Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 295

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Princess, Are You Stupid?

Chen Yu was a little creeped out by her stare and asked with a trembling voice: “What is it? Is there a problem with my mole?”

Her mole was not very noticeable, as it was in the area where the neck met with the jaw. Without looking closely, it could not be seen. She would occasionally use some blush to hide it, and she would be able to. But she had forcefully escaped today, so even if she applied some basic makeup, how could she worry about such things. She did not think that it would actually end up being seen by someone.

After Princess Kang Yi’s surprise, she could not help but sigh: “This one does not know the rules of Da Shun and do not want to speak out of turn, but in our Northern country, a mole in that area is a symbol of nobility and power. Previously, there were three generations of rulers with moles in that area from birth. But these moles were all on men, and this was the first time this one saw a mole in that place on a girl.”

Hearing this, Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch both froze, as they subconsciously looked at each other. They then heard Feng Jin Yuan say: “She is my Feng family’s eldest daughter. That she is noble is unnecessary to say.”

Kang Yi, however, shook her head and said: “The nobility of a girl is not based on her maternal family. It is based on her husband’s family. Eldest young miss Feng’s nobility is not just this. Her fortunes will lie in the future.”

The words about her fortunes lying in the future caused the people of the Feng family to sink deep into thought. After a while, they heard Feng Jin Yuan say to the servants: “Tomorrow, take this prime minister’s seal and invite Liu Bing, imperial physician Liu to come to take a look at eldest young miss’ injury.”

The tears immediately poured from Chen Yu’s eyes. Feng Jin Yuan was going to invite a doctor to treat her injury. That definitely meant that she would not be sent to a nunnery. She originally thought that she was at the end of her rope; however, she did not think that in the blink of an eye, she would see the light at the end of the tunnel. She could not help but look at Kang Yi strangely. She felt dazed from hearing her call herself this one.

Feng Jin Yuan quickly introduced her: “This is Qian Zhou’s eldest princess, Princess Kang Yi. At her side is Princess Ru Jia. She is the eldest princess’ daughter.”

Chen Yu was slightly frightened. She had heard that the special envoy from Qian Zhou had arrived in Da Shun, but she did not think that it would be two princesses. But why had the two princesses come to the Feng manor?

She quickly stood up and kneeled: “Chen Yu greets the two princesses and was truly very rude earlier. I hope that the princesses will not take offense.” After all, they had spoken up for her and given her moon palace silk. This salute was very sincere.

Kang Yi quickly said: “Eldest young miss, there is no need to be so courteous. This one came to the manor today as a guest, so let’s not talk about courtesies for now.”

Kang Yi’s attitude was good, but Ru Jia, who was sitting at her side, felt that Chen Yu was too disgusting to look at with the piece of flesh missing from her forehead. She could not help but look away and say with dissatisfaction: “With such a serious wound, you don’t even hide it a little. Who are you trying to scare by revealing it?”

Chen Yu was truly embarrassed, raising a hand to hide it. Xing’er, feeling wrong, replied on her behalf: “Before, she had it covered, but the more it was covered, the more it decayed, so we could only leave it uncovered.”

It would be better if she did not say anything, as Ru Jia became even more disgusted. Kang Yi saw that she was about to begin speaking once more, so she quickly grabbed her daughter’s hand and said with a kind expression: “Who has never been hurt before. Like when you were young and hurt your leg, ending up with a large cut, did anyone ever say a bad word about it? Ru Jia, you must learn to respect others. Only like that will others respect you.”

It had to be said that the Feng family’s matriarch was originally a little dissatisfied with eldest princess Kang Yi because of the moon palace silk, but her graceful expressions and her clear distinction of right and wrong caused the matriarch to change her opinion. Not to mention the matriarch, but even An shi, Han shi and Jin Zhen believed that they had never seen such a woman before. They felt that even the Empress would not be like this, right?

But only Feng Yu Heng’s expression remained the same, as she watched the scene before her as though it was a stage play. Aside from love, she never believed that someone would treat another well for no reason; moreover, it was a foreign princess. Coming to the Feng family to act generously, it would leave people feeling a little uncomfortable.

Ru Jia blushed from what she said. When she looked at Chen Yu once more, she felt a little awkward. Feng Jin Yuan made use of her awkward feeling and added: “This is Princess Ru Jia’s temperament. Eldest princess, do not blame her.”

For some reason, Ru Jia was especially responsive to what Feng Jin Yuan said. She had disdained his daughter, but he turned around and praised her. This made her feel very apologetic. She leaned forward slightly and said to Chen Yu with sincerity: “Eldest young miss Feng, Ru Jia did not do it on purpose. Please do not get angry.”

Feng Chen Yu’s heart was moved. Although she still took offense, she found that the two princesses seemed to be treating the Feng family well. She had some doubts in her mind, but she still followed up and said: “Princess, you must not say such a thing. Chen Yu does not mind.”

At this time, the matriarch joined the conversation, “Chen Yu! Although you suffered a bit of an injury, you really must thank your second sister for being able to bring you back safely.”

The smile that Chen Yu was originally barely able to maintain suddenly vanished, as she suddenly glared towards Feng Yu Heng. Her eyes were like daggers, and she hated that she could not take her life.

Feng Yu Heng laughed at this sight, “Eldest sister, what sort of expression is that? Although sister did speak up for you with imperial concubine Xian, I did not ask for elder sister’s thanks. There is no need for elder sister to be like this.”

The matriarch’s expression sank, as she scolded Chen Yu: “Do you truly not know what’s good for you? You committed such a heavy crime. If it were not for your second sister, based on imperial concubine Xian’s standing in the palace, even if you were beaten to death, who knows what could have happened to our Feng family. Now that you were saved, you don’t know to give thanks. What are you doing glaring at your sister with that sort of gaze?

Feng Jin Yuan also reminded her: “This time, it was indeed your fault. Quickly thank A-Heng.”

Feng Chen Yu felt that she had been wronged, especially when she saw Feng Yu Heng’s smiling expression. She wanted to tear that face apart. She subconsciously wanted to object, but for some reason, she felt an irritation from her temperament that she could not hold down. She suddenly thought that she would have Kang Yi come up with an idea. This sort of feeling had suddenly appeared and managed to attract her for no real reason, which was only to be expected.

It seemed that Kang Yi also knew what she was thinking. Upon seeing Chen Yu look towards her, she smiled at her then nodded, saying: “Hating evil is a natural disposition, while generosity is something that is taught. Recognizing a grace and seeking to repay it is even more about nobility. This one trusts that eldest young miss had this level of nobility.”

Her voice was not fast nor slow, neither loud nor quiet. It sounded very comfortable. This comfort made Chen Yu immediately calm down then bow to Feng Yu Heng, calmly saying: “Many thanks second sister for asking imperial concubine Xian for forgiveness on my behalf. It was all elder sister’s fault for making this mistake and doing something wrong. Thank you, second sister, for protecting my life.”

Feng Yu Heng could only admire Kang Yi. Could it be that the North was too cold and chilled their brains, making them all very cool-headed? Da Shun had four distinct seasons, but it had turned the people’s brains to paste?

“There is no need for eldest sister to take it to heart.” SHe smiled then personally went forward to help Chen Yu up, her gaze staring at the scar on her forehead. After looking for a while, she said: “I will give elder sister a cream to use later.”

Hearing that she was finally going to help take a look at Chen Yu’s wound, Feng Jin Yuan could not help but become happy. It had to be known that as long as Feng Yu Heng took action, it would be far better than the imperial doctors coming.

Chen Yu also rejoiced, her gratitude deepening even further. But this gratitude was not towards Feng Yu Heng. Instead, it was to eldest princess Kang Yi. Who knew that being soft would not only give the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan face, it would also mean that she would receive medicine from Feng Yu Heng. She looked down on Feng Yu heng in every regard, with her medical ability being the only exception. Even if it was Feng Chen Yu, she had to applaud internally.

“Many thanks second sister.” This thanks was filled with joy.

Feng Yu Heng smiled then returned to her seat, no longer saying anything.

Zi Rui sat at her side but did not say anything the entire time. At this time, he caught a glimpse of his sister’s thoughts. Thinking quickly, the young child suddenly stood up and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, senior disciple specially advised Zi Rui to go play chess with him. Zi Rui was thinking, that it’s not early. I should go over a little earlier to wait. It would not be good if senior disciple had to wait for Zi Rui.”

“Huh?” Ru Jia was curious, “Is this also one of the Feng family’s children?”

Kang Yi’s heart bumped and suddenly realized her failure. She had heard long ago that county princess Ji An had a younger brother, but he had been away for his studies and never returned home. Earlier, this child had been sitting behind the group of people. Although she had seen him, she did not have a chance to ask if county princess Ji An’s younger brother had returned. In addition, when she arrived at the palace banquet yesterday, Zi Rui had already gone to play with Xuan Fei Yu. She did not even see him!

Kang Yi would not admit that she had excluded boys from her mind, but now that Feng Zi Rui had spoken, she could not continue to remain silent. But what could she express? She did not have anything on hand!

While she was extremely troubled, she heard Ru Jia say with dissatisfaction: “An honored guest has come to your home, so what are you going to play chess with your senior disciple for. What sort of hospitality is this?”

Once this was said, Feng Jin Yuan became a little anxious. He desperately tried to give Kang Yi a look to tell Ru Jia to stop talking. The people of Qian Zhou did not know, but the person that Feng Zi Rui had called senior disciple was none other than the Emperor of Da Shun! As for the matter of playing chess, when he thought carefully, it seemed that the Emperor had mentioned something like that. He could not help but silently blame himself for forgetting such an important matter.

Unfortunately, Kang Yi did not notice this look at all. At this time, she was thinking about how to handle the scenario.

She was unable to worry about it, so Ru Jia continued to speak: “Really, even if a young child does not understand anything, there should be a granny to remind him. Look, you aren’t even that young anymore. How can you still be so unreasonable?”

Feng Zi Rui looked at Ru Jia in confusion and expressed his doubts, saying: “Father, is this really the princess of Qian Zhou? If she is, why would she talk like this?”

“What do these words mean?” Ru Jia lost it, “Why do you care how I speak? This princess is curious. What sort of senior disciple is this? Is he so important? More important than my mother?”

Zi Rui nodded, “Indeed, yes.”

“You…” Ru Jia was furious and turned to ask the matriarch: “Elder madam, how is this child of your family speaking?” Once this question was asked, she immediately realized that something was off. Why did the Feng family’s elder madam look at her like this? Why did everyone in the Feng family look at her like she was an idiot?

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