Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 355

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Persian Master Leading to Suspicion

Xuan Tian Ye’s mind exploded with a “boom!”

Bet with their lives?

It turned out this girl was waiting for him with this sort of thing!

But why was she so certain that she would win?

Xuan Tian Ye stood in place. He neither nodded nor shook his head. He only looked at Feng Yu Heng with a face full of questions. He looked at her face in hopes of finding some information or understanding her thoughts.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng was like a tranquil lake. There was not a single ripple. Nobody was able to gain any understanding. But the look on her face was resolute and revealed no doubt. Betting with their lives meant just that. She did not have any hesitation.

Feng Jin Yuan, who was watching from the side, was finally unable to endure. Holding his injured arm, he took a couple steps forward then advised Feng Yu Heng: “Stop spouting nonsense. His Highness is a prince.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “So what if he is a prince? Can a prince not learn from a competition of martial arts with someone?”

“Is this really to learn from competing?” Feng Jin Yuan was on the verge of dying from anger, “Who has ever heard of learning while betting with their lives?”

“Haven’t you heard about it today.” She raised her small face, “Is father afraid that I will kill him?”

Feng Jin Yuan was nearly unable to breathe, “I am afraid that he will end up killing you! His Highness is someone skilled in martial arts. No matter if it’s fighting or military strategy, he is an expert among experts. Are you not courting death?” His expression sank, as he sternly said: “A-Heng, right now, you have the responsibility to make steel for the good of everyone in Da Shun. Absolutely nothing must happen to you.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s words caused Xuan Tian Ye to begin thinking. At first, he felt that there was definitely some sort of hidden plot with betting their lives. This girl was very scheming and was very proficient in all kinds of medicines. He worried that this girl would use some sort of poison during the fight to cause him to lose his life. But when he thought about it now, it seemed that Feng Jin Yuan’s words were reasonable. This girl wanting to beat him was just impossible, but if he hurt her, Da Shun would not be able to produce steel. It was possible that the Emperor would place the blame on him. That old man had never favored him. When the time came, how could he possibly receive a fair judgment.

Thinking like this, Xuan Tian Ye made a decision. They absolutely could not bet with their lives. In fact, they could not compete in martial arts.

Thus he followed up on what Feng Jin Yuan had said: “That’s right! Younger sister is now an extremely important person. It is not advisable to mess around with swords and spears.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “First, I do not use swords. Second, I do not use spears. Where is third brother coming from?”

“This prince’s meaning is that I am worried that I would hurt you.”

“Oh, then third brother can be at ease. You cannot hurt me.”

“Hm?” Xuan Tian Ye frowned, “It’s hard to say whether or not there will be any mistakes. Younger sister should not speak too confidently.”

“Hmph.” Feng Yu Heng sneered, “Third brother should not have too much self-confidence in your abilities. Just based on your abilities, you want to hurt me?”

Xuan Tian Ye felt an anger well up inside him. Although he knew very clearly that Feng Yu Heng was trying to goad him with the goal of competing in martial arts; however, those words caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable. He was already someone that was not very forgiving, and he lacked the ability to put down anything that he picked up. Feng Yu Heng’s words had pushed his anger to the limit.

But that girl still did not stop, as she continued to talk, saying: “Father too, if you are worried about his Highness getting hurt, just say it directly. What is the need to say it in a roundabout fashion? Daughter truly believed that father was worrying that I would be beaten to death by him. Who knew that after all this talk, you were really worried about his Highness. Hah, how heartbreaking for daughter. Forget it. Since father is so certain that his Highness will lose this, daughter will not fight to give father some face.”

While she spoke, she helplessly shook her head. Taking a couple steps back, she cupped her hand to Xuan Tian Ye: “Father has made a request. As a daughter, A-Heng must listen to what he said. Third brother’s life is far more important than A-Heng’s life. Getting injured would indeed not be good. Let’s forget about this competition.” After saying this, she turned to leave.

Xuan Tian Ye became furious: “Stop!”

This shout caused Feng Yu Heng to laugh. This also caused Feng Jin Yuan to cry. He knew that something big would probably happen today.

He could not help but turn his gaze to Kang Yi; however, Kang Yi could only shake her head helplessly, expressing that there was nothing that she could do.

At this time, they heard Xuan Tian Ye say: “Since you have already spoken, how can they be taken back?”

Feng Yu Heng looked at him in confusion and asked: “Isn’t third brother desperately clinging to life?”

You’re the one desperately clinging to life!

Xuan Tian Ye hated that he could not rip this girl’s tongue out!

“It’s rare for younger sister to be so interested. How could this prince not accompany you? Servant.” He shouted in a loud voice, “Go fetch this prince’s sword!”

“Hold on!” Feng Yu Heng suddenly shouted.

Xuan Tian Ye was startled, “Is younger sister backing out?”

She shook her head, “I would not do something as disgusting as back out.”

Xuan Tian Ye wanted to tear her tongue out once more. Did she not back out once just earlier? This girl was going around in circles insulting him for being disgusting.

“Then younger sister means…”

Feng Yu Heng said: “I came in a rush, so I did not bring a brush or ink. I will ask third brother to have someone in the palace bring out brush and ink! Since it is a fight with our lives at stake, we must have a death waiver. Otherwise, after beating third brother to death, it would not be good if the Xiang Palace’s people became unhappy and came to find me to settle the debt.”

Xuan Tian Ye felt a fire burning in his chest, as he immediately ordered: “Prepare ink and brush!” He wanted to immediately prepare this death waiver. Once the waiver was signed, if this girl did not die today by his sword, his surname was not Xuan!

What production of steel, what future wife of his ninth brother, at this point, all of these things had been cast to the back of his mind. He had been infuriated by Feng Yu Heng and only thought of running this girl through with his sword!

Very quickly, the people of the palace brought out his sword along with a table. The four treasures of the study were placed on top. Princess Xiang also came out.

Feng Yu Heng greeted her with a smile: “Third sister-in-law!”

Princess Xiang smiled and replied: “It’s been a long time younger sister. Have you been well recently?”

“Very well.” Feng Yu Heng and Princess Xiang were very close, “Has third sister-in-law’s body been well?”

Princess Xiang nodded, “I have one of Hundred Herb Hall’s doctors come to the palace every three days to examine me. It’s going quite well.” While talking, she looked at Xuan Tian Ye, “Younger sister has come. Why has my Lord not invited her into the palace to sit?”

Xuan Tian Ye angrily snorted then said: “Younger sister has come to compete in martial arts with this prince.”

“Oh?” Princess Xiang’s eyes lit up, “My Lord is skilled in martial arts. Who doesn’t know that Prince Xiang is very strong? But I heard that county princess Ji An is quite strong among women and does not lose to men. I really do not know who will win this competition between my Lord and younger sister.”

Upon hearing this, Kang Yi began to think. She had heard in a report long ago that the third prince’s princess did not get along with the third prince. In fact, she had been ill for many years before, and there was a rumor that it was the third prince that had been poisoning her. That was the reason behind her being ill for so long without any signs of improving. Now, it seemed that the two really did not get along. What sort of wife would say such a thing about their husband? Not knowing who would win and who would lose made it clear that Prince Xiang would lose, but you still had to express your standpoint, right?

But Princess Xiang had not finished talking, as she said to Feng Yu Heng: “Younger sister absolutely must show mercy!”

Xuan Tian Ye was on the verge of losing his mind, as he angrily asked the assistant that was preparing the waiver: “Is it ready?”

The assistant nodded, “Yes.” He then revealed the prepared death waiver and loudly said: “Today, county princess Ji An and Prince Xiang will compete in martial arts while betting with their lives. Regardless of who lives and who dies, neither side can pursue this matter after the fact!” After reading it, he brought forth another piece of paper with similar contents written down, “There are two copies of the death waiver. After both of you have signed, both of you will be given a copy.”

Xuan Tian Ye nodded, “Good!” He then walked forward, picked up the brush and wrote down his name.

Feng Yu Heng was no exception. Quickly stepping forward, she wrote down her name. Thinking a little, she placed her index finger in ink and placed her fingerprint beside her name.

Xuan Tian Ye happily copied her, completing the death waiver.

The two retrieved their copy and placed it in their hip pocket. Feng Yu Heng then smirked then stepped back until she reached the empty area in front of the gate. Only then did she unfurl the whip in her hand, “Third brother, A-Heng will respectfully wait for you.”

Xuan Tian Ye walked down the steps and stood across from her. There was a distance of ten paces between the two. The onlookers from the Feng family and the Xiang palace all spread out in hopes of finding a safe place. Everyone was worried that they would end up getting hurt with one of them being careless.

Feng Jin Yuan was in a panic. For some reason, the more he looked at Feng Yu Heng’s resolute gaze, the more he felt that Xuan Tian Ye would lose. He had already begun to think if Xuan Tian Ye lost, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Was it a profit or a loss?

Kang Yi could see the conflicting feelings in his eyes and quietly whispered into his ear: “The Feng family has already chosen the third prince. Even if you change direction, does husband feel like another master would get along with you? When the time comes, not to mention conditions, perhaps they would not even want to see you when you try to curry favor with them.”

Feng Jin Yuan was shocked. She was right. How could a new master get along with someone that changed their mind. Right now, helping Prince Xiang at least came with a promise. Regardless of whether or not it was Chen Yu, he would marry a daughter from the Feng family. Even if they were not the daughter of the first wife and could not ascend to the position of empress, they would at least be the head imperial concubine. What about other masters? Could he obtain such good conditions?

“Does husband feel that his Highness will lose?” Kang Yi’s voice floated over once more filled with doubt.

Feng Jin Yuan very obediently nodded.

“A-Heng is that skilled?” She found it a little hard to believe, “You are her father. You should have a good understanding, right?”

What did Feng Jin Yuan understand? He only told Kang Yi: “A-Heng’s abilities were all gained over the past three years in the Northwest. She learned from a Persian eccentric. I am completely clueless.”

“Persian eccentric?” Kang Yi felt some doubts fill her mind, “Has husband met that Persian eccentric?”

Feng Jin Yuan shook his head, “No. She said that he left before she returned to the capital. Speaking of, during the three years that they were in the Northwest, our Feng manor was truly quite negligent, so there are many things that are unclear. This child hates us and is currently present.”

Kang Yi felt even more doubtful. Persia was nothing more than a country that was rumored to exist. Whether or not it really existed was not something that could be confirmed.

Legend had it that Persia was to the West of Da Shun, and it was very far from Da Shun. Separating the two was a large prairie. That prairie was a deadly and restricted area. None had ever traversed it and survived. How exactly did that Persian person arrive?

Just as she was thinking, Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ye had already begun to fight. She heard Xuan Tian Ye say: “Come” as Feng Yu Heng cracked her whip. This competition had begun in earnest!

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  1. WHAT DID I SAY!!!! I called it, check my comment last chapter, that this idiot of a third prince would give into Feng Yu Heng’s teasing!
    Also I love how princess Xiang gives absolutely no shits that she’s about to become a widow! XD
    Thanks for the translation!!!!

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    1. Of course she gives no shits. Her own husband that was trying to kill her is going up against the benefactor that saved her life. You’d have to be a blind ungrateful wretch to not know whose side to take. Princess Xiang deserves better.

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    2. I’m sure that she (princess xiang) cannot wait to become a widow. As amazing as HengHeng left this man alive, princess xiang might want to poison him like he did to her.

      I’m sure that he will not die but will become a disable (his both of legs for Ming’er and other organs for her army and her mom).

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    3. Not really a smart move on both ends. He is angry but an experienced martial art expert. Under normal circumstances it should be an easy win for him. I’m curious how she is going to fight.
      The only thing that is clear, if the 3rd prince kills AHeng he is dead. I’m just not sure who will be faster, 7th prince or 9th prince. So from that perspective she will get her revenge any way.

      It’s just a gamble what the other countries will do if the 3rd prince is dead. As far as I understand he is still alive to keep them from invading right now. But that is probably something AHeng doesn’t care about at this moment.

      Thanks for the chapter.


      1. Ahem, 3rd Prince is not the deterrent, he’s the accelerant. The reason the other countries are moving is because of him. The true deterrent is Ming’er. They mentioned something about him being the godly general that protects the nation at the beginning of the book or something to that effect. There’s no way Father Emperor would let 3rd have that kind of influence


  2. Beat that third prince to death! He’s repeatedly stepped over A Heng’s bottom line. He’s crippled her husband, poisoned her army, drugged her mother, brainwashed her father, given her a harlot of a stepmother, tricked her concubine mother and third half sister, given hope to her eldest sister, and assaulted her at every turn.

    It’s rather amazing that she’s let him live for so long.

    And really, so what if she kills the third prince? He has a private army to rebel against the Emperor and isn’t favored anyway. How does that compare to the generous and noble county princess Ji An that helps the poor and sick of Da Shun, trained the divine army to guard the borders, that can produce the steel to make the country invincible, is the wife of the most favored son, and is loved by everyone in the country (aside from her own shitty father anyway)?

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      1. agreed, he was stupid all on his own…. long before supporting the 3rd prince….its inherited from his mother


    1. His mindset reminds me of those that think “My target isn’t doing anything so they don’t know it’s me yet” Stupid Prince, the target knows it’s you and is waiting. He thinks A-heng can’t do anything to him since he’s a prince & is stronger. He finally overstepped his boundary & asked to be killed.


  3. I shall remind A-Heng later to give Kang Yi a world map…uh– this reminds me if she transmigrated on the same world too?? (pardon this old brain of mine).

    KY: I don’t believe that persian eccentric of yours do exist.
    A-Heng: Then forget about treating your daughter.

    Thanks much springrain and co. Yay! banzai.


  4. Perhaps…2-legs of him might be gone but it’s not enough for her. HengHeng will take other organs more than 2-legs but I cannot guess. Ummm..his look? his nose? his fresh? Or…his thing?

    This is interesting.

    Thank you for the chapter.


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