Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 309

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Embraced by Someone…

“What are you doing?” Ru Jia was filled with doubt, “Why are you standing guard here? What happened?”

One of the male servants stepped forward and said: “Responding to princess, nothing happened. Master is speaking with eldest princess and ordered us servants to remain here. It is inconvenient for us servants to remain in the yard, so we can only remain here to wait.”

Hearing that Feng Jin Yuan was inside, Ru Jia’s graceful eyebrows were drawn together. Quickly walking forward, she pushed the male servants to the side and angrily said: “Out of the way!” She then rushed straight into the courtyard.

Perhaps it was to avoid suspicion, as the door to Kang Yi’s room was left open, but the servants stayed a great distance from the room. They did not even look in that direction.

Ru Jia anxiously rushed into the room. When she set foot inside, she happened to hear Feng Jin Yuan say to Kang Yi: “If you also have this desire, then this prime minister will find a chance to bring it up with his Majesty.”

Kang Yi bashfully replied: “Everything will be done as Prime minister Feng says.”

“No!” Ru Jia loudly shouted, scaring the two people in the room. Kang Yi’s hand trembled, causing the brazier to fall to the ground.”

Feng Jin Yuan was a bit further away from her, and there were no signs of any boundaries being overstepped between the two. But the two were sitting in the bedroom’s inner room, and their servants had been sent so far. No matter how Ru Jia looked at it, she felt awkward.

She quickly stepped forward and directly stood between the two then loudly said: “I don’t agree!”

Kang Yi had originally been scared witless, but seeing that it was Ru Jia, she let out a slight sigh of relief, “What are you messing around about?”

“Mother!” Ru Jia’s breathing was a bit ragged, and her complexion was not too good. Looking at Kang Yi, she said: “Ru Jia knows that uncle Feng is a good person, and I know that uncle Feng treats mother very well, and I understand even more that uncle desires to improve relations with Da Shun. Originally, Ru Jia agreed with this matter because I also like uncle Feng. He treats Ru Jia even better than if I were his own daughter, but… but…”

“What exactly is going on with you?” Kang Yi could see that something was off with Ru Jia. She quickly looked at Feng Jin Yuan and said: “Could it be that something has happened?”

Feng Jin Yuan also said: “Ru Jia, if something happened to you, just tell uncle Feng. Uncle will support you.”

“Can you support me?” Ru Jia shook her head and looked at Feng Jin Yuan, “That county princess Ji An is very scary. If mother and I remain in the Feng family, sooner or later, we would die at her hands. That’s why Ru Jia does not agree with this matter. No matter what you say, I will not agree! Uncle Feng, please go back. We will move back to the posthouse tomorrow.”

Hearing her mention Feng Yu Heng, Feng Jin Yuan’s heart also trembled. He truly feared this second daughter. If Feng Yu Heng insisted on something, perhaps things truly would not be too easy to accomplish. Recently, Feng Yu Heng was the most favored person in Da Shun. Who dared do anything to her? Moreover, given that girl’s ferocity, who dared touch her?

But he still had to stabilize Kang Yi’s situation, thus he said in a serious tone: “Don’t worry. With this prime minister here, nobody will dare to bully you two. Even if it is county princess Ji An, it will be no good!”

Kang Yi lightly sighed and said with sorrow: “I don’t want to cause your manor to be sent into chaos over this matter. If county princess truly objects to this matter, I think… we should just forget about it.”

“No!” Feng Jin Yuan forcefully shouted to dispel this idea: “I have never heard of a mother and daughter needing to worry about the private matters of the father. Even if this matter were brought to the Emperor, this prime minister would stand firm. You just need to wait for the good news!” After saying this, he flicked his sleeve and left.

After leaving Kang Yi and Ru Jia in the room alone, only then did Ru Jia calm her breathing. She then told Kang Yi about what she had heard.

After hearing it, Kang Yi furrowed her brow tightly and did not speak for a long time.

After dinner, Feng Yu Heng was playing in the yard with Zi Rui when she saw Qing Yu lead a male servant and some servants over. The maidservants were the ones sent to Jin Fu courtyard from Tong Sheng pavilion. Feng Yu Heng recognized most of them, and she was not unfamiliar with the male servants. It was Feng Jin Yuan’s personal servant.

Qing Yu said: “ELdest princess Kang Yi and master have dispatched people to send you things to help reduce young miss’ shock.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and said to herself, the two really were fast like the wind. The Emperor had given gifts, so it would not be proper for the Feng family to not express themselves.

“Just accept them.” She raised her voice and said: “Rather than thanking father and eldest princess, bring a message along to father since you’re here. Just say that rather than reducing my shock after the fact, it would be better to not allow me to suffer the shock at that time.” After saying this, she waved her hand, “You can leave.”

The maidservants and the male servant put down their things and followed Qing Yu to leave.

Zi Rui ran over to look at the so-called gifts that were meant to reduce her shock. He only saw some supplements and some satin that girls used with accessories. There was nothing really interesting, so he could not help but smirk, “Elder sister, was right. Rather than reducing shock after the fact, it would be better to not suffer that shock in the first place. Sis, Zi Rui dislikes father more and more.”

Feng Yu Heng heard what he said but did not respond immediately. In her heart, there was a bit of conflict. For her, Feng Jin Yuan was not her father. For the body’s original owner, this was a person who directly tried to kill her. But for Feng Zi Rui, he was a direct descendant of Feng Jin Yuan. If she blindly ruined their relationship, when this child grew up, would he blame her?

Zi Rui could see what his elder sister was thinking, so he grabbed her hand and said in a serious manner: “Sis, just do things the way you think you should. Relations are not just built based on blood. Zi Rui only recognizes relations with mother and elder sister. I only remember being in the mountains of the Northwest. Elder sister carrying Zi Rui and walking around to pick firewood. Memory of living in the Feng manor has begun to fade from my memory.”

She felt a sadness well up in her heart, as she pulled her younger brother into a hug. This sort of cold and unloving family, if she did not somehow end up landing in this era, perhaps she would not have believed it could exist no matter what.

“Elder sister will take you to see the lanterns tomorrow, is that ok?” Every year, Da Shun would have a lantern festival on the fifth of every new year. It would take place on the busiest street in the capital. Feng Yu Heng remembered this child’s smile and joy when she had taken him when he was younger.

But this time, Feng Zi Rui shook his head: “I have already promised his Highness Prince Fei Yu to go with him. Mother will also be going. His Highness Prince Fei Yu said that his ninth uncle will definitely come and make arrangements with elder sister, so we will not interrupt.” Zi Rui said this while smiling, “I never thought that the very powerful Highness would treat elder sister so well. Like this, I can be at ease.”

The last bit caused Feng Yu Heng to feel that her younger brother had matured. Perhaps in a few more years, this little one would be tall and strong, and he could stand at her side to protect her.

After playing with Zi Rui for a little longer, she had the servants send him back to rest. Feng Yu Heng then told Huang Quan: “Get some money and give it to the servants that were sent to Jin Fu courtyard. Tell them to keep working steadily. Since they could not be chased away, it was fine to earn some money.”

Wang Chuan smiled and said: “After the new year celebrations, this servant will go to Xiao Zhou. The Hundred Herb Hall there should be able to earn a profit now.”

“There is no rush to become profitable.” She said, “What’s important is for every Hundred Herb Hall to pay attention to the development of talent. All of the masters must take in disciples. In preparation for the opening of the next Hundred Herb Hall, people must be ready to be sent out at any time.”

“Young miss, don’t worry. This servant has already informed the shopkeeper there to bring in more new people. Also, the young girls that were learning from Le Ying Tian are doing very well. Young miss, is it time to bring a group of them out?”

“We can.” Feng Yu heng told her, “If there is anything like an orphanage in Xiao Zhou, you can begin to fund it. If you find any bright children, you can bring them to Hundred Herb Hall to learn as apprentices. After this new year celebration has concluded, I fear that there will be many things that need to be done.”

After a good night’s sleep, Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage arrived at the county princess’ manor’s gates early in the evening. Feng Yu Heng wore a red Winter coat and had two hairpins in her hair. She looked very cute.

Xuan Tian Ming wanted to get out to receive her, but she waved her hand, saying: “I’m not that delicate. Your legs are still not healed. It’s fine for me to get into the carriage on my own.” Saying this, she began to climb into the carriage.

At this time, the Feng manor’s gates also opened up, as Feng Jin Yuan came out with Kang Yi and Ru Jia. A large carriage was waiting outside. Upon seeing their master come out, the driver immediately lifted the curtain and pulled out a step.

Feng Jin Yuan personally helped Kang Yi and Ru Jia into the carriage before climbing in himself. From beginning to end, he did not glance towards the county princess’ manor even once.

Feng Yu Heng shrugged and climbed into the carriage, saying: “I told you. If your father was also like this, I would not give him the method for producing steel.”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “The imperial family only has the relation of a monarch and his subjects. Where is there any relation of father and child. The old guy is doing much better in this aspect than the previous emperor. Otherwise, I would not only have Lord Wen Xuan left as an uncle.”

Feng Yu Heng thought a little and agreed. If the Emperor were truly like Feng Jin Yuan, the fifth prince would have already died thousands of times over.

“I still haven’t seen the lanterns of Da Shun.” She was a little joyful, as she said this without much thought.

Xuan Tian Ming looked at her in confusion: “What did you say?”

She silently cursed herself for her stupidity then added: “I said that ever since coming back from the Northwest, I haven’t seen the lanterns of Da Shun.”

“Un.” He nodded, “This sounds more reasonable.” He then continued: “In truth, there isn’t much to see. It’s just that there are a few more people, a few more carriage and a few more lights.”

Feng Yu Heng wanted to go berserk, “We haven’t even gotten there, but you’ve already said such an unsentimental thing. Isn’t it bothersome!”

He had a good understanding of himself, as he smirked and no longer spoke about the lanterns. The imperial carriage continued all the way to the central square. Because there were many people outside, Feng Yu Heng refused the idea of Xuan Tian Ming getting out of the carriage. She stood up and opened all of the carriage’s curtains. She then had Bai Ze hang up some lanterns outside to fit the atmosphere.

Xuan Tian Ming watched this girl bounce around and handle her work. He felt that he had truly let her down. When the two had first met, this girl had an even smaller frame, but she had dragged him from a crack in the mountains. Now that half a year had passed, he was still stuck sitting in a wheelchair. He was not even able to accompany her to walk amongst the lights. Wasn’t he too useless?

When Feng Yu Heng turned around, she saw a few traces of sadness under the golden mask. She was startled and reached over to wave her hand in front of his face a few times: “What are you thinking about?”

Xuan Tian Ming spoke up and asked her: “Do you blame me?”

She tilted her head and pondered for a while. Very quickly, she understood what this question was about. She then smiled and said: “What if I said I do blame you? What could you change?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “Changing my legs really does depend on you.”

“Then isn’t that enough!” She sat down at his side then turned her head to say: “The things I am not satisfied with, I will do my best to try and change. Your legs will require one more month at most before they can handle walking. After another two months, they will have returned to normal. You should trust me.”

When she spoke, her eyes fluttered. It was as though she had become a rabbit, making people pity her and love her.

Suddenly, a “boom” sound exploded outside. She was given a fright. In her moment of horror, she was pulled by a hand into an embrace.

After an instant, the smell of rosin filled her nostrils…

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