Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 290

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You Actually Dare to Compel my Son!


What part of it was good!

If Xuan Tian Yan was not a prince, Feng Jin Yuan really wanted to slap him across the face “Your Highness Prince Li, could it be that you do not understand! The more you do this sort of thing, the more his Majesty will become angry! Are you wanting to cause the death of my Feng family?”

“This…” Xuan Tian Yan was stumped.

Feng Jin Yuan continued: “Your Highness Prince Li is a prince, but my Feng family is not a normal citizen’s family. If your Highness insists on feeling sorry for this prime minister, then do not blame this prime minister for becoming heartless! Prince Li should think carefully. Are you currently able to force my Feng family’s hand!”

Feng Jin Yuan was already being very impolite. First, this Xuan Tian Yan was indeed not able to receive many benefits from the Emperor. A powerless and unfavored prince was someone that the standard first rank prime minister really would not take notice of. Second, what really allowed Feng Jin Yuan to stand proudly was that his second daughter had the knowledge of how to produce steel. That was a treasure that the entirety of Da Shun had to protect. Forget about a prince, even the Emperor would need to treat Feng Yu Heng well. As her father, how could he not enjoy some of the limelight.

But after he said this, he subconsciously glanced towards Feng Yu Heng, who had caught up. Seeing that she did not have any intention of arguing, he calmed down and added: “Your Highness, please return. This prime minister will send someone to return the proposal letter tomorrow. This matter need not be mentioned again.”

“Father!” Hearing that the proposal letter was about to be returned, Fen Dai immediately became anxious. During the previous little while, she had flaunted the favor that she received from the fifth prince. She had enjoyed a truly blissful time. She would no longer need to return to a time where her father did not care for her and her grandmother did not love her. The engagement to the fifth prince could not be canceled. “Father, everyone knows that daughter is engaged to his Highness the fifth prince. Even if it is canceled, as a girl that canceled an engagement with a prince, how will daughter be able to marry anyone!”

Feng Jin Yuan felt angry just hearing Fen Dai speak. Earlier, he was in the hall, so it was not good to begin scolding, but now that there were not as many people around, his anger surged forth “Shut your mouth! You little beast, sooner or later, the Feng family will be completely decimated because of you!”

Feng Fen Dai was blindsided. How could it be so severe? What exactly had she done wrong?

Blankly looking Xuan Tian Yan, she asked him in confusion: “I did everything possible to find out the things you liked. I heard that you liked to see that sort of snow dance, so I had to practice it during the cold days. My feet even grew chilblains. But why did the Emperor get so mad, even though I danced so well? Isn’t today the celebration of the new year? Wasn’t it said that any daughter of an official could perform? What exactly is going on!”

Xuan Tian Yan looked at the weeping beauty that was Fen Dai, as he truly felt distressed. But what could he say? No matter what he said, it would be wrong!

At this time, eldest princess Kang Yi, who had been standing to the side, spoke up and advised Xuan Tian Yan: “Your Highness, do not panic. Heed this one’s advice. Return to your palace first. This matter happened suddenly, so it would be best to allow Prime minister Feng to return and think about it for a while.” Saying this, she turned to Feng Jin Yuan and advised: “People should not make decisions while emotional. Prime minister Feng, think it over.”

For some reason, Feng Jin Yuan was very receptive to eldest princess Kang Yi’s advice. Thus he nodded, “That’s fine. Your Highness, please return to your palace. Let us discuss this at a later time.”

There was nothing Xuan Tian Yan could do. He glanced at Fen Dai and wanted to say a few words to console her, but he also felt that anything he said would be useless, and he was in no position to say anything. With a flick of his sleeves, he turned and left.

Fen Dai looked at his departing figure and cried even more pitifully.

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly said to Kang Yi: “Since her Highness the Empress said for this little beast to stay with princess for a few days, it would not be good for Jin Yuan to bring her back. Would princess please take care of her for a few days!”

Kang Yi smiled and said: “It’s no matter. She can play with Ru Jia.”

In this regard, Ru Jia did not have any complaints, only reminding Feng Jin Yuan: “My Lord, do not forget about the plan for tomorrow. I really want to eat the food from the central region.”

Feng Jin Yuan finally revealed a smile, “Princess, do not worry. The manor will have everything you could hope for.”

Kang Yi’s group brought Fen Dai and left first. Only then did Feng Jin Yuan find a chance to ask Feng Yu Heng: “Why did I not see your eldest sister through this entire banquet?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Feng Jin Yuan wanted to say, how could you not know? But when he thought about it again, Feng Yu Heng went naturally went to visit imperial concubine Yun after giving gifts to the Empress. She definitely could not keep watching over Chen Yu. When he brought Zi Rui over to Fei Cui Hall, Chen Yu was already missing.

It was Xiang Rong who could not bear to look at her father’s troubled expression and said: “When eldest sister went out, daughter was there. She said that she was going to greet imperial concubine Xian.”

“Imperial concubine Gu Xian?” Feng Jin Yuan frowned, “Imperial concubine Gu Xian was present for the banquet. Why did your eldest sister not come back?”

This time, Xiang Rong shook her head, “Daughter does not know.”

He was helpless and could only tell Feng Yu Heng: “Zi Rui went to play with the young Highness and left first for the Yuan Palace. In a while, father will pass by the Yuan Palace to pick him up. You two can go back to the manor first. I will inquire about where Chen Yu went.” He truly had a headache. Aside from the most obedient third daughter, none of the other daughters allowed him to have peace of mind. One had caused trouble and one had gone missing. What exactly were they doing?

Before Feng Yu Heng could leave, a young palace maid walked over and bowed to her, respectfully saying: “This servant pays respects to county princess. This servant is from the Yan Fu Palace, and imperial concubine Xian ordered this servant to invite county princess to visit the Yan Fu Palace for a while.”

“Imperial concubine Xian?” The who spoke was Feng Jin Yuan. They had just talked about imperial concubine Xian, yet she had sent someone to invite them. But he did not know what she had invited Feng Yu Heng to talk about. But regardless of what it was, he trusted that imperial concubine Xian calling for her definitely would not be a bad thing. Feng Yu Heng had the technique for producing steel and was the most well-liked person by the Emperor. That imperial concubine Xian would seek to cause trouble for her because she had nothing to do? The people of the palace all had many considerations. Who knew whether it would be providing rewards or improving a relationship. He quickly said to Feng Yu Heng: “Then A-Heng, you should go quickly.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded then said: “Now that eldest sister and fourth sister are no longer here, father should bring Xiang Rong back to the manor. Leaving her alone is not reassuring.”

“That is natural.” Feng Jin Yuan felt her attitude was excellent, “Be careful when you return.” He thought a little more than frankly walked over and quietly said: “Father will leave a hidden guard with you. I will leave him to wait for you at your carriage. Presently, your safety is most important. Carelessness absolutely must not be tolerated.”

She was not modest and nodded in agreement. She then patted Xiang Rong and left with the palace maid towards the Yan Fu Palace.

Feng Jin Yuan watched her walk away and began to think that he would definitely need to increase the security once he returned to the manor, especially for the county princess’ manor. Right now, he had a responsibility to protect this daughter’s safety. If anything were to happen to Feng Yu Heng at home, then his life would truly be at risk.

Feng Yu Heng followed the palace maid and headed towards the Yan Fu Palace. The palace maid kept her mouth shut and did not say a single word, and she could not be bothered to ask. Imperial concubine Xian was the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi’s, birth mother. She had been prepared mentally to be called on. Of course, being called on definitely would not be related to Feng Chen Yu’s matter. Instead, it would be about the transaction between them and Xuan Tian Qi.

When they finally arrived at the Yan Fu Palace, the first thing she saw upon entering was Chen Yu and Xing’er kneeling in the yard. Both were swaying back and forth. Chen Yu’s headscarf had fallen, and her hair was scattered, giving her a truly disheveled appearance. Xing’er was even more unlucky. Because she was a servant, when the grannies began the beating, they hit her even harder. She was beaten so badly that her back was covered in blood. The thick clothes worn in Winter were soaked in her blood.

When they passed by them, Feng Yu Heng stopped for a moment and saw Chen Yu raise her head. Her gaze was a bit slack. Even though she absolutely loathed Feng Yu Heng, she was unable to focus.

The palace maid that had been silent the entire time finally spoke: “These two cursed imperial concubine Xian and were punished with kneeling here. County princess should quickly go in to avoid contaminating your eyes.”

She smiled and nodded. Retracting her gaze, she followed the palace maid into the main room.

Imperial concubine Xian was the oldest of the Emperor’s harem. She turned 50 with this new year. At the same time, she was the one that had been with the Emperor the longest. In this imperial palace, aside from the Empress, who controlled the six palaces, the one who assisted was naturally her.

But imperial concubine Gu Xian also understood people. She would not say a single unnecessary word. But if anyone dared to try and play petty tricks under her watch, that was definitely no good. The Emperor may not love her, but he definitely respected her and was happy with her. That’s why imperial concubine Gu Xian’s status in the court was not to be underestimated.

In truth, Feng Yu Heng had made mental preparations for being called by imperial concubine Gu Xian, but she originally thought it would be sooner. In the end, it was dragged out until the palace banquet. And with everything that happened during the palace banquet, imperial concubine Gu Xian no longer had any ground to negotiate.

While thinking, she had already arrived. She bowed then performed a thorough salute, “A-Heng pays respects to imperial concubine Xian. I hope imperial concubine will enjoy good fortune and good health.”

Imperial concubine Gu Xian sat straight in her seat, and she had not yet changed out of her palace clothes. Her head was adorned with numerous ornaments, which gave her an even more majestic feel.

Feng Yu Heng saluted, but she did not rush to have her stand up. Instead, she observed county princess Ji An for a while. Earlier, this girl had revealed an amazing talent in the hall, and she did not know what use it would be. She felt that this girl was surrounded by a halo that blinded her, so she was unable to get a close look.

But now, it was not good for her to continue having Feng Yu Heng remain in a saluting posture. After all, she had been hesitant over whether or not to meet her. She had prepared a number of questions, but now, the opportunity had passed. When faced with this young girl, she had lost all of her advantages.

“You may rise.” Imperial concubine Gu Xian was calm and collected, “Be seated.”

Feng Yu Heng stood up and thanked her with a smile. She then sat down in the guest chair, neither humble nor arrogant. Every move she made was graceful and natural. It did not have any of the shyness that other young girls had. Imperial concubine Gu Xiang felt that this girl’s personality was a little similar to Xuan Tian Ge.

To be honest, she quite liked Feng Yu Heng. In fact, it could be said to be admiration. After all, she had already seen her break iron essence. This had not just given Da Shun a great deal of face, she had also said that she would provide the method for producing this steel. This kind of imposing manner came from a 13-year-old girl. How could people not admire it.

But that was one matter. As soon as she thought of how Feng Yu Heng had worked with Xuan Tian Ming to push her son into the fight for the throne, she was filled with anger.

Her son was a business person, and she never hoped for Xuan Tian Qi to seize the throne, and she hoped that he would not participate in the fight for the throne. For the sake of having the eldest son avoid the fight for the throne and avoid being killed by a brother, who knew how much effort she had expended. But no matter how hard she tried, her son was suddenly moved by Xuan Tian Ming and this girl!

Imperial concubine Gu Xian stared at Feng Yu Heng, her gaze revealing a hard-to-hide enmity.

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