Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 291

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Not Good, We Have Been Surrounded

Feng Yu Heng only looked back at her, declining to back down. But Feng Yu Heng’s gaze held even more hidden intentions when compared to imperial concubine Gu Xian.

Imperial concubine Gu Xian met this gaze for a long time but could only gradually relent. Taking a deep breath, she no longer wanted to speak with Feng Yu Heng.

But she was the one who had called her here, so she could not just send her away. Moreover, she did not believe that the Feng family’s second young miss was someone that could be sent away so easily. Thus she quietly sighed and said: “Recently, county princess Ji An has been flourishing quite well.”

Feng Yu Heng responded: “It cannot compare to father Emperor’s feelings for imperial concubine Xian.”

Imperial concubine Xian retorted: “The one that his Majesty holds most dear is imperial concubine Yun.”

Feng Yu Heng then said: “But this did not lead to him treating you poorly.”

In just this short exchange, she had managed to pick up on imperial concubine Gu Xian’s tendencies when talking. This 13 year old little girl really could not be looked at as a young girl. Every word she said struck just right. They did not carry praise or flattery, but it also did not demean, which allowed her anger to gradually pass, causing her to slowly calm down.

“You aren’t afraid that you won’t be able to retrieve the imperial favor and support from the officials?” She asked the question that filled her mind with the most doubt. Her question was not clear, but Feng Yu Heng could understand.

The imperial favor was about the Emperor treating the eldest prince well. The support was in reference to the officials placing their support in the eldest prince. These things that had originally belonged the the ninth prince and third prince now belonged to the eldest prince alone. What if the eldest prince suddenly had a different idea, would she not have helped someone else?

But Feng Yu Heng smiled, “I am, but there are many things that still must be done even when afraid. Moreover, even if the imperial favor and support cannot be retrieved, there will not be anyone to inherit them.”

Imperial concubine Gu Xian’s heart tightened. This made it clear that her son was being used, and it was for an insulting reason that she had no choice but to accept. Xuan Tian Qi was unable to have children. For a prince, this was something that would be considered fatal. Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Qi had agreed that she would cure his impotence, but when would she do it? Did she have the ability to cure it?

“You do know that the knowledge of how to produce steel will put your life at risk, right?” Imperial concubine Gu Xian truly feared that Feng Yu Heng would end up dead. The granddaughter of the Yao family, according to rumors, was even more skilled than divine doctor Yao Xian, and this gave her a bit of hope. But at the same time, she had placed her own life at risk. If she died, everything would have been for naught.

“Imperial concubine.” Feng Yu Heng looked at her with a smile, “Regardless of the reason, imperial concubine being worried about A-Heng’s life is something A-Heng is very grateful for. But if I cannot even protect my own life, I have no right to stand next to my future husband. At the same time, if Da Shun is not even able to protect my life, it does not have any right to receive my method for producing steel.” Imperial concubine Gu Xian felt more and more that the girl in front of her had a special aura. She did not seem to be speaking very loud, but every word she said was forceful and aggressive. She could only admit that Feng Yu Heng was completely correct.

“This one wanted to call you over much earlier.” She spoke truthfully, “Because there were some things were in the way, it got delayed until today. The plan was originally to meet you today after the banquet, but what was to be said definitely was not this. During the banquet, you breaking the iron essence is not something this one foresaw. Thinking about it, Qi’er being used by someone like you is not a loss. But, a girl being too powerful is not a good thing. You should make some considerations for yourself.”

Feng Yu Heng stood up and saluted imperial concubine Gu Xian and said with some sincerity: “Many thanks imperial concubine for the concern, but there was a bit of inaccuracy. The relationship between us and his Highness the eldest prince is not one of being used. It’s just a business transaction. Also, A-Heng believes that his Highness is not losing out on this transaction.”

“You really can cure him?”

Feng Yu Heng told her: “The probability of success is around 80%.”

“Only 80%?” Imperial concubine Gu Xian was a little angry.

Feng Yu Heng then said: “But for any other doctor, there is no chance. That’s why imperial concubine Xian has no other choice.”

Imperial concubine Gu Xian slightly closed her eyes. That’s right. She had no other choice. Her son also had no other choice. Regardless of whether or not he became the emperor, not having any children was always a problem. Having been treated for so many years, Xuan Tian Qi had been to many different countries to do business. During that time, he spent the majority of his time look for a famous doctor to treat his illness. Unfortunately, even Yao Xian in Huang Zhou did not have any hope when he went to visit.

But now, Feng Yu Heng said that she could. Not only that she could, but she provided an 80% chance of success. Imperial concubine Gu Xian had to admit that she was moved.

“Sure enough, you really are from the same family.” She could not help but sigh, “Being able to speak with this one like this, aside from imperial concubine Yun, there is only you. No wonder you were able to meet her expectations. Forget it.” She waved her hand, “The one kneeling outside is your Feng family’s eldest young miss, right? Take her back with you. Don’t ruin this palace’s yard.”

Saying this, she stood up and took a box from a palace servant’s hands.

Feng Yu Heng saw this and saw that the box had been prepared ahead of time. Thinking about it, imperial concubine Gu Xian already had an understanding of how this conversation would end.

Sure enough, she saw imperial concubine Gu Xian open the box and remove a pure gold dangling ornament “Although gold ornaments can’t be compared in terms of value to something made of white crystal, this was a gift sent by my maternal family to accompany this one when I got married. Thinking about it, it’s just a consideration. This one will pass it along to you today.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly kneeled and thanked her for her grace. Receiving the dangling ornament, the transaction could be considered agreed upon.

When leaving Yan Fu Palace, Feng Chen Yu and Xing’er were carried out by eunuchs. Their legs were completely incapable of supporting them, and their backs were covered in wounds. The eunuch that carried them walked while saying: “You should stop crying. The people that live in the palace are all of nobility. If you run into any one of them, who knows if you will end up causing an even greater offense.”

This truly caused Chen Yu and Xing’er to shut their mouths. When they finally exited the palace, Chen Yu was finally unable to continue enduring and let out a wail.

Feng Yu Heng could not be bothered with paying any attention to her, as she climbed into her own carriage. Huang Quan asked: “Do you want to have someone follow their carriage?”

She shook her head, “What is the point of following them. She’s just crying a little louder. She does not feel like she’s losing face, so what is the point of us getting involved in that matter.”

Huang Quan thought about it and agreed, so she did not ask any further, telling the driver to quickly return to the manor.

When the carriage finally stopped in front of the Feng manor, she lifted the curtain and exited. Only then did she noticed that everyone in the Feng manor, including the matriarch, was actually waiting to welcome her at the entrance.

Huang Quan helped her out of the carriage and whispered into her ear: “The people of the Feng family really know how to fawn on someone.”

Feng Yu Heng shrugged and smiled.

That’s right, this family had always decided how to treat people based on their social standing. Now, it was most likely that Feng Jin Yuan had told the matriarch about how she had broken the iron essence. The matriarch also felt that she had gone overboard with her attitude over the past little while, thus she led everyone out to welcome her.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng get out of the carriage, the matriarch’s eyes were nearly squinted into slits. With help from granny Zhao, she walked forward. She had prepared her smile, and she had already opened her mouth. Just as she was about to say her lines, she suddenly heard the sound of loud sobs come from another carriage. The sound was extremely miserable, causing her hair to stand on end.

Feng Yu Heng gently sighed and took the initiative to say: “Grandmother should go take a look at eldest sister first. She was punished by imperial concubine Xian and is not able to walk.”

“What?” The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan both exclaimed in unison. Feng Jin Yuan then asked her: “Didn’t imperial concubine Xian invite you over? How did your eldest sister end up punished?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “I was invited over. Eldest sister went on her own. Could it be related?”

Feng Jin Yuan felt that his own question was the problem and quickly changed the way he asked: “Father’s meaning is, do you know why your eldest sister was punished?” Thinking a little more about how the eldest prince had treated Chen Yu kindly, he could not help but be shocked. Could it be that imperial concubine Xian caused her trouble over this? That would not be good. Imperial concubine Gu Xian was not a normal imperial concubine. Her standing in the palace was effectively the same as the Empress. If this sort of person wanted to cause trouble, it would be more than the Feng family could handle.

Thinking of this, Feng Jin Yuan quickly led someone over to see Chen Yu. With him leaving, Jin Zhen also followed him over. Han shi also went over to watch the liveliness. The matriarch, however, remained in the yard and looked at Feng Yu Heng: “Your eldest sister has always been a master of causing trouble. I’m not going to bother with her. Grandmother heard that you broke Zong Sui’s iron essence and gained a great deal of face for Da Shun!”

The matriarch was a little emotional when she spoke. When she became emotional, her voice grew louder. Before Feng Jin Yuan could get very far, he heard this could not help but slap himself in the forehead. How could he have forgotten the most important matter!

Quickly turning back around, he pulled Feng Yu Heng and entered the the manor. While walking, he said: “It was father that did not think thoroughly. How could I allow you to continue standing outside. Let’s go into the manor first. We can talk when we are seated.”

He was doing this out of consideration for Feng Yu Heng’s safety. The matriarch was unable to think of such a thing, but she also felt that they should first bring Feng Yu Heng inside. How could they allow such an important person continue to stand outside. Thus, the group quickly returned to the manor’s Peony courtyard.

Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch led the way, while the others naturally followed. They had long since cast thoughts of Feng Chen Yu to the back of their minds. Chen Yu cried and screamed in the carriage for a while then felt that something was off. Aside from the driver and the two guards that stood outside, not a single person came from the Feng manor to receive her.

She was confused. Just now, she had heard a rowdy bunch of people, and it seemed that there was someone walked towards them, so how come everyone suddenly disappeared without a trace?

The driver glanced at Chen Yu from the side of his peripheral vision and quickly retracted it. He felt that the Feng family’s eldest young miss truly was imposing. No matter when or where, she was always able to maintain an aura that made people scared to look at her. Before, she was too beautiful, so he did not dare look. Now that she had a piece of flesh missing from her forehead, nobody could bear to look.

“Where are the Feng family’s people?” Chen Yu stared daggers at the driver and fiercely said, “Where did they vanish off to?”

The driver lowered his head and replied: “They all returned to the manor.”

“Returned to the manor?” Feng Chen Yu had a feeling of being abandoned. This meant that they did not care about her? That was fine “You, get in the carriage.”

“Huh?” The driver retreated in fear, “This lowly one does not dare, absolutely does not dare!” Getting in eldest young miss’ carriage was something he did not dare do even if he had two heads.

Feng Chen Yu angrily gnashed her teeth, “I told you to get in, so you can get my servant out. Then go into the manor and call my father out!”

“This…” The driver was a little troubled. Should he truthfully tell eldest young miss that the master had already walked towards her but turned back around and returned to the manor?

While he was at a loss, he heard a swishing sound from people moving. It seemed that a large number of people were running over. Their movements were the same, and their steps were forceful. The sound became closer and closer, heading straight for the Feng manor.

Feng Chen Yu and the servants were all dazed by what they saw. What came was actually a group of imperial guards. There were at least 100 people, each of them holding a spear in their hands. Upon arriving at the Feng manor, they divided into two groups and surrounded the entirety of the Feng manor!

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