Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 303

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I Refuse to Give You a Chance to Discuss Love

In this life, there were two people that the Emperor recognized. One was his teacher, Ye Rong, and the other was a divine doctor, Yao Xian. Ye Rong was an imperial tutor. Even though he founded Yun Xiao Academy, he himself never took in any disciples. Aside from the Emperor a few decades ago, Feng Zi Rui was his first. In addition to his relationship with Feng Yu Heng, the Emperor it was inevitable that the Emperor would become even closer to Zi Rui. With them being closer, they ended up chatting for a little longer.

Zi Rui was a child that matured early. Having been sent to live out his life with his mother and elder sister in the mountains, he was much more sensible than other children his age. The thoughts and body language of the Emperor were all carelessly left on display, but he never thought that they would be picked up by this child.

“If the Emperor showed some sympathy to the eldest princess of Qian Zhou because of his elder sister, that really would be difficult.” He held a dessert in his hand and crumbs all around his mouth. The words he said were like those of a young lord.

Feng Yu Heng truly did not want for Zi Rui to be exposed to the matters of the manor at such a young age, but he was a child of the Feng family. He had been influenced by what he saw and heard from a young age. Even if it could be avoided in the future, he would not be able to be a carefree youth. Rather than go against it, it would be better to go with the flow. She really wanted to see how similar this child would be to her.

“Sis.” Seeing that Feng Yu Heng only watched him and did not speak, Zi Rui was a little anxious, “Did you listen to what I just said?”

She smiled and said: “I am listening. It’s because I am listening carefully that I need to analyze it!

Only then did the child feel satisfied, nodding and saying: “Then tell me, was Zi Rui’s analysis correct?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Very correct. The Emperor thinking about his elder sister when seeing another eldest princess in a similar situation would naturally be a little more soft-hearted; however, as a ruler, it’s fine to be soft-hearted, but he should not have lost his most basic reasoning ability because of this. That’s why, Zi Rui, take a guess. If that eldest princess had some other intentions, would our Emperor have agreed?”

Zi Rui rolled his eyes, “Sister, just stop pretending to be ignorant. What other intentions. Hasn’t she just taken a fancy to father and wants to get married. When Zi Rui came back, I already saw the servants from Qian Zhou moving things into the Feng manor.”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. Do you want to know this so clearly…

“My guess is no” Zi Rui said seriously: “Doesn’t everyone say that the imperial family is without affection. Father is already the prime minister. If a foreign princess with power enters the family… Sis, if that happens, our home will become even less peaceful. There won’t just be fighting in the inner courtyards. The number of people watching from the outside will also increase. The Emperor also will not be at peace. With these things happening, they will not be good for us.”

She reached out to pat Zi Rui’s head. She wanted to say that this child could be considered as having grown up, but just as she raised her hand, Zi Rui dodged quickly and said: “I am no longer a small child. Elder sister, can’t keep patting my head.”

The elder sister blinked, “No matter how much you grow, I am still your elder sister. Come here quickly and let me pat you.”

Feng Zi Rui did not compromise and continued to dodge; however, he was unable to avoid being patted by Feng Yu Heng. The two laughed for a while before she let him go. Right before leaving, Zi Rui said: “Wait for me to learn martial arts. You won’t be able to catch me then!”

Not long after Zi Rui left, Wang Chuan entered the room with a platter of desserts. Her body still had injuries, so she could not do any exercise, nor could she do any heavy lifting. Feng Yu Heng always brought Huang Quan when going out, so she was left in the courtyard to do some trivial matters.

The current platter of desserts was very exquisite and had unique shapes. They were things that Huang Quan had never seen before. She could not help but say in surprise: “Did we bring in a new chef? This dessert looks truly exquisite.”

Wang Chuan did not speak, as she placed the platter in front of Feng Yu Heng. She received it and looked carefully for a while. The pastries contained ice shards. Mixed with the ice shards were bits of fruit, so it had the aroma of fruits.

“To be able to do something as delicate as making a dessert with ice and to make it so delicious, thinking about it, only someone from the Northern country would have these abilities. This was sent by eldest princess Kang Yi, right?” Feng Yu Heng said this while picking one up and placing it in her mouth. Sure enough, the taste was mellow and delicate. It was extremely delicious.

“Young miss guessed correctly.” Wang Chuan nodded, “Eldest princess Kang Yi moved into Jin Fu courtyard. The servants over there immediately entered the kitchen and began working. These desserts were sent to all of the courtyards. It is said to be a taste unique to Qian Zhou and for everyone to taste it.”

Huang Quan stomped her feet: “Young miss already knows it’s from Qian Zhou, but why do you still eat it so calmly? Do you not fear that they will have done something to it?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “Based on her intelligence, how could she enter the manor and immediately start causing trouble. Don’t worry. It would be fine if this marriage does not succeed, but if it really does succeed, we may very well have a few idle months. As a newly married wife, she must first ensure that she has a steady foundation. She must ensure that she has the full support of grandmother before she can begin to take action.”

That night, Feng Yu Heng slept late. In her mind, she went over the process for making steel one more. She then personally drew up some plans for some new weapons. She decided that she would begin working on the steel weapons after a month. As for these weapons, they would be used first by her Divine Intent army.

The next morning, she had slept well. There were not many things to do during the new year’s celebration. The Yao family was not in the capital, so she did not even have any relatives to visit. She was in the middle of thinking about visiting the children at the residence in the suburbs of the capital when Wang Chuan knocked on the door and entered. She appeared to be a little unhappy, as she said: “I originally thought that young miss would be able to enjoy a few idle days at the manor, and madam even prepared food to eat with young miss.”

Feng Yu Heng was stunned, “Based on what you just said, I can’t eat properly at home?”

Wang Chuan pondered a little then said: “Indeed something has come up, but young miss can choose not to go.”

“What is it?”

Wang Chuan told her: “Just now, the Feng manor sent a male servant, saying that eldest princess Kang Yi and your father will be touring the streets to get a better idea of Da Shun’s customs. Your father wants young miss to accompany them.”

Feng Yu Heng blinked. Feng Jin Yuan wanted her to accompany them? Did he take the wrong medicine? Did that prime minister father not hate that he could not stay as far away from her as possible. Why did he want to bring along someone so irritating when walking around the streets with a beautiful woman?

“Doesn’t young miss find this odd?” Wang Chuan helped take care of straightening out the sheets while saying: “In truth, there is a reason. Who knows where she heard it from, but that eldest princess heard that young miss has a Hundred Herb Hall in the capital, and that it is quite famous. She proposed a visit, and only then did prime minister Feng helplessly send someone to come invite young miss.”

She wanted to see the Hundred Herb hall… Feng Yu Heng curled up the corners of her lips into a smile, “What is there to see in a medicine shop. She most likely heard that there are mysterious goods at the Hundred Herb Hall, causing her to want to take a look.”

“Then will young miss be going?” Wang Chuan asked her, “If young miss does not want to allow them to see, this servant will send someone to tell Wang Lin and have him put away all of the medical pills.”

“No need.” Feng Yu Heng stood up and began to wash herself, “I will just accompany them. We open our doors to business. We can prevent them from seeing it this once, but we can’t prevent them from seeing it forever. Moreover, even if we allow them to see them, so what?” Medical pills were fine, as even Jiang Hu had them; however, she did not believe that this era would have people that could produce medical tablets, right?

With this in mind, Feng Yu Heng left with Huang Quan through the front gate of the county princess’ manor. The two walked over to the Feng manor and did not even bring a carriage.

Feng Jin Yuan saw her arrive like this and could not help but look further back. He then asked in confusion: “Where is your imperial carriage?”

Feng Yu Heng blinked, “In the manor!”

He then said: “We’re about to head out, so why did you not bring it?”

Feng Yu Heng did not understand, “Daughter is going out with father, and it is for nothing more than to stroll through the streets. Why must we sit in separate carriages?”

Feng Jin Yuan was helpless, “Eldest princess Kang Yi will also be going with us.”

She was still clueless, “What does that have to do with A-Heng’s imperial carriage?” She then suddenly realized: “Oh! Could it be that eldest princess wanted to see A-Heng’s imperial carriage? Father, why did you not say so earlier? A-Heng will go have someone bring that carriage over, and we will sit in it together.” She said this while turning around, as though she was about to order a servant, but she muttered to herself: “In any case, she is the princess of Qian Zhou. Does Qian Zhou not have a good imperial carriage?”

“No need!” Feng Jin Yuan angrily waved his hand. She was a princess. Who liked looking at your things!

“Oh.” Feng Yu Heng immediately turned around and said with a smile: “Then father will sit with A-Heng. Eldest princess is a precious person, so she must have her own carriage.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face became black. His original idea was pretty good. With Feng Yu Heng’s imperial carriage, based on Ru Jia’s curious personality, she would definitely want to sit together. Like that, he could say to Kang Yi that they should all sit together, and there was no need for so many carriages. Who knew that his good idea would be ruined by Feng Yu Heng. She did not bring her imperial carriage, and he could not just separate Kang Yi and Ru Jia, right?

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart trembled with anger. He still had to sit with this girl. He truly began to wonder if he would die of anger before arriving at their destination.

Father and daughter looked at each other. One was gloomy and depressed, while the other was all smiles. When Kang Yi came out of the manor, she saw Feng Yu Heng have a harmless smile on her face. For a while, she practically thought that her eyes had become dull, and in the next instant, she felt that it was her heart that had become dull. This was clearly a young girl that was even younger than Ru Jia. Where was the girl that was rumored to be full of intrigue.

She walked over in large strides, and Ru Jia happily waved to Feng Jin Yuan: “Greetings uncle Feng!” She then looked at Feng Yu Heng and opened her mouth, but she did not know what to call her.

Feng Yu Heng was considerably easier to talk to today, as she told her: “Princess can call me A-Heng.”

Ru Jia nodded, “Good. A-Heng, there is no need to call me princess. It’s fine to just call me Ru Jia.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not agree, only saying: “I still must call you princess. At most, I can call you elder sister princess, and you can call me second sister.”

Once this was said, Kang Yi’s face immediately turned red, as she lowered her head with a bit of bashfulness. That appearance was exceedingly charming.

Feng Jin Yuan’s mood immediately improved. He no longer cared about the earlier matter with Feng Yu Heng’s imperial carriage, as he quickly had everyone get in the carriage.

There were a total of two carriages. Feng Yu Heng and Feng Jin Yuan sat in one, while Kang Yi and Ru Jia sat in the other. With Feng Jin Yuan’s carriage leading the way, they headed straight towards Hundred Herb Hall.

Feng Yu Heng lifted a curtain and looked outside. The Winter days had frigid winds. When it blew on her face, however, she did not feel cold. She only closed her eyes slightly. This focused appearance caused Feng Jin Yuan’s heart to feel cold.

“Father.” Suddenly, Feng Yu Heng began to speak.

Feng Jin Yuan, for some reason, actually trembled, as he even stopped breathing.

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