Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 289

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There Is No Unconditional Love in This World

As for why she was grateful, Kang Yi had her own reasoning, as she said to the Empress: “Coming from Qian Zhou in the North, Qian Zhou is covered in snow and ice throughout the year, and it is most suited to this type of dance. On the way to the capital, Kang Yi met with Prime minister Feng a few times and talked about it a few times. I never thought that Prime minister Feng would take it to heart and would bring this information back to his manor and have the fourth young miss learn. It is truly too wonderful. Being able to see the dance of Qian Zhou in another country, Kang Yi’s heart has truly been warmed. I thank your Majesty and your Highness of Da Shun for this grace and thank Prime minister Feng for putting in this effort.

These words managed to make it sound like Fen Dai had danced this for her, so they could not help but stare blankly at each other. The eldest princess of Qian Zhou was clearly helping Feng Jin Yuan. If someone else were to say it, it definitely would not have been proper, but with the princess of a foreign country saying it, the Emperor could only give her a bit of face.

At this time, the dance and the sound of the flute stopped. A palace servant went over to Fen Dai and quietly whispered a few words into her ear, causing her to drop to her knees in fear. Previously, she did not feel cold while dancing, but now that she stopped, her entire body shivered.

The Empress heard what eldest princess Kang Yi had said then looked at the Emperor. She felt that the anger in the Emperor’s eyes gradually began to fade, thus she understood what she should do. She revealed a smile then said to eldest princess Kang Yi: “This one did not expect that this insignificant snow dance would actually bring eldest princess such joy. That’s fine too. Since eldest princess liked it, this girl shall accompany you for a few days. This will also help reduce any feelings of homesickness. Whenever eldest princess has grown tired of watching her, just send her back to the Feng family!”

Kang Yi looked at the Empress and did not seem the slightest bit angry over the sarcastic remarks. Instead, she smiled and appeared even more dignified, “With that being the case, Kang Yi will thank your Highness the Empress.” After saying this, she saluted the Empress then turned to walk out of the hall, personally bringing Feng Fen Dai in.

Fen Dai was incredibly surprised, and even the fifth prince was dazed. He had only been focused on Fen Dai performing this beautiful snow dance. For a while, he had forgotten that this dance would bring trouble when performed in the palace. When he finally managed to recover his wits, Feng Jin Yuan was already kneeling and begging the Emperor for forgiveness. Xuan Tian Yan also wanted to go beg for forgiveness, but he knew that if he said anything, it was possible that the Emperor would become even more incensed, thus he could only endure. He never thought that it would be the eldest princess from Qian Zhou that would ask for her to be forgiven.

Fen Dai had been personally helped from the snow by Kang Yi. Kang Yi also ordered for her own servant to cover her up in a coat. Her body had instantly warmed up from feeling ice-cold. She followed Kang Yi back into the hall. At this time, the singing and dancing had started once more, and Feng Jin Yuan was fiercely glaring at Fen Dai, nearly causing her to turn around and run away from fear.

It was Kang Yi who held her in place and quietly said: “Quickly go acknowledge your mistakes to your father. He has been kneeling in front of the Emperor the entire time for the sake of saving you.”

Fen Dai’s eyes went red. She did not understand why the Emperor would become angry. She had clearly ask around, and it was said that the females would be able to perform some arts during the new year’s banquet. Even if the performance was bad, it would still receive a reward. Because it was a celebration of the new year, everyone would be filled with joy. She originally hoped that she would be able to move the heavens with this dance, but she never thought that she would nearly end up losing her own life.

Thinking of this, she quickly walked over and was about to kneel in front of Feng Jin Yuan, but Kang Yi, who was behind her, grabbed her arm, “There are too many people here. If you want to kneel, do it at home. Just speak while standing.”

Only then did Fen Dai react and look towards Kang Yi gratefully. Because she had been preparing outside the entire time, she did not know who Kang Yi was. But regardless of what was said, she had helped her; moreover, in this glance, Fen Dai felt her eyes light up. Kang Yi’s appearance and aura that gave people a comfortable feeling rushed at her, causing her to unknowingly develop a feeling of intimacy and trust towards Kang Yi.

Hearing what Kang Yi said, she did not act fragile, as she slightly bowed to Feng Jin Yuan and said: “Although daughter does not understand what she did wrong, father was punished by his Majesty because of daughter. It was daughter’s mistake. Would father please forgive daughter.”

Feng Jin Yuan was about to snap because of Fen Dai. How could he possibly forgive her with just a few words. He flicked his sleeves and did not say a word.

Fen Dai saw that his face was dark like ink, and her mind was thrown into a panic. She could not help but cast a look at Kang Yi for help.

Kang Yi smiled and patted her shoulder then lightly said to Feng Jin Yuan: “This child is still young. How could she possibly understand matters between adults. Prime minister Feng should not blame her.”

Feng Jin Yuan was very polite to Kang Yi. Letting out a long sigh, he was a bit embarrassed to express his gratitude: “Jin Yuan thanks eldest princess for speaking up for my youngest daughter. You are my youngest daughter’s benefactor. When the banquet concludes, I will definitely have this girl kneel and kowtow to you.”

Only then did Fen Dai manage to react. So this was the eldest princess from Qian Zhou! She was truly beautiful! She could not help but stare blankly.

Kang Yi simply smiled after hearing these words, saying: “The younger generation kowtowing is something that should be done, but Prime minister Feng should not be so modest towards Kang Yi. While Kang Yi is in the capital, I hope that Prime minister Feng will take good care of me.”

“That is natural. Eldest princess, do not worry. Jin Yuan will definitely act as a good host.”

The conversation between this group was all seen by Feng Yu Heng. Feng Jin Yuan was facing Feng Yu Heng, so she was able to understand what was being said by reading his lips.

Meanwhile, Kang Yi and Fen Dai had their backs turned to her, so it could be seen by Xuan Tian Ming, thus everything was understood by him in the same manner. In that same manner, he conveyed everything to Feng Yu Heng. With this back and forth, the conversation between the three was completely understood by Feng Yu Heng.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng curve her lips into a wicked smile, Xuan Tian Ge frowned and asked her: “Has something happened?”

She coldly snorted: “It’s still the same. Currying favor for no reason to hide evil plans.”

The banquet no longer had a celebratory atmosphere after Feng Fen Dai’s snow dance. Everyone would occasionally observe the Emperor’s changes in expression while speculating and carefully enjoying food, drink and dance. Finally reaching the end, after the eunuch announced the end of the banquet, everyone quickly stood up to pay respects to the Emperor and Empress then quickly left Fei Cui Hall.

The Emperor looked at the departing people and helplessly sighed. At his side, the Empress asked: “When your Majesty saw eldest princess Kang Yi, did you think of imperial sister-in-law?”

The Emperor nodded, “That’s right! When We were young, We were fortunate to have imperial sister take care of Us. Otherwise, We would have passed away early on in the fight for the throne. Unfortunately, imperial sister did not live long. Before We were coronated and could give her a good life, she passed away. Now that I saw eldest princess Kang Yi, it truly caused Us to recall and miss imperial sister!”

The Empress did not know how to console him, so she could only sigh. At their side, none of the other imperial concubines said anything. It was imperial concubine Gu Xian who turned her head and whispered something into her attendant’s ear. That attendant then sneakily left the hall.

At this time, outside Fei Cui Hall, everyone was moving together. Eldest princess Kang Yi led Ru Jia and Fen Dai and stood in front of Feng Jin Yuan. Feng Jin Yuan once again thanked Kang Yi for the grace of inviting Fen Dai then made use of the opportunity to make a request of Kang Yi: “Since eldest princess will be remaining in Da Shun for a few more days, I wonder if you would grace our manor with a visit? My old mother is very interested in the snowy country of Qian Zhou. Knowing that princess is from Qian Zhou, she would be very happy to welcome you.”

Ru Jia had a very good impression of Feng Jin Yuan. Hearing him extend an invitation, she happily spoke up before Kang Yi: “Mother, let’s agree! I heard that the manors of Da Shun’s government officials are both large and beautiful. Just let Ru Jia go take a look!”

“Kang Yi laughed helplessly and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “This little girl is unruly. Prime minister Feng, please do not tell such jokes.”

“Hah!” Feng Jin Yuan also began to laugh, “Princess Ru Jia is lively and cheerful, which is something my daughters are lacking!”

Hearing someone praise her daughter, Kang Yi was quite happy, thus she nodded, “Since Lord Feng has invited us, Kang Yi will be obedient and go pay a visit to elder madam in the manor tomorrow.”

Walking at the rear, Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong heard that Kang Yi would be personally visiting. They could not help but look at each other. Feng Yu Heng saw the confusion in Xiang Rong’s eyes and patted the back of her hand, saying with a smile: “Don’t worry. It’s fine.”

Xiang Rong furrowed her brow tightly and said: “Although this eldest princess looks very nice, why do I keep feeling like she does not have a good heart?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed and thought to herself, dear Xiang Rong, you’ve truly grown up with the new year. “Remember, there is no unconditional love in the world. Nobody will treat you well for no reason. Concubine mother An treats you well because she is your birth mother. I treat you well because you are my younger sister. But just being my younger sister is not enough. She must also be a younger sister that stands on my side. Understand?”

Xiang Rong pondered for a while then nodded vigorously: “Xiang Rong understands. Second sister means to say that there was no reason for eldest princess to beg forgiveness for fourth sister. There must be another reason.”

“That’s right.”

As the two spoke, someone suddenly stumbled over towards them. Without worrying about anything else, they grabbed Fen Dai from Kang Yi’s side and eagerly asked: “How are you? Were you frightened?”

Everyone was stunned. When they looked more carefully, they found that it was the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan.

Fen Dai’s face turned bright red from having suddenly been grabbed. Lowering her head, she said in embarrassment: “I’m fine. Many thanks to your Highness for the concern.”

Feng Jin Yuan snorted. This time, he really did not give Xuan Tian Yan any face. Staring at the hand that grabbed Fen Dai, he said: “This is inappropriate. I hope your Highness the fifth prince will not ruin my youngest daughter’s reputation.”

Xuan Tian Yan was startled, and he glared over at him, wanting to say something. But he was a prince that was not favored. It was also because of such a reason that he lost his father Emperor’s love. Facing the court’s standard first rank official, he truly was a little afraid to get into an argument. Thus, he could only awkwardly let go, but he also said: “Prime minister Feng is mistaken. This prince will be taking fourth young miss in as a wife someday.”

Feng Jin Yuan looked at him in confusion: “If this prime minister recalls correctly, your Highness forcibly pushed your proposal letter to my Feng manor while this prime minister was away. What was promised to my youngest daughter was the position of secondary princess, right? Where is the idea of wife coming from?”

Xuan Tian Yan also knew that he had made a mistake. Originally, he was not very serious about Fen Dai, but Fen Dai’s beautiful snow dance had truly captivated his soul. He pondered a little then gritted his teeth and resolutely said: “Prime minister Feng, do not worry. The position of official princess of my Li Palace is indeed no good, but this prince will disperse all secondary princesses and concubines. Until fourth young miss is of marriageable age, not a single new person will enter my palace. After fourth young miss marries into my palace, she will be the only secondary princess of Prince Li. Prime minister Feng, what do you think?”

TN: Age goes up with the celebration of Chinese new year.

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    1. Let’s guess what happens when Kang Yi meets Han shi, and a clash happens due to Kang Yi’s attempts at getting Feng Jin Yuan’s heart:
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