Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 347

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No Matter Who She Is, She Is Our Treasure

Xuan Tian Hua turned back around to look at Bu Cong. The smile on his face disappeared once more. Fiddling with the thumb ring in his hand, he asked: “Odd? What is odd?”

Bu Cong saw that Xuan Tian Hua was interested in discussing this, thus he felt a little moved. He then said: “Previously, Feng Yu Heng was not like this. Although she currently looks like second young miss Feng, her actions are completely different from the previous second young miss Feng! Also, think about it, your Highness. How could someone change so much in just a short three years? Would three years be enough for her to have become so proficient in martial arts? Is that archery ability that she has something that can be trained in just three years? Your Highness, she might not be the Feng family’s second young miss. This matter must be reported to his Majesty. We absolutely must not be deceived!”

Xuan Tian Hua looked at Bu Cong as though he was looking at a dead man, “You are constantly saying previous. How much did you previously know about the Feng family’s second young miss? Based on what this prince knows, although the Bu family raised the idea of a marriage with the Feng family’s second young miss, you only met her a few times during some palace banquets. You did not even talk to her many times, so how can you be so familiar with second young miss Feng? Moreover…” He suddenly began smiling, “Bu Cong, oh Bu Cong, her martial abilities indeed cannot be trained in just three years, but if this prince told you that this prince and his Highness the ninth prince began teaching her martial arts many years ago in secret, would you believe it?”

Bu Cong was extremely shocked. He never thought that Xuan Tian Hua would actually say this. He began teaching Feng Yu Heng martial arts many years ago? Was this possible? But… if he resolutely insisted on this, what evidence did he have that this was not the case?

“Ever since Ming’er became engaged to Heng Heng, this prince’s ninth brother does not show much interest in others, but he is quite concerned about that girl. Thinking back to the year that girl first began to talk, he dragged this prince to secretly visit the Feng manor in the middle of the night to visit her. The second time we visited, we immediately began to teach her martial arts. Like this, it has been around eight or nine years. Does General Bu believe that second young miss Feng would be unable to reach this level after eight to nine years of thorough teaching from his Highness Prince Yu and this prince? Are you underestimating her or are you underestimating this prince and his Highness Prince Yu?”

Bu Cong quickly said: “This humble subordinate does not dare.”

“If you do not dare, that’s good.” Xuan Tian Hua flicked his sleeves then walked back towards the palace. At the same time, he spat out: “Just keep on kneeling. Leave after the sun has set. This prince will go and explain to father Emperor. Remember, after you return, prepare the deeds for all of the residences. This prince will send someone to the manor tomorrow. Also” He suddenly stopped and partially turned around and said with a cold expression: “Regardless of who she is, she is our treasure, and she is our Da Shun’s treasure.”

What else could Bu Cong say?

In truth, what Xuan Tian Hua had said was correct. The understanding that he had of Feng Yu Heng was built around things that could be asked about. Their previous meetings had only occurred during banquets. Feng Yu Heng had a faint personality and was unwilling to say even a single extra word. Thinking about it now, if the ninth prince and Feng Yu Heng truly did not interact before, it would be impossible for the two to be so close. Looking at it like this, what the seventh prince had said truly seemed real.

He lowered his head in frustration, as he thought to himself that he had been daydreaming for so many years; however, he did not know that the ninth demon had been raising his wife from a young age. What could he even be considered?

Bu Cong smiled bitterly, as he began to think of how he should tell the Bu family about the matter with the deeds.

On the other side, Feng Yu Heng’s imperial carriage had already stopped in front of the Feng manor. When the guards outside saw that she had returned, they quickly went forward to welcome her, saying: “Second young miss’ things have already been moved over to Liang Xin pavilion. Wang Chuan girl had us servants wait here to tell young miss and to see if young miss wanted to take a look right now.”

“The move has been completed?”

The guard replied: “The move was completed a little after noon.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then stopped and suddenly turned around: “I will be returning to Tong Sheng pavilion first. I will go to Liang Xin pavilion in a bit.”

Entering the county princess’ manor, she did not return to her own courtyard. Instead, she went straight to Yao shi’s yard. When she arrived, Yao shi was holding a plate of pastries in the yard. While eating, she watched the maidservants kick around a shuttlecock.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, she quickly waved to her: “A-Heng, come quickly. The pastries that your concubine mother An made are very delicious.” An shi was very proficient in making pastries. Yao shi loved eating them, so she sent them every day.

Feng Yu Heng saw Yao shi gradually become more optimistic and felt more relieved. Seeing that the maidservants stopped kicking around the shuttlecock after she had arrived, she said: “You guys continue playing. Right now, there are plenty of servants in the manor. You just need to properly accompany madam during the day. Leave the miscellaneous things to other people.” In order to relieve Yao shi’s boredom, she added some livelier servants to this courtyard.

Hearing this, the young girls did not quarrel. Happily thanking her for her grace, they began playing once more. Yao shi was very happy to watch them play, as she said to Feng Yu Heng: “Watching them reminds me of when I was younger. It really is delightful.”

Feng Yu Heng felt a little choked up from hearing this. Normally, when spending time with a 12- or 13-year-old daughter, it should be time for a mother and daughter to bond. In ancient times, girls married at an earlier age. By 12 or 13, they begin to become betrothed. In fact, some like herself would be betrothed at an even younger age. Once their 15th birthday passed, it was more or less time to prepare for the wedding.

That was why this should be the period of time when a girl of her age should be closest to her mother. First, she still had her childish disposition. Second, the mother should begin to tell her daughter about the things that girls should know about sooner or later.

She could see the glimmer of hope in Yao shi’s eyes. Yao shi wanted to be close with her and wanted to spend more time with her daughter. But she was not the real Feng Yu Heng. Although Yao shi greatly resembled her mother from her previous life, they were not the same person. She loved this mother, but the feelings were not deep. In addition to this, what need was there for her to hear about the things that a young girl needed to hear? She had lived two lives, so what was there that she did not understand? As a result, she became distant from Yao shi.

Feng Yu Heng lightly sighed then moved a chair closer to Yao shi’s side. Shifting closer, she did her best to act like a young girl. Softening her voice, she asked: “Will mother blame A-Heng?”

Yao shi was startled, “Blame you for what?”

“Blame me for not being able to spend more time with mother and sending Zi Rui to such a far place.” She knew that Yao shi really missed Zi Rui. She even thought about sending Yao shi over to Xiao Zhou; however, first, it would be too inconvenient if she went too far. Second, even if she went to Xiao Zhou, Zi Rui lived at the academy, so he would not be able to visit her very often.

Hearing her say this, Yao shi shook her head, “How could mother blame you. Mother’s A-Heng is a girl with great ability. If it were not for your protection, perhaps we would still be living in the Feng manor. It may well be possible that we would already be…” Speaking to this point, Yao shi was unable to continue. Helplessly sighing, she picked up a pastry and began eating.

Feng Yu Heng patted the back of her hand and comforted her, saying: “Mother, don’t worry. As long as A-Heng is here, the Feng family’s people will not be able to harm us. But A-Heng must go over there for a while. If anything happens to mother, just send someone to the Feng manor to find me.”

Yao shi nodded, “You absolutely must be careful. Not to mention how complicated the people of the Feng manor can be, there are plenty of people that will try to assassinate you. I have already heard about the assassins that came to Tong Sheng pavilion. Mother has no power and is unable to provide any help. You must be more careful about these things.”

Feng Yu Heng knew that Yao shi was worried about her, so she did not tell her about leaving all of the hidden guards behind. Simply nodding, she advised Yao shi to stay optimistic. Yao shi did not say anything else. Instead, she looked at the already empty platter then asked her servant: “Why do I feel like it disappeared after just a few bites? Was less sent today?”

The servant nodded and said: “Concubine mother An said that the manor received fewer snow pears yesterday, and their courtyard did not receive many. It was just enough for this much. If madam wants to eat more, it will need to wait until tomorrow. Concubine mother An will definitely send more tomorrow.”

Yao shi looked at the empty platter with a bit of disappointment then said to Feng Yu Heng: “Your concubine mother An and Xiang Rong do not have it easy. They know that I like eating these, so they send some every day.”

Feng Yu Heng said: “If mother likes eating them, that’s good enough. Daughter is taking care of concubine mother An and third sister. Don’t worry.”

She chatted with Yao shi a little longer before standing up and returning to the Feng manor.

Who knew what the reason was, but the Feng manor seemed to be in a bit of disarray. Servants were constantly moving around. Some were carrying charcoal, some were carrying fruit, and some were carrying furniture. Feng Yu Heng asked Huang Quan: “Wasn’t it said that Liang Xin pavilion was already tidied up? What are they moving things around for?”

Huang Quan looked for a while and was stunned for a while, but she still said with certainty: “It must not be for our side. Young miss, look. Doesn’t it look like they’re moving in the direction of Yu Lan courtyard?”

Feng Yu Heng looked for a while. Sure enough, they really were. She randomly grabbed a servant and asked: “What are you doing?”

The servant said: “Replying to second young miss, the elder madam wanted madam to take care of concubine mother’s pregnancy. Madam went to take a look at concubine mother’s room then gave an order. This charcoal must be taken out. For fruit, concubine mother must only eat the peels. As for the furniture that concubine mother Han received from moving before the end of the year, they must be taken out. She said that they have a bad smell.

Feng Yu Heng’s eyes were surprised. Kang Yi was quite good. She really had some ability when it came to handling a pregnancy. But with her doing all of this, could Han shi handle it?

The servant saw that Feng Yu Heng did not speak, thus she added: “This servant personally heard madam say it. She said that the charcoal fire in concubine mother Han’s room was burning too bright. It is indeed warm, but when it gets too hot, people would be more likely to suffocate. Adults might not be able to notice it, but it has a very large impact on the fetus. Also, madam said that our manor’s charcoal is of low quality. When burned, it has a strong smell, so it should not be smelled. Madam also said that fruit peels are the best. A child that is born from someone that eats fruit peels is more bright and beautiful than from someone who ate the actual fruit. Also, she said that the furniture was newly acquired, the smell of the wood is still very strong. It would not be good for concubine mother Han to smell it.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and let the servant continue with her work. Huang Quan was puzzled and said: “Listening to it, it sounds quite reasonable. Young miss, is that eldest princess right?”

“Yes.” She raised a corner of her lips, “It’s all correct. If Han shi does as Kang Yi says in raising her fetus, the child that is born will be very healthy. It’s just a pity that Han shi will see this as not being done in goodwill. In the worst case, she will go to grandmother to make a complaint.

Huang Quan said: “That’s right. Not giving her charcoal to burn would end up becoming letting her freeze to death. Only giving her fruit peels to eat is treating her even more harshly. The new furniture being changed out for old furniture, would that not be considered mocking her. Based on Han shi’s personality, it would be odd if she did not kick up a fuss.”

Feng Yu Heng began laughing. Clapping her hands, she became very interested and said: “Let’s go! Let’s go to Yu Lan courtyard to see the spectacle.”

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  1. Let’s hurry and go to the military camp, I’m fed up with the Feng family and all those schemes that only take our A-Heng’s time in a useless way…

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    When I got to the scene with Yao Shi eating An Shi’s pastries I nearly had a heart attack! I thought FYH was gonna uncover that Yao Shi’s illness was coming from there! WHEW! I was SO on edge!

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    If he has a bit of brain or heart, shouldn’t he talk to her gently or reasonably? But the first time he did was riding on a horse and rushing to her who just be a 13 yo girl. If it was not HengHeng, that girl must be stampeded till death!

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