Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 325

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Ruined Your Bridal Chamber’s Candles

“His Highness Prince Xiang’s bodyguard, are you blaming my Feng family for not being thorough with its treatment, or are you disdaining this second rank county princess for not being of high enough status? Since you disdain the idea of even receiving that plate of fruit.”

The bodyguard kneeled on the ground with a face of unwillingness, struggling to stand up. But for some unknown reason, the pain in his knees slowly became numbness. Regardless of what he did, he could not exert any strength to stand up.

Feng Yu Heng looked at him with a pair of eyes that could cause anyone to feel panicked, “What is it? You’re just a humble bodyguard, yet this county princess does not even have the right to punish you?”

The more the bodyguard looked at Feng Yu Heng, the more panicked he felt. He could not help but turn his head to look at Xuan Tian Ye, but he saw Xuan Tian Ye nod to him. Only then did he reply: “This lowly one does not dare!”

“You don’t dare?” The cold light in Feng Yu Heng’s eyes erupted, “As I see it, there’s nothing that you don’t dare to do!” She slightly leaned over and brought her face closer to the bodyguard.

The feeling of an ever-increasing pressure caused the bodyguard’s brow to become soaked with sweat. He wanted to avoid her, but he could not move his legs. With Feng Yu Heng’s face getting closer and closer before him, his breathing also became stifled.

“Cou-county princess!”

“Hmph!” Feng Yu Heng flicked her sleeve and stood up, “Since it’s not that you are looking down on this county princess, then just continue kneeling! Remain there until night time before returning with your master!”

Xuan Tian Ye frowned and asked Feng Yu Heng in confusion: “What are you getting mad at a servant for?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed coldly, as the words that Gu Mo’s Zhou Chou had said to her echoed in her ears once more- At the time that his Highness the ninth prince was surrounded in the mountains, this humble general led people to rescue him, and I met him face to face…

She gritted her teeth tightly, and her eyes became stern. When she looked again at Xuan Tian Ye, she no longer showed a trace of kindness. She said: “There’s no point in just getting angry at a servant. I am just giving his master a reminder. The things that have already been done the in past, please make sure that they are clearly remembered. There will come a day when I will come to collect on each of them.” She turned around and began to leave; however, she raised her voice to say: “No rush. Sooner or later, a day will come when it is your turn!”

Once she said this, she left the two trembling in the pavilion.

Xuan Tian Ye clenched his fists so tight that his knuckles turned white. The departing figure was once again struck him like a nail, and he hated that he could not pull it out immediately.

Unfortunately, he could not.

“At that time, did you leave anything that could identify you?” He asked the bodyguard kneeling at his side.

That person thought a little then said: “This servant was always very careful. I never revealed my face in front of the generals of Da Shun. It’s impossible for county princess Ji An to know about this matter.”

Xuan Tian Ye gritted his teeth then slapped the bodyguard: “But she clearly came directly at you today!” He pointed at the blood flowing from the legs, “In that battle, Xuan Tian Ming’s legs were ruined. She was clearly getting revenge for Xuan Tian Ming!”


“Forget it!” Xuan Tian Ye waved his hand, “Now is not the time to get angry with them. Just continue kneeling. These legs… will definitely be given back to them.”

This day’s wedding banquet only ended after the sun went down, with the guests leaving in an orderly manner. Feng Jin Yuan personally sent off the important guests. At the very end, it was Xuan Tian Qi followed by a group of palace servants carrying Ru Jia out of the manor.

Feng Jin Yuan looked at Ru Jia, and he felt his heart twitch. This daughter that was not his had only just entered the manor, yet she was already in this much trouble. How was he to explain to Kang Yi!

Watching Xuan Tian Qi’s carriage take Ru Jia away, Feng Jin Yuan already began to feel a headache from having drank too much wine. Turning around, he stomped back into the manor. Wearing his red wedding clothes, he furrowed his brow slightly, as he did not know how to face Kang Yi.

“Father drank quite a bit today. Daughter has already written a prescription to help with your hangover and given it to a servant to have it prepared.” Feng Jin Yuan raised his head and happened to see Feng Yu Heng walking over to him.

He froze momentarily then felt the alcohol hit him hard once more. He grabbed Feng Yu Heng and begged her, saying: “A-Heng, help your father. Can you help save Ru Jia?”

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled, “Princess Ru Jia is going into the palace to learn about the rules. This is a great thing. Why is father using the word save?”

“Ah!” Feng Jin Yuan stomped his feet, “Dear daughter, just help your father this one time. Just consider it your father begging you, ok?”

“Begging me?” Feng Yu Heng laughed, “Last time father begged daughter, you presented the deed for the Feng manor. What are you prepared to give this time?” She sneered and took a couple steps forward, “Daughter will tell father, not to mention saving, if she dares to say those sorts of things again, I will send her directly to see King Yama!”

Feng Jin Yuan suddenly retreated a couple steps in fear. With his mind in a daze, he took one misstep and fell over.

The servant behind him supported him then turned around; however, he found that Feng Yu Heng had already left. Her departing figure was arrogant and unfeeling. This caused him to wonder if she was still Feng Jin Yuan’s daughter.

“Master.” The servant reminded him from the side: “It’s no longer early. The new madam has already been waiting in Tian Xiang courtyard for a long time. Master should return.”

It would have been better if he did not mention this. Upon mentioning this, Feng Jin Yuan became even more depressed.

This person was terrible with alcohol. If he was sober, with his ability as the prime minister, he would still have the ability to persuade and communicate. But once he drank wine, and as the host, he drank plenty, being able to walk in a straight line was his limit. If he was asked to face Kang Yi, who was waiting to ask him for her daughter, Feng Jin Yuan truly felt his head swell.

Just as he was hesitating, he saw a young servant hurriedly running over. Upon seeing Feng Jin Yuan, she quickly said: “Master! Master, quickly take a look. Concubine mother Han’s belly is not feeling well. It has already been hurting for an hour!”

“What?” Feng Jin Yuan was extremely shocked. At the same time, for some reason, he let out a slight sigh of relief internally. If something happened to Han shi’s belly, he had a real reason to go visit her. Although he could not avoid this matter forever, it was fine to avoid it for now. Thus he quickly said: “Quickly! Let’s go to Yu Lan courtyard.”

When this servant came to report, Feng Yu Heng had not gone far. She had faintly heard about Han shi’s belly not feeling well, causing her to turn around to take a look. Feng Jin Yuan was already following the servant and going in the direction of Yu Lan courtyard.

Huang Quan said: “It’s the day of the wedding, and the new wife is waiting in the bridal chamber, yet this prime minister Feng is going to a concubine’s room. If Princess Kang Yi knew, wouldn’t she die of anger?”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then thought of something interesting and said: “Let’s go and take a look.”

Yu Lan courtyard’s side had already become extremely chaotic. Han shi’s cries continued endlessly, and the sound of her cries was quite alarming. When Feng Jin Yuan entered the courtyard, he was grabbed by Fen Dai, who repeatedly said: “Father, you can’t ignore concubine mother. She is suffering a great amount of hardship from bearing this child. She has also been busy for this entire day. Presently, her belly is in a great amount of pain. She has been calling out for you the entire time.”

But of course, Han shi’s wild screams would occasionally include: “Husband! Why do you not want me. I am still pregnant with your child!”

Feng Jin Yuan was worried from hearing this. Being pulled along by Fen Dai, he entered Han shi’s room. While walking, she said: “Stop shouting. Don’t hurt the child.” At the same time, he asked Fen Dai: “Has a doctor been called?”

Fen Dai shook her head, “Today is a day of celebration. Inviting a doctor to the manor is bad luck!”

A maidservant to the side was quick to add: “Wasn’t an imperial physician called for Princess Ru Jia?”

Fen Dai scolded her: “Where is there any room for you to speak? She is a princess. Can concubine mother Han be compared to her?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jin Yuan became unhappy, “The child in Han shi’s belly is my own flesh and blood. How could it not be comparable? Quickly go call a doctor!”

At this time, they had walked over to the side of the bed, and Han shi immediately grabbed Feng Jin Yuan’s hand, saying: “Husband, you cannot call a doctor. Today was a day of celebration at the manor. This concubine cannot interfere with the new madam!”

When she spoke like this, it caused Feng Jin Yuan to pity her, as he also grabbed her hand and said: “The child in your belly is important. Even if Kang Yi was here, she would have also called a doctor.”

“Husband!” Han shi’s tears began to flow, “This concubine thought that once the new madam came in, this concubine would never see husband again. Husband…” As she said this, she began to cry.

With her crying, Fen Dai also wiped away tears, “Father, concubine mother has been washing her face with tears over the past few days. Daughter will not ask for anything else. I will only ask father to come and visit concubine mother more often before the child is born. Just… just treat it as taking care of my unborn younger brother.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, “That is natural. I will promise you, so stop crying.”

He was doing his best to console them, as another young servant came in to report: “Master, second young miss has arrived.”

“What has she come here for?” Fen Dai rolled her eyes, as her eyes lit up.

Feng Jin Yuan, however, said: “She came at a good time. To have a doctor come by at this time. Just have her take a look at your concubine mother. With her taking a look, we can feel at ease.”

Han shi was very conflicted with having Feng Yu Heng examine her, as she repeatedly shrieked: “No, I don’t want anyone to come and examine me. This concubine only wants husband to accompany me. I don’t want anything else!”

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had already entered the room. While walking, she said: “Concubine mother, even if you do not think of yourself, you must make considerations for the Feng family’s flesh and blood in your belly.” As she said this, she arrived before them. Looking at Feng Jin Yuan, she then said: “Would father allow me?”

Feng Jin Yuan put down Han shi’s hand and gave Feng Yu Heng some space.

Han shi was extremely nervous. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, she desperately tried to disappear into the bed; however, Feng Yu Heng had already grabbed her wrist. It did not appear to exert much force, but Han shi was completely unable to move. She could only obediently allow for her to examine her.

After a long time, she heard Feng Yu Heng say: “Her mood is unstable, and her thoughts have become an illness. The fire in her heart is burning too vigorously, and the fetus is unstable.”

“What does that mean?” Feng Jin Yuan asked her, “The fetus is unstable?”

She put down Han shi’s wrist and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “Concubine mother Han is suffering from a psychological illness, and her thoughts have affected the fetus. Only by having her mood stabilize can the fetus be stabilized.”

Upon hearing this, Fen Dai was stunned. Feng Yu Heng was speaking for Han shi? Why?

She could not understand, but when she heard the follow-up, she immediately understood, as she heard Feng Yu Heng add: “Concubine mother Han’s condition is something that father has already seen. What a pregnant woman needs most is her husband’s company. Yet not only did father not accompany her, you also chose to bring in a new mother at this time. How could concubine mother Han endure such a great blow.”

Feng Jin Yuan was startled. He then looked at Feng Yu Heng and asked her: “Then what should be done? Is there a medicine for this illness?”

Feng Yu Heng said: “The best method is not to take medicine. It would be for father to remain in Yu Lan courtyard to accompany concubine mother Han. Perhaps this illness will have gotten better by tomorrow morning.”

Fen Dai immediately understood. Feng Yu Heng also disliked Kang Yi and her daughter. She had whipped Ru Jia brutally during the wedding, and now she wanted to use Han shi to trample on the bridal candles in Kang Yi’s bridal chamber. But this was also quite good. This would give the mother and daughter a bit of a lesson. So what if you were the eldest princess? Upon entering the Feng family’s gates, she could not be too full of herself.

Feng Jin Yuan felt that something was improper, and he wanted to head towards Tian Xiang courtyard, but his legs would not move no matter what. After thinking a little more, rather than going to face the wife who is waiting for her daughter, Han shi had given him a proper reason to remain. Why would he not go with the flow a little longer?

Thus he nodded and said: “Fine, for the safety of the child of the Feng family, father will remain here tonight.”

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    Feng family rules for a happy life;
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