Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 299

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How is my County Princess’ Manor Related to the Feng Family?

Hearing what the matriarch said, a hint of joy appeared in Kang Yi’s eyes, but she still shook her head and said: “Many thanks elder madam, but I am a special envoy that has come to Da Shun. Living in the home of an official is clearly not proper and unseemly. It will make the Feng family the subject of much gossip.”

“Hah!” Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, “How could there be so much idle gossip. Our Da Shun is warm and welcoming. Even if the person with eldest princess today were not Jin Yuan, they would also extend such an invitation. That’s why there is no need for eldest princess to mind.”

“Really?” Ru Jia began smiling. She then leaned close to Kang Yi: “Mother, let’s move here, is that ok? Ru Jia does not like the posthouse at all. Ru Jia likes living with uncle Feng. Also, look at elder madam. Elder madam has a kind expression and is very kind! Ru Jia likes elder madam.”

These words nearly coaxed the matriarch into recognizing her as her own granddaughter. She repeatedly said to Kang Yi: “Look, young princess also likes it here. How about you just move in!” She also began to use words like “you,” which made the two very familiar.

Kang Yi was a little troubled. Looking at the hospitable Feng Jin Yuan then at the expectant Ru Jia, only then did she sigh and say: “Ru Jia has had a hard life. She has been without father since she was young. Her uncle Emperor and I have always hoped that she could live a better life. Since she likes it, then… we will be moving!”

Hearing Kang Yi agree, the matriarch smiled so widely that her eyes turned into slits, as she said: “Good! Good! Just have some people go back to the posthouse later and fetch your things. Just move in today!”

Feng Jin Yuan was also happy, nodding in agreement: “That’s right. Coming over early, there will be things to take care of. Mother has not been this happy for a long time. Kang… eldest princess, thank you.”

Kang Yi heard Feng Jin Yuan nearly call her by name, and she could not help but blush. Lowering her head, she did not say anything else.

At Feng Yu Heng’s side, An shi quietly sighed, completely helpless. Jin Zhen lowered her head and wiped away tears with her handkerchief. Chen Yu stared at the people in front of her. Every now and then, she would appear to have an idea, but nobody knew what these ideas were.

The matriarch’s side laughed for a while then felt that the people across from her seemed to be a bit distanced from this atmosphere. Thus she took the initiative to wave to them: “Why do you guys not say anything? Chen Yu, eldest princess protected you earlier. You should be a little closer with eldest princess.”

Chen Yu quickly revealed a smile and said: “It was granddaughter being unreasonable. Seeing grandmother and eldest princess chat so happily, I did not dare say anything.”

Kang Yi looked at Chen Yu with a smile and only said: “Eldest young miss was born truly beautiful. This one is unable to avoid wanting to look a little longer.”

Feng Jin Yuan was in a very good mood, frankly saying: “Chen Yu, come here. Sit next to eldest princess.”

Chen Yu was flatted by the sudden favor and moved. She appeared to be very happy.

The matriarch then looked at Feng Yu Heng and did not dare talk to her the way she had with Chen Yu, only asking: “Is A-Heng enjoying the food? Take a look at what food you like. We can have the servants prepare more.”

Feng Yu Heng faintly smiled and said: “I am already full. Grandmother was chatting very happily with eldest princess and did not notice that A-Heng had already tried all of the dishes.” While saying this, she pointed to some of the newly arrived dishes and said: “These are really delicious. A-Heng had the servants prepare some more, especially that dish of bamboo shoots. They are most soothing for the throat.”

To the side, Xiang Rong was nearly unable to hold back her laughter. Out of fear, she quickly used a handkerchief to cover her mouth. You have chatted for too long. Second sister, that’s what you were saying, right?

The matriarch was a little embarrassed but could not say too much to Feng Yu Heng. After pondering for a long time, she suddenly said: “A-Heng is truly considerate.”

Kang Yi looked at Feng Yu Heng then said: “I felt yesterday that county princess Ji An was truly a kindred spirit yesterday. I never thought that I would be able to eat at the same table today. When this one moves, county princess must come chat with this one. County princess breaking iron essence was something This one did not get to see, and This one has been regretting it.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at her and continued to maintain her faint smile. It was a smile that never changed, and nobody was able to understand her thoughts. People were even less able to guess what she would say.

In truth, the matriarch was quite worried about Kang Yi talking to Feng Yu Heng. Feng Jin Yuan was also worried because they all knew that Feng Yu Heng was someone capable of stifling others. If she wanted to steel her heart and dislike someone, then speaking with her would be truly painful.

The two could not help but silently pray. They hoped that Feng Yu Heng would be willing to give Kang Yi a bit of face, no matter how little.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng had never been one to account for another person’s face. If she did not want to, she would not even bother engaging in small talk. For example, right now “I fear that coming to chat with eldest princess is not possible. Eldest princess still does not know it, but I do not live in the Feng manor. Instead, I live in the county princess’ manor next door.”

Feng Jin Yuan felt a little embarrassed. A daughter that had not yet married was living away from home. Where should he put his face?

“Speaking of, you are still one family. It’s just a little further, and the two manors are still connected.” She emphasized the word connected. From the way this was said, it sounded like the county princess’ manor was one of the Feng manor’s courtyards but was a little further away.

Feng Yu Heng gave her face and nodded, but who knew that she would follow it up by saying: “Originally, there was a moon gate between the two manors, but that wall had fallen into disrepair. After a few months, it collapsed. There was nothing I could do, so I found someone to repair it. After having it repaired, the moon gate that could accommodate two people is now only wide enough for one person. I am still small, so I do not notice it much. For father, I fear that you could only pass through sideways?”

It would be better if she had not said this. Upon mentioning this, Feng Jin Yuan became angry A perfectly good moon gate had been turned into a gap in the wall. Every time he went there, he felt as though he were going down some dark alleyway.

Kang Yi saw that Feng Jin Yuan’s expression was not too good, thus he knew that Feng Yu Heng had most likely told the truth. She could not help but be shocked. She did not think that county princess Ji An had such a standing in the Feng family. She did not even give any face to her grandmother or father?

“County princess truly is fortunate.” She turned and smiled. Without a change in her mood, she said: “Being able to live in the county princess’ manor on your own is a result of the Emperor doting on county princess. It is also affirmation for Lord Feng’s many years of hard work.”

“Hm?” Once this was said, she saw Feng Yu Heng freeze, “You said that my county princess’ manor is the Emperor showing affirmation of my father?”

This time, it was Kang Yi who froze. She originally wanted to say some nice things for Feng Jin Yuan to suppress his anger. Also, for Feng Yu Heng to be able to have a county princess’ manor, she naturally believed that it was awarded by the Emperor. After all, she had heard long ago that the title of county princess Ji An was personally conferred by the Emperor. That manor, naturally, should also have been conferred at the same time!

As a result, her way of thinking had caused Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch to feel embarrassed.

She heard Feng Yu Heng say: “I fear that eldest princess is mistaken, right? What relation does my county princess’ manor have with my father?”

Kang Yi said: “County princess has not yet married and is still young. Not understanding these things is also normal.” She smiled and said to Feng Yu Heng: “For a daughter, if they were to receive the grace of the Emperor, it is most likely that the Emperor is doing it to please a government official. Speaking of, conferring a manor was expressing the Emperor’s respect for the Feng family. It was Lord Feng that had managed to acquire this through his work for the country. County princess should express thanks for this grace.”

When she spoke, she had the tone of an elder. Her thoughts were that Feng Yu Heng was able to live in the county princess’ manor, so she had to give thanks to Feng Jin Yuan.

The matriarch felt helpless. Kang Yi had too little of an understanding of Da Shun and of the Feng family. Originally, she worried that Feng Yu Heng would be interested in causing trouble, but now this was good, as she went and brought caused trouble for herself.

Sure enough, after Feng Yu Heng finished listening to Kang Yi, she began laughing. She then asked Feng Jin Yuan: “The origin of that county princess’ manor, was that provided by father for eldest princess? If father wished to appear amazing in front of eldest princess, daughter can go along with it. I will definitely give face to father.”

Feng Jin Yuan thought to himself, you already said this sort of thing. How could there still be any face! He could not help but glare at her then helplessly say: “Just tell the truth.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Then daughter will do as father said.” Only then did she look to Kang Yi. Heaving a sigh, she said: “Eldest princess will be moving into the Feng manor today. A-Heng was thinking, since princess will be moving in, even if we are not family, we should be close like family; therefore, it would be best if eldest princess understood the Feng family a bit better. My county princess’ manor was not conferred by the Emperor. It was given by my future husband, the ninth prince, Xuan Tian Ming.”

She said this while turning the teacup in front of her, “Aside from the manor, he also gave me many other things. Does eldest princess wish to hear about them?”

Feng Jin Yuan quietly sighed, “Either way, eldest princess will be living here. There will be plenty of chances in the future.”

“Oh.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s right! But there are always all kinds of matters at home. I hope that they do not affect eldest princess’ mood. Look, in just this meal, there was no shortage of things happening. A-Heng is truly worried that the happenings in the Feng family will leave eldest princess with a bad impression.”

Kang Yi was shocked that the ninth prince had given her a manor. Now that she heard her say this, she quickly shook her head and said: “No matter. This one and elder madam are very close and very much want to become closer.”

“It’s like that!” Feng Yu Heng smiled once more, “That is truly great.’

Just as she said this, she saw He Zhong hastily running towards the hall once more.

The matriarch had a bit of a conditioned reflex from seeing him, as her heart dropped. She thought to herself, nothing bad will be coming, right?

Feng Jin Yuan’s expression also sank, as he spoke up: “Regardless of what sort of person has come, have them wait in the front hall. Say that the manor has received an honored guest, and we will not be seeing any other guests.”

He Zhong was running in but suddenly stopped. Looking at how the table, he saw that there were some dishes that had just been brought up. If they were to wait, how long would they be kept waiting? He looked at Feng Jin Yuan with a troubled expression.

“Father, how about asking what sort of person has come!” Feng Yu Heng raised the corner of her lips in a mysterious manner: “If there is something urgent, it would not be good.”

“It’s the celebration of the new year. What sort of urgent matter could occur?” The matriarch spoke up, “Just do as the master has said. Have the person that came wait in the front hall.”

Upon seeing that the two heads had already spoken, there was nothing He Zhong could do. He could only nod and comply: “Yes.” He then turned and left.

Feng Jin Yuan said to Kang Yi: “It’s just a group of government officials that have come to wish a happy new year. Just let them wait for a little. Let’s eat our meal.”

With the host saying this, Kang Yi did not refuse. Smiling, she began chatting with the matriarch once more.

But before she could eat much or say anything, He Zhong returned.

There was truly nothing Feng Jin Yuan could do. With a bit of anger, he said: “What exactly is the matter?”

He Zhong frankly kneeled in front of him: “Master, forgive me. The person outside truly cannot wait any longer and rushed to have this servant come to report.”

“This urgent?” Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow and asked: “Then tell us, who exactly came? See if father should give them face by showing up.”

He Zhong looked at Feng Yu Heng gratefully then said “Master, the one that came is the newly appointed governor, Xu Jing Yuan, Lord Xu!”

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