Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 307

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Thake Her Away and Kill Her!

This caused Feng Jin Yuan’s soul to be sent flying by this fright, as he quickly looked back. There, he saw eldest princess Kang Yi sitting on the ground with a painful expression. Ru Jia was to the side, consistently shouting: “Mother! Mother, what happened to you? How did you end up falling? Did you hurt yourself? Mother, don’t scare Ru Jia! This place is Da Shun. If you have a mishap, how should Ru Jia explain to uncle emperor!”

“Ah!” Feng Jin Yuan stomped his foot, quickly letting go of Feng Yu Heng and running over.

Kang Yi seemed to have been hurt, as she sat on the ground and did not get up for a long time. In the end, Feng Jin Yuan simply picked her up and entered the manor.

When Feng Yu Heng also wanted to go in, she just happened to be beside Ru Jia. A maid at Ru Jia’s side suddenly said: “It’s her! This servant personally saw Lord Feng already arrive at our carriage and was about to help eldest princess out, but he was called back by her. She insisted that Lord Feng help her out of her carriage first. Eldest princess falling was all caused by her!”

Ru Jia stared at Feng Yu Heng, her face filled with fury.

Feng Yu Heng, however, raised the corner of her lip. Without saying anything, she raised her hand and slapped the maid twice. She then fiercely said: “Take her away and have her killed!”

Following her order, Huang Quan immediately took action. Grabbing the maid’s collar, she dragged her towards the county princess’ manor. At the same time, she said to an imperial guard: “Have two people come here and take this girl to a place where there are no people then beat her to death.”

The imperial guards were guarding the county princess’ manor, so Feng Yu Heng was their boss. For them, Feng Yu Heng’s orders were orders from heaven. Not to mention beating a servant to death, even if they were told to rush into the Feng manor and eradicate the Feng family, they would not even blink.

Seeing her own maid be dragged away, Ru Jia was dumbfounded. Hearing that servant crying and screaming, she looked at Feng Yu Heng in horror then loudly said: “How can you dare? How can you dare to beat my maid to death?”

Feng yu Heng replied in confusion, saying: “Why would I not dare? The servant from a vassal state dares to point at Da Shun’s county princess and begin cursing. Me beating her to death is considered light. Princess Ru Jia, if you intend to protect your servant, this county princess will reason with you. How does having my father help me affect you?”

“But we are guests!” Ru Jia shouted very matter-of-factly.

“Guests should look and behave like guests!” Feng Yu Heng responded in an even more matter-of-factly tone, “I have never heard of a guest shouting at their host before! Huang Quan, take this county princess’ seal to invite an imperial physician over. This will be some of this county princess’ consideration for the eldest princess.” After saying this, she entered the manor. While walking in, she said: “There was a perfectly fine posthouse, but you did not want to live in it. Now that you’ve gotten hurt from a fall, who can be blamed? That’s right, did you receive the thing from the prince of Zong Sui?”

He Zhong, who had been following her, quickly said: “This servant was just about to tell second young miss that someone just came to deliver a jade turtle, saying that it was a new year’s gift from the fourth prince of Zong Sui to second young miss.”

“Un.” She nodded, “Bring it to the front hall of Peony courtyard and place it there. That is meant to bring peace to the home. It must be placed properly.”

“Second young miss, do not worry. This servant will go do it now.” He Zhong accepted the errand and went to do it.

Feng Jin Yuan carried Kang Yi back to the courtyard that she was living in, which caused the Feng manor to begin discussing it. First, they did not understand how she had become injured after leaving the manor perfectly fine. Second, they did not understand why their master would take such good care of Princess Kang Yi to actually personally carry her back.

Ru Jia angrily rushed to follow them. Hearing the discussions of the servants, she could not help but become furious: “Talking about your master behind his back. Is this one of the Feng family’s rules?”

The servants were scared silent. Feng Yu heng heard this then stopped moving “This is indeed one of our Feng manor’s rules. If Princess Ru Jia cannot get accustomed to it, there is one way out. You can move out of the manor.”

“Are you trying to chase me out?” Ru Jia could understand this, “We were invited into the manor by uncle Feng and the elder madam!”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Who said that I wanted to chase you out. Either way, a jade turtle has been brought in to bring peace to the manor. Also, the one injured is not me.”

“What a great county princess Ji An!” Ru Jia gritted her teeth and said: “You have a different act when dealing with someone directly compared to when working behind their backs. You truly are a villain.”

“You’re wrong.” Feng Yu Heng corrected her, “Regardless of whether it is dealing with someone directly or behind their backs, this county princess always acts the same.” After saying this, she simply could not be bothered to visit Kang Yi. She turned around and left with Huang Quan.

Ru Jia watched her leave and let out a sigh of relief in secret. No wonder her mother said that the Feng family’s second young miss was not one to be offended lightly. Now that this had happened, sure enough, there was no mistake. In just the blink of an eye, she had lost a maid. This had caused her to feel quite irritated.

While returning to Tong Sheng pavilion, Feng Yu Heng informed Huang Quan: “In a while, personally go visit the Yu Palace. Tell his Highness about the things that happened today. Also tell him about the prince of Zong Sui visiting tomorrow. Have lady Zhou make some preparations.”

Huang Quan nodded, “This servant will go in a bit. But young miss, eldest princess Kang Yi was indeed injured in front of the Feng manor. Nothing will happen, right?”

“What could possibly happen?” Feng Yu Heng said: “Her servant could not even handle helping her master get out of a carriage. What use are they? In a while, send ten servants from Tong Sheng pavilion over to take care of them. Say that this county princess does not trust the servants of Qian Zhou. Since they have come to live in the Feng manor, this county princess has an obligation to ensure the eldest princess’ safety.”

Huang Quan began smiling, “With all of her personal servants being swapped out, it would be odd if she did not feel extremely dejected.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head, “If it was said that Ru Jia was dejected, I would believe it, but that Kang Yi was able to survive the battle for the throne until this day. How could she be so easy to handle.”

The two walked while talking and very quickly arrived at their own courtyard. Upon entering the courtyard, they found it was quite lively. Taking another look, it appeared that Yao shi had brought Zi Rui and come over. Zi Rui was joking around with Wang Chuan, causing all of the servants in the courtyard to laugh.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng return, Wang Chuan quickly went over to ask for help: “Young miss has finally come back. Quickly help this servant. Young master is bringing up subjects that I can’t provide answers for. I have already lost six cups of tea to him. If young miss did not come back, this servant’s belly would be on the verge of bursting.”

Zi Rui loudly said: “It was sister Wang Chuan that said she wanted to compete with Zi Rui in studies. Zi Rui has already chosen the easy topics.”

Yao shi went over and pulled Zi Rui along, saying: “Your sister Wang Chuan is letting you win. Don’t get arrogant.”

Wang Chuan doted on Zi Rui and quickly said: “I didn’t let him win. This servant really lost to young master.”

Yao shi smiled and said: “You know best how to take care of him.” She then looked at Feng Yu Heng and said: “I wanted to come and ask you. I was planning to visit the Wen Xuan Palace tomorrow. Do you have time to go along?”

Hearing that she wanted to visit the Wen Xuan Palace, Feng Yu Heng truly wanted to go. After all, she and Xuan Tian Ge got along well, and Princess Wen Xuan was the daughter of imperial tutor Ye Rong. From that perspective, she should be the one to go and visit. Unfortunately, coincidences often worked like that “I have an arrangement with the prince of Zong Sui to visit his Highness the ninth prince. It seems that daughter will not be able to go.”

Yao shi let out an “oh” sound then quickly said: “Your matter is an official matter and is of the utmost importance. It absolutely must not be missed. I will bring Zi Rui along tomorrow then. Just take care of your matters.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then said: “Mother, wait a moment.” After saying this, she quickly entered her medicine storage room. After sorting through the things in her space, she pulled out two self-heating sandbags then exited, “This is used to cover the knees. Lord Wen Xuan is getting older, and his legs and feet are not doing too well. Mother, bring this and give it to them. Consider it to be a bit of A-Heng’s consideration.”

While saying this, she gave one to Yao shi. She held the other one in her hand. She then squeezed the sandbag then said: “Mother should also try it. Just squeeze it like this. After squeezing it, it will begin to feel warm. It is very convenient to use.”

Yao shi copied her and tried a few times. Sure enough, the sandbag in her hand began to feel hot, and she could not help but become surprised: “It really is a nice thing. Lord Wen Xuan will definitely be very happy to see it.”

“That’s good.” Feng Yu Heng never doubted that her things would amaze the people of this era. She only advised the two: “You absolutely must be careful. I will have Huang Quan and Wang Chuan accompany you tomorrow.”

“Then what about yourself?” Yao shi was a little worried, “Giving us all of your servants, what will you do?”

“I still have a hidden guard. Mother should not worry.” She patted Yao shi’s hand then personally sent her out of the courtyard. When Yao shi was further away, she advised Huang Quan: “Quickly go to the Yu Palace. I will have Qing Yu take care of sending servants over to the Feng manor.”

Huang Quan complied and left. Feng Yu Heng then told Wang Chuan and Qing Yu the basics of what was happening on Kang Yi’s side. This angered both of them, as they decided to choose some servants with attitudes over.

Qing Yu and Wang Chuan returned after an hour. They told Feng Yu Heng: “Ten servants have already been sent over. Princess Kang Yi did not say much, but Prime minister Feng’s face turned green, and Princess Ru Jia exploded. But we said that because Qian Zhou’s servants were not even able to properly take care of something simple like helping their master get out of a carriage, it truly does not allow anyone to feel at ease. Second young miss does not want for the Feng manor to not be thorough in taking care of eldest princess, thus she sent people out of goodwill. Thus Princess Kang Yi kindly accepted.”

Feng Yu Heng understood that she had not truly accepted it. Kang Yi’s patience was something that she had never seen before. Including Ru Jia, perhaps she was not as simple as what she showed on the surface.

The next day, Feng Yu Heng got up early to pay respects to the matriarch. After she paid respects, she would go towards the Yu Palace.

What she did not expect was, when she arrived at Shu Ya courtyard’s hall, aside from the females of the Feng family sitting there, Kang YI and Ru Jia had also arrived.

She went forward and saluted the matriarch. After sitting down, she asked with concern: “Is eldest princess feeling a little better? A-Heng was scared to death yesterday.”

Kang Yi smiled and said: “I have troubled county princess with worrying. This one is fine. It had just snowed yesterday, so the roads were slippery. Having taken a misstep, I fell. I have allowed county princess to see something foolish.”

“It’s good that eldest princess is fine. How could A-Heng laugh at you. If it were not for father doting on A-Heng and going to help me out of the carriage, perhaps the one that fell would have been A-Heng. Was eldest princess injured anywhere?”

Kang Yi said: “I sprained my ankle slightly. Although it hurts a little, it does not affect my ability to walk. The doctor prescribed some medicine. It will be better after taking some.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Then I can be at ease. But there is something I have been curious about the entire time. Normally, Qian Zhou should frequently be covered in ice. Eldest princess should be extremely accustomed to icy roads. How could you fall after arriving in Da Shun?”

Kang Yi was a little embarrassed; however, she immediately said: “This one was too careless.” Thinking a little more, she added: “Perhaps it was the servants being a little lax in taking care of me. Yesterday, county princess especially sent over some servants, and This one is truly grateful.”

Upon mentioning the servants sent by Feng Yu Heng, Ru Jia became filled with anger, but it was not a good time to express it. She could only bitterly say: “That’s right, county princess indeed has good methods.”

Just after she finished speaking, when she looked at Feng Yu Heng, she saw that her eyes had become red, and her face had become pale white. Looking at the matriarch, she gave her a gleaming and sympathetic look.

The matriarch was immediately stunned…

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  1. I SECOND THE ABOVE COMMENT MOST EMPHATICALLY!!!! Where’s Ming’er???? Imma about this close to flipping the table with Ru Jia n her smarmy mother! Gah!


  2. Finally A-Heng mentioned those Princesses’s arctic-ly country climate. And poor servants always become the scapegoat.

    Btw, why do I feel like RJ is way more childish than FD. Fen Dai was 10 years old so it ‘passable’reason for her act. Yet, Ru Jia’s age was clearly older (I forgot but she should be in mariagable age) thus her attitude really should not be pardoned.

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    1. I think RJ is more spoilt then FD cos she is not concubine borned. RJ is the only child and without a father so her uncle and mother spoilt her rotten. Am waiting for FYH to teach her some manners. If her mother marries into the Feng family all the better for FYH to teach her some basic manners.๐Ÿ˜„

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      1. Still, she was kind of an imperial daughter even for vassal country. yet, she couldn’t gave even a little performance of a decent princess.
        I think someone need to invite grannies from palace to teach RuJia some basic manner just like what Fen Dai had. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    2. Fen Dai is an angry, eternally jealous kid, but Ru Jia is a spoilt princess. There is a difference.
      Fen Dai acts as she does because she’s angry she doesn’t have what others do, and so if she didn’t have it, she’d rather no one does. On the other hand, Ru Jia is a princess who grew up having everything go her way, so she thinks she has the right to have everything go her way, and have the right to look down on everyone and anyone.
      Imo, rather than Fen Dai, Ru Jia is more like Chen Yu, both think they are the most privileged people ever existed, and act in ways that show that, except that Ru Jia is (more) open about it..

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  3. Can’t stand Ru Jia, definitely the fen dai of qing zhou. That Kang Yi is no joke though….still showing good will to hide evil intentions. Can’t wait to see how she gets dealt with. Thanks so much for the chapter!


  4. Thank you for this chapter.this mother and daughter pair is so full of drama. If Kang Yi wants to marry FJY just marry already. She is supposed to be someone tough how can she fall down from getting down from a carriage!! Hope FYH can really give them a piece of her mind.. eyesore!!


    1. They mentioned he can’t marry for at least another half a year, need to observe mourning rights for the wife/concubine (Chen Shi).


  5. Ah, yes. I think she is 16 y/o as mentioned in previous chap or maybe 18 as my mind got confused before. But I am willing to bet that Ming’er might go venting anger for our A-Heng. After all he’s the one injured by Qian Zhou divine archer troop. Somehow I also hope Ru Jia got smitten by Ming’er like Fen Dai so everyone can ridicules the princesses’ farce act completely.


  6. Kang Yi is acting more like a seductive courtesan than a proper princess! For a woman with a child of Ru Jia’s age to act like this is seriously unbecoming, yet no one (read as Feng Jin Yuan and the Matriarch) minds it..
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