Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 357

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To Kill or Let Live?

Finally, the two stopped moving!

They saw that the tip of Xuan Tian Ye’s sword had reached Feng Yu Heng’s throat. It was practically touching her neck, but it was stopped in its tracks just a hair away.

It was impossible for Xuan Tian Ye to not have stopped because the whirlwind kicked up by Feng Yu Heng’s whip had reached its limits. Xuan Tian Ye looked like he was hidden in a cocoon. From head to toe, he could not move at all.

Feng Yu Heng still had a sinister smile on her face. Reaching out with her hand, she gently pushed the sword aside. Without looking at him, she began inspecting the sword.

She looked it over many times, as a puzzled expression surfaced on her face, “Didn’t third brother say that you wanted to compete with me with a sword? You even said that although your sword was sharp, my whip was longer, so neither side was at a disadvantage. Then what is this current situation?”

While she spoke, she wrapped her whip around once more, strangling Xuan Tian Ye to the point of no longer being able to breathe. He tried to use his internal strength to break free from the whip, but he found that this was just a wasted effort.

Feng Yu Heng reminded him: “Third brother, be a little more careful. Not to mention whether or not you can break free, even if you could if Xuan Tian Ming’s whip is broken, he will come looking to seek repayment.”

Xuan Tian Ye’s heart trembled. Xuan Tian Ming’s whip? Looking again, but of course, it was. There was a gold inlay on the handle, and a cold light came from a hidden barb. It was extremely flexible to the point that it could not be cut. Despite frequently being used to whip people, the whip did not reek with the stench of blood… He had become familiar with this long ago; however, he had been so infuriated that he did not have time to think. Now, it seemed that his ninth brother had given his most beloved whip to his wife.

“The prince of a country, the dignified Prince Xiang, when fighting with a young girl that has not even celebrated her 13th birthday is bringing out hidden weapons. How shameless.” Feng Yu Heng insulted him without any thought. Although her eyes were no longer bloodshot, it was now thick with contempt.

Twisting the whip in her hand a little tighter, the bloody marks on Xuan Tian Ye’s body became even deeper and were on the verge of flowing like rivers.

Feng Yu Heng looked at him like this and no longer spoke. Her gaze went from being filled with contempt to completely tranquil. It then changed from tranquility to indifference then cruelty, ferocity, and finally, it became filled with a dense murderous intent.

Xuan Tian Ye understood the message from her gaze. Three words appeared in large font in his mind: It’s over!

Sure enough, Feng Yu Heng pulled the whip tighter and tighter, increasing her pace more and more. The whip dug into his body, from the skin to flesh then flesh to bone. His flesh split, and finally, the sound of his bones breaking could be heard.

Xuan Tian Ye gritted his teeth so tightly from the pain that he nearly shattered them.

The immense loss of blood caused him to feel dizzier and dizzier. There were a few times where he was about to faint, but every time it happened, Feng Yu Heng’s whip would tighten once more, the pain causing him to remain awake.

This was simply just abusing another person in a tyrannical manner. Xuan Tian Ye was both ashamed and resentful. With his head covered in blue veins, he was finally unable to endure the torture and said: “Kill me! Just kill me!”

Feng Yu Heng pointed at her own whip: “Aren’t I in the process of killing you! It’s just A-Heng has never killed anyone. I am not as proficient at it as third brother. That’s why I am a little slower at it. Third brother, endure a little longer, and you will be dead.”

She spoke as if she were killing a pig. He was about to die. Xuan Tian Ye also knew that he was about to die. There were not many bones left in his body that had not been broken, especially his knees. He could tell that they had been shattered. If he was not wrapped up by this whip, he would not be able to stand at all.

He was not afraid of dying, but he was unreconciled with dying in this manner. He had spent many years planning his strategies, and there was still a large number of troops stationed in Gan Zhou, waiting for his orders. If he died right now to a young girl, what sort of situation would that be?

Moreover, there were so many people watching. There were people from the Feng family, there was the eldest princess of Qian Zhou, and there were the servants of the Xiang Palace. There was also that official wife that he had wanted to kill. These people all watched him be humiliated by a little girl. This was even more uncomfortable than losing his life.

Xuan Tian Ye wanted to curse at Feng Yu Heng. Unfortunately, a bit of the whip had wrapped around his throat, causing him to only be able to make “ah” sounds. He could not say a single word.

Finally, his vision began to blur, and his consciousness began to fade. The pain on his body also began to turn numb. No matter how Feng Yu Heng twisted her whip, he would not feel any more pain.

Xuan Tian Ye knew that he was about to die. He was finally about to die.

But simply watching himself die like this was too hard to bear. The pain, the horror and the humiliation all existed. Even he, Xuan Tian Ye, had felt his final line of defense crumble. He had to admit that this daughter of the Feng family was really a great match with his ninth brother. One was better than the other at tormenting people with their numerous ideas, as they endlessly played new tricks.

He spat out a final breath then opened his eyes wide. Through his blurry vision, he saw that the sky was no longer clear. His eyelids then began to grow heavy, as they slowly closed.

Let’s just die like this! He thought that perhaps he would not have any chance at the throne in this life, but he wanted to know: how would this girl explain to the old man in the palace about killing him so brazenly? That old man had never liked him, but his own son being killed should be a little hard to reconcile, right?

He thought to himself faintly. His consciousness gradually faded, and finally, he no longer had the strength to even think.

In the instant that Xuan Tian Ye’s head drooped, Princess Xiang, who had been properly standing on the steps to the Xiang Palace suddenly felt her legs give out, as she sat on the ground. A servant at her side quickly went to support her but heard her say: “He’s dead. Good, he’s dead. He will never be able to harm me again. He will never be able to harm anyone else again.”

At this time, Kang Yi was thinking: Xuan Tian Ye has died. Who should Qian Zhou collaborate with? Qian Zhou absolutely must receive the three Northernmost provinces of Da Shun. The new emperor of Da Shun must be Qian Zhou’s ally.

Feng Jin Yuan was thinking: Xuan Tian Ye died? The prince that he had spent so much money on had died? Could he get some of that money back?

At this time, everyone had countless thoughts echoing in their minds. Even the servants of the Xiang Palace were thinking. Their master had died, so what would they do?

The old man that had helped write up the death waiver also felt his legs tremble. He was an instructor, a counselor and an aide. He knew too many of Xuan Tian Ye’s matters. With Xuan Tian Ye dying, who knew how many people would be aiming for his life. Would he be able to escape?

But only Feng Yu Heng knew that Xuan Tian Ye did not die!

He still had a pulse, so he was barely alive. It was not out of kindness. SHe was just thinking that if she killed a prince, would that be the same as openly provoking the emperor? Although she had a waiver in her possession, if the Emperor became unhappy, who cared if she had a death waiver. With just about any pretext, he could have her killed.

Of course, she did not believe that she would die. In the worst case scenario, she had a life-saving space. Even if she had to spend her time waiting in that space, she could wait until the Emperor died.

But what about Xuan Tian Ming?

She could not hide in the space together with Xuan Tian Ming, right? A grown man hiding inside there, would he not die of depression?

The Emperor mostly favored Xuan Tian Ming. He could provide assistance openly and secretly, but it all required Xuan Tian Ming to be competitive. If it was not for the power of the Northwest army, if there was no help coming secretly from some officials, no matter how much the Emperor favored his ninth son, it would be pointless.

She could not allow Xuan Tian Ming’s many years of effort go to waste because of this matter. Losing her temper would be her last resort. But there were plenty of tricks to think of. She did not even want for there to be any change in Xuan Tian Ming’s situation.

While she was thinking, she subconsciously loosened her grip on the whip. The head that had already dropped down suddenly took half a breath.

But who knew that at that time, Princess Xiang, who had collapsed to the ground, would suddenly crawl up and rush over. Upon arriving, she firmly grabbed Fen Yu Heng’s whip. Without any concern for the parts that stuck out, causing her to bleed, she desperately pulled on the whip. While pulling, she said: “A-Heng, third sister-in-law knows that you fought for a long time and are out of strength. It’s fine, if you are out of strength, third sister-in-law still has some. Third sister-in-law will help you pull! Third sister-in-law will help you strangle him to death!”

Everyone was dazed. Although everyone knew that Prince Xiang and Princess Xiang were estranged, they never would have thought that Princess Xiang would actually hate him to this degree!

With her taking action, the people of the Xiang Palace could not continue to ignore the situation. Immediately, the housekeeper and some servants rushed forward, desperately pulling Princess Xiang. The young servant was also quite clever. While pulling, she said: “Princess, have you fallen ill? This is your prince! Quickly wake up!”

The words fallen ill helped Princess Xiang avoid responsibility. Even if the Emperor asked in the future, what was there to argue with someone that had fallen ill?

Feng Yu Heng no longer used any strength at this time. She only held the handle of the whip. All of the force was coming from Princess Xiang. She knew that this sister-in-law hated Xuan Tian ye to death. She was also considering if the third prince’s death had occurred at the hands of Princess Xiang, would she be considered separate from this crime?

Thinking again, she was not reconciled. She wanted to get revenge. The target of her revenge had to die at her hands to consider the revenge completed. Having someone else do it was not at all efficient.

Thinking this, she suddenly reached out and gently tapped a pressure point on Princess Xiang’s wrist. Princess Xiang felt a soreness in her wrist, as she was no longer able to hold onto the whip and let go. After she let go, she wanted to try and pick it up once more; however, she was pulled back by the palace’s servants.

Everyone heard Princess Xiang shriek in a fierce voice: “A-Heng, kill him! Kill him! Xuan Tian Ye must not live! You absolutely must kill him!”

Feng Jin Yuan also spoke up; however, he expressed the opposite: “A-Heng, think carefully. You must think carefully!” While saying this, he forcefully tugged Kang Yi, hoping Kang Yi would say a few words of advice. In any case, he hoped that she would stall for time. He had already secretly sent people to the palace to report.

But Kang Yi did not react in the slightest. She only stared at the two in front of her in a slight trance.

At this sort of time, what use was there in her saying anything? With the third prince injured to this degree, not to mention whether or not Feng Yu Heng let him live. Even if she let him live, was there any chance of him recovering? If he could not recover, what was the difference between being alive and being dead?

Feng Yu Heng took a deep breath and pulled the whip tighter once more. She pondered one last time, should she kill or let him live?

At this time, a sudden wind came from behind her. She subconsciously wanted to dodge; however, she felt that although the wind was rushing toward her, it did not have any ill intent. Instead, it was a little familiar…

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