Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 348

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Will Your Dad Fight You With All of his Might?

When the two arrived at Yu Lan courtyard, Han shi had already begun to whine. While whining, she shouted: “I am pregnant with the Feng family’s child! You cannot do this to me! I must have the elder madam come and support me!”

Fen Dai also said: “When father returns, I will need to tell father. You are definitely doing this deliberately. You want to kill the child in concubine mother’s belly.”

Kang Yi’s voice was immediately heard: “Younger sister is mistaken. I am truly doing this for your own good! This is how our Qian Zhou has been managing pregnancies. If you do as I say, I can guarantee that you will give birth to a healthy child!”

“Are you cursing concubine mother?” Fen Dai began shrieking, “If we do not do as you say, will the child not be healthy?”

“This…” Kang Yi was helpless, “This really is the best method. I trust you can go and invite a doctor to ask.”

“What is there to ask! Da Shun has done this for generations the previous way. You can go out and ask. Which family didn’t handle a pregnancy in this manner? And they were all healthy. The charcoal has been taken from the room, yet what month is it? Are you trying to freeze concubine mother to death?”

Kang Yi had been exasperated by the two and could only say: “Mother-in-law wanted me to personally come and take care of younger sister’s pregnancy. I will definitely do my best. This is indeed the method that our Qian Zhou has used to handle pregnancies. If younger sister does not believe it, we can wait for husband to return. He can send someone to Qian Zhou and ask. Even if this matter makes its way to mother-in-law, I will stand on the side of reason.”

While she spoke, Feng Yu Heng entered the room. When Kang Yi saw her, it was as though she had seen her savior. Quickly walking over, she said to her: “A-Heng, quickly come and give us an impartial judgment. Elder madam wanted me to take care of younger sister Han’s pregnancy, and I have done my best; however, Fen Dai and younger sister Han refuse to accept it. I am truly unable to explain it properly. You are a doctor. Say, am I right or wrong for removing the charcoal, having her eat fruit peels and removing the new furniture that has a strong smell?”

Feng Yu Heng glanced at Kang Yi then looked at the plate of already peeled apple peels and the room full of old furniture. She really wanted to laugh.

Based on what she thought, if Han shi was able to calm down and do as Kang Yi said to raise her fetus, she really would be able to give birth to a healthier child. In this era, there were no chemical fertilizers nor industrial pollution. Eating the fruit peels would indeed be of much higher nutritional value than eating the fruit itself. Unfortunately, Han shi could not possibly understand this logic, and even more unfortunate, she could not help speak up for Kang Yi.

Seeing Kang Yi’s expectant gaze, Feng Yu Heng suddenly revealed a smile then grabbed her hand and put on an understanding expression and said: “A-Heng knows that mother is also troubled. After all, for the sake of welcoming mother into the manor, father indeed went behind grandmother’s back and used up all of the communal funds. Now, the courtyards of the manor can only rely on their own income for their expenses. Thinking about it, mother also wants to properly handle concubine mother’s pregnancy, but there is truly not enough money. It’s fine. Grandmother already spoke. Concubine mother Han’s expenses can be taken from her side first. If that’s truly not enough, A-Heng can also provide a bit. Anyone can be made to suffer, but nothing must happen to the Feng family’s child! That’s why mother wanting to save money for the manor is something that can be understood. Please pardon concubine mother Han!”

Feng Yu Heng’s words truly caused Kang Yi to be shocked. She could hardly believe the girl with a deeply concerned expression. No matter what, she did not believe that Feng Yu Heng would be able to say this sort of thing. Kang Yi was puzzled: “A-Heng, you are very skilled in medicine. It should not be the case that you do not understand this bit of reason!”

Feng Yu Heng sighed: “Mother, the matter of treating concubine mother Han poorly is something that A-Heng will ask grandmother to forgive, but I hope that mother will not say such things again. A-Heng is a doctor, and I am one of Da Shun’s doctors. The people of Da Shun have always handled pregnancies in such a manner. I don’t know anything else.”

“Concubine mother!” Fen Dai shrieked, “Did you hear that. Even second sister said that she is doing it deliberately! She is deliberately harming you!”

Han shi was nearly scared witless. Grabbing Fen Dai with one hand and A Ju with the other, her entire body trembled. The battles of the inner courtyards were things that she had seen no end to since entering the Feng manor. Previously, when she had been pregnant with Fen Dai, she was trembling with fear, but that was because Chen shi was around at the time. At first, she thought that the Feng family no longer had a head wife, so she could safely give birth to this child. Who knew that with Kang Yi entering the manor, she would immediately try to oppress her so openly. If this continued, would she be able to give birth to this child?

Fen Dai had always treated Kang Yi as an enemy. Even when Kang Yi had saved her from the Emperor and personally taken care of her for a day, she still could not like this eldest princess. In her eyes, Kang Yi was someone that spoiled her plan. If Kang Yi did not exist, and Han shi gave birth to a boy, it was possible that she could climb to the position of head wife. Like that, her status would have risen. Who knew that all of her dreams had ended up falling short, and Kang Yi was now unwilling to tolerate a child that had not even been born.

At this time, Fen Dai saw Feng Yu Heng as a lifesaver. She rushed forward, desperately grabbing her and begging: “Second sister, you absolutely must support us. If you came any later, the child in concubine mother’s belly would have been harmed!”

Kang Yi was no longer in any mood to argue because none of the Feng family’s sisters, with Feng Chen Yu being the exception, welcomed her. This was also fine. Like this, she would be relieved of the duty of taking care of Han shi’s pregnancy, and there was nothing that the matriarch could say.

Thinking of this, she let out a sigh then said to the two: “Since Qian Zhou’s methods do not suit Da Shun, we will do things as they do in Da Shun. I will go and tell mother-in-law to relieve me of this duty. That will also prevent anything from troubling younger sister Han’s pregnancy.”

Saying this, she moved to leave; however, she heard Feng Yu Heng say: “Mother, this is a duty that you cannot be relieved of. At most, you will no longer handle concubine mother Han’s matters, but you still need to keep an eye on her every day to keep others from harming her.”

Fen Dai was a little worried and called out: “Second sister.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and patted her hand: “With mother personally keeping watch, it will ensure that concubine mother can safely give birth. Mother, what do you think?”

What could Kang Yi say. She could only bite the bullet and nod. In her heart, she could only hope that the matriarch would not think the same way Feng Yu Heng had spoken.

That night, the matriarch called Kang Yi’s servant, Xia Chan, to Shu Ya courtyard. With a great deal of worry, she asked her: “Is Kang Yi trying to harm Han shi?”

Xia Chan pondered a little then replied: “It does not seem like it. After receiving the duty of taking care of concubine mother Han’s pregnancy, she became very thoughtful and began to discuss things with the servants that she brought from Qian Zhou. To this servant, it sounded like this is the method that is used to manage pregnancies in Qian Zhou. Moreover, to do this so openly, if they wanted to harm her, would it not be too obvious?”

The matriarch felt that it was a little too obvious, but when she thought about the things that she had heard, she could not understand, “She took away the charcoal in Han shi’s room. How cold would that be? Adults cannot even handle it, much less the unborn child residing in her belly.”

Xia Chan also agreed, saying: “That’s right. This servant looked at the fruit peels that were given to concubine mother Han to eat. The rest of the fruit was given to the servants, and that felt a little distressing.”

“Un.” The matriarch nodded, “As for the furniture, Han shi just moved into that courtyard. Moving some new furniture into the room is normal, yet Kang Yi had them all swapped out?”

For a while, nobody could understand.

The matriarch simply sighed and said: “Then just do as A-Heng said. Just leave Kang Yi with the title of taking care of her pregnancy. At least like this, we can ensure that she will not do anything in secret. As I see it, this princess from Qian Zhou does not have any good intentions. Her own daughter has suffered severe injuries from being beaten and is lying in the palace. It is possible that she has begun to hate our Feng manor’s children and wishes to get revenge. It seems obvious, but it is possible that is where she is smart. Doing things in the open is far nobler than doing things in secret. Just continue to keep watch. Once she does anything, immediately come and tell me.”

Xia Chan nodded, “Elder madam, don’t worry. This servant will not be negligent.”

That night, Feng Yu Heng stayed in the Feng manor’s Liang Xin pavilion. This new environment gave Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Ban Zou a strange feeling. The three walked around the room for a while and observed. Ban Zou backed up and said to Feng Yu Heng: “Your dad is spending the night in Ri Yue courtyard, and he has sent all of his hidden guards here to protect you.”

Huang Quan casually said: “Who knows, are they here to protect or observe?”

Wang Chuan said: “Just take it as protecting. All of our people have been left at the county princess’ manor. Speaking of, I truly am a little worried.” She sought Feng Yu Heng’s opinion: “How about this servant keep watch for young miss at night?”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand: “There really is no need. You guys should just sleep. Even if someone really does come, there is no need to fear. I will be sleeping perfectly fine in my room, and not a hair will be out of place.”

But how could these three feel at ease. Feng Yu Heng saw the three quickly communicate by exchanging gazes but did not know what they had agreed upon. She was too lazy to pay any attention to them and only said to Ban Zou: “Keep an eye on Feng Jin Yuan. It’s almost time for the Spring imperial examinations. It’s likely that he will do something to the questions on the imperial exam.”

Ban Zou raised an eyebrow: “To cut off his escape route, will your dad come to fight you with all his might?”

Feng Yu Heng let out a “tsk” sound, “Let him! Either way, this fight will happen sooner or later.” After saying this, she said with a stern countenance: “Feng Jin Yuan must not be permitted to continue growing in power. He supports the third prince. If the court accepts another wave of his students, that will mean there will be another group of people on his side. If that happens, all of our earlier efforts would have been in vain.”

Ban Zou nodded, “This servant understands! Once he makes any moves, I will immediately inform master.”

That night in the Feng manor, none of Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Ban Zou slept. The three simply sat on the roof of Feng Yu Heng’s roof and chatted. From time to time, they accurately point out where Feng Jin Yuan’s hidden guards were hiding. Ban Zou would then pick up a pebble and throw it where the hidden guard was hiding, causing the hidden guards to feel very speechless.

The next day, everyone in the Feng family gathered in Shu Ya courtyard. Feng jin Yuan went into the palace first thing in the morning to attend his court session. Cheng Jun Mei, who had just consummated her marriage, went to pay respects to the matriarch. The matriarch smiled and gave her an earthen bowl.

This time, Kang Yi did not give anything and only said a few kind words, advising her to take good care of Feng Jin Yuan. This could be considered not doing anything to avoid making mistakes.

After the matter with Han shi, the matriarch could only advise Kang Yi a little more, and Kang Yi listened attentively. She would comply with anything that the matriarch said, and she ensured that she would ask the grannies of Da Shun on how to take care of a pregnancy.

In short, the day was quite harmonious.

But just as everyone was rejoicing over this rare harmony, two servants suddenly ran in from the outside. One was from Shu Ya courtyard, and one was from Tong Sheng pavilion.

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow, as she immediately felt a bad feeling well up inside her.

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  1. I think Ban Zhou had secured my favorite character place after XTM and A-Heng. I really like his little quirky every now and then. Teasing another hidden guards while at the same time shattered their pride by letting them now all of their hiding post. I wonder if he actually did tjat out of boredom πŸ˜‚

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  3. OK, finally an understandable reason to invest into FJY. Manipulation of some paperwork and leaking information about upcoming tests is something he should be good at. He probably got his position the same way.
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  4. My favorite paragraph of this chapter:

    “…From time to time, they accurately point out where Feng Jin Yuan’s hidden guards were hiding. Ban Zou would then pick up a pebble and throw it where the hidden guard was hiding, causing the hidden guards to feel very speechless.”

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    But… the last of this chapter, I feel “Oh! No!” and I thought of Yao shi as well. Hmmm, this reminds me about what Yao shi ate at the previous chapter, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee not be true. That sweet’s too suspicious ’cause it suddenly was talked that Yao shi likes it and eat it everyday recently.

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  5. Am I the only one who noticed that in most novels, the position of the Third Prince/Master is always dark? Be it protagonist or antagonist, they are dark in more ways than one.

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  7. Didn’t I say that Ban Zou is becoming more and more funny,πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


    “That night in the Feng manor, none of Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Ban Zou slept. The three simply sat on the roof of Feng Yu Heng’s roof and chatted. From time to time, they accurately point out where Feng Jin Yuan’s hidden guards were hiding. Ban Zou would then pick up a pebble and throw it where the hidden guard was hiding, causing the hidden guards to feel very speechless.”

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