Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 356

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Fighting Frantically

Practically as soon as Feng Yu Heng waved her whip, Xuan Tian Ye began to feel regret.

He knew that Feng Yu Heng knew martial arts, and he knew that Feng Yu Heng had superb archery abilities; however, he did not think that she would be able to use a whip as proficiently as Xuan Tian Ming! Not only was she proficient, she also had plenty of strength that was mixed with something that made it extremely hard to dodge.

Xuan Tian Ye also noticed that Feng Yu Heng had whipped the ground. The pavement in front of the Xiang Palace that had been whipped ended up cracking.

He suddenly understood that this girl did not want to get hurt to have the Emperor hand down punishment. What she wanted… was to actually kill him!

A deep chill filled his heart. How could he have forgotten? This was Feng Yu Heng! She was the favored wife of Xuan Tian Ming! Once this person hated someone, how could she allow someone else to help her get revenge? She would definitely take action herself immediately. This was the only way for her to have fun!

Xuan Tian Ye was soaked in a cold sweat. Carefully dodging Feng Yu Heng’s whip, he moved his sword extremely quickly.

Since his opponent was trying to kill him, there was no need for him to hold back. She wanted to play at a life and death struggle? Then he just needed to play along.

Once he settled on this idea, Xuan Tian Ye adjusted himself to be as focused as possible. Flicking his wrist, his sword did not have even the slightest bit of magnificence, as it charged straight at Feng Yu Heng.

Everyone was shocked. The third prince was clearly trying to kill her. This move was too fast. It was so fast that Feng Jin Yuan only saw a flash and could not even react to understand what was happening. This flash was just about to reach Feng Yu Heng’s forehead.

Everyone felt that county princess Ji An would not be able to dodge in time, as everyone tightly closed their eyes.

However, they did not think that just as the sword was about to reach her forehead, Feng Yu Heng did not appear to be panicked in the slightest. Instead, she curled up the corners of her lips into a strange smile.

The cold of the blade had already reached her forehead, and Xuan Tian Ye felt that he was successful, but-

In the next instant, something that he absolutely could not have expected happened!

A perfectly living person that was standing right in front of him and was about to be cut down by his sword actually disappeared!

Xuan Tian Ye was immediately dazed!

With his sword missing its mark in addition to his shock, he could not gather himself. Once his feet landed, he staggered forward, needing three or four steps to stabilize himself. At this time, he suddenly felt a rush of wind behind his head. A force that was even more direct, even more domineering and even more fierce rushed toward him.

He realized that this was bad, but it was coming too quickly. He truly did not have time to dodge, so he could only quickly lower his head. He managed to lower and protect his head, but he exposed the rest of his back.

The whip cracked on his back, and Xuan Tian Ye felt a sweet taste surge up from within his chest and press against his throat. He thought to himself that this was bad. The force from the whip was too great and had injured his internal organs! Doing his best to calm down, he forcefully swallowed down the blood that had surged up.

Xuan Tian Ye felt his vision go dark, as he required a few moments to recover.

He then quickly turned around and saw the girl that had suddenly disappeared standing behind him with her whip. Her eyes were red, as she looked like a ghoul that had come out of hell. Just her glare was enough to scare off his soul. She looked like a war god from the ancient era that could do anything. Just by raising her hand, she could change the situation!

Xuan Tian Ye was a little shaken. The injury was a minor issue, but Feng Yu Heng had suddenly disappeared. This was something that was a little too hard to understand!

He wanted to ask what had just happened, but Feng Yu Heng was not in the mood to chat. Her first crack of the whip did not cause him to cough up blood, so she had to whip him once more!

The war god looked forward with her red eyes and rushed ahead. The whip extended straight into the air and did not have any trace of its original flexibility. It was even harder than Xuan Tian Ye’s sword.

Xuan Tian Ye did not have time to dodge and quickly retreated. Putting up a defense, he held the sword horizontally in front of his chest as both an attack and a defense. When the whip came over, the whip struck straight at the body of the sword. The two used their inner force at the same time to compete in who had more inner power.

The onlookers were once again dazed! But this time, everyone watched on wide-eyed. Nobody was willing to close their eyes. Just now, they had missed how Feng Yu Heng had dodged Xuan Tian Ye’s sword. They had already suffered one loss. Now, the situation had turned, as county princess Ji An was on the offensive against the third prince. They could no longer miss anything.

In truth, the people had an understanding. Just now, Feng Yu Heng striking with her whip had caught the third prince unprepared, and it could be considered a sneak attack. Now, the two were comparing strength. Feng Yu Heng was a young child. Even if she could use her inner strength, she definitely could not beat the third prince.

Everyone thought this way and watched wide-eyed; however, as they watched, they found that as the struggle persisted, why did it seem as though it was the third prince that was gradually losing? Some of the more attentive people noticed that Xuan Tian Ye’s feet were sliding back on pieces of pavement that had begun to crack. It was obvious how much force was needed to defend against Feng Yu Heng’s attack.

What they saw was correct. At this time, Xuan Tian Ye was not just on the verge of collapse. He truly felt that he may as well die!

He felt that his sword was not holding back something like a whip. Instead, it was holding back something like a large rock, and that rock was pressing heavily against his chest, almost making it impossible to breathe.

How did Feng Yu Heng have this much strength? This question resounded endlessly in his mind; however, there was no answer. Because he had put in too much strength, countless pieces of pavement were cracking under his feet. He could even hear the sounds of them breaking. But no matter what, he had no ability to push back that whip. Although Feng Yu Heng did not have any ability to advance, Xuan Tian Ye was very clear that he could not endure for much longer.

How could he know that Feng Yu Heng had practiced physical martial arts in her previous life? The ancient people emphasized internal strength. What she had learned was hard qi gong, while also emphasized internal strength; however, hard qi gong was more practical in its uses of internal strength.

Feng Yu Heng trusted that if they cast aside their weapons, her advantage would be even greater.

At this time, the whip was like a sword and was used to fight with Xuan Tian Ye. For her, this was also quite exhausting. But as the one on the offensive, she was not expending as much energy as Xuan Tian Ye. In fact, she even had some energy to say to her opponent: “Third brother, why have blue veins appeared on your forehead? Why are you putting in so much strength? Are you not afraid of a bloody death?”

Xuan Tian Ye nearly coughed up blood, but it was this sudden burst of anger that caused him to expend the last of the energy in his body. Having run out of strength, how could he endure Feng Yu Heng’s attack, as he swayed, and his sword faltered, revealing an opening to his opponent.

Xuan Tian Ye was a little panicked. He was no longer able to worry about appearances. Seeing that the whip was about to strike him in the chest, he simply dropped to his knees as though he was kneeling to avoid the whip.

But his movements were not as fast as Feng Yu Heng’s. He avoided being struck directly in the chest, but his shoulder was pierced by the whip.

Feng Yu Heng had also gone mad. This strike had been too fierce. After completely piercing his shoulder, she also went forward, pushing the whip further into Xuan Tian Ye’s shoulder. From the tip of the whip to the base all the way until it reached her hand, did she finally stop.

A cold sweat appeared on his brow from the pain. He could neither stand nor move back. That whip was like a pole, as it picked him up.

But even this was not the end. Feng Yu Heng grabbed his body then began to laugh. She then said: “Even my hand became bloody. How disgusting.” She then quickly raised her other hand and formed a palm strike. Without even thinking, she slammed it against Xuan Tian Ye’s chest.

This slam sent his body flying backward; however, she did not move. Holding her whip, she watched the whip quickly leave his body in the same moment that he was sent flying. The whip had passed through Xuan Tian Ye’s body and was completely covered in blood. In fact, it also carried a bit of flesh.

The onlookers were unable to endure, as they covered their mouths and dry hurled.

Feng Yu Heng had become quite entertained. The fierceness on her face became even more pronounced. Before waiting for Xuan Tian Ye to stand up, she had already walked over. She was no longer putting on a magnificent show of martial arts. Instead, she was just giving a beating, as she began to whip him.

“Raising a woman in my Feng family, third prince, you really are good!” Crack! The first strike hit.

“Going into the palace for no reason in search of two damn birds, third prince, you really are good!” Crack! The second strike hit.

“Poisoning thirty thousand soldiers and drugging my mother with spirit-altering drug, third prince, you really are good!” Crack! The third strike hit.

“Stabbing me in the back while calling me younger sister to my face, Xuan Tian Ye, you really are fucking shameless!” Crack! Crack! Crack! The fourth, fifth and sixth strikes…

Feng Yu Heng whipped him a total of ten times; however, she had woken Xuan Tian Ye from being dazed during the first strike to being completely aware by the last.

The bloody hole in his shoulder already caused him to become covered in blood. The large amounts of blood loss caused him to feel extremely dizzy. But he was someone that had practiced martial arts, and he was the insidious third prince. He very quickly adjusted himself. Just as Feng Yu Heng was about to humiliate him with an eleventh strike, he suddenly shifted and avoided the whip.

Feng Yu Heng immediately laughed, “You’re alive? Good! Let’s continue!” Just as she said this, she immediately flicked her whip. It was no longer the casual whipping. Instead, she moved extremely quickly. Her whip had once again become like a sword, creating a force that rushed forward.

That force rushed straight at Xuan Tian Ye. It was both fast and fierce, leaving the opposition no chance to defend or dodge. Unable to dodge, he gritted his teeth and rushed at this force! Having lost his sword long ago, he patted his waist and pulled out a flexible sword.

Someone that was attentive saw this and subconsciously said: “Is this not too shameless?”

Cheng Jun Man suddenly said in a loud voice: “Even if his Highness the third prince wins, it would have been with an unfair advantage!”

Cheng Jun Mei also added: “Moreover, it does not seem like he will be able to win!”

Feng Jin Yuan fiercely glared at the two and immediately understood. People sent by the Empress, even if he favored them, they would still end up aligning with Feng Yu Heng.

While he was thinking, Xuan Tian Ye had rushed straight at the whip to stab at Feng Yu Heng. He had charged straight into the attack from the whip, causing his clothes to become completely tattered. The cloth fell piece by piece, and in some places, even flesh was cut off.

But he did not care about it at all. Devoting himself to rushing forward, his sword was just inches from stabbing into Feng Yu Heng’s throat.

This method of fighting truly lacked any sense of self-preservation. Everyone was worried for Feng Yu Heng; however, that girl put on another dignified smile. She did not dodge. Instead, she moved her wrist and increased her pace. The whirlwind became more and more condensed…

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    Cheng Jun Mei also added: “Moreover, it does not seem like he will be able to win!”

    Feng Jin Yuan fiercely glared at the two and immediately understood. People sent by the Empress, even if he favored them, they would still end up aligning with Feng Yu Heng.

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