Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 294

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Scamming You of Your Prized Possessions

The matriarch’s current appearance caused Kang Yi to feel very confused. Even the people of the Feng manor were doubtful.

A handkerchief made of moon palace silk! Even if it was just a handkerchief, it was something of extreme value, but why did the matriarch seem to be a little dissatisfied, and she even appeared to… dislike it a little?

How could they knew Feng Yu Heng had personally given her a garment made of moon palace silk earlier in the morning. How many handkerchiefs can be made from the fabric used to make a garment! Moreover, the matriarch and heard that the Emperor had awarded two bolts of moon palace silk to Princess Ru Jia. How could they be so cheap and only give a handkerchief?

Of course, the matriarch’s unhappy expression was not too visible. In the blink of an eye, she quickly recovered, but the smile on her face was not as full as before, faintly saying to them: “Honored guest that has come to visit, how come you are still standing. Please sit.”

Kang Yi was a bit embarrassed and sat down, the doubt in her heart increased even further.

For something like a handkerchief made of moon palace silk, not to mention the elder madam of a first rank official’s family, but if she were to give it to any imperial concubine in the palace, they would immediately treat her as the guest of honor. How come moon palace silk had no effect when it came to the Feng manor? Starting from the banquet the day before, the Feng family’s second young miss and third young miss acted as though they had received a normal handkerchief and did not look surprised at all. She originally believed that they were just young children that did not understand its value, but today’s events with the Feng family’s matriarch could only make her begin to think.

However, no matter how much she thought, she was unable to understand the reasoning, but there was someone who was happy to remind her, for example, Feng Yu Heng: “Eldest princess, please do not take offense. Everyone knows the value of moon palace silk, but it may be because A-Heng sent grandmother a garment made of moon palace silk, thus grandmother is less excited about the handkerchief.”

Kang Yi was slightly stunned for a moment. A garment made of moon palace silk? How much fabric did that need? She just gave it to the elder madam?

The doubts in her heart were asked by Ru Jia: “County princess Ji An really is good at joking. Do you know the value of a garment made of moon palace silk?”

Feng Yu Heng faintly smiled and said: “Of course I know this, but regardless of the cost, in A-Heng’s mind, it is not as important as showing filial piety to grandmother. As long as grandmother likes it, A-Heng is willing no matter how expensive it is.”

Even for Kang Yi, she felt that she had no face here, but she still said: “Presumably county princess needed to use all of the fabric she had. Elder madam having such a good granddaughter is truly fortunate.”

The matriarch repeatedly nodded, “That’s true. This old one’s granddaughter of the first wife is the most understanding and the most filial.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “Grandmother is overstating it.” She then looked at Ru Jia and seemed to chat idly with her: “I have never been to Qian Zhou. I heard that it is covered all year in ice and snow. Is it extremely cold?”

Ru Jia nodded, loudly saying: “That’s right! Your Da Shun’s capital is too much warmer when compared to our Qian Zhou. I heard that a weak Winter storm was already considered a disaster. Tsk tsk, I really do not dare think about it. If you went to Qian Zhou, it would be weird if you did not freeze to death.”

“Ru Jia, speak politely.” Kang Yi helplessly reminded her, “Girls must be dignified when they speak. Look at what sort of appearance you have!”

Feng Jin Yuan finally found a chance to inject himself into the conversation, saying: “It can’t be helped. Princess Ru Jia’s temperament is hearty and candid. She is very much a daughter of the Northern country.”

Ru Jia giggled and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “Prime minister Feng is the one who treats Ru Jia the best.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, continued to ask: “Qian Zhou is that cold? But I heard that it’s an extremely beautiful place. I heard that there is a type of fox in the Northern country that was completely black. It has a large size and is extremely precious. Does it really exist?”

This was something that interested Ru Jia a great deal, as she quickly said: “Of course it does! My uncle hunted one just this year. He skinned it and gave me its fur. I even brought it to Da Shun and was going to bring it to a tailor to have it made into a coat.”

“Oh.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “A coat made of ink fox fur, now that is something that is truly valuable.”

Once she said this, Kang Yi immediately understood what she meant, and she could not help but silently be surprised. She only thought that this county princess Ji An actually had such clever thoughts at this young age.

She quickly said: “Ru Jia, don’t speak nonsense. How can such a valuable thing be made into a coat for you? Just before we came to the Feng manor, didn’t I already tell you that it was going to be prepared as a gift for elder madam Feng? Did you bring it?”

Ru Jia was startled. She absolutely did not think that her own mother would bring up such a thing. That was clearly something that belonged to her! The little girl pouted and was about to roll her eyes, but she saw her mother give her a look. She could not help but let out a sigh, as she knew that it was a time when she had to cooperate with her mother, thus she nodded, “Daughter was just joking with county princess. That fox’s hide is extremely large. How could Ru Jia’s small frame possibly support it. Of course, it is a gift for elder madam Feng. It’s just that we came out this morning in a hurry and forgot to bring it.”

Kang Yi mentally let out a sigh of relief, but she shook her head helplessly, saying: “You! You only know how to fool around.” She then informed one of her servants: “Quickly return to the inn to pick it up.”

The servant saluted then quickly left.

Only then did Kang Yi say to the matriarch: “It’s my daughter that is lacking in understanding. Elder madam, please do not take offense.”

The matriarch heard that she would be receiving another treasure, so how could she take offense, as her face immediately bloomed into a smile, “It’s fine. It’s fine. A young child that loves to joke and play is normal.” As she said this, she looked at Feng Yu Heng and gave her a grateful look. The matriarch had lived for over half a lifetime, so she naturally understood that this gift was something that Feng Yu Heng had spoken into existence. Otherwise, Qian Zhou’s eldest princess would have sent her off with just a handkerchief as a gift.

Kang Yi smiled gratefully at the matriarch. She then turned to An shi, Han shi and Jin Zhen to ask: “Are you Lord Feng’s family?”

The three quickly stood up to kneel, with An shi saying: “These concubines are husband’s concubines. We are indebted to eldest princess for noticing. We are truly apprehensive.”

Kang Yi knew that her standing did not give her much room to talk to them, but the things that needed to be said would still be said: “This one already gave county princess Ji An and the third young miss a handkerchief yesterday. This morning, I gave another one to fourth young miss. I wonder where the manor’s eldest young miss is right now?” She could not help but turn to look at Feng Jin Yuan: “Why do I not see the eldest young miss? This one has prepared a handkerchief for her.”

Feng Jin Yuan was already a little embarrassed over the matter with the ink fox, but when he heard Kang Yi ask about Chen Yu, he repeatedly waved his hand and said: “My eldest daughter is not well. She has been in her courtyard recovering from her illness. Eldest princess, there is no need to be courteous. Giving her such a valuable thing would be a waste. It would be better to it to Princess Ru Jia to play with.”

This time, Ru Jia was understanding and shook her head, saying: “It’s not hard for Ru Jia to get a handkerchief made of moon palace silk. This has really been prepared for the manor’s eldest young miss.”

Seeing that Feng Jin Yuan was a little troubled, An shi took the initiative to speak: “Not to hide it from eldest princess, but eldest young miss’ body is injured and is truly unable to see guests. I hope eldest princess will forgive her. As for this handkerchief, how about leaving it with elder madam. When eldest young miss is a bit better, she will then give it to her.”

Kang Yi thought a bit then said: “That’s fine. Then I will trouble elder madam to give it on my behalf!” After saying this, she handed over the final handkerchief to the matriarch; however, at this time, a loud sound came from outside that interrupted everything.

Feng Jin Yuan’s expression was not too good, as he quietly scolded a servant at his side: “How come things have become so noisy? Do you have no idea what day it is? Quickly go out and take a look!”

Before the servant could go out, a person stumbled into the hall. A girl also followed that person in.

Feng Jin Yuan immediately became furious, as he loudly shouted: “Who let her out of her room?”

A group of servants that had been trying to stop them quickly kneeled, as an older woman said: “Master, we truly could not stop her! Eldest young miss held a pair of scissors and said that if we did not let her out, she would stab her own neck.”

The person that had come was Feng Chen Yu. Although she had applied her make up, the scar on her forehead was not hidden, and it was very shocking to see.

Ru Jia was stunned then said: “You are the Feng manor’s eldest young miss? That’s not right! I heard that the Feng family’s eldest young miss was the most beautiful person in the capital, and some people even said that she was the most beautiful person in Da Shun. You…” She looked carefully. Although Chen Yu still had a beautiful foundation, no matter how beautiful, it was not enough to make up for the flesh missing from her forehead. Just looking at it made Ru Jia nauseous. “How could this be a beautiful person. To say that she is the ugliest is not an exaggeration.”

Feng Jin Yuan quickly said: “Princess was scared, right? My daughter suffered an injury a while ago, so it is unavoidable that it would be a bit hideous. I will have someone bring her back immediately. Princess, please forgive me.” Saying this, he said to the servants: “Why have you not quickly taken her away!”

But Chen Yu had already come, so how could she leave so easily, as she grabbed Feng Jin Yuan’s robes and began to cry: “Father, do you not want Chen Yu? Today is still just the second day of the new year, but why do you not let Chen Yu out? Chen Yu wants to celebrate the new year with father and wants to pay respects to grandmother. Father, don’t get angry at Chen Yu, ok? Chen Yu knows she was wrong and definitely will not do it again!”

Feng Jin Yuan tugged his clothes a few times, but he was unable to get them away. He could not help but become even more furious, as he once again wanted to speak out; however, he found that eldest princess Kang Yi had come over and squatted in front of Chen Yu, calmly saying: “You are called Chen Yu?”

Chen Yu was startled and finally realized that there were guests present. For a while, she did not know how to respond. Blankly nodding her head, she pondered for a while then asked: “Who are you?”

Kang Yi did not respond, only raising her hand and gently wiping away some sweat that had appeared on her forehead during the struggle. She then placed the handkerchief in Chen Yu’s hand, “I am the eldest princess that came from Qian Zhou. This is a handkerchief made of moon palace silk, and it is a gift to you.”

“This…” Chen Yu was a little stunned. She never thought that such a person would come to the manor.

The matriarch saw that Chen Yu’s current actions were truly too unreasonable, but it was a little too difficult to forcefully chase her away. There was nothing she could do but take a step back and say: “Since you’ve come, just stay. In a while, we will be eating. Quickly help eldest young miss up. What sort of appearance is it to be crying and getting angry while celebrating the new year.”

Hearing that she could stay, Feng Chen Yu immediately stopped worrying about the matter with the eldest princess. With the help of the servants, she stood up unsteadily, and even Xing’er, who had come in with her, stood up. The two walked over to a seat, trembling with fear, as they occasionally looked to see if Feng Jin Yuan was angry.

Kang Yi returned to her own seat after Chen Yu sat down. She then observed Chen Yu closely for a while and could not help but marvel: “Sure enough, she truly is beautiful enough to cause the collapse of countries! Eldest young miss Feng, have you had that mole on your left lower jaw since birth?”

Chen Yu did not think that she would actually ask about it, and she could not help but touch it. She then nodded, “It is. I have had it since birth.”

Hearing this, Kang Yi immediately became wide-eyed, as she looked at Chen Yu with even more amazement.

TN: Chinese new year celebration usually extend from new year’s eve to the 15th day of the new year.

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    1. Feng Jin Yuan married Chen shi as a concubine as “gratitude” for the money they provided..
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