone too far from the main road. Even if second young master’s carriage passes by here, we will be able to see it, but eldest young miss’ injury cannot wait!”

“But how do you want me to treat it?” Feng Yu Heng replied with a question, “First, I did not bring my medicine case. Second, I do not have any medical herbs, so how do you want me to treat her?” She squatted on the ground and placed her chin in her hands then looked at Yi Lin. Her mental state was leisurely and carefree. Where was the concern that she had shown earlier.

Yi Lin felt her heart go cold, as the fear that usually consumed her when facing Feng Yu Heng once again surged forth. She did not dare request Feng Yu Heng treat Chen Yu’s injury again, but she was also secretly happy. Huang Quan had caused the horse to faint, so even if they wanted to leave, they could not.

The group sat in place. Chen Yu was still unconscious, and Yi Lin held her while repeatedly wiping the blood from her forehead. Feng Yu Heng and Huang Quan sat back to back on a large rock, seemingly as though they were just idling about. They were even discussing the might of the earlier goshawk. The driver from Tong Sheng pavilion was accustomed to the idea of running into problems when traveling with Feng Yu Heng, so he did not appear afraid, as he stood next to the horse and pitied it.

Like this, they sat for a long time before Yi Lin felt that something was not quite right. Feng Yu Heng had come to receive Feng Zi Rui, so how come they were just sitting in the woods? Looking at how Chen Yu’s forehead was bleeding more and more, the servant’s heart began to quiver…

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