Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 354

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Fighting at the Xiang Palace

Feng Jin Yuan finally came out, and he even trotted the entire way. Feng Yu Heng simply saying that she would be going to the Xiang Palace nearly caused his soul to fly away in fear.

“You cannot go!” He finally arrived at the entrance of Pine courtyard. Although he had prepared himself mentally when he saw the ground covered in blood and the headless corpse, even if he was the prime minister, he felt his legs tremble. “A-Heng.” He bit the bullet and desperately tried to convince her, “If you go to the Xiang Palace based only on the words of a servant, that is improper!”

Feng Yu Heng stared at him and asked: “Then what does father believe is proper?”

Feng Jin Yuan pondered a little then tried to say: “Mei Xiang has already died. You were a little too harsh with your punishment. Now there is no evidence one way or the other. Even if you went, if he denies it, what can you do?”

Feng Yu Heng suddenly laughed, “Father, who said that I wanted him to admit to anything? I am just going to return the woman that he was raising in the Feng manor.”

“Hah, what woman. Don’t listen to that servant’s nonsense!” Feng Jin Yuan stomped his feet and went to grab Feng Yu Heng. At the same time, he said: “Listen to father and quickly go back. Father will definitely get the best doctor in the world to take a look at your mother’s illness and will definitely get the best medicine in the world to treat her. Don’t worry, father will do as father said! Father…”


The whip cracked, and who knew that Feng Yu Heng would actually whip Feng Jin Yuan. Although this did not break the skin, it did cause the Winter coat to become torn. Feng Jin Yuan felt his arm hurt so much that he could not raise it.

“You-” He glared at Feng Yu Heng in horror. He wanted to say that a child hitting their father would be struck down by lightning! But when he looked up, he found that the skies were clear, and the sun was shining down. There was no possibility of lightning.

“I will tell you-” Feng Yu Heng fiercely said: “I am the best doctor in the world. I have the best medicine in the world, but I still cannot cure my mother. Feng Jin Yuan! Put away the word “father.” You truly do not deserve to be called a father! Today, I will definitely be going to the Xiang Palace. If you so desire, you can come to take a look. If you are afraid, just obediently stay in the manor like a scared turtle. I will say it again. Anyone that dares to touch my mother, I will definitely tear their heads off!”

Once she said this, she waved to the guards then turned and left.

Feng Jin Yuan held his arm and stood in place. In his mind, he repeatedly wondered if he should go or not.

If he went, would the third prince believe that he was going with Feng Yu Heng to accuse him?

If he did not go, if that girl caused too grand of a scene, how should he handle it? After all, to outsiders, that was his Feng manor’s daughter!

Feng Jin Yuan was extremely troubled, but Kang Yi said: “Husband, quickly go and take a look. A-Heng is still holding her whip!”

These words reminded Feng Jin Yuan. In the worst case scenario, that girl would go fight to the death at the Xiang Palace. If someone truly lost their life, regardless of which side, he could not bear that responsibility!

If the prince died, that would be a big problem. If Feng Yu Heng died, there would be nobody to produce steel, and that would be an even bigger problem!

Stomping his feet, he went to follow them.

When he arrived at the gate, the gatekeeper told him: “Second young miss’ group left on horseback. At this time, they should have already traveled a few blocks.”

The driver cracked his whip, and the horses flew straight toward the Xiang Palace. Feng Jin Yuan, however, trembled out of habit upon hearing the sound of the whip.

When they arrived, Feng Yu Heng’s group had already arrived for quite some time. He saw her order someone bring the corpse forward and place it in front of the Xiang Palace’s gate. She then said to the guards that stood in front of the Xiang Palace: “Go tell your prince that the woman he was raising outside has died. This county princess has come to return her corpse.”

The Xiang Palace’s guards were startled. One of them went into the palace to report, while the other stood outside and stared at the headless corpse, a cold filling his heart.

Not long later, the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye personally came out of the palace. Still having an angry expression, it was as though he was surrounded by countless ghosts that had died unjust deaths. As a whole, he looked very gloomy.

Well before he heard about county princess Ji An’s arrival, he knew what had happened. None of the people that he had sent out to kill Mei Xiang returned alive. Not only was this the case, the place where Mei Xiang’s family had been buried was dug up. All four corpses had disappeared.

Despite all of his preparation to protect himself, he had protected himself against Feng Yu Heng attacking during the night and against Xuan Tian Ming setting fire to his palace; however, he did not think that Feng Yu Heng would not attack in secret. Instead, she openly carried the corpse all the way to the Xiang Palace’s gate.

What exactly did this woman want to do? Could it be that she really believed that she had the power to compete with a prince?

Thinking of this, Xuan Tian Ye was not too optimistic. As an opponent, he understood Feng Yu Heng. This girl was indeed just as arrogant as Xuan Tian Ming, but she did not act as blindly. Since she dared to come so openly, who knew what sort of trap she had dug for him to fall into.

Xuan Tian Ye’s brow twitched uncontrollably a few times, as a bad premonition filled his heart.

Just as he stepped out of the palace, he saw Feng Yu Heng looking at him with her elegant face. That face was inexplicably pure. Although there were a few spots of blood, she still looked as though she was a very pure jade. There were absolutely no impurities.

Mei Xiang’s corpse lay at Xuan Tian Ye’s feet, but he did not even take a look at her, as he looked right back at Feng Yu Heng.

The civilians that were looking on had already been pushed back by the guards. The two looked at each other like this for a long time until the people of the Feng family and the Xiang Palace could no longer endure watching the two look at each other icily. At this time, Xuan Tian Ye suddenly shifted his gaze. With a bit of panic from not wanting to be found out, he looked off into the distance. He required five breaths to regain his composure.

While they were facing off, his heart was filled with panic. He did not know what was happening with Feng Yu Heng’s eyes. It was as though they had the power to bewitch people and see through people’s innermost thoughts. Staring straight at him, they went straight through his pupils and into his brain.

Xuan Tian Ye was suspicious. He almost suspected whether or not this girl knew some witchcraft; however, he did not know that Feng Yu Heng was just using a psychological method to increase the effect on his mind. From there, she used her eyes to convey a message that caused Xuan Tian Ye to feel this odd pressure.

This standoff caused Feng Jin Yuan to feel shocked. He seemed to have understood that the third prince had just lost to an inexperienced 13-year-old little girl. In everyone’s eyes, Prince Xiang, who was like a powerful and stern deity, had clearly been defeated by Feng Yu Heng!

Feng Jin Yuan was not the only one to feel extremely shocked, as Kang Yi also felt that way. She repeatedly told herself that she had to have people report more information about county princess Ji An after she returned to the manor. She had to know everything about this girl!

At this time, Xuan Tian Ye was finally unable to endure the atmosphere. He was the first to speak and said: “I wonder why younger sister has come to visit. What is the matter?”

Feng Yu Heng raised the corner of her lip, and she looked as though this person was about to feign ignorance. That was also fine.

She simply did not mention the matter of Mei Xiang. Instead, she only jutted out her little chin and asked him: “A-Heng is itching to exercise today and wanted to come and find third brother to practice martial arts. I wonder if third brother is able to give me some face?” Before Xuan Tian Ye could speak, she immediately added: “The sun today is quite nice. I came quite a distance, so I trust third brother won’t send me away, right? Let us fight quicker. I heard that concubine An has a pair of extremely interesting emerald hummingbirds. I was thinking of going into the palace after to take a look.”

Xuan Tian Ye was startled. The matter of the emeralds throwing poison had happened a long time ago. He originally thought that it would become a grand disaster for the Northwest army; however, he did not think that Feng Yu Heng would go and actually save all of those soldiers. After the fact, he felt that it was a pity, but the opposition did not find any clues, which allowed him to let out a sigh of relief.

However, he did not think that Feng Yu Heng would not just bring Mei Xiang’s corpse. She also brought up concubine An’s emerald hummingbirds. Could it be that she knew about that matter?

But he immediately calmed down. What could she do even if she knew? Speaking frankly, it was nothing more than a guess. Even if she received a confession from concubine An, it was fine. Concubine An was a lunatic. Who would believe something that a lunatic said?

Xuan Tian Ye’s expression visibly relaxed. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, he began smiling, “Since younger sister is interested, this prince must give you some face. Since you came up with the idea, just tell me, how do you want to compete?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and replied: “Any method is fine. I will not choose.”

Xuan Tian Ye nodded, as his eyes went to the whip in Feng Yu Heng’s hand, “Since younger sister brought a whip, let us compete with weapons. You are proficient with a whip, and I am proficient with a sword. Although I have the advantage in sharpness, when it comes to killing, younger sister has the advantage. With these two balancing each other out, neither of us is at a disadvantage.”

Feng Yu Heng giggled so hard that her belly began to hurt. When she straightened herself out, she pointed at Xuan Tian Ye and said: “Third brother is a grown man, yet you weasel about trying to have a fair match with a little girl. You even have the gall to say that neither of us is at a disadvantage. Truly amusing.”

Xuan Tian Ye blushed a deep red from what she said. He wanted to say that taking a step back was fine. After all, she was a young child; however, before he could say anything, he heard Feng Yu Heng loudly say: “Good! Competing with weapons is fine! Whip against sword. This sort of match up is quite interesting as well. Then third brother, tell me. What should we bet on?”

“Bet?” Intuition told Xuan Tian Ye that Feng Yu Heng’s trick would be in this bet. He had made mental preparations and began to think about how he could take the initiative, thus he said: “Although you and I are county princess and prince, since you wish to bet, we cannot be too unconventional. Let’s just do as the civilians do and bet with silver!”

“Silver?” Feng Yu Heng appeared shocked then immediately smiled, “Third brother is joking. If we are to bet, it must be with gold. Wouldn’t using silver be a loss of status?”

Xuan Tian Ye pondered a little, “That’s also fine. Then let’s bet on gold. Un…” He gritted his teeth, “Ten thousand taels of gold!”

“Hahaha!” Feng Yu Heng laughed once more. This time, she laughed even more arrogantly than before.

It was not just her. Even the Cheng shi sisters could not hold back their laughter; however, after receiving a warning look from Feng Jin Yuan, they gradually stopped laughing.

“What are you laughing for?” Xuan Tian Ye was puzzled.

Kang Yi helplessly sighed and kindly reminded: “My Lord, when county princess bets with gold, it is always in the millions of taels. Normally… it is five million taels.”

“What?” Xuan Tian Ye shouted. He then recalled Kang Yi being scammed of five million taels of gold by Xuan Tian Ming. He then recalled Feng Yu Heng scamming Ru Jia of five million taels of gold. Speaking like this, of course, ten thousand taels of gold would cause her to laugh her head off.

But… even more, could he even afford it?

He had already spent most of his wealth on raising an army. The reason he still had ten thousand taels of gold was because someone took the initiative to give it to him before the end of the year, and he did not have time to spend it yet, thus he dared to make a bet with Feng Yu Heng. But if it was five million taels, he truly could not afford that.

His attendant reminded him: “My Lord, what is wrong with agreeing? You will not lose.” In the eyes of the servants, Prince Xiang had great skills. Fighting a 13-year-old child, would that not be child’s play?

But Feng Yu Heng said: “No good. Since it’s a bet, we must first take out what we have and place it out in the open. An empty bet is no fun.”

Xuan Tian Ye was out of ideas and simply shrugged: “How about you tell me, what should we bet on?”

Feng Yu Heng was waiting for him to say this, as she immediately said in a loud voice: “How about we bet with our lives!”

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    Just watch as your years of plotting and scheming come to an end, as the whip wielded by FYH strikes you into the 18th layer of hell!
    Thank you for the translation!!!!

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    1. I don’t think she will kill him. Sigh he is a prince after all. She might just beat the hell out of him he would wish he was dead hahahhahahahhaahahhahaah

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      1. Killing him would be way too an easy way out. She’ll make him pay in a very painful and long-lasting manner.

        His face has already been torn to shreds though. She dumped his spy on the doorstep, scared the hell out of him then showed he couldnt afford more than 10k gold to put up.

        these chaps get better and better. hoping for a second chap today

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  2. This definitely won’t happen. Someone will step in or the bet won’t be agreed upon. I do wish that they agree to this and he dies but that would be too easy.

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    1. Well, the bet won’t definitely be fulfilled. All A-Heng has are circumstantial evidences so no matter how much A-Heng hates the 3rd prince, A-Heng can’t kill the 3rd prince, steel weapon or not. The 3rd prince should thank his royal status as it’s probably the only thing that’ll save his life in this bet, as much as it sucks. Grrr! 😤😔

      Thanks for the chapter, Springrain and sponsors! 😊

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    2. Just because it’s a bet for his life doesnt mean he has to die (although we all want him dead). What would be more torturous for him is if she completely crippled him or something.
      A crippled prince wouldnt be able to take the throne after all muahahahaha

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  3. Oh my god!!!! Go A-Heng. It really gets more and more interesting.

    You can touch anyone and everything but not A-Heng’s or the consequences would be too high for you to pay. Third Prince… Third Prince…you really needed to learn your lesson the hard way this time.

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  4. Esto se esta poniendo HEVY en cualquier momento aparecerá el 9º y se pondrá peor, si el 3º acepta obviamente A-Heng lo golpeara hasta dejarlo casi muerto pero si el la toca el 9º hará que el 3º desee estar muerto. Creo que habrá una fogata el la residencia del 3º cortesia de nuestro querido príncipe.

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    KY, no matter how much stock of information you get about A-Heng, you can’t beat her… you’ll just suffer blood lost, better behave.

    Fufuu.. thank you so muchooo springrain and co for this treat! Yay. banzai! 😀

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  6. But the life of the 3 rd prince is worth nothing!! There is no proficent in that aside from killing him…hahahaha 😜😜😘 thanks for everything😘

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  7. *cough* talking about experiences… May I remind you.. A-Heng is a Co-General of the North Army and 3rd Prince is just a prince with a delusional imagination that’s raising a hidden army….

    And seriously KY?? You just thought of that now?? JUST NOW?!

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  8. Are not the hidden guards of the emperor and the seventh and ninth princes supposed to be in the tong sheng pavilion?
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