Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 358

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Don’t Rush, Ming’er Will Be Here Soon

The one to help her make a decision finally arrived.

Feng Yu Heng subconsciously let out a sigh of relief. That sharp wind rushed to her side. A hand reached over and grabbed hold of the whip in her hand. Very quickly, a man that was refined like a deity appeared in front of her. Without making a sound, his mouth moved to tell her: “Leave him an inch from death. Give yourself some wiggle room. Don’t rush, Ming’er will be here soon.”

She obediently loosened her grip slightly and hesitantly chose to spare Xuan Tian Ye’s worthless life.

Feng Jin Yuan let out a long sigh of relief. Just as he was about to step forward to help Xuan Tian Ye back, Kang Yi pulled him back at this critical moment, quietly saying: “Don’t go. You are not in a position to do this.”

Feng Jin Yuan was startled and finally remembered that he was indeed not in any position to do anything. The person that had beaten Xuan Tian Ye was Feng Yu Heng. His relationship with this second daughter was already very frayed. If he went to help the third prince at this time, perhaps Feng Yu Heng would view him as an enemy.

In fact, he did not know that even without helping Xuan Tian Ye, Feng Yu Heng already viewed him as an enemy.

Feng Yu Heng let go of the whip in her hand. Xuan Tian Hua, who had arrived in a timely manner, let out a sigh of relief but did not dare let go of her hand because he could feel the girl’s hands still trembling. He knew that Feng Yu Heng did everything that she could to protect her mother and younger brother from being harmed; however, after Feng Zi Rui was targetted for assassination, Yao shi also met with a crisis.

“Don’t worry.” He gently said: “When Ming’er returns, he will definitely give a fair judgment.” He then turned his head and looked to the servants of the Xiang Palace, “Quickly bring your prince back into the palace!”

Some servants immediately came forward and helped Xuan Tian Ye, but they simply did not know how to act. Feng Yu Heng’s whip had only loosened; however, it had not been removed from Xuan Tian Ye’s body. Moreover, even if it had been removed, this person was cut up and had countless broken bones. How should they support him?

“Heng Heng.” Xuan Tian Hua grabbed her hand and slightly advised her: “Be obedient and let go.”

She let go, and the whip fell into Xuan Tian Hua’s hand.

Xuan Tian Hua flicked his wrist, and the whip that was wrapped around Xuan Tian Ye immediately came off his body. It had a similar feeling to a sword being stabbed into someone’s body then suddenly being pulled out. Not only did it come with blood, it also came with chunks of flesh.

No longer under the control of the whip, there was no way for Xuan Tian Ye to remain upright, as he dropped blankly to the ground. The servants quickly went to catch him, but when they caught his tattered body, the pain caused Xuan Tian Ye to let out a cry.

He had always been a tough person. When Feng Yu Heng’s whip had stabbed into his shoulder, he did not make a sound; however, he could not help but scream out in pain now.

Xuan Tian Ye was extremely confused. Normally, with such severe injuries and such extremely blood loss, a person should have fainted. But he only felt pain and discomfort; however, he did not lose consciousness. Previously, he felt for an instant that he would die, but after that, for some reason, he woke up once more.

This feeling of suffering was truly too great!

Of course, Xuan Tian Ye did not know that in the instant Feng Yu Heng had let go of the whip, she had taken out a needle and stabbed it into him. That needle had been soaked in a cardiac stimulant. Once it reached his chest, how could he possibly faint so easily?

“Your Highness the third prince.” She spoke while stepping forward. She could no longer be bothered with referring to him as third brother. “Today, seventh brother spoke of pardoning you, so I will allow you to live, but the things that you have done, I have remembered them all in my heart. You absolutely should not consider yourself lucky. You absolutely should not believe that just this once is enough for me. A-Heng may not be capable when it comes to other things, but my memory is good, and I am extremely petty. Anyone that has offended me will be kept track of in a notebook. Anyone that has troubled me once, I will trouble them ten times over without sparing any expense!” After she finished speaking, she reached out and quickly pulled the needle from Xuan Tian Ye’s body.

There was not a single place on Xuan Tian Ye’s body that did not hurt. He could not feel the needle being pulled out at all; however, he had been quite shocked by the powerful resentment in Feng Yu Heng’s words.

He opened his mouth and tried his best to say: “Father Emperor will not forgive you!”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Don’t worry. I also will not forgive you.” After saying this, she stood up and said to the servants of the Xiang Palace: “Quickly carry him in. If you don’t do it quickly, this county princess will begin to feel regret.”

Upon hearing this, the servants of the Xiang Palace picked him up. Their movements had been too large, as they heard Xuan Tian Ye let out a scream. The sound was even more saddening than the cries of slaughtered pigs.

Feng Jin Yuan wiped away some sweat from his brow. His legs trembling, he sighed and said: “Not bad, at least he was left with his life.”

Kang Yi said: “That’s right! Otherwise, beating a prince to death, I fear the punishment for such a crime is nine familial executions.”

The calm that Feng Jin Yuan had just found was immediately lost once more. Nine familial executions, how could he have forgotten about this?

He did not know if Kang Yi was deliberately scaring him, but just as he was regretting nearly being implicated, Kang Yi added: “His life was saved, but with such grave injuries, with the exception of county princess herself, are there any doctors in this world that can cure him?”

Cheng Jun Man heard this from the side and interjected: “Da Shun has another divine doctor named Yao Xian. He should be able to do it.”

Cheng Jun Mei, however, immediately said: “Divine doctor Yao Xian is county princess’ maternal grandfather, which is to say Lady Yao’s father. With his daughter being poisoned, would he saved the one who poisoned her?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart did not just cool down. It completely froze over!

That’s right, with the third prince injured to this degree, what was the point of him being left alive? Who could save him?

Kang Yi let out a long sigh and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “Husband, let’s go back. Thinking about it, county princess and his Highness Prince Chun must have things to discuss. There is nothing that we can do to help here. There’s no need to remain here.”

Feng Jin Yuan naturally knew that Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hua would definitely have things to discuss. They would definitely have their thoughts and decisions based on this matter. He really wanted to know what sort of ideas Xuan Tian Hua would come up with for Feng Yu Heng, but when he looked at the two, they did not even look in the Feng family’s direction. What face did he have to remain?

“Forget it.” He waved his hand, “Let’s return to the manor.”

After the Feng family’s people returned to their manor, the servants of the Xiang Palace rushed out to quickly clean up the blood and flesh in front of the gates. Even Mei Xiang’s corpse was wrapped up in a mat.

After it was tidied up, the servants saluted Xuan Tian Hua and Feng Yu Heng. Without saying another word, they quickly closed the palace’s gates.

Everything had once again become peaceful.

In front of the Xiang Palace, Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Hua looked at each other. Huang Quan and Qing Yu stood behind her, while Xuan Tian Hua stood alone.

He said: “Your father sent someone into the palace to report on the situation. My people heard about it and immediately reported to me. I was in a rush to come over here, so I did not ask too much about what had happened. I only heard that third brother ordered for someone to give Lady Yao spirit-altering drug, and this was found out by you.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “The matter of him, Kang Yi and Feng Jin Yuan collaborating in the battle of the Northwest and injuring Xuan Tian Ming is something that I have kept bottled inside with no place to vent my anger. I still have not had a chance to discuss with Xuan Tian Ming what to do about him working with concubine An and the fifth prince to poison the Northwest army. Now, he actually dares to bribe one of my Feng manor’s servants to harm my mother! Seventh brother, how should I endure this?”

While she spoke, the area between her brows twitched with a hard to hide grief. Xuan Tian Hua hated seeing this. Uncontrollably, he raised his hand and patted the area between her brow. He did it again and again, but he could not get it to ease up in the slightest.

He smiled bitterly, “It seems that the only one that can soothe your feelings is Ming’er. When I came over, I already sent a hidden guard over to the military camp. Counting the time, he will be here first thing tomorrow at the latest. Heng Heng, I know that you are unreconciled, but he is still a prince. Even if father Emperor is hoping that you can beat him to death, hope is one matter. Actually doing it is another. If you killed a prince, how should the people in this world look at this matter?”

Feng Yu Heng did not think of what the people of this world would think. Instead, she only heard the other part of what he had said, “Seventh brother said that the Emperor also hopes that I can beat Xuan Tian Ye to death?”

He did not say it directly, but he did say: “Father Emperor’s feelings, who could accurately guess them? Spending a large amount of time with the ruler is like spending time with a tiger. To us, although he is our father, he is still the ruler first and foremost. Nobody can guess what exactly he is thinking. Even if he constantly dotes on Ming’er, from this day forward… from this day forward, who can say for certain.”

“Seventh brother.” She tugged at Xuan Tian Hua’s sleeve. The strength immediately left her body, as she began to act like a spoiled little girl, “What should I do? Although I did not beat him to death, his state is more or less similar to death…”

Xuan Tian Hua thought a little then said: “There are two paths. One path, you return home. Father Emperor is meeting with some generals today. We can only hope that he does not have time to come and investigate. If it can be delayed until tomorrow when Ming’er has returned, everything will be easier to handle.”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Tomorrow… I fear that we cannot delay until tomorrow. What’s the other path?”

“The other path is to go into the palace right now with the death waiver that both of you signed and go kneel in front of Heavenly Hall. Da Shun is still waiting for you to produce steel. Father Emperor’s punishment, at the very least, will spare your life. If you give him enough face and allow him to easily avoid this situation, it would be better than if you went to hide in your manor.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Yu Heng immediately nodded, “This is good. I have never wanted to hide and wait for people to come and save me. Dodging back and forth, it would just be better to stick my head out in case I can see some new hope. That would also be a good return.” She suddenly raised her small face with a bright smile. It was as though she was a completely different person from the insane murderous demon from earlier, “Seventh brother, thank you.”

“Silly child.” He only said this before choking up. “Forget it, do you want me to accompany you?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “No need! I can go on my own. I cannot rely on seventh brother for everything. Moreover, it’s very possible that his Majesty will become furious. A-Heng does not want to implicate seventh brother.”

Xuan Tian Hua frowned and said: “You know that I am not afraid of being implicated.”

“But I am.” Feng Yu Heng spoke truthfully, “Once someone is implicated by me, my hands and feet will end up becoming tied up. That’s why rather than having an extra person end up becoming an impediment, it would be better to go alone!”

He was still helpless. This girl viewed him as an impediment and a burden? Since when had he, Xuan Tian Hua, reached such a low point? Become disliked by this young girl?

Sighing, he smiled and shook his head, “That’s fine. Then go!” He helped her into the carriage then advised her: “If he becomes furious, think of a way to stall for time. You absolutely must wait for Ming’er to return. If things truly do not go well, just send someone to find imperial concubine mother.”

“Fine.” Feng Yu Heng solemnly nodded, “Don’t worry, seventh brother. A-Heng will protect herself.”

After she finished speaking, Huang Quan waved her horsewhip, and the carriage rushed in the direction of the imperial palace, leaving the Xiang Palace behind along with Xuan Tian Hua’s isolated figure…

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  6. The big play is going to be held, guys!! The emperor is quite good in acting and so is our Xuan couple. I just can’t wait to read more!!!
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