Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 263

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If You Dare Touch Her, I Will Have You Quartered

At this time, the sound of horses came from the main road. Before Yi Lin could react, she saw Feng Yu Heng and Huang Quan stand up at practically the same time.

In truth, Feng Yu Heng was very worried, but her worry was simply not revealed for others to see. At the same time she threw Feng Chen Yu into the carriage, she had secretly made a hand signal to Ban Zou. Ban Zou had been with her for a long time, so he was familiar with the hand signals that she used, thus he left before them to go receive Zi Rui.

And the reason they were waiting in this place was for Ban Zou.

At this time, Huang Quan had already seen a quick horse rushing over along the main road. It was none other than Ban Zou. She quickly shouted and waved to him.

Ban Zou turned the horse and rushed into the woods. Arriving before them, he dismounted the horse with two people in his arms. One was Feng Zi Rui, and the other was Qing Yu.

Once Feng Zi Rui’s feet touched the ground, he immediately dove into Feng Yu Heng’s waist. His small face was pale with fear, and his small body continued to tremble.

“Elder sister, I’m so scared. We ran into an assassin along the way!”

She hugged Zi Rui and comforted him while giving a look to Ban Zou asking, where was Wang Chuan?

Before Ban Zou could respond, Feng Zi Rui, who was still trembling, suddenly raised his head. His complexion was still slightly pale, but it was much better than before. His mental state was also slowly steadying itself. But he looked at Feng Yu Heng and said in a serious adult manner: “Someone wanted to kill us, and sister Wang Chuan hid me and Qing Yu in some snow. She went to fight with 20 people alone. I saw sister Wang Chuan cough up blood in exhaustion. In the end, she was taken away by the bad guys.”

Huang Quan’s calf twitched, as she moved in the direction Ban Zou had come from, but she was stopped by Ban Zou: “I could not even find her. What good is there in you going now?”

Qing Yu was also extremely frightened, but she was still a little older than Zi Rui. Ever since she had begun following Feng Yu Heng, she had seen her share of difficult situations. Although she was shocked, she was not completely out of sorts. She told Feng Yu Heng: “It was a group of people in black clothes that had their faces covered. They seemed to be very capable in martial arts. Sister Wang Chuan could manage three or four, but the enemy had 17 or 18 people. We truly could not be considered their opponents. As young master said, once Wang Chuan noticed that something was off, she immediately hid us in a pile of snow, and we could only secretly watch through a hole in the snow, but we did not dare make a single sound.”

Feng Yu Heng’s calm gaze gradually became piercingly cold. Without a trace of hesitation, she shot a look at Yi Lin. Yi Lin was caught off guard and nearly threw Feng Chen Yu away in fear.

“Master, what will we do now?” Ban Zou asked her.

Feng Yu Heng pondered for a while then said: “Hitch the horse to the carriage. We will return to the manor.”

Ban Zou had always acted on her orders. Nodding, he went to handle the horse. It was Huang Quan who anxiously asked: “Then what will we do about Wang Chuan?”

She patted the back of Huang Quan’s hand. The two girls had grown up together, so their deep feelings could not be substituted. Now that something happened to Wang Chuan, Huang Quan was the one who worried the most.

“Trust me.” She did not say anything else, only telling her, “Wang Chuan will definitely come back.”

Huang Quan was still a little worried, “Who knows how badly they’ve beaten Wang Chuan.”

“Hmph.” Feng Yu Heng coldly snorted then looked at Yi Lin once more, “Whatever those people have done to Wang Chuan, I will do to the main instigator. If there is flesh missing from Wang Chuan, I will remove the perpetrator’s hand. If Wang Chuan is missing a hand, I will quarter the perpetrator.” It sounded like the words were being spoken to Huang Quan, but her eyes continued to look towards Yi Lin. After she finished speaking, she even asked: “Little servant, don’t you agree?”

Yi Lin felt as though she had seen a ghost, as her entire body began to tremble. Her mouth was open, but she did not know how to respond. She could neither say yes nor no. She began to regret helping Feng Chen Yu with these things. What if they one day fell into Feng Yu Heng’s clutches, she had no idea how much they would suffer from the retaliation.

“Get in the carriage.” Feng Yu Heng did not even wait for her to respond, as she pulled Zi Rui into the carriage. Huang Quan and Qing Yu followed behind them. This left Yi Lin hugging Feng Chen Yu on the ground.

“Seco- second young miss.” She spoke with a trembling voice, and even though the carriage did not leave, nobody paid any attention to her. There was nothing she could do. Gritting her teeth, she tried to pick Feng Chen Yu up on her own, but she was unsuccessful after a few tries. Without any other option, she could only place her hope in the driver.

But the driver shook his head, saying: “Eldest young miss is a beloved daughter. I am nothing more than a servant in charge of driving carriages. I do not dare help with this matter.”

There was nothing Yi Lin could do, so she knelt and begged Feng Yu Heng: “Second young miss, please show mercy and help this servant!”

Sitting in the carriage with a frosty expression and icy gaze, Feng Yu Heng said: “For the sake of saving my eldest sister, I was already thrown from the carriage once. My leg hurts like crazy, and I am unable to put in any strength. Huang Quan has also suffered some injuries. Zi Rui is too weak, and Qing Yu was buried in the snow for so long that she has nearly frozen. If you truly must have someone help, aside from my old driver, there is only my hidden guard. But they are both men. If word of this were to spread, your eldest young miss’ face will be completely lost.”

“This…” Yi Lin was completely blocked by Feng Yu Heng. She wanted to say that face was not as important as life, but she could not make decisions for Chen Yu. The young servant thought for a while then gritted her teeth and summoned forth a great deal of courage to say: “Second young miss will not save a dying person. Do you not fear being punished by elder madam? Master will be returning to the manor tomorrow. What sort of explanation will you give him?”

She only heard a cold snort come from inside the carriage: “I already said that I was thrown from the carriage in order to save eldest sister. This many pairs of eyes saw it, yet a servant like you does not acknowledge it? As for not saving a dying person, you must understand something. Once something happens to your young miss, the first one to die will be you. Do you think the Feng family will dare do anything to a county princess like me?”

Yi Lin completely despaired. She was unable to beat Feng Yu Heng in a battle of wits. This second young miss might even be able to make black sound white. When had she been thrown from the carriage in order to save eldest young miss? She had clearly bounced out on her own! But if she insisted on saying it, there was nothing she could do. After all, aside from Feng Chen Yu, nobody else present would speak up for her. But now, Feng Chen Yu…. absolutely could not die!

It was Feng Yu Heng’s final words that reminded her. If anything were to happen to Feng Chen Yu, the first to die would be herself! Thinking of this, the young servant immediately found strength. Without worrying about something like a young miss’ status, she just pulled Chen Yu by the arm and dragged her along the ground. Whether alive or dead, she would pull her to the side of the carriage. She then climbed into the carriage first then dragged Chen Yu into the carriage as though she were a dead dog.

Just as Chen Yu’s feet left the ground, the driver raised his whip and set the horse in motion.

Yi Lin was thrown in, and, fortunately, Chen Yu was thrown into the carriage. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief.

The atmosphere inside the carriage was very subdued. Feng Yu Heng closed her eyes to rest. Huang Quan’s eyes were like knives, staring straight at Yi Lin. Zi Rui had fallen asleep while being hugged by Feng Yu Heng, and Qing Yu was trembling while wearing a coat provided by Ban Zou.

Yi Lin did not even dare breathe heavily, as she hugged Chen Yu’s head. In her heart, she hoped that the horse could run faster, so they could return to the Feng manor a little faster.

Finally, the carriage stopped in front of the Feng manor, and Yi Lin practically rushed out immediately. The moment she got out of the carriage, she shouted: “Eldest young miss was injured! Quickly come help!”

There were many servants in the Feng family, and this shout caused many to come over. The male servants did not go forward, but the maidservants and grannies did not worry about such things. In a flurry of action, they pulled her out of the carriage.

At this time, Chen Yu had already started to wake up, but she was still dazed and could not understand what was happening. She only felt that she was being carried by some people, and there was someone shouting: “Eldest young miss, you must endure! We have already gone to invite a doctor.”

Her mind groaned, as a pain finally surged forth.

Thinking about it, she had been bitten by a goshawk!

Once this memory surfaced, she immediately wanted to bring her hand up to feel her head. This scared Yi Lin, who immediately grabbed her hand: “Young miss, you must not wipe at it. The wound is still bleeding. When the doctor arrives in a bit, it will be fine. Young miss, just endure a little longer.”

“What do I need to endure?” She suddenly began shrieking, “Why does my head hurt like this? Where exactly have I been injured? Where did that hawk bite me?”

She shouted herself hoarse, and her miserable voice was heard by the entire Feng manor. Many maidservants and grannies held her down, fearing that she would jump up. This continued the entire way before finally sending her back to her room.

Yi Lin repeatedly advised Chen Yu: “Young miss, you absolutely must not move around. If you touch the wound, it would not be good if it left a scar.”

After having been consoled endlessly, Chen Yu’s mood finally began to stabilize, but the servants who had carried her back began to admire Yi Lin. Wasn’t this just nonsense? The flesh had already been lost, so how could there not be a scar?

Feng Yu Heng was holding Zi Rui’s hand and watching this scene. Zi Rui had spent a few months in Xiao Zhou and had gained quite a bit of knowledge. Faced with this sort of scene, he was not at all able to remain unmoved. The hand that Feng Yu Heng held was sweating slightly, but he did not reveal any expression on his face.

Because there were many people in the room, Yi Lin took responsibility and chased some people out. Seeing Feng Yu Heng and Zi Rui still standing there, she did not know whether she should invite them in or have them go back first.

Fortunately, she was not left in this awkward situation for too long. The matriarch had come in with the help of granny Zhao. Behind her were Fen Dai and Han shi, but when Fen Dai saw Feng Chen Yu’s appearance, she was so disgusted that she nearly vomited. Pushing Han shi, she quickly left. The matriarch did not approve of Han shi getting close either, saying to Fen Dai: “Quickly take her out of here. It is not good to look at such things while pregnant.”

In truth, the matriarch did not dare look either. Chen Yu’s appearance was too frightening. A chunk of flesh was missing from her head. No matter how beautiful she was, she now looked like some sort of ghoul.

Feng Yu Heng led Zi Rui forward, telling Zi Rui to quickly pay respects to grandmother.

Zi Rui obediently knelt on the ground then kowtowed, saying: “Zi Rui pays respects to grandmother. It has been many months since we last saw each other. Is grandmother’s body still well?”

Only then did the matriarch see Zi Rui and was completely shocked. She did not know when Zi Rui would be returning to the capital, and she thought it would still be another two days. She did not think that this child would suddenly appear before her, nor that he would be so courteous and understanding.

“Good child, stand up.” The matriarch finally put on a smile.

Zi Rui listened and stood up. Feng Yu Heng then said: “You should also go greet and pay respects to eldest sister. Eldest sister was very worried about you. She even brought a new set of clothes for you to Tong Sheng pavilion. She also brought grandmother’s earnest teachings.”

The matriarch did not understand, “What earnest teachings?”

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