Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 332

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Covert Action

Wang Chuan quietly said: “Roughly one hour ago.”

Feng Yu Heng’s elegant eyebrows were brought together.

Jin Zhen was seated on the ground, having absolutely no understanding of what the master and servant were talking about. At this very moment, her mind was recalling how Feng Yu Heng had said “Me not killing you personally is already quite good.”

She began to have a breakdown. In this manor, there were only two people that could give her stability in her life. One was Feng Jin Yuan and one was Feng Yu Heng. Unfortunately, she originally had both of them in her hands, but because of a lapse in judgement, she had lost Feng Yu Heng. And because of Kang Yi’s sudden arrival, she had lost Feng Jin Yuan.

She feared Han shi’s child being born. She was already the only concubine in the manor without a child. If Han shi gave birth to a son, her tragic fate was just a matter of time.

“No!” Her voice trembled. When she looked at Feng Yu Heng once more, she saw that she only paid attention to her conversation with Wang Chuan, completely ignoring her. Jin Zhen became anxious and crawled forward a few steps, hugging Feng Yu Heng’s leg, crying: “Second young miss, I will do anything you tell me to do. I just beg second young miss to save me this once. In the future, Jin Zhen will not dare to do anything ever again!”

Huang Quan grabbed her collar and pulled her away, saying with disgust: “After daring to use his Highness the ninth prince, you actually beg second young miss to help you. Has your mind become completely worthless?”

“No!” Jin Zhen shouted loudly: “I did not use his Highness the ninth prince. I wanted to place the blame on the new madam!”

Feng Yu Heng’s eyes became sharp. When she looked at Jin Zhen once more, it had a bit of agitation, saying: “If you dared to take responsibility, I might have been able to help you this once, but you are clearly taking me to be a fool right now!” Both her voice and expression were stern, as she looked at Jin Zhen as though she was a dead person.

Jin Zhen was in total despair. Letting go of Feng Yu Heng’s leg, she stood up and retreated while swaying.

Second young miss has already spoken resolutely and would not help her. But she still did not want to die…

Suddenly, she raised her head and looked straight at Feng Yu Heng and said: “We had originally worked together. At that time, for the sake of helping second young miss get rid of Chen shi, I got rid of the child in my belly. Second young miss does not fear me going to the elder madam and reporting this matter?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed in contempt, “Go ahead. Not to mention if they would believe you or not, even if they did, Chen shi is a dead person. Do you feel that the Feng family would come and investigate this county princess? Moreover, you should have a better understanding of who that child belonged to than I.”

“Hahahaha!” Jin Zhen began cackling as though she had gone mad, “Who the child belonged to? Of course, it belonged to my husband. I know that second young miss still has my other shoe, but so what? It has already been over half a year. What can a single shoe do to me? As long as I resolutely say that the child belongs to husband, and it was second young miss that threatened me to abort it to harm Chen shi. If the second young miss deliberately tried to harm the Feng family’s child, I fear that husband and the elder madam will not let you off easily.”

“Oh.” Feng Yu Heng nodded and turned away. She no longer wanted to talk to Jin Zhen. Jin Zhen believed that Feng Yu Heng was scared of this threat, and she wanted to give her another push to try and have the second young miss change her mind. However, she did not expect Feng Yu Heng to say to Huang Quan: “Go to the stable and call over the person that is in charge of feeding our horses.”

Huang Quan complied and left. When she returned, a young man roughly 20 years of age followed her in.

At first, Jin Zhen did not understand why a person in charge of feeding horses would be called in, but when she saw this person, her mind immediately exploded. All of the blood in her body began to boil, causing her to feel extremely shocked. That was how unbelievable the situation was.

Why was it him?

That person came forward and paid respects to Feng Yu Heng. He then heard Feng Yu Heng coldly ask: “The person at your side, do you remember them?”

That person turned his head and looked at Jin Zhen. The corners of his lips curled into a wicked smile, “Replying to second young miss, I do. She is a first-rate maidservant to the Feng family’s former head wife, Jin Zhen.”

Jin Zhen was already scared witless, as she began to have difficulties breathing. Finally managing to sort out her breathing with great difficulty, she immediately rushed to shout: “Li Zhu? Why is it you? Why are you here?”

This was the person that Feng Yu Heng had discovered by accident to be in a private relationship with Jin Zhen, Li Zhu. At this time, seeing Jin Zhen’s frightened expression, he could not help but feel joy- “Then where do you think I should be? Huh? Concubine mother Jin Zhen!”

“Yo-you…” Jin Zhen repeated the word you for a long time before realizing that at the time Feng Jin Yuan had suddenly taken her in, Li Zu seemed to have disappeared without ever resurfacing. She originally believed that he was deathly afraid of Feng Jin Yuan, thus he had run far away; however, she did not think that he would actually be in Tong Sheng pavilion! “Second young miss!” She dropped to her knees once more, “I was wrong. I recognize my mistakes. I deserve to die. I beg second young miss to spare my life!” Jin Zhen kneeled on the ground and repeatedly kowtowed, crying desperately.

Feng Yu Heng shook her head in disappointment, “I don’t want your life, so pardoning is not up for discussion. Originally, based on my temper and disposition, you using his Highness the ninth prince is already a grave sin. I have plenty of reason to kill you. But since you did prove useful in dealing with Chen shi’s matter, we are now even. From this moment forward, neither of us owes the other, and there shall be no relation between us. Jin Zhen, whether you live or die, it will depend on your fortune. As long as you don’t extend your hands over to my side, from this day forward, I will not appear in front of you. Alright, you can go.”

She waved her hand wearily, and Huang Quan immediately went forward to forcefully drag Jin Zhen from the room. At the same time, she warned her: “If you continue to shout and scream, I fear that everyone will know that you’ve come here.”

Jin Zhen quickly shut her mouth in fear, as Huang Quan ordered two servants to send her back to the Feng manor. Only then did she return to the room.

Li Zhu was still kneeling in the room. Seeing Jin Zhen once more caused him to feel a little emotional, but in the end, he had taken care of the horses in Tong Sheng pavilion for a long time. He knew that the second young miss was a person with outstanding abilities. When it came to this sort of person, as long as they flicked a finger, they could easily take his life. That was why he knew that he had no other choice than to work diligently. If his master needed him to make an appearance, he would. Normally, he would not even leave Tong Sheng pavilion.

Huang Quan glanced at Li Zhu then asked Feng Yu Heng: “Should this servant send him back?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded then said to Li Zhu: “Go back for now. Work diligently. As long as you don’t make any big mistakes, this county princess will not treat you poorly.”

This was a point that Li Zhu believed. Second young miss Feng was generous, unlike other masters. Here, there were clear differences between reward and punishment. As long as one worked diligently, the pay received would be a great deal higher than anywhere else, so he was happy to work here.

Li Zhu immediately kowtowed to Feng Yu Heng, obediently saying: “This servant understands. Would second young miss please not worry.”

Feng Yu Heng did not say anything else, waving her hand to dismiss him.

Only after there was nobody else left in the room did she anxiously ask Wang Chuan: “Did she say which direction Kang Yi went after leaving the manor?”

Wang Chuan shook her head, “No, when the elder Cheng shi’s people arrived at the manor, they only said that Kang Yi had wrapped herself up very well. She had exited over the back wall with help from a servant that knows martial arts from Qian Zhou.”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow and pondered for a while the immediately said: “I will go out of the manor very quickly. Nobody must follow me.” After saying this, she raised her head and spoke to the air: “Ban Zou, stay here and watch over the home. You are not permitted to follow me.”

“No!” From a hidden place, Ban Zou spoke up, “I still don’t want to be whipped to death by his Highness.”

“If you follow me, it will be me that whips you to death.” Feng Yu Heng was extremely helpless. This hidden guard never listened, “Either way, you are not permitted to follow me. If you insist on following me, I will not take responsibility if you lose track of me.”

She turned around and entered her inner room and changed into dark clothes. Putting on a coat, she went out.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan were a little confused, and Huang Quan went to ask Wang Chuan: “Who was it that brought this news to you?”

Wang Chuan said: “The newly arrived Cheng shi sisters brought this news.”

Feng Yu Heng said: “They were sent by Xuan Tian Ming, so they are naturally our people. Kang Yi chose to leave the manor at this time. If I have not made any mistakes, she is most likely going to the Xiang Palace.”

“The Xiang Palace?”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “It’s just my guess. Whether or not that is the case, we will need to see to find out.”

A black shadow appeared from thin air, as Ban Zou appeared before her, “It’s too dangerous. If you have anything that must be done, I will go. You cannot go.”

Feng Yu Heng did not want to say too much to him. Kang Yi had already been gone for an hour. If she did not go now, she would not make it in time. Thus she immediately left, casually saying: “If you want to follow, then go ahead.”

Having received this order, Huang Quan and Wang Chuan calmed down. If Ban Zou did not go, they absolutely would not allow Feng Yu Heng go to the Xiang Palace on her own.

But who knew that after leaving Tong Sheng pavilion, while following Feng Yu Heng towards the Xiang Palace, Ban Zou would lose track of Feng Yu Heng!

Ban Zou collapsed!

This was truly a great humiliation!

He was a hidden guard. He was someone that specialized in tracking people. How could he possibly lose track of someone?

Ban Zou was soaked in a cold sweat. Although Feng Yu Heng had threatened that she would not be responsible if he lost track of her, how could he be certain at this moment whether she did not want to be followed or if something had happened?

He was extremely stressed out; however, he did not know that Feng Yu Heng was making use of her space and gradually moving towards the Xiang Palace like a ghost. In her heart, she was also thrilled.

Kang Yi’s marriage was something that she always felt was not as simple as it appeared on the surface. How could there be such a harmonious meeting. Feng Jin Yuan and Kang Yi had both passed the age of falling in love at first sight. Speaking of, their marriage was just a matter of weighing the pros and cons. But what exactly were the pros for Qian Zhou?

While she was thinking, she had already arrived in front of the outer wall of the Xiang Palace. She devoted all of her energy to observing her surroundings. After ensuring that there was nobody present, she made use of a tree and quickly jumped onto the wall.

After mounting the wall, she carefully looked around. Getting a rough idea of the roads in the Xiang Palace, she once again entered her space.

Although the idea behind using the space to enter the Xiang Palace was simple, doing it was very difficult. First, she did not have a good understanding of the Xiang Palace’s layout. Second, the troops present were numerous. There were hidden guards everywhere. Perhaps whenever she appeared, she would appear in front of someone. Moreover, she did not know where Xuan Tian Ye and Kang Yi were.

This entire time, Feng Yu Heng was walking on a knife’s edge. She was careful with every step that she took. Every time that she reappeared, she was extremely nervous. She slowly moved from the front yard to the inner courtyards. From the inner courtyards, she moved to a garden. She went to the Xiang Palace’s kitchen and even saw Princess Xiang, but she still did not discover Xuan Tian Ye and Kang Yi.

She appeared on a small path and helplessly raised her head to look at the sky. Could it be that this trip would be wasted?

But at this time, someone gently tapped on her right shoulder from behind.

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